Chapter 858: Noteworthy Background

“Alliance Leader Lu, it’s been a long time.” Wei Baichuan spoke first, and his voice was calm.

Wei Dan was quivering, as he truly did not want to die. 

Lu Yin stared at Wei Baichuan, and asked in a rather curious tone, “Patriarch Wei, why are you not running?” 

Wei Baichuan sneered. “Run? So that I can be chased about like a mouse? To act as your prey?” 

“How audacious!” shouted countless soldiers, and the intimidating roar caused the planet to tremble, nearly frightening Wei Dan to death. 

Lu Yin’s hands were calmly clasped behind his back, and he felt a headache coming on. From the very start, he had not completely surrounded the Wei family's ancestral planet all so that these people from the Wei family could escape. That way, he could use them as bait to lure out the rest of the family. These people should have become his excuse to start another war. Whoever accommodated the refugees would be targeted by Lu Yin. The Wei family was adept at developing relationships with other powers, and he wanted to take advantage of the Wei family and turn them into a poison for the other powers of the Outerverse. 

Unfortunately, the Wei family was made up of many intellectuals, particularly the Wei Patriarch. He would have been the best bait, but he had chosen to not escape. 

“Alliance Leader Lu, kill me if you wish,” Wei Baichuan spoke coldly as he looked up into the sky. 

Lu Yin waved a hand, and some people moved forward to capture Wei Baichuan and Wei Dan. The two prisoners were then sent into a spacecraft. 

Lu Yin did not plan to kill Wei Baichuan, as a dead person was worthless to him.

Wei Rong had left a path forward for himself and for the entire Wei family, which was their loyalty. He had given Lu Yin the hope of winning his loyalty, and this tactic had always been Wei Rong’s true final resort. 

Lu Yin was indeed moved. Wei Rong might not have a baseline, and he might not be a righteous person either. However, he was certainly very smart and ruthless. Lu Yin needed such a person to become his lackey and to open new frontiers for him, as such people were very useful. 

If Lu Yin killed Wei Baichuan, then the man would no longer possess any value to Lu Yin, and that action would simultaneously also cause Lu Yin to lose any hope of drawing in Wei Rong as a subordinate, which meant that it was not in his best interest to kill this man. 

With Wei Baichuan captured by Lu Yin’s forces, he would wait and see how Wei Rong intended to rescue his father. The first step to take was to keep himself from using Wei Baichuan as a hostage! Lu Yin smiled, as he had his own bottom lines, and using a father’s life to blackmail his son was not how Lu Yin handled things. 

This place was the Wei family's ancestral planet, and Lu Yin surveyed his surroundings before stepping into the Wei family’s ancestral home. This was a regional war that he had been the one to initiate, and this place was full of commemorative value. 

In the Honor Lavazone, with Tanno Phoenix’s guidance, Wei Rong successfully met with Elder Daggs. 

When he saw Elder Daggs, Wei Rong lowered his head and knelt down as he wailed, “May Elder provide justice.” 

Elder Daggs was startled by this greeting, and he looked over at Tanno Phoenix. “This is?’

Although Elder Daggs had drafted Wei Rong to join the border defense and had even been the one to transfer Wei Rong from the Dark Phoenix Lavazone to the Greatwood Lavazone, he had never seen Wei Rong nor thought about the youth. 

Tanno Phoenix explained, “He is Wei Rong, from Armament Weave’s Wei family, and also the one who proposed the border’s plan for the first counterattack.” 

The last bit finally jogged Elder Daggs’s memory. Although that plan had been brought up by Lu Yin, Lu Yin had always been open about the fact that the two people who had developed the initial plan were Wei Rong and Qiong Xi'er. 

“So you are Wei Rong. What's the matter?” Elder Daggs asked curiously as he gestured for Wei Rong to stand. 

Wei Rong did not get up, and he lamented to the elder, “By the Hall of Honor’s order, no power in the Outerverse is to conduct any sort of war for a year. However, someone has actually already started an interweave war. I ask that Elder deliver justice.” 

Elder Daggs was furious. “Who would dare? Who has started a war?”

“It was Lu Yin’s Great Eastern Alliance,” Wei Rong hurriedly offered.

Elder Daggs’ brows rose. “Lu Yin?” 

