Chapter 879: Terrifying Civilization

When Lu Yin saw that Elder Song was about to move against Hai Qiqi, his eyes lit up as everything in his vision turned into nothing but rune lines. Elder Song's power level that had been skillfully suppressed to just below 200,000 drastically decreased in strength as he was immediately weakened. Specifically, the runes from his abdomen and hands had been removed by Lu Yin's Truesight. But before Elder Song could even react to this change, the Sea King's Trident had already stabbed through his palm and into his abdomen. The three sharp points exited from his back as fresh blood dripped the trident’s shaft. 

Lu Yin was still entwined by the branches that had erupted from the three flattened orbs. 

The sky fell silent at that moment. 

The most intense part of the battlefield was above the top of the Thundercharge Dojo, which was also located above the mountain range. However, there were also many people battling in the areas surrounding the mountains. 

The image of Hai Qiqi stabbing through Elder Song’s body shocked many. 

Even if their power levels had been suppressed to under 200,000, those old freaks whose levels were in the hundreds of thousands could not be contested by normal cultivators. There was only one person in Grayweed Continent’s entire younger generation who could match up to such people, and that was the Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist. Other members of the younger generation could only be crushed if they fought against any of the old monsters. 

Only old freaks could fight against other old freaks, and this was common knowledge in the Innerverse. The Ten Arbiters were the only ones able to defy that rule, but now, there was one more. 

Elder Song stared at Hai Qiqi in disbelief, and then seized hold of the trident.,“You… have a secret technique too?” 

Hai Qiqi wanted to pull out the phantom image of the Sea King's Trident, but it was being held in a death-grip by Elder Song. His expression turned sinister. “You two shouldn’t even dream of escaping. I must obtain that secret technique!”

He then lunged towards Hai Qiqi, completely ignoring the Sea King's Trident that was impaled in his abdomen. 

Hai Qiqi hurriedly retreated. 

Lu Yin’s body was currently shrouded in his eight lined battle force, and runes flickered within his eyes as he directly erased the rune lines of the branches that were trapping him, which greatly diminished their strength. He then easily broke free, and as he did so, he tapped at Elder Song. 

The void congealed, and in this space, only Lu Yin’s finger continued to move forward. 

An imprint appeared behind Elder Song, and he managed to evade Lu Yin’s Dream Finger. As he dodged aside, three flattened orbs appeared in his palm, and more importantly, his martial print also appeared. 

Lu Yin’s brows rose; although this old man was using both his imprint and martial print, he was still able to suppress his power level to under the 200,000 limit. The level of control Elder Song had over his own strength was exceptional, and it was no wonder why he was an old monster whose power level was greater than 300,000. This attack was completely different from his previous ones, and Lu Yin felt a sense of extreme crisis approaching him. He instinctively punched out with the Daynight Punch once again, and as it was released, his spiritual force created visible waves that rippled across the sky. 

Lu Yin only saw multiple layers of the sky ripple and fluctuate as Elder Song was embraced by them. 

Even the Enlighter elder back at the Sea King’s Dome had been able to receive Lu Yin’s spiritual force attack, so it went without saying that Elder Song was also able to resist it. However, Lu Yin had not expected his punch to do anything to Elder Song, as he simply needed to buy a moment of time. 

Even though Elder Song would not be harmed by the attack, the Daynight Punch was still enough to make him pause for an instant. 

And this one moment was enough. 

Lu Yin converged his star energy over his right palm, causing it to blossom into a sun. A dazzling radiance illuminated the area, drawing the attention of countless people, and at the same time, Lu Yin’s eyes flickered with so much star energy that his eyes began to bleed. He used his full power to reduce Elder Song’s rune lines as much as possible while simultaneously unleashing one sun. 

All of this occurred within a single moment, and when Elder Song recovered from the shock caused by the Daynight Punch, the one sun had already descended upon him while his strength had been mysteriously weakened at that moment. 

There was a loud bang in the sky as the blazing sun sent Elder Song flying. After soaring through the air for a short while, he crashed in the depths of the mountain range before falling to the ground like a meteor. When he landed, there was an intense explosion that flattened everything near his point of impact. 

