Chapter 857: Vanquishing The Wei Family

Lu Yin withdrew his focus. Sure enough, just as the Yu family’s elder had said, underneath the hazy veil of the Fifth Mainland, there was still something else hiding there. The Sixth Mainland had already discovered that fact, and Mister Mu’s mysterious intervention had made them grow even more wary. Their top-notch experts did not intend on taking too many risks, and so they were patiently waiting for their Sixth Mainland’s younger generation to go all-out and deal with the Fifth Mainland’s. Once the Fifth Mainland’s younger generation was wiped out, the powerhouses from the older generation, or those who were still hiding their strength, would be forced to act. 

The Sixth Mainland wanted to force the Fifth Mainland to reveal its trump cards first. After all, the Sixth Mainland had three Progenitors, and they would become fearless as soon as the Fifth Mainland revealed their full hand. 

It seemed that the true war would still take place in the Innerverse. 

Lu Yin did not reveal himself, as his identity had already been exposed, and there was no need for him to meet with Fatty Bro either. 

Before long, Lu Yin arrived in the region with the Nine Cauldrons. 

There were already some people in this space, but Lu Yin unceremoniously knocked all of them unconscious before piling them up in a corner. He then minded his own business, went inside the first cauldron, and began absorbing the cauldron energy. 

Regardless of if it was the Realmlings or the Ten Arbiters, neither group had any time to visit the Daosource Sect's ruins, so this place could currently be considered as Lu Yin’s domain. 

More than ten days passed, and during this time, Lu Yin had taken care of more than ten people who had entered this region. They had all come to the Nine Cauldrons to look for destiny. Huang San was also rather unlucky, as he led Yan Xiaojing to this region, only to be knocked unconscious by Lu Yin and similarly thrown into a corner with the others. 

There were already close to twenty cultivators from the Sixth Mainland in that corner. 

After another ten days passed, Lu Yin stood up. He had absorbed some more of the cauldron energy, but as for how much more was left, he still did not know. 

His time in the Daosource Sect’s ruins should be almost up!

In the corner, the fatty woke up and rubbed his head. He had been knocked unconscious by someone, but who was that powerful? Even if Autumnfrost Qing had attacked Huang San, he should have at least noticed something. Could it have been one of the Fifth Mainland’s Ten Arbiters? 

The fatty hurriedly woke Yan Xiaojing up, but there were still another dozen unconscious cultivators lying around. The fatty then told Yan Xiaojing to be quiet, and they hurriedly left the region with the Nine Cauldrons. He decided to never return to this area in the future. 

Lu Yin watched as Huang San and the girl left. Then, the scenery changed before his eyes, as his time was up. 

He returned to the secret room in King Zishan's palace and quickly stored the futon away before walking out. It should be time! 

That night, Lu Yin sat in his spacecraft as he took Ku Wei and Cool Sis with him towards Armament Weave. 

Although the war in Armament Weave had stopped, the Great Eastern Alliance had not given up on the territory that they were occupying, and they had no intentions of returning it either. 

During the time when the border had been attacked by the Sixth Mainland and the Technocracy, the Wei family had contacted the Imperial Cabinet of the Great Yu Empire countless times, hoping to have the Great Eastern Alliance’s forces withdraw from Armament Weave. However, the Imperial Cabinet did not even bother responding. 

“Big bro, where are you taking us?” Ku Wei asked with some interest. 

Lu Yin calmly answered, “Armament Weave.” 

Ku Wei was puzzled. “Armament Weave? What are we going there for? It can’t be to restart the war, can it?” 

Lu Yin smiled, but he did not answer. During the first part of Armament Weave’s invasion, Lu Yin had taken Aden and Yan Yan with him to Armament Weave as well as a few people from the Lu Office of Defense. This time, he took Ku Wei and Cool Sis. 

In fact, the outcome would be the same regardless of whether or not Lu Yin brought anyone along with him since it was already predetermined. As long as the Hall of Honor did not intervene, nobody in the Outerverse would be able to stop the downfall of the Wei family. 

“Are you really going to restart this war? That’s crazy! The Hall of Honor has already sent out a warning that no one in the Outerverse is allowed to start any sort of internal conflict for the next year. Everybody has to obey that warning for now no matter what,” Ku Wei said. 

Cool Sis studied Lu Yin, trying to catch a glimpse of something from his eyes. 

