Chapter 868: Lu Yin Vs. Hong Ying

Hong Ying held her crimson spear aloft as she emerged. She calmly looked at Lu Yin and then at Yan Hua. “Petty tricks.” 

Yan Hua held his sword hilt tightly. His figure flashed forward, followed by the sound of booming thunder. His entire being had transformed into a blade that sharply stabbed forward. This was his most powerful attack: Thunder Strike. 

Hong Ying snorted, and she did not even bother using her imprint. Her spear tip fiercely jabbed forward and pierced through the void to collide against Yan Hua’s Thunder Strike. There was a tremendous crash reminiscent of lightning crashing into a wall and rebounding back. Yan Hua’s sword body instantly crumbled apart, but in contrast, Hong Ying’s spear penetrated through the lightning and went on to stab at Yan Hua’s neck without any hesitation. 

Everyone was overwhelmed, as the difference between the two was simply too great. 

Just as the spear tip was about to stab into Yan Hua’s neck, another hand pierced deep into the lightning as one finger tapped out. There was a bang as the spear ran into an overwhelming strength that forcefully redirected its strike into the ground. 

The ground was rent asunder by the spear tip, and the underground city collapsed. The power of the spear seemed to burrow over ten thousand kilometers through the earth, and the fissure even extended into space. 

The execution grounds fell completely silent as everyone stared on, petrified at what they had just witnessed.

Hong Ying gripped her spear tightly as her lips curled upwards, though she did not seem too surprised. She then slowly turned to face Lu Yin. “Who are you?”

Yan Hua panted heavily as he stared at the person who had just blocked the attack that had nearly killed him. He also wanted to know who this person was; although there had been a brief introduction when they had met earlier, he had actually not paid much attention. 

Lu Yin clasped his hands behind his back. “Call me Seventh Bro.”

Lu Yin’s voice was not loud, but it reverberated through the sky above the execution ground. Everyone stared at him in awe, as he had just parried Hong Ying’s spear.

Alfonso grew excited, as this was indeed his Senior. This person was actually able to block Hong Ying’s spear!

That middle-aged man was also shocked; this person was actually this powerful?

Hai Qiqi reminded Alfonso, “Aren’t we leaving?”

Alfonso said, “But what about Senior?”

“Just leave him alone. He’ll be fine,” Hai Qiqi nonchalantly replied. She was quite familiar with Lu Yin’s strength. Even if people did not have to suppress their power levels to under 200,000 due to the cosmic phenomenon, she did not believe that Lu Yin would be in danger. He was just too cunning. 

“You can go first. Leave this to me,” Lu Yin said softly. 

Yan Hua swallowed his saliva. “Sure?”

“Go,” Lu Yin replied.

Yan Hua gave Lu Yin a long look before turning to leave.

The cultivators from the Sixth Mainland wanted to give chase, only to be stopped by Hong Ying. Her eyes had lit up, though her delicate face still appeared exceptionally indifferent in the dark. “I never thought that we would be able to bait out someone like you. Interesting.” 

Lu Yin smiled. “Bait? Are you sure that you’re the fisherman? Be careful of being dragged under.”

Hong Ying sneered. “Just you? You’re not worthy.”

Her spear tip danced about as she stabbed forward again. This time, her spear seemed to contain a strength as powerful as a thunderbolt, and it almost felt like it was pushing the space before it. 

This spear was much more powerful than her previous attack. In Lu Yin’s eyes, the shaft of the spear seemed to have grown wings, and it was clearly moving extremely quickly, but strangely enough, very slowly at the same time. Despite its apparent slowness, it did not give him any opportunity to dodge, and Lu Yin saw vague spear images appear all around him. 

He could not evade this attack and would have to receive it head-on. 

But Lu Yin had not planned on evading anything anyways. His eight lined battle force enveloped his hand as he raised it, his palm turning into a claw that then grabbed the spear tip. He did not meet force with force. Rather, his body continuously withdrew as he steadily dissolved the force of the spear attack. 

Hong Ying was shocked, as her flying spear technique had actually been caught by someone. Also, this person had eight lined battle force, which indicated that he definitely was not a nobody. It seemed that she had caught a big fish. As she thought about it, an imprint appeared behind her, and Madam Hong’s image hazily manifested. The power of Hong Ying’s spear increased tremendously, and its strength was mysteriously reinforced. 

