Chapter 872: Battling An Enlighter

Hong Ying was confused. “These people are just useless miners. Why do you care about them, Grandmother?” 

Granny Gui calmly answered, “The natives of the Fifth Mainland must be forced to kneel to the statues of the Sixth Mainland’s powerhouses everyday. In the long term, this will traumatize them, and the more they kneel, the more obstacles they will face when cultivating. Thus, they will never become powerhouses.” 

Hong Ying narrowed her eyes as she glanced at the miners below. “You’re right, Grandmother.”

The cultivators from the Sixth Mainland went around the Sea King’s Dome and gathered up all of the miners in a plaza before forcing them to kneel to the statue of Elder Tong.

The miners didn’t care about kneeling, as they had already lost their dignity the moment they had agreed to be captives and work as miners. Some of them even knelt in a very sincere manner, as they actually hoped to join the Sixth Mainland. 

Tens of thousands of miners knelt down in that plaza in the Sea King’s Dome.

Granny Gui was satisfied. This was a rule set down by Imprinters; not only did they want to control this Mainland by force, but they also wanted to psychologically pressure these people.

All of the miners had knelt down with the exception of Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi. They would never kneel to this statue of Elder Tong. Thus, they had hidden themselves in a cave to avoid being found. However, Granny Gui had still noticed them since her sensitivity to star energy meant that she could still detect their presence in that cave. 

Cultivators from the Sixth Mainland rushed into the cave, and Hong Ying went with them as she was feeling bored after her many days of recuperating. 

Lu Yin hadn’t expected Hong Ying to enter. 

Hong Ying tightly clenched her spear the moment that she saw Lu Yin. She bellowed, “It’s you!”

Lu Yin sighed and told Hai Qiqi to properly hide herself in the cave. He then clenched his right fist and faced the dozens of cultivators who had come with Hong Ying. An imprint appeared behind Hong Ying, and as she attacked, she shouted, “flying spear technique!” 

The other cultivators also activated their imprints and attacked Lu Yin in unison. 

Although Hong Ying wanted to get revenge on this person, she was aware that she wasn’t a match for Lu Yin on her own. Thus, she immediately took out a power vessel. 

Lu Yin raised his right fist and invisible shockwaves radiated out from his body. “Daynight Punch.”

His attack caused the colors black and white to reverse as an indescribable amount of spiritual force swept through the area. Hong Ying was stunned by this attack, and the other cultivators all spat out blood as they were forced out of the cave. 

Hong Ying only managed to withstand Lu Yin’s attack for a few moments before she spat out a mouthful of blood. She was also thrown out of the cave with a completely confused look. 

The Daynight Punch wasn’t very special, but it had a unique feature in that it utilized Lu Yin’s spiritual force, which was very strong. In particular, after absorbing the globe of spiritual force that had been in Liuying Zishan’s body, his spiritual force had been further reinforced. Now, it was probably at the same level as the Ten Arbiters.  

He had not dared to use the Daynight Punch in the Outerverse or when he was around any cultivators from the Innerverse. He was worried that the Daynight clan would realize that he had learned one of their battle techniques, which was a huge taboo. However, he could use it freely at this time since he was surrounded by people from the Sixth Mainland. 

Of Lu Yin’s battle techniques, neither the Skybeast Claw, Finger Tap, nor Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation were able to compare to the Ten Arbiters’ attacks. Only his spiritual force was at a comparable level. 

Thus, Daynight Punch was both his strongest and secretive attack. 

Even Hong Ying was unable to withstand this attack and was tossed out of the cave,

Granny Gui was shocked, as she didn’t expect such an expert to be hiding within that cave. 

Lu Yin slowly walked out of the cave, only to be surrounded by cultivators from the Sixth Mainland. Their ranks included a dozen Hunters and even a few Enlighters who had suppressed their power level to below 200,000. 

Granny Gui looked at Lu Yin and asked, “Who are you?”

Lu Yin glanced up at the sky. “Someone seeking revenge.”

Granny Gui fiercely ordered, “Kill him!”

The Hunters activated their martial prints as well as their imprints, causing their attacks to cover the sky and encompass the entire mountain that Lu Yin was standing on. The range of their attacks was enough to obliterate the entire area.

Lu Yin raised his right fist and used the Daynight Punch once again.His spiritual force swept across the entire area, and even the Hunter realm powerhouses were unable to withstand his horrifying amount of spiritual force. They promptly retreated and stood there, panting heavily. 

Suddenly, an old person appeared behind Lu Yin. He swatted down with a strangely glowing palm that was aimed at Lu Yin’s head. 

This person was an Enlighter who had successfully withstood Lu Yin’s Daynight Punch.

No matter how strong Lu Yin’s spiritual force was, the power level of his attack had to remain below 200,000, and he also had to suppress his spiritual force to under 200,000 when he attacked. Normal Hunters definitely couldn’t withstand a spiritual force attack that had a power level of 200,000, but this didn’t apply to Enlighters. 

The greatest difference between Enlighters and Hunters was that Enlighters had much more spiritual force. Even a Hunter with low spiritual force would have their spiritual force undergo a massive boost if they reached the Enlighter realm. Thus, although an Enlighter might not have the ability to attack with their spiritual force, they would still have an improved resistance to spiritual force attacks compared to Hunters.  

This was especially true for those from the Sixth Mainland since they had imprints. Hence, their spiritual force was much stronger than that of the Fifth Mainland cultivators. 

