Chapter 881: Lu Yin’s Ultimate Move

When he saw Elder Song erupt with his full strength, Mr. Yi was startled in the distance. What an idiot. 

On the other side of the battlefield, Elder Yuan was astonished even while he was battling with Elder Tong. 

Lu Yin hurriedly rushed away. 

Elder Song’s face went pale as he raised his head with an expression of despair. “No, no!”

He let out a roar even as his entire being vanished. His very existence had been erased by the cosmic phenomenon.  

Countless watched on, dumbfounded. It was still shocking every time they saw someone be erased from existence by the cosmic phenomenon. Even if these people had seen this same scene multiple times, they were still taken aback every time. 

That was a Progenitor’s strength. 

Lu Yin could not stop himself from looking up either. In the moment before the old man vanished, Lu Yin saw countless rune lines, and the runes that his pupils had transformed into also become a little more complex. After reaching the Clarity realm of Truesight, this was his first time personally witnessing the Rune Progenitor’s strength erasing someone’s rune lines. This gave him a deeper understanding of the Clarity realm, and he now felt like he could erase more runes than before. 

Although it was just a slight improvement, those few could become more, and eventually, it would become absolutely terrifying. 

This was one way to win battles in the Innerverse, to force one’s opponents to be erased by the cosmic phenomenon. And when Lu Yin did so, he would be able to clearly see the Rune Progenitor’s strength at work. This would be of great help to him, but accomplishing this was difficult, as it meant forcing others to unleash a power level of more than 200,000. 

“Careful!” a voice cried out. 

Lu Yin casually waved his hand and activated the Yu Secret Art. From behind, a Sixth Mainland cultivator holding a strange weapon stabbed at him, but the attack was diverted by the Yu Secret Art. The man’s stab instead hit the ground, tearing it apart. Lu Yin then fiercely counterattacked with one sun. This move had not managed to hit Elder Song during their battle, but it proved to be effective against this new attacker. 

The star energy that formed the sun had been purposefully condensed by Lu Yin to closely approach a power level of 200,000. That one attack, along with Lu Yin’s instinctual weakening of his opponent’s rune lines, blasted the peak Hunter who had launched a sneak attack against Lu Yin dead. 

Not even a corpse remained, as he had been reduced to fragments. 

There was no counter against Lu Yin’s Clarity realm Truesight which reduced the target’s runes, especially under the current circumstances where everyone was forced to suppress their power level to under 200,000. These circumstances actually made this technique an even greater killing tool. 

Removing some of his opponents’ rune lines was not that useful of an ability in the Outerverse since each Enlighter would have a power level of more than 200,000. Even if Lu Yin removed some of their rune lines, it would not greatly influence his opponent. However, in this place, this ability could be considered as an absolute trump card. 

Lu Yin suddenly thought of something; could the Rune Progenitor have created this sort of cosmic phenomenon with the intention that this battlefield would become a killing ground for those who had inherited his Truesight? 

The more Lu Yin considered it, the more possible this theory seemed. With this cosmic phenomenon, as long as one had Awakened their eyes, it was very likely they would be able to reach the Clarity realm. Additionally, the ability granted by reaching that realm was practically unrivaled within the scope of the cosmic phenomenon. 

Suddenly, Lu Yin felt a sense of danger, and he looked up to see someone looking right at him, who was Mr. Yi. 

The Thundercharge Dojo Master who had been battling with Mr. Yi was already lying on the ground, his life and death uncertain. Meanwhile, all the nearby cultivators rushed at Mr. Yi like moths towards a flame, but not a single one was able to get close to him. 

Mr. Yi suddenly tore through the void and vanished. 

Lu Yin’s eyes widened, and he hurriedly fled towards Elder Tong. He was certain that this Mr. Yi was aiming for him. 

However, before Lu Yin could take more than a couple steps, Mr. Yi had already appeared in front of Lu Yin, directly stepping out before Lu Yin. Although Mr. Yi was just one person, Lu Yin felt as though the entire heavens were blocking his path, and the man’s presence filled Lu Yin’s entire vision. The Imprinter then raised his hand and slowly grabbed out at Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin’s expression changed drastically, and his scalp went numb. This person was an Imprinter, and Lu Yin hastily tried to retreat. 

But Mr. Yi’s hand seemed to cover the entire sky. No matter where Lu Yin fled toward, he still felt like he was about to be captured. 

