Chapter 851: Shifting The Border

As soon as he saw this scene, Lu Yin’s pupils shrank. No matter how fierce the previous battles had become, even if an Imprinter had torn space itself apart, Lu Yin had always been able to see the rune lines in the attacks that were used. However, this time, space had been torn apart, but there were no rune lines to be seen. Even more importantly, Lu Yin was able to see an even deeper layer of darkness than usual. 

Yuan Shi, Ancestor Mojiang, and Ancestor Autumnfrost had all vanished. 

The border fell completely silent. This time, the Technocracy did not make any moves either, as absolutely everyone was waiting for the outcome of this decisive battle. 

When the Sixth Mainland cooperated with the Technocracy, they could completely destroy the other Lavazones. But even if they did that, so long as Yuan Shi remained alive, they would continue to be threatened by his existence. This was why Ancestor Mojiang had given them a month of peace; he had headed back to the Sixth Mainland to invite Ancestor Autumnfrost to join the invasion’s efforts, as they had to deal with Yuan Shi. 

Space became more and more stifling as everyone stared on in shock. It felt as though the sky was falling down, bit by bit. 

It felt as though the border was on trial; the moment Yuan Shi was defeated, the entire border would be wiped out under Ancestor Mojiang’s hands. 

Not much time passed before a bellow rang out through space. “You’ve been concealing your strength! This is your true strength. You are a Cosmic Imprinter!” 

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, as this was Ancestor Mojiang’s voice. 

“Today, there is no need for the two of you to return,” Yuan Shi’s voice replied, and it caused countless people defending the border to heave a sigh of relief. 

From Lu Yin’s bosom, the blood-red bell that had not been placed in his cosmic ring suddenly floated up before tearing through the void and disappearing. 

As the blood-red bell rang out, a boundless might descended once again.

Everyone heard a ringing within their ears, and Yuan Shi’s figure flashed across space before vanishing once again.

Nobody knew where Yuan Shi and the others had gone, and only Lu Yin could see the indescribable number of rune lines that were headed towards the Technocracy’s territory. 

From the very beginning of the invasion, Yuan Shi had concealed his strength for this exact moment. It had all been carefully planned to lull the Sixth Mainland into a false sense of security. In their carelessness, they had not dispatched any absolute experts or erupted with their full strength of the Sixth Mainland’s top experts. 

Although his actions had sacrificed many lives at the border, and although there were people who he could have saved, Yuan Shi had not intervened. The final outcome was worth the sacrifices.

They were in different positions, and so, their thoughts were naturally different. To some, saving people was far more important than concealing a top powerhouse’s strength. Knowing that one could save someone but not doing so was considered heartless. But to the person who could see the overall plan, they saw not only the losses of a few people, but also the overall picture. This was something that could only be understood when looking from the perspective of someone at the very top. 

A few hours later, Yuan Shi returned, his entire body radiating a deep bloodlust as he carried Ancestor Mojiang’s head in his hands. 

This scene was carved deeply into many people’s minds, as they would not forget such an image throughout their entire lives. 

Lu Yin felt his blood boil, as this dominating scene was extremely inspiring. 

He had not even dared to look at Ancestor Mojiang’s rune lines when the man had been alive, but despite that, he had still died at Yuan Shi’s hand. 

The Greatwood Lavazone was not the only place that saw the scene of Yuan Shi’s return; all six lavazones around the border had witnessed this scene. This was due to his supreme might, which caused the same image to appear, superpositioned in the void, all throughout the area. 

“The true war is about to start, and it will even include me, myself. Everyone will come face to face with death. Tell me, are you afraid?” Yuan Shi loudly shouted. 

From the six lavazones, countless hollered back, “Not afraid! Not afraid! Not afraid!”

Yuan Shi nodded. Then, he vanished. 

Yuan Shi did not return the blood-red bell to Lu Yin. He had killed Ancestor Mojiang, and that death was enough to cause the Bloodburn Realm’s true top powerhouse, who was a fabled Cosmic Imprinter, to appear. 

The Bloodburn Realm did not have any Empyrean Imprinters, though it did have one Cosmic Imprinter, who was the Di family’s ancestor. 

