Chapter 875: Truesight

Lu Yin’s consciousness drifted off, and he felt as though he himself had been transformed into rune lines. Now, he was flying through the sky as his perception covered an entire galaxy. 

He saw a towering person. The man waved his hand, and the sky was replaced with countless rune lines. 

Lu Yin saw a civilization that used a strange technology for communication, transportation, and battle. 

He saw a battlefield where countless people traveled upstream. 



His eyes had changed. They were now filled with star energy, and his pupils transformed into a complicated looking rune. 

After some time, Lu Yin’s vision returned to normal. The sky was still the same dark and endless sky. It was also filled with those countless rune lines that suppressed everybody. 

Hong Ying was still unconscious, but Hai Qiqi looked at Lu Yin curiously. 

Lu Yin’s eyes kept changing, and he unconsciously rubbed his eyes. “How long has it been?” 

“Five days,” Hai Qiqi replied. 

Lu Yin nodded. He then closed his eyes and rested.

Hai Qiqi couldn’t help herself from asking, “What did you see? You’ve been staring at the sky for five days, so did you comprehend anything?” 

Lu Yin waved his hand in dismissal. “Let me rest for a bit.” 

Hai Qiqi was curious, as her father had once told her that Lu Yin was extremely talented. Thus, it was highly likely that he had suddenly comprehended something since Lu Yin’s actions these past five days closely resembled that of someone reaching a sudden epiphany. 

Fortunately, that old woman from the Sixth Mainland hadn’t been keeping watch over them. Otherwise, they would have definitely been discovered. 

Lu Yin closed his eyes, as they felt quite tired. It was the same feeling that had struck him after he climbed the Sky Platform. Back then, he hadn’t understood what had happened to him, and he only knew that his eyes had suddenly become able to see rune lines. However, at this moment, he finally understood. 

The Sky Platform was a remnant Rune Technology device that had been left behind, and its sole function was to bring one to the first stage: Awakening. 

The Rune Progenitor had created the Rune Civilization, and although their civilization had only existed for a short period, it had still been extremely powerful. This civilization had even helped the Fifth Mainland launch a counterattack against the Sixth Mainland that resulted in the Sixth Mainland suffering terrible losses. Lu Yin was unaware of that battle’s outcome, but as a result of that battle, the cosmic phenomenon had appeared in the Innerverse. Also, he had reached the second stage: Clarity. 

He had also learned a new technique that had been created by the Rune Progenitor: Truesight. 

The Sky Platform had helped Lu Yin open his eyes, which allowed him to see runes. Clarity subsequently allowed him to use runes. 

Fighting with Rune Technology was a scary and mysterious style, and it worked similarly to the Sky Platform and the Innerverse’s cosmic phenomena’s suppression. Someone who fought with this method could directly erase another person’s existence, and they did so not by removing the person’s life, but rather by removing their runes instead. 

A person’s influence over the universe corresponded to the number of rune lines that they possessed, but Truesight allowed one to eliminate another person’s runes. As a person’s number of rune lines decreased, their power would weaken accordingly. Thus, in some sense, this technique was a restriction. 

This technique had been created by the Rune Progenitor, and it had shocked both mainlands when it was revealed. Truesight was not something that history had dared to record. 

Lu Yin didn’t know how many Progenitors had been birthed from the Fifth Mainland; however, he knew that both the Chen Progenitor and the Rune Progenitor had been people that the Sixth Mainland refused to acknowledge in their historical records. Despite that, most people in the Sixth Mainland had heard of the Chen Progenitor, though nobody had even mentioned the Rune Progenitor. Even in the Fifth Mainland, only a few people were aware of the existence of Rune Technology. 

The civilization that had been established by the Rune Progenitor had achieved the most, but it had also ended the quickest. It was almost as if the universe had disallowed their existence. 