Within the mountain range, the Sixth Mainland expert who had been fighting against Elder Tong was overwhelmed when he saw the sight of Elder Song crashing down into the ground. At this moment, Elder Song was in an exceptionally miserable condition. He was covered in blood, his skin had broken open, and blood was pouring out of the wound in his abdomen. His condition was completely pathetic. 

Elder Tong’s gaze drifted past the mountain range, where he saw Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi standing high in the sky, and the old man’s expression quickly became delighted. 

At the same moment, on the other side of the mountain range, there was a middle-aged man who was enveloped with lightning and surrounded by multiple Sixth Mainland powerhouses. When he saw Elder Song’s pathetic state, the man laughed maniacally. “Sixth Mainland, you guys reeled in the wrong people! Hahaha!” 

The person fighting against Elder Tong was a member of the Tong family, Elder Yuan. When he looked past the mountains to see Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi in the sky, his eyes narrowed. Despite their young ages, they were actually able to fight against such a powerhouse. Could these two be monsters on the Ten Arbiters’ level? 

Elder Song had assumed that, out of all of the youths in the Fifth Mainland, only the Ten Arbiters were able to fight against experts at his level. Only a select few were aware that the Innerverse battlefield was not looking very optimistic. The Starfall Sea, including Chaos Flowzone, was just one portion of the Innerverse, and the truly intense battles were taking place in the Cosmic Sea. Over there, the Ten Arbiters were not the only members of the younger generation who were able to contend against those at their level. 

The Sixth Mainland had used generous rewards to attract their youths and encourage them to join the Innerverse’s battlefield. This was not only for the youths to gain experience, as many had initially assumed, but also because the war was truly too intense. Of course, that was also because only three realms were participating in this invasion. If all nine realms had moved out, then the Innerverse would not be able to withstand such an onslaught. 

However, the piece of meat that was the Innerverse was only so fat. If at all possible, the three realms would not let anyone else intervene. This was a one time distribution of resources, and thus, it was also a contest that would decide all sorts of other future possibilities. 

All of these thoughts flashed through Elder Yuan’s mind, and he looked over with a solemn expression. The Starfall Sea should not have had such monstrous youths, and it was already ridiculous that the Divine Fist of the Ten Arbiters had shown up. Could this person be from the Cosmic Sea? Had that battlefront’s situation changed? 

After pondering for a moment, Elder Yuan decided to back off and further consider the situation.

Someone with more knowledge would also think about more possibilities. Lu Yin’s appearance had made Elder Yuan consider many possibilities, and the man had also become much more hesitant. When he saw how severely injured Elder Song was, Elder Yuan had no choice but to lead the remaining Sixth Mainland troops in a slow retreat. But before he left, he glanced over at Lu Yin once last time, as if to engrave Lu Yin’s image into his memory. 

This entire time, Elder Song’s resentful eyes never moved away from Lu Yin. In the depths of the old man’s eyes, there was an unseen greed and passion lurking. Elder Song was certain that this youth possessed two secret techniques and that he had only been defeated by their combination. Otherwise, how could some measly Explorer defeat him? 

A secret technique was able to turn something rotten into something mysterious, and this was something that only a secret technique was capable of doing. 

Lu Yin panted heavily, and he seemed excited. Truesight’s Clarity realm was truly fearsome. Although this technique was not a secret technique, it had almost reached that level. 

He could not imagine how outstanding and splendid the Rune Progenitor had been. The level of genius that the powerhouse must have been to found the Rune Civilization and to create such an incomprehensible battle style was unfathomable. 

Also, this was just the Clarity realm. Once Lu Yin found more opportunities to strengthen his Truesight, he would be able to remove more runes and weaken his opponents even further. It would even eventually be possible for him to reach the same degree of control that the Rune Civilization had once boasted and directly erase someone’s existence. That would be truly terrifying. 

Lu Yin had a strange feeling that the Rune Civilization’s disappearance was not just caused by the Sixth Mainland. Rather, this sort of civilization should never have even appeared in the first place. 

Right, since he had comprehended the Clarity realm, then did that mean Lu Yin had obtained a part of the Rune Progenitor's inheritance? Lu Yin became excited at that prospect. 

“Grandpa Tong!” Hai Qiqi excitedly flew towards the mountains. 

Within the mountain range, Elder Tong rose into the sky and looked at Hai Qiqi with open affection. He emotionally hugged her while Hai Qiqi softly and continuously sobbed into his embrace. 

