Chapter 848: A Thatched Cottage

After a while, someone from the Twelfth Squadron reported, “Zenyu Star’s coordinates have been found in Xun Qianye’s gadget. And…” The cultivator’s face suddenly paled as he paused for a moment. “An extermination request.” 

The Imperial Cabinet, the Lu Ministry of Staff, the Lu Office of Defense, and any other organization that had any authority on Zenyu Star gathered together, as they felt that a true calamity was about to descend upon them. 

Xun Qianye had not hidden anything, and he had already mentioned something about super powerhouses destroying the Great Eastern Alliance. However, he had not said anything specific about which super powerhouses would be taking action. 

Although the man had not provided any details, everyone was able to guess that the attackers would be those mechanical giants from the Technocracy. 

Ku Wei felt his hair stand on end, and he even wanted to leave the planet.

However, he also doubted Xun Qianye’s words. If the man was able to call upon powerhouses from the Technocracy to destroy the Great Yu Empire, then that meant that he was colluding with the Technocracy, which insinuated that the Innerverse’s entire Xun family was also colluding with the Technocracy. This was not logical, as this person should not be such a fool, and all of the gathered leaders recognized this fact. 

“What if he really is certain that we are doomed?” Huan Sha asked softly, and everyone fell silent. 

At the same time, a petite, female-looking android tore through the void to appear in Frostwave Weave. Its appearance gave everyone the sensation that the sky was collapsing, and her power swept through all of Frostwave Weave. 

Everyone suddenly leaped to their feet as they felt this overpowering might wash over them. 

Ku Wei’s face turned white. “300,000- No! An old monster with a power level of at least 400,000. RUN!” Then, he sneaked away. 

The rest were in despair. Run? Could they even flee? What sort of concept was a power level of 400,000? They didn’t know that, but they did know that they would never be able to escape from such a powerhouse. 

All of Frostwave Weave began to tremble. 

At the border warfront, an expert with a power level of 400,000 was not the peak, and even the Outerverse was able to defend against such powerhouses. However, for Frostwave Weave, the appearance of such a powerhouse was inexplicable. 

The female-looking android’s vision transcended space as it looked towards the three mainland rings of Zenyu Star. It then raised its foot, causing the void to shudder. This single step allowed it to instantly arrive at Zenyu Star, and the step also allowed it to destroy everything on Zenyu Star. 

However, at this moment, the female android suddenly froze, and it slowly turned its head. Its vision streaked through the endless void until it focused on a very ordinary-looking planet with almost no technological development, whose inhabitants were still living in an ancient society. The android’s focus swept across the planet until it finally froze on a very ordinary-looking village that lay within the middle of a mountain range. It focused on the most ordinary-looking thatched cottage within the village. The cottage looked as though it would collapse to the faintest breath of wind. 

Time seemed to pause at that moment, and the female-looking android’s eyes flashed with red light, as if it was considering something. 

After a short while, the android retracted the foot that had been about to step forward, and instead, it turned to leave. The boundless might that had shrouded all of Frostwave Weave vanished in an instant. 

Everything that had just transpired felt like an illusion. 

To those on Zenyu Star, the desperation had not yet left them, and they were still waiting in fear. 

However, even after a long while, no peak powerhouse had arrived, which caused the gathered people to be confused. 

Another day passed, and still, no powerhouses had descended. Various regions that had been attacked by the mechanical giants sent in reports, and the results were shocking: all of the titans had withdrawn. 

The gathered people were all puzzled. 

Xun Qianye, who had been imprisoned on Zenyu Star, grew even more sullen. What was going on? Why hadn’t they arrived yet? They should have arrived long ago, and the hidden lord who was in the Astral Wilderness should have also arrived since Xun Qianye had delivered the coordinates. 

But regardless of the man’s expectations, the Outerverse returned to peace, or at the least, Frostwave Weave remained peaceful. 

When Lu Yin finally learned of what had happened, it was already several days after the crisis had been averted. 

“What? Frostwave Weave was attacked?” Lu Yin looked at Yuan Shi in surprise. 

Yuan Shi’s eyes were deep. “Not only Frostwave Weave, but rather the entire Outerverse. However, a powerhouse whose power level was in the several hundreds of thousands suddenly appeared in Frostwave Weave, but they vanished just as suddenly.” 

Lu Yin frowned, as he was not happy to learn that the truth had been hidden from him. However, when speaking with Yuan Shi, Lu Yin could not show such displeasure no matter how frustrated he was internally. 