Half a month later, Ancestor Di arrived, and his appearance came with a mighty pressure that caused the entire border to tremble. The man’s power was so indescribably vast that he seemed to be a deity, and his appearance signalled the start of the most bitter battle the border had encountered so far. 

Yuan Shi and Ancestor Di both vanished, and the location of their battle was unknown to all others. Ancestor Autumnfrost also appeared, and he waved a hand. The strength of a World Imprinter caused the Dark Phoenix Lavazone, the Greatwood Lavazone, the Endless Lavazone, and the Tri-Platform Lavazone all to crumble. Yen Phoenix’s black flames enveloped the void, and the Arrow Mountain Elder shot out arrows from his bow. However, both of their bodies cracked simultaneously as they were reduced to balls of blood that sprinkled down. 

The Aurora Enterprises’ President Qi, Fu Laotai, Master Bei, Commander Baldy, Villa Mistress Lian, and such were all compressed into puddles of blood in an instant. 

Lu Yin felt his vision break, as he had never witnessed such a torrential might before. This powerhouse was someone who should have been fought off by Yuan Shi, but Ancestor Autumnfrost had acted when their most powerful defender was occupied. Lu Yin finally understood the meaning of power, as well as what it meant to be immovable. 

Even though Lu Yin had already prepared himself to hand over that tiny arrow to the Arrow Mountain Elder, his intentions had proven to be completely useless, as the Arrow Mountain Elder had not even had the chance to attack. 

With just one attack, two Envoy-level powerhouses had died. 

Only those who the ancestor had not targeted had survived, such as Black Mask, Akira, Captain Shi, Yu Mu, and a few others. Only one person had been struck by the attack and managed to survive, which was Astral-9’s Headmaster. 

Off in a distant place that Lu Yin could not see, Millions City also began splitting apart.

Qiong Shanhai was controlling Millions City, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. He had not imagined that he would ever end up facing such a powerhouse, and the countless people in Millions City were all wailing.

Everyone was shuddering beneath the might of Ancestor Autumnfrost.

Desperation enveloped everyone, as aside from Yuan Shi, nobody could stop Ancestor Autumnfrost.

The Greatwood Lavazone was split into two, and Lu Yin crushed his jade talisman without any hesitation. He did not know if Mister Mu would be able to stop Ancestor Autumnfrost either.

Wei Rong, Qiong Xi'er, and the others were all desperate. 

Everyone was despairing.

Aside from Ancestor Autumnfrost, not a single other expert from the Sixth Mainland even needed to act.

Ancestor Autumnfrost stood tall in outer space as he scanned over the people in the six lavazones as if they were all ants. Distance held no meaning to such an expert, and with a twitch from one of his fingers, he could pulverize an entire lavazone, reducing it to dust. 

The first place he wished to eliminate was the Endless Lavazone, as there was someone there who had actually managed to survive his attack, which was an affront to his power. 

As Ancestor Autumnfrost raised a finger towards the Endless Lavazone, Astral-9's Headmaster closed his eyes, and a formless ripple spread out to also envelop the Tri-Platform Lavazone as it extended towards Astral-9. 

Ancestor Autumnfrost remained arrogant as he pressed down with a finger. Everyone before him had to die. 

In the Endless Lavazone, countless people were trembling as they watched the finger descend. The entire lavazone’s dark lava transformed into dust. But then, Astral-9 suddenly transcended through the void to appear, its enormous shadow shrouding everything as it stood high above and protected the lavazone. The formless protection covered Astral-9 as well as the entire Endless Lavazone. 

Ancestor Autumnfrost had struck out with a finger, but he had not been able to pierce through the defense that had suddenly appeared. However, the finger forced Astral-9 and the entire lavazone further back into the interior of Endless Weave. As everything moved back, countless planets shattered, and the entire region of space released shockwaves that spread out. 

Astral-9's Headmaster spat out a mouthful of blood. 

Within Astral-9, many students and mentors were overwhelmed by that lone finger, and they all fell unconscious. 

Ancestor Autumnfrost was shocked that someone had actually been able to resist his finger. Even though that finger had not represented too much of his strength, it had still been an attack that had surpassed a power level of 700,000. Despite that, that battleship had still been able to block it. 

Hold on. Ancestor Autumnfrost gave a strange look at Astral-9. This vessel seems slightly familiar. 

