Chapter 876: Dojo Structure

When she heard Lu Yin’s words, Granny Gui was stumped. “Grayweed Continent? You want to go to Grayweed Continent?”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and he quickly had Hai Qiqi board the spacecraft as he glared at Granny Gui. “If you don’t let me leave, then don’t blame me for acting despicable.” 

Granny Gui's eyes flickered as she stared at Lu Yin.

Hong Ying flew into a rage. “You shameless bastard!”

Lu Yin held her tightly as he also walked into the vessel. The Sixth Mainland people who were already within the ship did not dare put up any resistance, and all of them were quickly tossed out by Hai Qiqi.

“Hurry up, let’s go!” Lu Yin barked. 

Hong Ying was furious. “Don’t be delusional!”

“Do you want to be stripped?” Lu Yin threatened.

Hong Ying ground her teeth in fury as she glared at Lu Yin.

“Relax, I promise to release you when we get to Grayweed Continent,” Lu Yin said. These words were directed at Hong Ying, but he also intended for those outside to hear them as well.

The Enlighter elder approached Granny Gui from behind. “Senior, what should we do?” 

Granny Gui had a cold expression on her face. “Let them go. Grayweed Continent is mostly under our control, so can they even escape from there? Let them pass.” 

The crowd from the Sixth Mainland helplessly watched on as the spacecraft departed. 

After some time, when they could no longer see the Sea King’s Dome any longer, Lu Yin finally relaxed. At that moment, he spat out a mouthful of blood and hurriedly took some medicine. 

Hong Ying was still restrained, and she turned to stare at Lu Yin. “One day, I will make you regret everything that you’ve done to me.” 

Lu Yin winced. “Stop dreaming. I won’t even remember you.” 

Hong Ying immediately flew into a rage. 

Hai Qiqi looked at Lu Yin with obvious worry. “Are you alright?”

Lu Yin shook his head and then stood up with some difficulty. “I’m injured, but I’ll be fine after a few days of rest. Right, how long does it take to get to Grayweed Continent?” 

“With how fast this spacecraft is moving, about ten days or so,” Hai Qiqi replied.

Lu Yin nodded and then sat down to tend to his injuries.

This spacecraft did not hold a single person from the Sixth Mainland besides Hong Ying, and due to the cosmic phenomena’s suppression, Granny Gui would not dare to chase after them without a spacecraft. Thus, they were safe for the moment. 

Lu Yin could not help but be thrilled, as he had been lucky enough to comprehend Truesight’s Clarity, allowing him to reduce the strength of Granny Gui’s palm attack. Otherwise, his arm would have been crippled by her strike, and he would have subsequently failed to escape. 

An Imprinter was just too terrifying, and there was still a deep-seated caution lingering in Lu Yin’s eyes. 

His one sun had been resolved so casually, but just how had she done it? Had that been a battle technique? A cultivation art? Her innate gift? Or something else? He could not understand it. When an Imprinter acted against him, regardless of if their power level was suppressed to below 200,000, and even if they were suppressed to a power level of 10,000, Lu Yin felt that he would still be at a disadvantage. 

Also, Granny Gui had never even used her imprint when dealing with him. 

His heart turned colder the more he thought about their fight. The war in the Innerverse was definitely not as optimistic as he had first assumed. Even though all cultivators’ power levels were suppressed to under 200,000, that did not mean that the top powerhouses were the younger generation’s elite experts. There were also these terrifying, suppressed powerhouses.


On Grayweed Continent, in a scorchingly hot area, there was a figure whose eyes suddenly opened wide when Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi successfully escaped from the Sea King’s Dome. He had an excited look on his face. “This is… the Sea King’s Shield? Qiqi is back!” 

The figure suddenly stood up and revealed an emotional, yet nervous expression. He was naturally the Sea King. 

The blue shield that Hai Qiqi had used to defend against Granny Gui’s attack had contained his strength, and just as Hai Qiqi could sense that her father was still alive, he could also sense that Hai Qiqi had used his Sea King’s Shield. 

He clenched both of his fists tightly as the impulse to head out surged within his heart, but after arguing with himself for a while, he decided to sit back down. He sighed, as he had been tasked with not leaving this place. If he left, then there would be no hope left for the Starfall Sea. 