Lu Yin was suddenly reminded of the monkey’s words: “Rune Technology was a sky that covered another sky.” He finally understood that phrase’s meaning. This universe had been covered by the Rune Progenitor. The runes that Lu Yin had seen in the sky had been left behind by the Rune Progenitor, which also meant that the Cosmic Sea was filled with remnants of the Rune Progenitor’s power. 

However, these runes would cease to exist once the Rune Progenitor’s power completely disappeared. 

Lu Yin took a deep breath. What a genius the Rune Progenitor must have been to found such a powerful civilization! He had basically created a runic mesh that had successfully replaced the original universe. 

Lu Yin opened his eyes and glanced at a corner of the Sea King’s Dome. According to what Lu Yin had learned from Tong Chou’s memories, the spacecraft would come from that direction. 

Granny Gui and the others absolutely would not allow Lu Yin to learn about the spacecraft, but unfortunately for them, he already was aware of its impending arrival. 

Lu Yin raised his head as he wanted to continue comprehending this technique. However, there was a very low chance of that happening. He had only been able to reach the Clarity realm by using Truesight, and he would need further opportunities to improve his understanding of this technique. 

The Rune Progenitor had definitely left his inheritance behind in the Fifth Mainland, and Lu Yin would have to pay closer attention to the remnants of the Rune Civilization if he wanted to find it. 

Since the Sky Platform belonged to the Astral Combat Academies, then the Astral Combat Academy might actually know more about this. 

Another day passed, and Hong Ying finally regained consciousness. She quickly turned to look at Lu Yin. “You’re awake?” 

Lu Yin grinned. “We’re leaving.”

Hong Ying was confused. “How?”

Lu Yin grabbed both Hong Ying and then led Hai Qiqi to a certain corner of the Sea King’s Dome,

The cultivators from the Sixth Mainland were shocked by his actions, and the Enlighter immediately blocked Lu Yin’s path. “You won’t be able to escape.”

The old man lifted his hand as a dark light appeared over his hand. 

Lu Yin shouted, “Don’t you want her to stay alive?” 

The old man reflexively stopped his attack.

Lu Yin then raised a hand as he opened a bottle of Elder Wu’s poison.

The old man’s expression drastically changed.

“Dodge!” he shouted as he quickly fled.

People were always terrified of poisons, as it was nearly impossible to tell how dangerous the substance was just by seeing it. Thus, most people immediately ran away as soon as they saw poison being taken out. 

This old man had made the right choice in this scenario. Elder Wu’s poison’s rune lines were equivalent to an attack with a power level of 200,000, which was more than enough to injure the Enlighter. 

Lu Yin dragged Hai Qiqi to the coast, and along the way, he snatched Elder Ren’s corpse and stored it in his cosmic ring. He then flew towards the place where the spacecraft was already waiting. 

The spacecraft had only just arrived, and it was supposed to carry Granny Gui and Hong Ying over to Grayweed Continent.  

Lu Yin was less than a hundred meters away from the spacecraft when he was surrounded by cultivators from the Sixth Mainland. 

Granny Gui smirked, as it was impossible for this youth to escape. 

Lu Yin lifted a hand, and a tube of needles appeared in his palm that then shot out in all directions. 

Granny Gui was stunned, as those were actually her invisible needles. 

The poisoned needles shot out in all directions, and they managed to kill dozens of Hunters and other Sixth Mainland cultivators. In an instant, their faces turned black as they all died. 

Granny Gui became furious, she suddenly made a move herself, flying towards Lu Yin. “I’ll kill you!” 

Lu Yin quickly used Hong Ying as a shield. “Old bat, I’ll strip her if you come any closer!” 

Granny Gui roared and increased her speed in response. She appeared in front of Lu Yin and attacked. This was Lu Yin’s first time fighting against an Imprinter, albeit one who had suppressed her power level to below 200,000. Still, Lu Yin didn’t dare to risk being careless, and he coalesced his star energy over his right hand. “First Sun.” 