Neither of the two accompanying Lu Yin had been drafted to the recent border warfront for either the first or second batch of reinforcements. Truthfully, Cool Sis did not feel very happy about that. Of course, she was well aware that she would not have been of much use at the border warfront. At  her current strength, she would have been nothing more than mere cannon fodder and would have been no different from a Limiteer or a Melder. With the strength that a powerhouse could exert with just a finger, it would be no different even if she had already reached the Enlighter realm. 

Wei Rong was in Southside Weave, and he had not returned to Armament Weave yet, as he had a full year to make the necessary arrangements. At this time, what he wanted to do the most was strengthen his relationship with the Dark Phoenix family. 

When he had first arrived at the border warfront, he had coincidentally been sent to the Dark Phoenix Lavazone, and he had formed decent relationships with both Sall Phoenix and Zax Phoenix. 

The Dark Phoenix family had relocated themselves to Southside Weave, and Wei Rong was the first distinguished guest to visit them after their move. 

“Now that the defense of the border has ended, your Wei family does not need to worry for a full year,” the Dark Phoenix patriarch, Tanno Phoenix, told Wei Rong in a gentle voice.  

Wei Rong respectfully replied, “A year is too short. Junior wants to resolve all future problems, and we would be most grateful for Patriarch’s assistance. The Wei family will not forget such a great kindness.” 

Tanno Phoenix did not respond. 

Wei Rong continued on in a humble manner, saying, “In the current Outerverse, the Dark Phoenix family is the strongest power. The Great Eastern Alliance’s Lu Yin has never viewed the Dark Phoenix family well. Even your beloved son-” Wei Rong suddenly stopped speaking. 

Tanno Phoenix’s eyes flashed. Taylor Phoenix had been the son who he doted on the most, and that boy had also been an expert who had ranked in the Top 100 Rankings. Thus, Tanno Phoenix had held high hopes for his son. Now that Taylor had died because of Lu Yin, it had formed a huge grudge between them. He wanted revenge, but due to Yen Phoenix’s death, the Dark Phoenix family was no longer confident in being able to come out on top, and so, they hoped to maintain a low-profile. 

Lu Yin was no good Samaritan, and Tanno was not a fool either. He could not possibly be moved into joining an alliance against the Great Eastern Alliance with just a few sentences from Wei Rong. 

Wei Rong did not expect his few words to succeed either, and he had merely intended to open up negotiations today. He had already come up with a good way to convince the Dark Phoenix family to help him, but it was not time to mention such a thing yet, and he could not rush matters. 

Just as Wei Rong was about to take his leave, his gadget rang, and he glanced at it. He leaped to his feet, his face suddenly a deathly shade of white. “Impossible.” 

Tanno Phoenix frowned and looked at the youth. 

Wei Rong immediately activated his gadget, not caring at all about Tanno Phoenix who was still next to him. He then shouted, “Think of any way to hold back the Great Eastern Alliance. I’m going to go to the Hall of Honor!” 

Tanno Phoenix looked at his own screen, and he saw that a great battle had broken out, the location of which was actually the ancestral home of Armament Weave’s Wei family. 

Wei Rong bowed to Tanno Phoenix. “Patriarch, Lu Yin clearly does not care about the Hall of Honor’s decree, and he has even taken the initiative to incite a war despite the threat at this border, which shows that he does not care about the Outerverse’s safety. It’s truly detestable, and I ask that Patriarch stand up for justice.” 

Tanno Phoenix was delighted. “The Great Eastern Alliance has attacked your Wei family's ancestral planet?” 

Wei Rong’s face turned ugly. “Yes.” 

“Very well then. I will join you in traveling to the border to seek judgement from Elder Daggs,” Tanno Phoenix said excitedly. He was not willing to personally deal with the Great Eastern Alliance, but this time, Lu Yin had brought death upon himself, and Tanno Phoenix would only need to add some embellishments. Even the Hall of Honor would not risk everything just to help Lu Yin. 

His actions this time had been too foolish. By starting a war right now, it was simply courting death. 

Wei Rong was actually quite nervous, and he was not nearly as optimistic as Tanno Phoenix. Lu Yin was not stupid. The fact that he still dared to start a war at this time despite knowing of the Hall of Honor’s warning indicated that Lu Yin was confident in his actions.

Wei Rong quickly had his Wei family vacate their ancestral planet even as he rushed towards the border. 

He held no hope of being able to reverse this situation against Lu Yin. Instead, he merely wanted to save his ancestral planet and put a stop to the invasion. 

In outer space, within Armament Weave, a battleship’s light beams swept across a planet, directly overwhelming the defenses of the Wei family's ancestral planet. Yi Feng had led quite a few Lockbreakers to help bolster the defenses, but they were easily slaughtered by the Allied Forces. 