However, no matter how much training they received, Lu Yin’s spiritual force was comparable to the Ten Arbiters, and nobody would be able to withstand it unless they had reached the Enlighter realm at the minimum. 

The old man’s palm strike was just about to land on Lu Yin’s head when he moved his body slightly to the side and kicked at the old man. The old man didn’t block this attack and just shifted his body to follow Lu Yin’s movements. He then continued his attack with the glowing palm. 

Lu Yin arched a brow as his Fatesand appeared behind him. The attack struck Lu Yin’s Fatesand, and it protected Lu Yin from the attack. 

When Lu Yin had been a Limiteer, his Fatesand had already been able to withstand an attack from a Hunter like Feng Mo. As his power increased, his Fatesand had also become much stronger, especially after he absorbed Hong Ying’s Fatesand. After that incident, his Fatesand had increased in size, though it still looked like a clump of dirt.  

Compared to the other Enlighters that Lu Yin had fought against, this old man was the most cautious of them all, and he didn’t even try to directly fight against Lu Yin. Most Enlighter powerhouses were very arrogant when facing an Explorer, and they would immediately attack when they began fighting. However, this old man was an exception. 

The old man was shocked that his attack didn’t injure Lu Yin. “Why aren’t you suppressed?” 

Lu Yin suddenly kicked the old man, but this time, the old man wasn’t able to react quickly enough. Lu Yin’s kick landed on the man’s stomach, and he was forced a few steps back. 

Despite being kicked, the old man was still an Enlighter and very physically strong. Thus, he wasn’t injured very badly by Lu Yin’s kick. 

“I’ll kill you!” The old man moved forward, and both his hands started moving about in flowing patterns. Suddenly, tens and even hundreds of palms rained down upon Lu Yin. Although his Fatesand had increased in terms of size, it was still unable to block this many attacks. 

Lu Yin’s figure flashed, but the old man’s attack covered the entire area, and Lu Yin was unable to determine which was the real palm. He reluctantly gathered all of his star energy in his right hand. 

“First Sun.” A flaming sun appeared over his palm that he then pushed it at the old man, causing his dozens of palm images to collapse. Finally, one of the palms collided with the sun, causing terrifying shockwaves to sweep over the area, astonishing the many Sixth Mainland cultivators. 

Enlighters who had suppressed their power level to below 200,000 were still very scary, and only other Enlighters or powerhouses from the Fifth Mainland who had received at least the title of Monarch could be their opponents. 

There were only a handful of people in the younger generation who were capable of fighting against Enlighters who had suppressed their power level to below 200,000. 

Granny Gui’s expression turned cold. Lu Yin had reminded her of a certain someone: the person who had killed Gui Bing outside of the Starfall Sea. 

Gui Bing had been her disciple, and she had given him the invisible needles. With his high power level, he should absolutely have been able to escape if he had encountered a powerhouse from the Fifth Mainland. There were not many people who were capable of killing him, but this boy was one of them. 

Hai Qiqi watched the scene from outside from the cave, though her fingers had gone pale.

The old man was forced to retreat once again as his palm was burned by the sun.

The Innerverse’s current battlefield seemed to be a battlefield for the members of the younger generation, but in reality, the top elites were still Enlighters. Not many young people were able to fight against them, and this old man had initially believed that he would be able to quickly defeat Lu Yin. However, he had actually been the one to be injured, which angered him. He exerted some force and caused space itself to shatter as he rushed towards Lu Yin yet again. 

Lu Yin frowned; he was surrounded by a dozen Hunters, and there was still an Imprinter to consider as well. He had to defeat this old man quickly. Otherwise, he would not be able to protect himself when the Imprinter attacked. 

This old man had a very accurate control over his own star energy, and he was able to precisely suppress his star energy to 200,000. If Lu Yin wanted to face the Enlighter’s attacks head on, then he had to control his star energy just as precisely or else run the risk of exceeding the limit of a power level of 200,000. 

Lu Yin wasn’t planning on facing this attack directly, and he carelessly waved a hand. He used the Yu Secret Art and caused the old man’s attack to slightly deviate from its path. The old man struck an empty space instead, and a fissure rippled through space. 

The old man’s eyes narrowed. Is that…?

He didn’t have any time to think further as Lu Yin quickly used the Dream Finger and caused space to congeal. The old man could do nothing but watch as the finger descended, the star energy within his own body roiling as he was thrown backwards. Lu Yin’s finger pierced through the old man’s shoulder and left a wound on his neck. 

The old man spat out a mouthful of blood as a black light appeared over his left palm. He then attacked Lu Yin as eight lined battle force appeared and shrouded Lu Yin’s body. Lu Yin blocked the old man’s attack with his Fatesand while counterattacking at the same time. He expected to successfully hit the old man, but the Enlighter actually managed to dodge yet again. Lu Yin then formed a claw with his hand and used the Skybeast Claw. 

The black light above the old man’s palm condensed and formed into a shield in front of him as he quickly retreated. 

The black light was shredded apart by the Skybeast Claw, but the old man still managed to evade Lu Yin’s attack. 

The battle between them was short but intense. 

Lu Yin looked at the old man warily. This was the first time he had seriously fought against an Enlighter head on. In the past, he had only managed to kill Enlighters with the assistance of his external items or when they were distracted. But this time, he was truly fighting against an Enlighter who was also taking the battle very seriously.

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