Chapter 869: Realmling Bai Ling

The crimson spear fell from the sky, though all the red tassels had already vanished from the shaft. 

This power vessel had been truly mysterious because of its tassels, but now that they were gone, it was just an ordinary weapon, though its materials might be a bit sturdier than normal. 

Lu Yin felt slightly tempted to use his die’s three pips to enhance the spear, but he ultimately decided against it. After all, this weapon was a power vessel made by a super powerhouse from the Sixth Mainland, and who knew it could be summoned back during a battle. Also, if Lu Yin kept it, could it be used by the enemy to track down Lu Yin? To Envoy-level powerhouses, he was still insignificant. 

Left without a choice, Lu Yin broke the spear into two pieces and tossed them aside.

Before long, a large group of Sixth Mainland cultivators rushed over to Planet Amber, but they could not find any trace of Lu Yin and the others. 

Hong Ying had been defeated. Among those of the Sixth Mainland, especially those in the Grand Martial Realm’s circles, this matter raised quite a commotion.

Hong Yin had said that her opponent had been young and that he should be a part of the Fifth Mainland’s younger generation. 

If he was not from the younger generation, then her defeat would not have caused such a great commotion. After all, for those whose power levels were over 200,000, 300,000, and 400,000, even if they suppressed their power level to under 200,000, they would still be able to display an inestimable level of strength, and there would be nothing spectacular about such a person defeating Hong Ying. However, it was an entirely different story if she had been defeated by someone from the younger generation. 

These youths had their own battlefield, and the two sides were also comparing the elites of their generation. If Hong Ying had been defeated by someone from the Fifth Mainland’s younger generation, then that meant that a powerhouse who had received the title of Marquis at the minimum had appeared, and the rewards for beheading the Title Holders of the Fifth Mainland were exceptional. 

In the Starfall Sea, on the mainland where the Tong family had made their base, Tong Zhan’s eyes went wide, and a bizarre look appeared on his face. “Defeated Hong Ying? Very young? Interesting, aside from those few from Grayweed Continent, does this area of the Innerverse still have some interesting people? Hopefully it’s not someone from the older generation, as that would be too boring.” 

On the other side of Grayweed Continent, the part that lay in the depths of the Starfall Sea, in a region that was surrounded by mountains, there was a stronghold where quite a few cultivators had gathered. They had banded together to resist the Sixth Mainland’s invasion. 

All of Grayweed Continent had been covered with the fires of war, and countless experts from the Sixth Mainland descended upon the continent, forcing it into a desperate situation. 

Many cultivators voluntarily organized themselves into groups and united to resist these experts.

At this moment, within the mountain stronghold, multiple cultivators were staring up at the sky. Or more specifically, they were staring at a woman who was standing there with an indifferent expression. 

Not a single cultivator on the ground dared to speak, and desperation was apparent in their eyes. Even the Enlighter elder within their group seemed to despair when he saw the woman in the sky. 

“Let’s act together, and perhaps some of us can escape.” 

“That’s all we can do.”

As the numerous cultivators below were planning their next move in hushed tones, their sounds grew louder and louder. Then, the sound suddenly visibly manifested in the air. The ambient sound waves had taken physical form, with the gathered cultivators’ conversations becoming corporeal forms that merged together to form all sorts of creatures. Some looked like birds, others like bees, and others still like ants.

When they noticed this strange scenery, all of the gathered people backed away as one. They quickly discovered that any sound they made would become a new sound wave creature. 

“It’s the Grand Martial Realm’s Realmling, Bai Ling. Once her martial print is used, everyone will be vanquished,” a cultivator mumbled as they looked at the sky in fear. Suddenly, that person knelt down. “I surrender.” 

After the first person knelt down, several others consecutively followed suit.

The Enlighter elder was infuriated. “This is Grayweed Continent, our area! Don’t be looked down upon by the enemy. Get up!”

In the sky, the girl looked down at all the cultivators below her without a single hint of emotion in her eyes. As they flickered with a certain chill, all of the strange creatures formed from sound simultaneously exploded, causing another strange sound wave to sweep across everyone on the ground. 