Lu Yin frowned. He was using his eight lined battle force to reinforce his Skybeast Claw, but he was still unable to fully receive this attack. With a bang, the spear shaft was forced back by Lu Yin as he stepped forward. He then appeared right in front of Hong Ying before thrusting a palm forward. However, Hong Ying had expected this. Since Lu Yin was someone who could grab her flying spear technique, his physical strength definitely would not be lacking in any way, and such a person would naturally be adept at close combat. 

Hong Ying reversed her spear, as she intended to use its shaft to strike Lu Yin. He did not evade the strike, and allowed the spear shaft to connect with his body as he used his Fatesand to block the attack. There was a loud thump, and the two youths were simultaneously shaken. 

Hong Ying was astonished. “Fatesand? You actually have something like that?”

Lu Yin was astonished. “It looks like you have it too.”

He then grabbed the spear shaft again. With his strength, as long as he grabbed a hold of the spear, Hong Ying would not be able to shake him off. 

An enormous strength was transmitted through the spear shaft as it began vibrating before suddenly spinning in place, causing Hong Ying’s palms to be worn down and start bleeding. Still, she did not release her hold on the spear. Instead, a second, very small spear suddenly appeared in front of her and stabbed at Lu Yin. He responded by once again using his Fatesand to block her attack. However, this was no ordinary spear, as it was actually also formed from Fatesand. 

Lu Yin subconsciously grabbed it with his right hand, and Hong Ying’s expression suddenly changed. She released her hold on the long spear and retreated at top speed. Standing in place, Lu Yin was puzzled; his left hand was holding the crimson spear while his right hand had seized the small spear formed from Hong Ying’s Fatesand. 

Hong Ying beamed. “You really like my weapon that much? Then I’ll give it to you.”

Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat, and in the corner of his eye, he saw the crimson spear suddenly erupt. It had changed from a physical weapon to a group of rune lines. Lu Yin reflexively tried to fling it away, but he belatedly discovered that the red tassels on the spear had come to life and entwined themselves around his palm, the knot even extending down his arm. What’s more, they are emitting an incomparably burning heat. 

Hong Ying sneered. This man had been seeking death by even daring to grab her power vessel. There had been other powerhouses who had tried to do so in the past with one of them even being an Enlighter. However, without exception, all of them had ultimately been burned to a crisp by Hong Ying, as they had not been able to break free once they were entangled by the tassels. 

Lu Yin tried to shake off the crimson spear, but no matter what he did, it would not separate from him. The tassel’s heat was only increasing as time went on, and it had already reached a temperature that his physical body found difficult to handle. 

“Seventh Bro, use your secret technique! This power vessel is not simple,” the Ghost Monkey said. 

Lu Yin had no choice, and he glanced deeply at Hong Ying before waving a hand and causing the crimson spear to vanish. When it reappeared, it was twisted around a random Sixth Mainland cultivator. That person did not even last for a second before his arm was turned to ash, and he wailed mournfully. 

Hong Ying’s expression changed drastically. “A secret technique! You actually have a secret technique?!” 

Lu Yin had a cold expression. “You can go die.”

He then tapped out, and the void congealed as his eyes went slack. This was the Dream Finger, and although it was not the Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation, this was the most powerful attack that Lu Yin could display at this moment. Even Enlighters would have to fear this attack from Lu Yin. 

Hong Ying could not escape from the power of this finger, and it was very difficult to avoid it as well. However, the crimson spear actually flew back over and blocked the path between Lu Yin and Hong Ying. Lu Yin’s finger instead tapped against the crimson spear, causing both the spear and Hong Ying to be blasted away, as the power of the finger had passed through the spear to also impact Hong Ying. 

Hong Ying spat out a mouthful of blood, and her expression changed once again. This person was terrifyingly powerful; he had an unrivalled physical power, a secret technique, and even this frightening battle technique. Just where had he come from? 

Lu Yin raised a hand, and the Skybeast Claw pressed down upon Hong Ying as he tried to finish off his opponent. 

Hong Ying gritted her teeth, causing fresh blood to flow down her lips. She then hefted the crimson spear and stabbed out with it. Behind her, Madam Hong’s imprint grew even clearer while, at the same time, a brand appeared on her spear, which was her martial print. 