It had successfully staved off Ancestor Autumnfrost’s finger, but the Fifth Mainland cultivators could not shake off their desperation, as a second finger soon followed the first. A similar crushing sensation appeared, and this time, the target was not the Endless Lavazone, but rather the Greatwood Lavazone. Ancestor Autumfrost did not believe that such a ship existed in every Region. 

In outer space, above the Greatwood Lavazone, an overwhelming beam of light shot towards Ancestor Autumnfrost from Millions City. At the same time, a towering tree emerged from the Greatwood Lavazone, as Yuehua Mavis had descended in an attempt to block Ancestor Autumnfrost’s attack. 

However, in Ancestor Autumnfrost’s eyes, all such efforts were completely insignificant.

“I will grant you all death, Fifth Mainland natives.” He then pressed down with his finger yet again. First, the beam of light from Millions City that could rival an Envoy’s attack was cut off. Then, Yuehua Mavis’s towering tree broke apart. Nobody was able to stop Ancestor Autumnfrost. 

The Outerverse had gathered its full strength, and it truly seemed powerful. However, against a powerhouse who was able to decide everything, they were all nothing more than ants.

Ancestor Autumnfrost had attacked, which meant that the Sixth Mainland did not intend to waste any more time on the Outerverse. Ancestor Di arriving on the battlefield showed that the Sixth Mainland’s Bloodburn Realm had finally moved out at full power. 

They had not expected the Outerverse to be able to force out the Bloodburn Realm’s full strength. Still, it was of no matter, as everything was about to end. 

Yuan Shi could only watch on bleakly as Ancestor Autumnfrost destroyed the border, helpless. Ancestor Di was a Cosmic Imprinter, which meant that he was a powerhouse with a power level of 1,000,000. He was not on the same level as Ancestor Mojiang or Ancestor Autumnfrost, and even Yuan Shi could not defeat this opponent. 

Yuan Shi tried ringing the blood-red bell, but its sound was blocked by Ancestor Di.

If an adult fought against children, then the moment the adult became serious, the child would be unable to resist no matter what. This was an apt comparison between the Sixth Mainland and the Outerverse. 

It could be imagined that, under this finger, those who were dying were not just those at the border, but also countless souls throughout the Outerverse. 

Suddenly, the space in the entire area turned grey, just like what Lu Yin had seen in King Zishan's palace. Time, space, and substance itself suddenly stopped. That finger remained hanging above, in the process of pressing down upon the border, but it was motionless as well.

Mister Mu stepped out from the void.

Mister Mu did not even bother with Lu Yin. He simply placed his hands behind his back and looked up into the sky. The entire border seemed to have been frozen still at this moment, as even Ancestor Autumnfrost had stopped moving. Everything looked like a grey picture that spread into the far reaches of outer space.

Lu Yin did not know if the others were able to see what was happening, but he was free to move, and he seemed to be the only one who could move. 

“Master?” Lu Yin could not help but call out.  

Mister Mu slowly turned around, his gaze deep. Then, he gradually vanished. Under Lu Yin’s disbelieving eyes, the entire border—shifted. 

The border’s six lavazones all moved towards the north. Meanwhile, those who had been in outer space, on the mainlands, or anywhere at all that belonged to the border, were all moved to one of the lavazones. As the border was moved to the north, only Ancestor Autumnfrost remained fixed in place, looking just like an eternal statue. 

Lu Yin already knew that Mister Mu was very powerful, but his master’s strength had far surpassed his imagination. At this moment, Lu Yin truly could not understand what level one had to reach to achieve such power. Ancestor Autumnfrost was a World Imprinter with a power level greater than 800,000, and in the depths of space, there were still Ancestor Di and Yuan Shi. However, there was nobody who could stop Mister Mu from taking action, and nobody was able to prevent the border from being moved. 

Lu Yin did not understand this, and he did not want to understand it either. He only wanted to ask one thing at this moment, “Master, why didn’t you eliminate those from the Sixth Mainland?” 

Mister Mu did not reply, and he did not even appear. It was as if he had already left.

When the border resumed to normalcy and all color returned, everyone looked about in amazement. They were no longer in Endless Weave, but were rather in Southside Weave. 

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