He could understand the Hall of Honor’s struggle, as they were afraid that the matters in the rest of the Outerverse would influence the border’s defense. However, to Lu Yin, the Great Yu Empire was very important, as that was where his friends lived, as well as the alliance that he had established through his own efforts. Not to mention, Earth was there as well, which was the place that he viewed as home. 

“The Technocracy tried to sneak attack various regions of the Outerverse to alleviate some of the pressure on the border. To the border defense, such actions are merely a distraction. The border’s strength definitely cannot be dispersed, and the troops’ morale cannot be affected. Do you understand?” Yuan Shi asked in a low voice. 

Lu Yin bowed his head. “Junior understands.” 

Yuan Shi nodded. “When something happens here at the border, it is like Frostwave Weave is being attacked. It’s good so long as you understand. I sought you out to ask you: are there any absolute powerhouses in Frostwave Weave?” 

Lu Yin first thought of that Yu family elder, as he was someone from the Seven Courts. That old man had even saved his Yu bloodline members from the Neohuman Alliance’s pursuit before hiding his family within the Outerverse. Such a person’s strength could not be estimated, though Lu Yin was a little hesitant when faced with Yuan Shi’s questioning. Should Lu Yin reveal the elder’s existence? After all, the Court of Seven Names was not an ally of the Hall of Honor, and it may not be a good thing for the remnants of the Yu bloodline if Lu Yin revealed anything. After all, Wendy was also a member of that bloodline. 

Yuan Shi’s gaze was deep as he stared at Lu Yin. “It looks like you know.” 

Lu Yin bowed low. “Replying to Senior—it could be Master.” 

Yuan Shi did not feel that this answer was unexpected, as various bits of evidence already pointed to this kid having a very powerful mentor. His resources, the crises he had encountered and survived though, as well as his futon: all of these things had been given to Lu Yin by his Master. Previously, Yuan Shi had been curious about Lu Yin’s Master because of the futon. Yuan Shi was more clear than almost anyone else on the importance of a futon, as the Fifth Mainland had only ten futons. However, Lu Yin’s Master had actually been able to obtain one, which was no simple feat. 

“Your Master is very powerful,” Yuan Shi said appreciatively.

Lu Yin hurriedly replied, “Junior does not know of Master’s true strength.”

Yuan Shi nodded and did not ask any further questions. “I looked for you at this time for another important matter.” Yuan Shi’s gaze suddenly turned solemn. “Planet Hydrotink was raided.”

Lu Yin was surprised, then a thought flashed through his brain like lightning. “The box has been stolen?” 

Yuan Shi nodded. 

Lu Yin felt helpless, as the Neohuman Alliance had indeed still acted in the end. That box was apparently very important to them, but they had not been able to seize it back on Sourcepeak Planet. Thus, when the majority of the Outerverse’s strength had been gathered at the border of Endless Weave, they had finally made a move. 

To the Neohuman Alliance, it was possible that all humans were their enemies. They had no concept of borders, and nor did they differentiate by Mainlands. It was not surprising for them to act at this time. 

Cai Jianqiang had long since been drafted to the border warfront, and it was impossible for people at Felynn’s level to stop the Neohuman Alliance. 

“Yuan Shi, what does that box contain?” Lu Yin could not help but ask.

Yuan Shi sighed emotionally, and his expression turned complex. “You don’t need to know that. I’m letting you know about this because you once promised the Hall of Honor that you would protect the box. But now, the box has been stolen, though it was while you were at the border. Thus, it’s none of your concern, and there’s no need for you to feel pressured.”

Lu Yin had not felt any pressure originally, as the box had belonged to the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society, and it was not his concern if it was taken. A promise was a promise, but he was helpless in this situation as he had not been able to guard or protect it. It was a pity. Originally, Geoffrey’s secret room had held two boxes. One box contained True Insight, which Lu Yin kept for himself this entire time, so the other box’s contents could not be any less valuable than True Insight. 

The Neohuman Alliance should not have too great of an interest towards True Insight; otherwise, they would not have allowed Deng Pu escape from Sourcepeak Planet during their attack. Their objective was solely the other box, which was the one that had been stolen. Unfortunately, Lu Yin did not know what that box contained, only that the second box held something with a greater value than True Insight to the Neohuman Alliance. 