The sun collided with Granny Gui, but she didn’t dodge the attack. Surprisingly, she grabbed the sun with a hand as an unbelievable scene unfolded: Lu Yin’s sun dissipated in less than a second. 

Before he could react, Granny Gui attacked him.

Hai Qiqi quickly threw out a small blue shield, and the Fatesand in Lu Yin’s body also shot out to support the shield from behind. 

Granny Gui’s palm easily shattered the shield and struck the Fatesand. Fortunately, her power level was restricted to less than 200,000, and she wasn’t able to shatter Lu Yin’s Fatesand. However, her attack’s force still passed through the Fatesand, and it caused Lu Yin to vomit blood. 

Lu Yin immediately tried to use his poison once again, but Granny Gui wasn’t scared by it at all. She continued attacking, and this time, there was a small needle hidden in her palm. “Young one, your ancestors weren’t even born when I first began playing with poison!” 

Lu Yin’s scalp went numb, and he used the Yu Secret Art. The needle disappeared before shooting back towards Granny Gui instead. 

Granny Gui sneered and allowed the needle to stab into her. She attacked again. “Your secret technique is useless.” 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and he met her attack with pure physical strength. “Thirty Stacks, Hundredfold Shockwave Palm.”  

The ground split apart with a bang, and the resultant force flung Lu Yin onto the spacecraft along with Hai Qiqi and Hong Ying. 

Even if an Imprinter didn’t train their body, Lu Yin was still just an Explorer. He couldn’t compare to an Imprinter since they were on such vastly different levels. 

Nobody expected Lu Yin to be able to defeat Granny Gui.

However, when they all saw Granny Gui’s state, everyone was shocked.

Her right palm was bent at an odd angle, and she had even been forced to take a few steps backwards.

How was that possible? 

Even Hai Qiqi was dazed by this turn around, let alone the people from the Sixth Mainland. 

Although Imprinters were forced to suppress their power level to below 200,000 in the Innerverse, no Explorers could deal with such powerhouses due to the sheer difference in cultivation. It had been quite difficult for Lu Yin to fight against that Enlighter from before, so how could he possibly defeat Granny Gui now? 

Granny Gui was flustered, and she felt that something was wrong. When Lu Yin’s palm had clashed against hers just now, she had felt her strength suddenly decrease by a great deal. 

Lu Yin immediately grabbed Hong Ying’s shoulder and tore her shirtsleeve off, revealing a bit of her fair shoulder. 

Granny Gui hesitated, and everyone from the Sixth Mainland was stunned.

Hong Ying screamed, “Stop!”

Blood trickled down from Lu Yin’s lips as he panted heavily. “Shut up!”

He had only torn Hong Ying’s clothing at her right shoulder, and this tear had only exposed a bit of her arm. However, to Hong Ying and the other cultivators from the Sixth Mainland, this was already something unbelievable. Additionally, Lu Yin could tear the rest of her clothing off just as easily as he had torn her sleeve. 

Everyone immediately stopped attacking him. 

Lu Yin looked extremely disheveled, and he glared at everyone with bloodshot eyes. “If anyone dares to attack, I’ll tear all of her clothes off! If I’m going to die, then I’ll drag all of you down with me!” 

The cultivators from the Sixth Mainland didn’t dare move a muscle, and all of the men immediately turned away. 

Granny Gui didn’t dare attack either. Although the Tong family didn’t care about Hong Ying’s life, if the girl was stripped naked, then Flying Horse Manor would be utterly humiliated, and that was something that could not be resolved through simple compensation. Such an event would even affect the three realm’s cooperation as battles often erupted between powers of the Sixth Mainland. It was already impressive that they had managed to get all three realms to work together to invade the Fifth Mainland. Although Granny Gui was an Imprinter, she didn’t dare to act rashly, as she would definitely be blamed if anything occurred.  

“What is it that you want?” Granny Gui shouted. 

Lu Yin panted heavily. “I want to go to Grayweed Continent."

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