Chapter 852: Unexplainable Shock

Southside Weave was located to the north of Endless Weave, and the two weaves bordered each other. Compared to Endless Weave, Southside Weave was much smaller. 

Before, the six Lavazones had all been separated from each other by some distance, but after they were all suddenly teleported to the border between Southside Weave and Endless Weave, the distance between them had drastically shrunk. It was almost as if the space between the different regions had vanished. 

The border had undergone a complete transformation, and everyone was completely lost as to what had just happened. 

Meanwhile, Ancestor Autumnfrost, who was still in Endless Weave, also returned to normal. His finger pressed down, but it struck nothing, as there was no longer anything beneath his finger. 

His scalp went numb, and his expression changed. The lavazones that had been right in front of him had all suddenly vanished, being replaced with empty space. The mechanical fortress was still behind him, as well as all of the androids and the cultivators from the Sixth Mainland. However, everyone from the Fifth Mainland had disappeared. 

At that moment, Ancestor Autumnfrost felt a chill run down his spine. He knew that he might have just faced some unimaginable powerhouse, so he turned around without any hesitation and left while taking the mechanical fortress with him. 

In another part of space, Ancestor Di and Yuan Shi tore through the void to reappear. Ancestor Di was holding a pole-shaped power vessel while Yuan Shi held the blood-red bell. These two power vessels mutually restricted each other. When the two powerhouses reappeared, they saw the same scenery that Ancestor Autumnfrost had just witnessed. 

Ancestor Di was overwhelmed, as he did not know what had just happened.

Yuan Shi was similarly shocked; whose handiwork was this? The one who had done this must have an astounding strength if they were able to move the entire border without the two of them noticing. His gaze pierced through space, and he saw that the border had been reestablished at the edge of Southside Weave and that the Fifth Mainland cultivators were all in safe condition.

To think that there was actually such a powerhouse in the Outerverse; could they be a—Semi-Progenitor? 

Ancestor Di’s felt his back go cold, and he suddenly exerted some force through the power vessel in his hands in an attempt to suppress Yuan Shi. 

The blood-red bell in Yuan Shi’s hands was shaken. 

An invisible layer fluctuated and dispersed the collision, and the region was changed in that moment. If Lu Yin was present, then he would have noticed that any area enveloped by this fluctuation was completely devoid of all rune lines. 

Without any astounding collisions or clashes, the rod-shaped power vessel and the blood-red bell cracked at the same time as invisible aftershocks transcended untold distances and swept out in all directions. 

Ancestor Di and Yuan Shi simultaneously retreated from each other. 

In Yuan Shi’s hands, the blood-red bell had shattered into shards and was completely useless.

Ancestor Di’s power vessel had similarly shattered apart. 

The two did not speak, as their thoughts were no longer focused on each other. Rather, they were instead preoccupied by the mysterious powerhouse who had relocated the entire border. They were trying to go through their recent memories, but neither of them could find a single hint related to such a mysterious powerhouse. 

Could they have also been affected by the undetected strength? 

As soon as his thoughts reached such a possibility, Ancestor Di’s body trembled, and he left without turning back. 

Yuan Shi heaved a sigh of relief and then looked around. Everyone from the Sixth Mainland and the Technocracy had left the area, and although the border had been pulled back to the point where the Outerverse had completely given up on Endless Weave, at least they had endured this calamity. 

They did not know if the Sixth Mainland would send more powerhouses, or if even the legendary Empyrean Imprinter would eventually arrive. Yuan Shi shook his head. If that happened, then he would not be able to protect himself, let alone put up any sort of resistance. 

For the moment, he could only hope that the mysterious powerhouse would be able to intimidate the Sixth Mainland’s forces into inaction. 

The entire border had been shifted to the edge of Southside Weave, and nobody knew what was going on, so they were all discussing what had happened. 

As soon as Yuan Shi returned, the six lavazones calmed down.

Everything that had just happened was too outrageous, especially the fact that the defenders had survived such a desperate situation when their lives had all been in someone else’s control. 

“There is no need to worry. The defensive line of the border wouldn’t be very effective if it is stretched too thin, so we could only retreat to Southside Weave. As for Endless Weave, we’ll give it up for the moment.” Elder Daggs’s exhausted voice was heard by the various troops. 

The six lavazones were no longer too far apart, and his voice could be heard by everyone.