“As long as you’re back, everything is okay.” Elder Tong patted Hai Qiqi’s shoulders and consoled the girl. 

Quite a few people from the Sea King’s Dome surrounded the two people. They also looked at Hai Qiqi in excitement, and some of them also called out to their little princess. 

Hai Qiqi was a little princess to the people of the Sea King’s Dome, and although those who knew her were often aggravated by her venomous tongue, they also truly liked her. Additionally, it had been several years since they had last met, so they were all relieved to see each other safe and sound once again. 

The middle-aged man who was shrouded with lightning approached the group from far away and rose up to appear in front of Elder Tong and Hai Qiqi. 

Hai Qiqi wiped her eyes and bowed to the man. “Qiqi greets the Thundercharge Dojo Master.”

The Thundercharge Dojo Master nodded and then excitedly said, “We’ve only received bad news during this period, and your appearance, Qiqi, is the only piece of good news.”

Hai Qiqi smiled and then wiped her eyes once more as she looked at Elder Tong. “Grandpa Tong, how’s my father?

Elder Tong softly answered, “It’s not too convenient to speak about that here, so let’s head down and talk.” 

“Did something happen to Father?” Hai Qiqi became nervous. 

Elder Tong smiled. “Relax, the Sea King is fine. Come, let’s head down to talk.”

His gaze then slid past Hai Qiqi to look at Lu Yin, and he nodded at the youth. 

Lu Yin bowed. Then, everyone returned to the ground. 

A great many cultivators had gathered at the Thundercharge Dojo, and one could see tens of thousands in just a glance. Furthermore, these people were all elites who had survived the previous battle. At its peak, the Thundercharge Dojo had likely boasted at least hundreds of thousands, if not millions of disciples. 

Among all these people, there were many space-exploring powerhouses, at least thirty Hunters, and multiple powerhouses with power levels in the several hundred thousands like the Thundercharge Dojo Master. Lu Yin fully believed that there had been other powerhouses with power levels that exceeded 200,000 on the previous battlefield. But unfortunately, he could not tell since nobody dared to allow their power level to surpass 200,000. 

Just by looking at the gathered experts, there were clearly enough to wipe out the entire Great Eastern Alliance. This was the strength of the Innerverse; any random power here was scary. 

However, this powerful strength had been fully suppressed by the Sixth Mainland, and these people no longer dared to head out. 

As they moved into the circular mountain range that surrounded the Thundercharge Dojo, occasional bolts of lightning streaked through the clouds beneath them, looking like swimming dragons. 

Within this dojo, all of their disciples cultivated battle techniques that were related to lightning. 

Lu Yin had severely injured Elder Song, and countless people from the Thundercharge Dojo had witnessed this scene. Nobody dared to ignore this youth, and they had specially selected a very beautiful female disciple to accompany him, which was something that Lu Yin was quite unaccustomed to. 

“Seventh Bro, just how did you defeat that old fart? Why can’t this monkey figure it out?” The Ghost Monkey was puzzled. He had always been with Lu Yin, but sometimes, the spikes in Lu Yin’s strength was more than a little abnormal. In the Outerverse, the youth had used his own power to stun Hunters, but now that they were in the Innerverse, Lu Yin was even able to shock those old freaks who had suppressed their power level to below 200,000. 

This was too strange, and it caused the monkey to be slightly afraid of Lu Yin. He suddenly thought of how Lu Yin would occasionally screen him off when they were alone, and the monkey felt like Lu Yin must have some secret. 

Lu Yin quietly answered, “I had a sudden flash of comprehension. Some of the battle techniques that I couldn’t comprehend before became clear to me. This is very normal.” 

Normal my ass! The Ghost Monkey wanted to cuss. In the current Innerverse, which member of the younger generation aside from the monsters that were the Ten Arbiters could fight off old farts whose power level was limited to a Hunter’s? Even those Cruisers who were in the top ten of the Top 100 Rankings were likely not capable of such a thing. 

After making this comparison, the monkey suddenly realized that Lu Yin had climbed to this level without him even realizing it. Out of the entire younger generation, Lu Yin was probably second only to the Ten Arbiters at this time! 

Half a day later, Elder Tong went to find Lu Yin. “Qiqi has shared her experiences with me. Little Brother Lu, thank you.”

The old man then bowed deeply.

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