Tanno Phoenix then said, “Elder, Lu Yin led the Great Eastern Alliance’s Allied Forces and slaughtered his way to the Wei family's ancestral planet. They have vanquished the Wei family and dominated Armament Weave. All wars should have been stopped during this tumultuous time.” 

Elder Daggs’s eyes narrowed, and he looked as if he was thinking of something.

Wei Rong looked over at Tanno Phoenix.

Tanno Phoenix continued, saying, “Elder, this kid, Lu Yin, is blatantly ignoring the Hall of Honor’s orders, and he is also scorning the border’s safety by starting a war himself and burning away our strength from within. Such actions are detestable. May Elder deliver justice and return balance to the Outerverse.” 

“May Elder deliver justice! The blood of countless defenders here at the frontier has not even dried yet,” Wei Rong mournfully cried out. 

“Wait a moment.” Elder Daggs stepped forward and vanished into the void. He intended to look for Yuan Shi himself, as Lu Yin’s status was no small matter. For any matters concerning Lu Yin, Elder Daggs could not casually decide things by himself. 

Yuan Shi was still overseeing the border to deter an invasion from the Sixth Mainland. 

Elder Daggs’s visit seemed to be within the old man’s expectations.

Elder Daggs quickly reported his purpose in visiting.

Yuan Shi simply responded, “Check Lu Yin’s Honor Points.”

Elder Daggs’s expression changed. It looked as though he had just thought of something, and he immediately checked his gadget. They were not on one of the dark lava mainlands right now, and so, their gadgets were connected to the network. 

Elder Daggs quickly saw Lu Yin’s Honor Points and cried out, “Fifteen?”

Yuan Shi explained, “This kid is quite sharp. I gave him three, which allowed his Honor Points to reach fourteen, which was specifically to prevent him from starting a war. However, this brat actually knew that fifteen points awards one with the privilege of starting a war while ignoring any interference from the Hall of Honor, which is why he intentionally purchased one more point.” 

“But the privilege of starting a war interference-free is not suitable during this time of crisis, when we must defend against invasions on the border. The Outerverse is also facing a catastrophe-” But before he could even finish speaking, Elder Daggs stopped. If the border was still at war, then this privilege would naturally be ineffective, as everyone would have to fight to defend the Human Domain. However, since the border warfront had entered a temporary period of peace and the troops were merely standing guard, this was no longer a true war. Thus, the privilege was valid once again. 

Yuan Shi softly answered, “Go back. There’s no need to care about this matter.”

Elder Daggs sighed and left. He was disgusted by Lu Yin’s behavior, but he could do nothing about it.

Once he left Yuan Shi’s area, Elder Daggs immediately contacted Elder Lohar, and he repeated the details of the matter once again. 

Elder Lohar smiled bitterly. “I knew it. He specifically asked me to check if a war can be started with his points. Ignore him, as you can’t handle him anyway. Don’t forget, he has the Chief Justice’s emblem, and his status is not simple.” 

Elder Daggs nodded and helplessly said, “I know, but this child isn’t showing us any face, and he actually started a war shortly after leaving the warfront. How will the rest of the Outerverse see our Hall of Honor?” 

Elder Lohar serenely answered, “Do you know why Yuan Shi went to investigate the Technocracy? Do you know where the report of a possible invasion by the Sixth Mainland originated from? Do you know who provided the intelligence regarding the situation in the Innerverse? It’s all from Lu Yin, and his contributions are not only composed of his military achievements at the warfronts. Yuan Shi indulges the boy, but not just because of his contributions at the border.” 

Elder Daggs was stunned. “The information was all provided by him? How is that possible? Where did he get reports concerning the Sixth Mainland?”

“The Daosource Sect,” Elder Lohar calmly replied. 

“Impossible!” Elder Daggs cried, “A futon is required to enter the Daosource Sect, and the Fifth Mainland has only ten.” 

“He simply has one. Are there any other items that he possesses that should not belong to him?” Elder Lohar pointed out. 

Elder Daggs’s eyes flickered, and he finally nodded. “I know what to do.” 

“That’s good,” Elder Lohar replied.

Elder Daggs smiled bitterly. “It would have been best if he had simply waited for a few months. He truly is not showing us any face by starting a war right now.” 

Elder Lohar did not say anything further and ended the call. 

It didn’t take Elder Daggs long to return to the Honor Lavazone, and he delivered despairing news to Wei Rong. 