The crowd grew excited. In their minds, the Hall of Honor must have acted, and it must have been the Hall of Honor that had relocated the border to a different weave. 

Elder Daggs did not specify that the Hall of Honor had taken action, but he used suggestive words, as he had no other choice. After all, he could not say that not even the Hall of Honor had any idea what had just happened! 

Lu Yin looked towards the north. Mister Mu should have already left, but every time Mister Mu acted, Lu Yin felt like his understanding of his master was renewed. Also, another jade talisman had appeared in Lu Yin’s hand. 

The defensive battle along the border could be considered as the greatest battle he had ever participated in. Even though it could not compare to the ancient war between the two mainlands, it had not been too far off from that level. But despite all that, Mister Mu had still been able to decide everything by himself. Just how strong was he, exactly? 

Wei Rong frowned tightly as he looked up into the sky. He had been wrong, as his understanding of the world had completely crumbled on this battlefield. 

He had once thought that the Wei family’s methods were correct; establishing diplomatic relations and using their wits and intelligence to accomplish great things was foremost while power was merely secondary. However, these thoughts had already started wavering during the initial stages of Armament Weave’s invasion, and they had been completely overturned by this point in time. 

So what if Wei Rong was smarter than many of the combatants? Had he been able to participate on this battlefield? From start to end, he had only been a mere spectator. Even if he had suggested the counterattack, he had only been able to do so through Lu Yin. In the end, it was all because Wei Rong had no personal strength. 

He lacked power, and power was the most important factor in determining whether one succeeded or failed in this universe. 

Wei Rong felt powerless; he was able to employ all sorts of tricks to achieve his goals out of the battlefield, but the true powerhouses were the ones who had the final say in things. 

All along, Wei Rong had believed that he was a pioneer and a trailblazer, but now, he felt that the situation was not as simple as Lu Yin simply leading the way by a single step. From start to finish, Lu Yin had focused on improving his own power. Whenever Wei Rong had competed with Lu Yin, he had believed that the two of them were on the same level. But at this time, Wei Rong finally realized that, as his opponent’s power had increased, the difference between them would only continue to grow larger. 

Once this opponent of his matured to the degree where he could influence an entire battlefield, all of Wei Rong’s schemes would be nothing more than decorations. 

Nothing was more overbearing than relocating the entire defensive border. If it was a game of chess, then no matter how carefully one laid down their arrangement within the chessboard, then this was as if the opponent could overturn it and simply attack the person who was playing chess. This was a true powerhouse. 

Qiong Xi'er left the Greatwood Lavazone and headed back to Millions City, as she was wondering what had happened to it. 

Zhu San followed close behind her.

In the Endless Lavazone, Shao Zisong was in despair, as Master Bei had died. His support in the Neo-Vestige Sect was gone, and if he had survived through this battle, he would not have the same status as before. 

Gong Ling had also come to the Endless Lavazone, and he had personally witnessed Master Bei’s death. 

Master Bei had actually been quite unlucky. His strength was not sufficient for him to be targeted by Ancestor Autumnfrost, but who had told him to fire such a massive arrow? It was possible that Master Bei was the only individual in all of the Neo-Vestige Sect whose arrow techniques increased the size of his arrows. Perhaps, from his point of view, the bigger an arrow was , the greater the awe that people would feel for it, just like how a single finger from powerhouses could crush everything. However, the bigger an arrow became, the more likely the archer would become a target, which was the same as one killing themselves. 

In the Tri-Platform Lavazone, Yu Mu swallowed a special medication that Shamrock Enterprises had prepared for him and heaved a sigh of relief. He had nearly died just now, but fortunately, he had found an opportunity to evade. Otherwise, that strike from Ancestor Autumnfrost would have taken Yu Mu out as well; just the aftershocks had severely injured him by sweeping over him. 

Even further away, Astral-9’s Starmaster was in a slightly better state than Yu Mu, as he had remained a greater distance away, and so, he had not been as affected by the aftershocks of Ancestor Autumnfrost’s attack. 

The most unlucky people in the Tri-Platform Lavazone had been Villa Mistress Lian and Commander Baldy, who had been the Tri-Platform Lavazone’s commander. They had been fighting in front of the troops as the vanguard and had thus suffered the full might of the overwhelming attack, as their position had been too far forward. 