In the distance, Elder Tong’s expression changed greatly as well. A power level of 500,000 was a major threshold, and one’s power would comprehensively change once they reached that stage. If Lu Yin tried to use the same methods that he had used to deal with Elder Song against this Imprinter, then he would be doomed. 

Elder Tong wanted to help Lu Yin, but Elder Yuan was keeping the old man busy, and he simply could not assist Lu Yin at all. 

All the cultivators who were close to Lu Yin on the battlefield were forced back by an inexplicable power. This force was clearly not overwhelmingly powerful, but nobody was able to resist it. This even included Hai Qiqi and an Enlighter who had always remained hidden within the Thundercharge Dojo’s forces. 

As the palm drew closer to Lu Yin, he could even make out the palm lines. “Little kid, come with me.” 

Lu Yin’s pupils instantly constricted, and he opened his right hand that was covered in eight lined battle force and slapped out with it. 

Mr. Yi was amused, as a mere Explorer actually dared to fight against him.

“Thirty Stacks, Two Hundredfold Shockwave Palm.” Lu Yin roared as the surface of his skin actually started cracking apart. Two hundredfold was the highest power he could possibly withstand at this time. That force, combined with Thirty Stacks of the Overlaying Stacks, meant that his attack had already reached a level where even an ordinary Enlighter would find it difficult to withstand. The physical power of this attack had not surpassed a power level of 200,000 yet, as it was very difficult for Lu Yin to force out a physical strength that exceeded a power level of 200,000. 

In the moment that the two palms collided, Lu Yin’s pupils transformed into runes, and he wiped out a portion of the rune lines in Mr. Yi’s palm. 

Mr. Yi’s expression abruptly changed, and there was a loud bang as the two palms met. A terrifying aftershock swept out in all directions as a blast of wind blew everything away. 

Hai Qiqi could only tell that she was being flung away by an overpowering strength. 

This collision of pure physical strength released aftershocks that rippled out for over 10,000 kilometers around the point of impact. 

Mr. Yi and Lu Yin were both pushed underground at the same time. 

Mr. Yi was perfectly fine, as he had only taken half a step back. However, Lu Yin’s right arm was bent awkwardly, his battle force had also crumbled apart, and a mouthful of blood was trickling down his chin while his body had been knocked back a hundred meters. He gritted his teeth and looked ahead; an Imprinter’s physical strength was truly too terrifying. This person did not seem like someone who specialized in training his physical body, but his physical strength had still reached such a frightening level. Lu Yin had used everything that he had in that last attack, but he still had not been able to harm the Imprinter in the slightest. 

As Lu Yin thought about all this, he leaped up and flew high into the sky, where he panted heavily. A bone in his right arm had even broken through his skin, and the wound was causing him excruciating pain.  

Underground, Mr. Yi was astonished. He was an Imprinter with a power level of more than 600,000, and although he had never focused on cultivating his physical strength, due to his realm, his physical strength was still terrifying. Even a cultivator with a power level of around 300,000 or 400,000 who specialized in raising their physical strength would not have a good time if they compared their strength to this Imprinter, let alone a mere Explorer. And yet, Mr. Yi had still been forced back half a step by this puny Explorer. 

The key was that this kid actually had a secret technique that could weaken the Imprinter’s physical strength. 

Mr. Yi stepped out, emerged from the ground, and looked at Lu Yin in surprise. “Kid, aside from that little Divine Fist imp, you are the first youth from this Mainland who has been able to exchange blows with me. What’s your name?” 

Countless looked over at Lu Yin with shocked expressions, stunned at his strength.

Even the Thundercharge Dojo Master had died at Mr. Yi’s hand, but this youth was actually able to take a strike from this old monster.

Blood flowed down from Lu Yin’s lips. “Look at your own palm.”

Mr. Yi raised his hand, and he saw his palm had turned black. He was shocked. “You used poison?”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed.

“Hahaha, very good, very smart. However, your understanding of my strength is still too shallow. Poison is useless against me.” Mr. Yi casually waved his hand, and it returned to a normal appearance. 

Lu Yin felt helpless, even though he had just been testing things. He had tossed out one of Elder Wu's poison when his palm had collided with the Imprinter’s. Although the poison had struck the person, it had ultimately been ineffective. 

Even after suppressing their power level to under 200,000, this person still made Lu Yin feel helpless. 

“Alright, that’s enough nonsense. Come with me,” Mr. Yi barked before vanishing. 