He could only hope that Qiqi would be able to survive.


Similarly, in another part of Grayweed Continent, an intense battle had broken out in a giant plaza. The cultivators from the Sixth Mainland had their imprints to support them, and they were easily suppressing the Innerverse cultivators. As far as one could see, there were imprints everywhere, as well as corpses strewn all about. 

The fresh blood had stained the plaza a deep red. 

In the sky above the plaza, three figures constantly crisscrossed the area as they collided against each other. One was holding a fan in his hand and had an imprint from the Tong family elder behind them. Another wielded a long blade that sparked with glints of radiance. And the last person had a cloud of blue steam all around himself. Two people had joined forces to confront a Sixth Mainland cultivator, but they were only barely able to hang on. 

The Sixth Mainland Imprinter holding the fan was known as Mr. Da, and he was from the Grand Martial Realm as well as the master of Jinghong Mountain. He was an Imprinter with a power level close to 600,000. 

And the two confronting him were both dojo masters of Grayweed Continent’s seventy two dojos, and both of their power levels had surpassed 300,000. 

All three of the combatants had suppressed their power level to under 200,000, but the aftershocks released by their battle still overwhelmed all the other combatants on the battlefield. 

Blade light sliced down and tore through the void, but Mr. Da’s fan streaked out and prevented the attack from advancing any further. With just a light tap of the fan, the blade light was instantly shattered. Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, the dojo master shrouded in blue steam raised both of his hands, causing the blue steam to pervade the entire plaza, as the man attempted to change the environment. Subsequently, an endless domain appeared before gradually transforming into a raindrop-shaped forcefield that then crashed towards Mr. Da. 

Mr. Da frowned. “You are both geniuses, and I want to recruit the two of you. However, you two are still this stubborn. Since that’s the case, then there is no need for you two to remain alive.”

He then grabbed the raindrop with one hand. 

The raindrop had been formed by a dojo master whose power level exceeded 300,000, and this one drop was enough to drown an entire region and make this whole area sink down. However, in Mr. Da’s hands, this raindrop seemed to be nothing more than a normal drop of water, and the drop gradually melted away into a stream of nothingness. 

That dojo master with blue steam covering his body was overwhelmed. It was rumored that Envoys and above could fundamentally change the universe, and sure enough, all of his attacks that used star energy were proving to be ineffective. 

The other dojo master shouted and tore through the void, his blade slashed down without the support of any star energy. 

Mr. Da shook his head. “You two don’t stand any chance when you use star energy, but so what even if you don’t? You and I are on two different levels after all.”

He then swirled his fan, its tip tapping against the edge of the blade. There was a bang as the blade split apart and then shattered. However, the fan continued to pierce through the void and hit the dojo master, sending him flying underground. 

The Imprinter’s figure swivelled about, and he next appeared in front of the dojo master covered in blue steam before stretching out a hand. “Thousand Brush Hand.” 

As the Imprinter spoke, the blue steam in the sky instantly vanished, and the dojo master’s full body was exposed before Mr. Da. Then, Mr. Da’s palm struck him, and the dojo master spat out a mouthful of blood. He furiously burst forth with his full strength, and his power level that exceeded 300,000 surged into the sky above the plaza, where the energy began boiling. The man intended to destroy himself along with Mr. Da. 

However, before he could even act, the dojo master simply vanished, as if he had never even existed. 

This scene caused everyone’s scalps to go numb despite them all being accustomed to this scene. Anyone who allowed their power level to go over 200,000 would have their existence erased from the world, and nobody was an exception to this rule. 

Mr. Da’s face showed his own apprehension as he looked up at the sky. The moment the man had disappeared, Mr. Da had been very close to the dojo master, and he had felt an indescribable sense of dread, which could only come from the might of a Progenitor. 

In the distance, the surviving dojo master suddenly bellowed and leaped high into the sky. His blade descended in multiple layers, and with nothing more than pure physical strength, he unleashed an attack that tore the void. He not only attacked Mr. Da, but also managed to envelop the entire plaza with this sword strike. 

The place was completely destroyed. 

Mr. Da frowned, and he slowly stepped out of the rubble. “Just a pointless struggle. Even without the innate suppression that those from my Sixth Mainland have on you natives, and even without relying on our imprints or martial prints, just the difference between our realms is like heaven from earth. You can just die.” The man’s fan shuddered, and a hint of a phantom image transcended the void to appear right in front of the dojo master before shooting straight through him. 