In the Honor Lavazone, Zi Rong heaved a sigh of complete relief, and he looked over at Zi Xue, who was standing nearby, alive and well. 

Zi Xue’s expression remained unchanging, as if neither life nor death held much meaning to her. 

The Ironblood Lavazone had not been greatly affected by Ancestor Autumnfrost’s attack, and it was still mostly intact. 

When the World Imprinter had attacked, neither the Sixth Mainland nor the Technocracy had moved. The Ironblood Lavazone had been the most fortunate as only Yuehua Mavis, who had moved to protect the Greatwood Lavazone, had sustained heavy injuries. 

The border defenses started being repaired, as nobody knew if the invasion would continue. The second batch of reinforcements arrived one after another; Meng Tianlong and Mu Nichang both arrived in the Greatwood Lavazone as well as others like the Six-Fingered Tribe’s leader, Bach Shamus. 

They each had their own assumptions about the bitter state of the border warfront, but the truth of the situation far surpassed their imagination. The sight of the defensive line being relocated to the Southside Weave by some mighty strength shocked them to the core, and they could not even fathom how such a feat had been accomplished. 

Meng Tianlong looked for Lu Yin as soon as he arrived in the Greatwood Lavazone, and so did Mu Nichang. 

This was Lu Yin’s first time meeting Mu Nichang, and although the woman seemed steady, her expression had a crafty aspect to it.

“Alliance Leader, will the invasion resume?” Meng Tianlong asked nervously.

Lu Yin replied, “I don't know.”

Meng Tianlong’s voice was a little hoarse as he spoke. “I heard that the defensive line was moved here—is that correct?”

Lu Yin nodded, and he emotionally said, “That’s right, if you had arrived a little bit earlier, then you would have personally experienced that boundless power.”

Mu Nichang rolled her eyes, as they would have been finished if they had arrived even a moment earlier. Even Envoys had died on this battlefield, and everyone had relied on luck to survive the last battle. The fact that her power level was at 190,000 did not matter; even if she had a power level of 290,000 or 390,000, the outcome would still be the same. 

This sort of battlefield was absolutely terrifying.

“I heard that even the Arrow Mountain Elder died,” Meng Tianlong said with a sigh. He thought back to when he had visited the Neo-Vestige Sect with Lu Yin and the strength that he had witnessed at that time. 

If even such a powerhouse had died, then this border warfront was indeed too scary. 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and he subconsciously touched his cosmic ring. With the Arrow Mountain Elder’s death, Neo-Vestige Sect’s influence in the Outerverse would instantly drop a few notches, and they would no longer have their divine status as a power that could not be provoked. Of course, the Dark Phoenix family had been similarly cut down. 

Lu Yin wondered how Millions City had fared. It would already be quite fortunate if Ancestor Autumnfrost had not shattered the mobile fortress as well. 

Now, Lu Yin was worried that the Sixth Mainland might invite an Empyrean Imprinter, or even a Progenitor in their wrath. If that was the case, then the entire Outerverse would be doomed. No matter how much confidence Lu Yin had in Mister Mu, he did not believe that Mister Mu could stop the Sixth Mainland all by himself. 

During the ancient war, the Fifth Mainland’s Progenitor Chen and Progenitor Wushang had also been defeated, let alone Mister Mu. 

Half a month soon passed, and the border remained quiet this entire time.

Yuan Shi stepped into the void with one foot and made his way into the Technocracy’s territory. He intended to see if those from the Sixth Mainland were still around and if they would call for more reinforcements.

Just one day later, Yuan Shi returned and called all of the regions’ commanders, including Elder Daggs together to inform them that the Sixth Mainland had withdrawn from the Technocracy, though it would take another two months to see if the war would continue. 

This message allowed Elder Daggs and the others to heave a sigh of relief. It seemed that that mysterious powerhouse had indeed intimidated the powerhouses of the Sixth Mainland. 

In opposition to the relaxing crowd, Yuan Shi did not relax. As one of the remaining top powerhouses of the Hall of Honor, he was very clear on the details of the ancient war, and he knew that even Progenitors had fallen in that war. If the Sixth Mainland was really that easy to scare off, then they would not be the Sixth Mainland. 

Still, not even the Sixth Mainland had many powerhouses who surpassed Ancestor Di. Rather, it simply remained to be seen if they were willing to pay the necessary price to take down the Outerverse. They could do it, but that depended on where their interests lay.

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