This was war, and the concept of Lockbreakers being protected did not apply to situations of warfare. Anything was fair in war since both sides were fighting for their survival. 

Ku Wei and Cool Sis rushed out and joined the battle. 

Lu Yin calmly stood within his vessel. The Rapid Response Team had withdrawn from the border by now. Although they had suffered heavy losses during the invasion, they had managed to preserve a good portion of their strength, and they were still enough to take care of the Wei family. 

On the other side of the battlefield, within a giant battleship, Liuying Zishan had an excited look on her face. This was her first invasion since she had been appointed as the Commander of the Allied Forces. The invasion had been put on hiatus for ten months, but the time to determine the final victor had finally arrived. 

Behind her, Ian stood in a respectful manner as he watched the bitter battlefield taking place in the distant point in outer space above the Wei family's ancestral planet. The Armament Weave’s cultivators were like moths flocking towards a flame as they tried to stop the Allied Forces. Under the overpowering assault, the defenders were not able to inflict any injuries upon the attackers. 

This battle was a complete rout. The Wei family was completely finished this time.

He looked out at outer space. This was a battlefield, which was the place that Ian was most fond of. 

Within the Wei family’s ancestral residence, Wei Baichuan raised his eyes to look at where flames occasionally fell down and corpses rained down. There were also beams of light that constantly swept across the surface. The planet that had once been the most glorious symbol of Armament Weave was coming to its end. 

Everyone else from the Wei family had already evacuated, but Wei Baichuan could not leave, as he was the patriarch. 

He had already faced the same, desperate situation once before, and this time was no different. 

Wei Dan walked over, his face pale and his eyes steeped in despair. 

Wei Baichuan indifferently said, “You and I will be buried with this planet as brothers.”

Wei Dan was agonized by the prospect. “Brother, I don’t want to die.” 

Wei Baichuan’s body trembled. It was such a simple request, but he could not fulfill it.

Beep beep beep beep!

He opened the screen of his gadget to see Wei Xin'er’s frantic face as she looked at Wei Baichuan. “Father, hurry up and escape! Why aren’t you leaving?”

Wei Baichuan sighed, and he immediately closed the screen. Explosions rang out in the distance, and shockwaves swept across the planet’s surface that caused their breath to freeze. 

Not long after, Wei Rong also contacted his father. 

Wei Baichuan simply crushed his gadget as he looked up. All of the resistance that the Wei family had prepared had been completely crushed, and numerous spacecraft littered the sky. The momentum of the Allied Forces was overwhelming, and Commander Liuying Zishan’s assault group towered high above in the sky. It didn’t take long for Lu Yin to appear, and he looked down upon the Wei family’s ancestral home. This war was over. 

Wei Rong, who was in the distant Southside Weave, had not been able to get through to Wei Baichuan, and his spirits fell to their lowest point. 

Tanno Phoenix’s eyes flickered, and his lips curled upwards. It would be good if the entire Wei family was killed. This way, Lu Yin’s crimes would become even more egregious, and Tanno Phoenix would also be able to pull Wei Rong over to his side. Although this person was not very powerful, his brain was rather nimble. 

The Wei family's ancestral planet was covered with smoke, and the ground trembled under the suppressive fire of the Allied Forces. The seawater thrashed about as volcanoes spewed lava. It was like a scene from hell. 

This day marked the apocalypse for the Wei family.

The people of the Great Eastern Alliance could be seen in all directions, as they had surrounded the planet in a tight stranglehold. 

Lu Yin slowly descended from the sky and walked across the ground of the Wei family’s ancestral home as he approached Wei Baichuan. 

Everyone closely followed Lu Yin’s steps, as each one fell like the pressure of a mountain. 

Wei Dan’s face went pale, and he watched on in absolute fear as Lu Yin approached. This was the youth who had overwhelmed their Wei family, and Lu Yin’s face had been burned deeply into the psyche of the entire Wei family. He had become their nightmare. 

Wei Baichuan walked in front of Wei Dan and calmly looked at Lu Yin. There was no fear in his eyes, only desolation. 

Lu Yin stood three meters away from Wei Baichuan. Just as Wei Baichuan was not terrified, Lu Yin was not thrilled. This outcome was already within his expectations, but it had been delayed by ten months due to all sorts of outside circumstances. Otherwise, they would have arrived at this point much sooner. Instead, the Wei family had managed to survive for an additional ten months. 

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