All of these cultivators were stunned, and they felt as though they had lost consciousness and been petrified. None of them could move.

Even the old Enlighter was no different. So what if he was an Enlighter? So what if his power level had surpassed 200,000? Against this Realmling’s attack, he also had no ability to resist.

Even if his power level was not suppressed and this Enlighter was able to act with his full strength, he still might not be the Realmling’s match. 

Realmling Bai Ling massacred all of the cultivators who had been in the mountain stronghold in one attack. 

“Wrong again. Where are they hiding?” Bai Ling mumbled in a bizarre tone.

After some time, Bai Ling vanished, and a young man approached the outside of the stronghold. His face was pale, his eyes were cold, and his expression was similarly devoid of all emotions. He almost looked like a corpse, and there were two figures following behind him. Their motions were perfectly identical, and even their breathing was in sync. However, these two had no aura and were basically dead people. 

“Late again, what a pity. With how they died, Bai Ling must have come here. How annoying, nobody said anything about this.” 

“To think that I, Corpse Looter from Justice Manor, can’t even find someone who can talk. There are corpses wherever I go, which is puzzling. Could I be destined for corpses? Even though my innate gift allows me to control corpses, why is my fate so tied to corpses? 

“Is there even anyone here? Speak! How annoying. Everyone assumes that I can’t talk, and people even say that I don’t like the living and that only the dead can be my friends. Which idiot said that? How can corpses be my friends? Of course, I wouldn’t mind if the dead could become my friends, but they need to at least be able to talk. 

“How quiet. It’s a little scary, and there’re corpses all around. Will they come back to life?

“Eh, talking is tiring, but with just these corpses around, if I don’t talk, then there really will be no one else talking. How scary! If I had known that it would be like this earlier, I wouldn’t have even come to this Fifth Mainland. Bai Ling is really annoying, and she couldn’t even wait a moment. It would still be alright to leave someone behind for me to talk to. Who’s talking? Oh wait, it’s me… 

“Eh, Hong Ying was defeated? That’s not good. That means that there’s someone who can threaten us. That’s troublesome, but they won’t come to Grayweed Continent, right? That’s scary. I better sneak away soon. 

“Speaking of which, Bai Ling has been looking for that Ten Arbiters’ Divine Fist. Now that I think about it, if she can’t find him, and I end up running into him instead, then it’ll be even scarier. Is there anyone here? Speak, say something. There’s really no one.

“Why’s the sky dark? How scary.”

That young man incessantly muttered to himself, but his face remained expressionless the entire time. Even if his words mentioned his fear, he showed no sign of fear on his face, and everything about him was unnerving. 

In this silent mountain stronghold filled with corpses, only this man’s voice continuously rang out. Even after a long time, he still kept talking, and he did not repeat himself even once. 

The Starfall Sea’s current greatest battlefield was Grayweed Continent, and countless cultivators of the Starfall Sea had fled to Grayweed Continent after being defeated. Currently, their plan was to have a decisive battle against the Sixth Mainland’s Grand Martial Realm here, and naturally, Grayweed Continent was going to be the battlefield. 

Outside of the Starfall Sea, not too far away from Planet Amber, Alfonso and the others hid themselves on a certain planet, not planning on heading out in the near future. 

The survivors from Astral-3 who had been rescued still had to nurse their wounds.

Lu Yin led Hai Qiqi away as they continued traveling to the Starfall Sea.

Yan Hua inquired after Lu Yin’s name, as he wanted to report Lu Yin’s achievements and contributions to the Champions Stage. 

Lu Yin left behind the name of Seventh Bro.

A term of address like “Seventh Bro” was just too common in the universe, and even those who met Lu Yin in the past might not necessarily associate the name with him. After all, it had been more than four years since anyone in the Innerverse had interacted with him.