“With that thing stolen, we don’t know if it will be a blessing or a disaster yet. Alright, you may leave now.” Yuan Shi became a little lethargic. 

Lu Yin bowed respectfully and then left. 

The gathered strength of the Outerverse’s border defense did not decline despite various weaves being attacked by the Technocracy’s mechanical giants. The six lavazones occasionally attacked the Technocracy’s side of the border, and with Lu Yin’s poisons, they were able to inflict huge losses to the Technocracy. 

The three vials of poisons that Lu Yin owed Elder Daggs had been passed to the border's commander the previous day. 

Lu Yin had enjoyed a smooth time with his die on that day, as he had immediately rolled three pips: Enhance. The more time he spent with his die, the easier he felt it was to roll the number he wanted. But one point left him puzzled, which was that the die itself had no rune lines, which seemed very strange. 

Lu Yin upgraded the three vials of poisons, which had cost him 1.8 million star essence, reducing his total liquid assets to 3.2 million star essence, which was still quite considerable. 

He was still floating around in a dream. 

Lu Yin felt that it was a pity that the items in his possession were not worth upgrading. His bracer, Backlash Pearl, universal armor, and Flash Tearbombs had all been upgraded to the maximum, and their materials did not allow them to be upgraded any further. Also, the other items that he had, like the poison that drained one’s life force or the divine arrows, no longer needed to be upgraded either. 

At this time, Lu Yin required better materials.

If the materials of his universal armor could be improved so that his armor could be upgraded to the degree where it could withstand an Envoy’s attack, Lu Yin would no longer need to be afraid of experts with power levels of 300,000. That would also greatly improve his ability to keep his life while fighting at the border. 

Wei Rong and Qiong Xi'er had similarly received significant contributions during this time, as Lu Yin had not hidden their contributions. He did not feel it worthwhile to try to steal their accomplishments. 

Ancestor Mojiang and the other Sixth Mainland cultivators all retreated deep into the Technocracy’s territory. 

The situation at the border seemed to have calmed down, but the calmer the situation appeared to be, the deeper the plans that were hidden in the darkness. Whether it was Yuan Shi, the Arrow Mountain Elder, other absolute powerhouses, or even those like Lu Yin and Wei Rong, they all felt like an overwhelming power could appear from the depths of outer space at any moment. 

The Sixth Mainland would likely receive reinforcements before long. 

Others may not have a great understanding of the Sixth Mainland, but Lu Yin certainly did. It was not only from his experiences in the Daosource Sect's ruins, but also from all of his previous encounters, such as the time he had explored the inside of the ancient centipede's body. There, he had found a dead corpse, pinned to the ground, and that person should have participated in an ancient war. That ancient war had likely been the war between the Fifth Mainland and Sixth Mainland. 

Also, there was that island on the far side of the Ocean of Death, where Lu Yin had heard that strange phrase: “Five turning into six, the skies have changed.” 

Ever since the Outerverse had been separated from the Innerverse, great changes had happened to the universe, Lu Yin guessed that the layer covering the “sixth” had been torn apart by someone. This allowed the entire Sixth Mainland to return, which was what had triggered the current invasion. However, it was important to remember that the Sixth Mainland possessed the ability to cover this area of the Fifth Mainland. Regardless if one considered the invasion in the Innerverse or the Outerverse, the Sixth Mainland still had not used its full strength anywhere, whereas the Fifth Mainland was already giving its all. 

Lu Yin was also greatly anticipating what the Yu Elder had mentioned, that the Fifth Mainland was not as simple as it appeared to be. Otherwise, as soon as the Sixth Mainland’s reinforcements arrived, the Outerverse would fall to the invaders. Lu Yin’s only hope lay within the Neoverse. 

At the moment, the entire Outerverse was incapable of stopping a single Bloodburn Realm. 

Within the Technocracy, inside a mechanical fortress, Yan Xiaojing’s face was deathly pale. Despite several days already passing, she still had not recovered from her stunned status. She had remained in this condition ever since she had learned that Yan Cheng had died. 

The competition within the Sixth Mainland was extremely cruel, and an Imprinter's family ranked neither high nor low. Yan Cheng had schemed to find a way to marry his clan into the Autumnfrost family, and he had even wanted to give that arrow over to Ancestor Autumnfrost in order to raise his status up another level. But at this time, not only would the Yan family not rise up to a new level, but their ancestor had even died! This  was too heavy of a blow to the Yan family.

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