Wei Rong alone simply could not compare to Lu Yin’s status, even with the Dark Phoenix family’s support. At this moment, in Elder Daggs and the others’ eyes, Lu Yin was someone who was a part of the Hall of Honor. 

Wei Rong persistently begged. Even if they did not pursue Lu Yin’s culpability for starting a war, Wei Rong still hoped that the Hall of Honor would at the very least stop the war. 

Instead, he was coldly rejected by Elder Daggs. All of his efforts were fruitless, even if Wei Rong split his head open from kowtowing to the elder. 

Tanno Phoenix saw that the Hall of Honor was fixed on supporting Lu Yin. He really wanted to know how this Lu Yin had obtained the Hall of Honor’s staunch support. Even if Elder Daggs’s own son started a war, the youth would not face a happy ending. So just what was so special about Lu Yin? 

Wei Rong closed his eyes, as he had already expected this outcome. The worst part about being smart was having the ability to see further ahead than other people. He had crossed paths with Lu Yin so many times, and he was very clear about his opponent’s personality. Without complete confidence, Lu Yin would not have restarted the war given the current situation of the Outerverse. 

All of Wei Rong’s hard work had turned into nothing more than illusory wishes. The Armament Weave had been occupied, and the Wei family had been utterly defeated. Everything was over. 

Tanno Phoenix left, and he no longer entertained Wei Rong. He had started to panic, as Lu Yin was too freakish. His actions this time meant that his background definitely was not simple. The entire Hall of Honor was helping the youth, and if Tanno Phoenix continued to oppose such a person, then the Dark Phoenix family would probably face a horrible demise. After all, his family did not have any more hidden trump cards, and the entire family only had three Enlighters, none of which had a power level of even 300,000. Such strength did not give Tanno Phoenix any confidence in confronting Lu Yin. 

The entire Outerverse was shocked by the war in Armament Weave, though they were not shocked at the scale or intensity of the fighting. Rather it was the timing of the war that startled everyone. 

Countless people waited for the Hall of Honor to deliver a judgement against the Great Eastern Alliance. However, all they received was news of the Wei family’s annihilation as well as the news that Armament Weave had formally joined the Great Eastern Alliance. 

Countless powers were horrified, just like Tanno Phoenix, and they developed a deeper understanding of Lu Yin. This person was definitely someone who could not be provoked. 

Originally, after the Outerverse was isolated from the Innerverse, the Hall of Honor’s influence had declined in the Outerverse. However, the border defense against the Sixth Mainland’s invasion had revealed the Hall of Honor’s true hidden strength, and the Outerverse’s respect for the Hall of Honor had surged to the maximum. Lu Yin was evidently supported by the Hall of Honor, and so, nobody dared to say anything more than what was necessary. 

A few days later, the entire Outerverse’s media was full of praise for the Great Eastern Alliance, speaking about how powerful their Allied Forces were, how flourishing their economy was, how respectfully they treated their prisoners and allowed them human rights, and also how kindly the Alliance was in dealing with the Wei family. Furthermore, Lu Yin was praised to the sky, and the sycophantism was so excessive that Lu Yin himself felt a bit embarrassed when he saw the reports. 

Xiao Ya felt uneasy, as it had always been their company’s privilege to flatter Lu Yin. But now, many others were producing a greater show than her company. This would not do. 

The media began a war of praise, which caught many people in the Outerverse off guard. They suddenly realized how outstanding and kind this Lu Yin truly was. Apparently, the war had been started to rescue the citizens from the ironfisted regime of the Wei family, and Lu Yin had even spent his own money to foster all sorts of charitable organizations. 

Lu Yin had been transformed into a saint in the eyes of the public media, and the entire Outerverse’s media began to flatter him. The overflowing praise was especially rampant in the weaves in the central region of the Outerverse, and they portrayed Lu Yin as the savior of Armament Weave. They were afraid of him invading additional weaves, so they had decided to paint an extreme image of him that Lu Yin would have to fulfill in Armament Weave before proceeding any further. 

The Wei family had been abandoned by the entire Outerverse in the span of a single night, and all of their former plans and relationships vanished. Things had changed to the point where they suddenly carried the stigma of having been sinister overlords. 

Wei Rong also vanished, and nobody knew where he had disappeared to. Meanwhile, the people who had fled from the Wei family's ancestral planet had all gone to Millions City.

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