Lu Yin did not really want to head into the Starfall Sea since that place was too dangerous. Unfortunately for him, Hai Qiqi’s heart was set on returning home, and he could not allow her to go alone. Thus, he could only follow after her and protect her. 

Still, the two had agreed that if they faced a truly dangerous situation, they would withdraw.

An endless procession line extended out for thousands of meters. Lined up, miner after miner dressed in prison clothes were inspected before being sent aboard a spacecraft that was headed for the Starfall Sea. 

Almost all of these miners were cultivators that had been captured by the Sixth Mainland. They wanted to surrender, but the Sixth Mainland did not care for them. Still, it would be too much of a waste to just release these cultivators. Thus, they had been sentenced to the mines. As long as these prisoners mined enough ore, they would be able to win their freedom. 

Although the Sixth Mainland had massacred cultivators without any hesitation, they only targeted those who resisted them. They were all still human in the end, and most people would not engage in wanton slaughter unless they were mentally disturbed, much like the Outerverse’s assassin, Poisonmaster. 

Lu Yin occasionally looked up to check his surroundings. From what he could see, there were not that many people from the Sixth Mainland standing guard over the crowd, but there were some experts nearby. They were stationed on the transport ship, and from the rune lines that Lu Yin could see, there was more than one Hunter among them. 

The Sixth Mainland had no lack of Hunters, and it was not wasteful for them to dispatch such cultivators to supervise a bunch of captive miners. 

Just one day ago, Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi had successfully sneaked into a group of captured miners. The Sixth Mainland would have never expected that someone would want to sneak in and join the miners all in order to enter the Starfall Sea, since that region was a death sentence to those from the Fifth Mainland. 

Their gadgets had been hidden within a cosmic ring, which had in turn been hidden inside of Lu Yin’s mouth. He now appeared to be a qualified miner, and he looked very down. 

Behind him, Hai Qiqi tugged at his sleeve. “Let’s steal this ship.” 

Lu Yin pursed his lips. “Don’t come up with crazy plans. Do you even know how many Sixth Mainland experts are in the Starfall Sea? If we try to steal this, we’ll be surrounded by countless experts long before we get to the Sea King’s Dome.” 

“Don’t we still have you?” Hai Qiqi pursed her lips reluctantly. Pretending to be a miner was very uncomfortable to her, particularly because she was a girl. The whole situation was almost unbearable to her. 

Lu Yin was afraid that Hai Qiqi would start to act up, so he could only quietly caution her. “No matter how strong I am, there’s a limit. Moreover, the Sixth Mainland does not lack for Enlighters, and even if those old farts suppress their power level to under 200,000, their power is still incomparable to an average cultivator. They will be as strong as Hong Ying at the very least. Do you want us to be surrounded by those kinds of people?” 

Hai Qiqi had no choice, so she just scratched at her neck helplessly.

“I’m warning you not to mess around. Otherwise, if an Imprinter appears, we’ll be in big trouble. That’s someone on the same level as your father. Do you think that we can deal with your father, even if his power level is suppressed to below 200,000?” Lu Yin was not confident that the girl would behave, so he admonished her once again. 

Hai Qiqi thought about it and then looked at Lu Yin with a serious expression. “I’ll have to trouble you to pretend to be more wretched and not expose us then. Otherwise, we’ll be doomed.” 

Lu Yin was left speechless. This brat’s confidence in the Sea King was unbridled even to the end, and she was still looking down on Lu Yin. 

But her attitude was also correct. People in different cultivation realms, even if they had similar power levels, would be able to display vastly different levels of destruction. Forget the Sea King; Lu Yin would be no match even for the most ordinary Envoy realm powerhouses who had suppressed their power level to below 200,000. 

Those people had a different way of fighting compared to people like Lu Yin. Lu Yin even suspected that someone at Yuan Shi’s level might have possibly broken through to some other realm or reached some sort of enlightenment. The reason behind this suspicion was that they no longer cultivated star energy, but rather something similar that was known as stellular energy. The universe that such people saw was different. 

Before long, the spacecraft trembled as it headed towards the entrance to the Starfall Sea.

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