Mr. Da’s lips curled upwards, as this attack had been launched from his feathered-fan, which was a power vessel that contained the strength of the predecessors, and he could use it to power his own attacks. 

The intense battle that had filled the plaza soon came to an end, and Mr. Da raised his head and mumbled, “So what if my power level is suppressed? How many Fifth Mainland existences’ power level exceeds 500,000? Our three realms can massacre everyone.” 

Not too far from the plaza, a figure was lying in an underground location, panting heavily. There was a wound on his chest that had nearly severed his body in two. This man was Zhang Dingtian, and his battle techniques and cultivation had all been gained from that plaza. The now-destroyed plaza had once been a desolate dojo, but it had risen to power due to him. Eventually, it had attracted experts who possessed powerful blade techniques, and they had in turn drawn in an expert with a power level of over 300,000 who had become the dojo master. That was the man whom Mr. Da had just killed. 

The dojo master had attacked the entire plaza at the end of the battle, but that action had actually been a feint to allow Zhang Dingtian to escape. Zhang Dingtian was the true disciple of this dojo, and although the rest could die, Zhang Dingtian could not. 

Zhang Dingtian’s survival was the dojo’s only hope. 

In the middle of the Starfall Sea, Lu Yin leaned against a window as he watched the sea flow past the vessel. Occasionally, some strange things would also appear deep within the sea. 

According to the rumors, at the source of the Starfall Sea, strange things would occasionally appear. They could be power vessels, battle techniques, cultivation arts, or even sourceboxes and other strange items. 

The Undying Manual was one of the more famous cultivation arts that had appeared within the Starfall Sea, but there had also been many other similar treasures. Due to the appearance of these rare cultivation items, the Starfall Sea had attracted countless people from the Innerverse, and many had decided to train there. 

In the past, Undying Yushan and Undying Zishan had also trained in the Starfall Sea, and they had called themselves the Undying Duo. Others had assumed that the two men had obtained the Undying Manual, which led to Undying Yushan being constantly monitored and all of his grand plans disrupted. 

Anyone who came to the Starfall Sea would hope to obtain a precious treasure and have their strength make a giant leap upward. 

The closer one approached the inner depths of the Starfall Sea, the more likely they were to find such precious treasures. 

Every year, Grayweed Continent would lure in countless cultivators from the Innerverse. 

Such a situation had continued for tens of thousands of years. There were many powers in the universe whose history had been severed, but Grayweed Continent had existed this entire time. Perhaps it was because of this, but Grayweed Continent had gradually developed a system of multiple dojos. 

“In Grayweed Continent, there are seventy two dojos that are scattered across the land. Any powerhouse can start one and then recruit disciples to try to win the support of other experts. No matter who it is, powerhouses are the most important aspect of the dojos, but the number of dojos always remains the same, and there are always seventy two. To become a dojo master, one needs to either challenge and replace a dojo master, or destroy a dojo and then build a new one. Right now, the strongest dojo in Grayweed Continent is the Mt. Stacks Dojo. The dojo master is the father of the Ten Arbiters’ Lan Si, and the Mt. Stacks Dojo controls half of Grayweed Continent’s resources. In other words, the Lan family can be considered the masters of Grayweed Continent,” Hai Qiqi explained the details of Grayweed Continent so that Lu Yin would have some understanding of the place they were headed to. 

“The Lan family has ruled Grayweed Continent for many years, and they have almost reached the same level as the Sea King’s Dome. Dojo Master Lan is also an Envoy.” 

Lu Yin understood, as he had never thought that Grayweed Continent would be such a place. Zhang Dingtian was on Grayweed Continent, but Lu Yin did not know how the man was doing. 

“There’s no use mentioning how lively that place is. The Grayweed Continent has seventy two dojos, and more than half of them have fallen into the hands of the Sixth Mainland. The latest news says that you guys have no more than fifteen of them left. Even if we get to Grayweed Continent safely, there’s no way for you to escape from your predicament. That is, not unless you decide to never use star energy again for the rest of your lives and find some little corner to hunker down in,” Hong Ying said as she sneered at Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi with disdain.

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