Lu Yin’s scalp went numb, and he hurriedly fled from where he had just been standing. Mr. Yi stepped out and grabbed at Lu Yin’s right arm, but his movements suddenly hesitated. From the side, a phantom image of the Sea King's Trident shot by, but Mr. Yi just snorted and carelessly waved his hand, causing the image to crumble. Hai Qiqi had used her full strength, but she could not stall Mr. Yi for the slightest bit. 

He grabbed a hold of Lu Yin’s right arm. “Little kid, do you no longer want your arm?” 

Lu Yin’s pupils transformed into runes, and his eyes flashed once again as the strength in Mr. Yi’s hand that was holding onto Lu Yin’s arm was suddenly reduced by a significant amount. Lu Yin managed to escape during that tiny opportunity, and Mr. Yi’s eyes lit up once again. “Good secret technique! Hand it over.”

He then continued to try grabbing Lu Yin. 

To this Imprinter, Lu Yin was nothing more than a mouse that could be grabbed at any moment. As for those thousands of cultivators all around them, what use were they? They could not even get close to the powerhouse. 

Lu Yin continued to evade the Imprinter, and although Mr. Yi nearly managed to grab a hold of Lu Yin multiple times, each time he got close, the youth managed to somehow slip away. 

However, Lu Yin was aware that he would be caught sooner or later, as the disparity in their strength was just too great. Star energy attacks were useless against Imprinters, and there was too large of a difference in their physical strength. Thus, there was no way for Lu Yin to resist this expert. 

With a thump, Lu Yin slammed into the ground, and Mr. Yi’s hand extended out towards him. “It’s over.” 

Lu Yin grew flustered, and he picked up some mud from the ground and flung it at Mr. Yi. 

Mr. Yi’s expression changed, and the mud automatically dispersed. Still, Lu Yin seized this opportunity to escape once again. 

“Little fellow, you can’t escape,” Mr. Yi barked, though his tone was clearly more agitated this time. 

Lu Yin felt that something was strange. The mud that he had just thrown was perfectly ordinary, but it had managed to slow the Imprinter for a moment. Lu Yin carefully observed Mr. Yi, and he quickly realized that the man had not allowed even a speck of dust to land on him from the very start of the battle even though the Imprinter was just wearing a simple white shirt and white pair of pants. His outfit seemed exceptionally clean even though the man had just been thrown into the ground and was participating in a chaotic battle. On the contrary, Lu Yin looked like a beggar. Could this powerhouse have some sort of obsession with cleanliness? 

Lu Yin quickly dodged, and as he did so, he grabbed another fistful of mud to throw at Mr. Yi. 

The Imprinter grew even more furious. “Little kid, you want to die!” 

Lu Yin grinned back at the man. “Are you a clean freak?” 

Mr. Yi snorted. “So what? All of your attacks are ineffective against me.” 

“Is that so? Then catch this!” Lu Yin then pulled out an item that he threw at Mr. Yi. 

The moment the object appeared, an indescribably foul stench filled the air, and it rapidly spread out. The abnormal odor actually covered the entire battlefield, and as everyone sensed the stink, they turned to look at the source as one. What could possibly be so smelly? 

Lu Yin pinched his nose shut as he hurriedly retreated. He had naturally taken out the stinky fruit-like item that he had received from a lockbreaking session. That thing’s smell had nearly knocked Lu Yin unconscious when it first appeared, and the stench’s smell was incredibly intense. 

To a clean freak, this reeking smell was actually something impermissible. 

Mr. Yi backed away while looking as if he had seen a ghost. 

Lu Yin laughed, and he waved a hand as he used his Yu Secret Art. The smelly fruit vanished, only to immediately reappear in Mr. Yi’s bosom. 

Mr. Yi shrieked and leaped up like a rabbit whose tail had been trampled upon. He flung away the questionable item, and his eyes flashed red as he glared at Lu Yin. “You want to die!” 

Lu Yin pointed behind Mr. Yi. 

The Imprinter turned back around, only to see that the stinky object had already returned. 

Mr. Yi’s pupils shrank, and his face went pale as he hurriedly evaded the incoming item.

This scene rendered the entire battlefield speechless. Lu Yin was using a stinky item to chase after Mr. Yi, and this invincible powerhouse was actually being chased about like a mouse. More importantly, the stinky object was strangely robust, and Mr. Yi actually could not break it. Each time the man tossed the fruit further away, it was summoned back by Lu Yin, and it chased after the man like a cursed item.

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