“flying spear technique.” Hong Ying shouted as she stabbed at Lu Yin. Her movements were identical to her very first attack against Lu Yin, and countless spear images appeared all around him. No matter which direction he dodged in, he would have to face at least one spear. Even if he used his secret technique to divert the power of one spear, there would still be a second, and then a third. 

In the past, when facing against Arbiter Zhenwu, Lu Yin had experienced the weakness of the Yu Secret Art, which was that it could not divert attacks without limit. Once the opponent noticed this detail, his Yu Secret Art would become useless. 

At this moment, Lu Yin was facing that exact situation.

However, Lu Yin did not need to dodge, as Hong Ying’s spear was equivalent in power to the palm that Autumnfrost Qing had unleashed through stimulating his bloodline. The rune lines were about the same, and after thinking about it, Lu Yin gathered all of his star energy into his right palm. “Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation: First Sun.” 

The resultant sun that formed above his palm illuminated the night sky and drew the attention of many.

Hong Ying’s heart skipped a beat, and she was struck by an intense sense of unease. However, she could not retreat after unleashing her flying spear technique. Thus, she cried out as she committed her all to the attack. 

In the distance, Alfonso and the others looked back to see a dazzling radiance light up Planet Amber. After the light shone out, a berserk aftershock swept across the region and sent them all flying forward. 

If viewed from outer space, one would see that one half of Planet Amber had been surrounded by ripples of energy and that these aftershocks had even extended into outer space and started affecting the surrounding planets. 

A spatial crack spread outwards and swallowed the ground. Coincidentally, it streaked past Alfonso’s head, scaring him senseless. 

The crowd from Astral-3 was overwhelmed; just who had launched that terrifying attack?

The execution grounds had been completely destroyed. The nearby Sixth Mainland cultivators had been caught up in the attack and had either died or hidden themselves so deep underground that they no longer dared to show themselves. 

Hong Ying thrust her spear into the ground and slowly swayed, as if still dealing with the attack’s aftermath.

Lu Yin stood in place and withdrew his hand. He then looked towards the crimson spear. Next to it, half of Hong Ying’s body was horrendously twisted. Her hair was in disarray, and all of her orifices were bleeding. This last attack had severely injured her. 

She collapsed onto the ground where she lay, panting heavily, occasionally spitting out a mouthful of blood, and staring at the sandy ground in disbelief. 

She had been thoroughly defeated despite using her imprint, martial print, power vessel, and even her Fatesand. In spite of everything, she had still been defeated. 

She was unwilling to accept her defeat, as there were very few from the Sixth Mainland within the same generation who could defeat her, let alone these Fifth Mainland natives. 

“Who exactly are you?” Hong Ying stared intensely at Lu Yin with bloodshot eyes that had become scarlet. She looked rather sinister at this moment. 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. “Dead people don’t need to know.”

Hong Ying sneered. She looked completely miserable, but her demeanor was still very arrogant. “Dead people? In this area of the universe, no one would dare to let me die. Where do you think you are? Still in your Fifth Mainland? Look at that statue!”

Lu Yin looked over.

At this moment, Hong Ying suddenly leaped up and fled towards outer space.

Lu Yin was stumped; was she trying to escape? He raised a hand, and the Skybeast Claw passed through the void, causing an ancient beast’s howl to ring out as it shot towards Hong Ying.

However, Hong Ying tossed her spear aside in order to increase her fleeing speed.

That spear’s red tassels came to life once again, and they twined themselves around the Skybeast Claw while releasing a scorching heat. 

Lu Yin frowned. He leaped up to chase her down, but she turned around and sneered as she took out a power vessel. After that, her speed increased multiple times over, and she disappeared in the blink of an eye without leaving a trace behind. 

“Seventh Bro, were you just tricked ?” the monkey asked, its voice a little taunting.

Lu Yin had an ugly expression, as this woman had indeed fooled him. His accidental glance at that statue had given her enough of an opportunity to escape.

Ever since he had started cultivating, he had never encountered such a situation before. However, this time, a trifling lie had actually succeeded against him, which was quite embarrassing. 

“Seventh Bro, there’s no need to blame yourself. This is a disparity in intelligence. That woman is very smart, much smarter than you,” the monkey said with a laugh. 

Lu Yin was irritated, and he instantly screened the monkey off. That stupid monkey’s words were really obnoxious. After all, Lu Yin had defeated Wei Rong, and he had just been careless this time around.

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