Chapter 847: Why Are You Angry?

The border had stabilized for the moment, but in a distant part of the Astral Wilderness, on the planet with the giant mechanical arm, Xun Qianye stepped out into outer space as mechanical giants appeared behind him, one after another. All of them flew into outer space and headed towards the Outerverse. 

Xun Qianye had a ruthless look in his eyes. “Lu Yin, this time, it’s over!” 

At the border between Frostwave Weave and Northcastle Weave, there was a technologically advanced planet that was building its second space station. In the distance, a cylindrical warhead spewing a trail of fire flew into space and hurtled towards a desolate planet that was some distance away. A continent on the desolate planet was bombed and blasted apart, causing the magma to bubble up from underground as red hurricanes wreaked havoc in the sky. 

Countless people on the planet cheered. They called this weapon a “Research Bomb,” and after careful research and testing, they had managed to unleash an attack with a power level of 8,000. This was just one Research Bomb, and this bomb was actually one component of the Super Research Bomb. A true Super Research Bomb was assembled from hundreds of components, and its power was high enough to obliterate a planet with its power level reaching at least 30,000. 

Although this planet was technologically advanced, its civilization had not discovered cultivation yet, and it had only taken some initial steps towards making contact with the Great Yu Empire, so it was still in the state of being monitored. 

It was already very astounding for such a civilization to create a bomb that could threaten Explorers by purely relying on their technological prowess. 

The cultivators of the Great Yu Empire monitoring this planet quickly reported the incident to the Lu Office of Defense, as the military might be interested in this bomb. 

At that moment, from within the planet, a few more Research Bombs flew out, assembled together in space to form a true Super Research Bomb, and then rocketed towards that desolate planet. This strike was enough to destroy that planet. 

Everyone watched on in anticipation. 

But just when the bomb was about to strike the planet, an enormous being suddenly appeared and grabbed the Super Research Bomb. It was an incomparably massive mechanical giant, and the Super Research Bomb exploded in the titan’s hand. 

The outcome was shocking. That mechanical giant had not been harmed at all, and its palm was only slightly blackened. 

Countless people were overwhelmed, but they did not understand where this mechanical giant had come from. 

The cultivators from the Great Yu Empire who had been monitoring the planet also realized that something was amiss. They tried to contact the Lu Office of Defense only to find that all outgoing signals were being jammed, preventing them from establishing any sort of contact. Then, everything went black before their eyes, and their consciousness ceased. 

Not long after, the mechanical giant left the region, leaving nothing more than a smashed planet and countless people thrown to the fringe of death in its wake. 

This scene happened not only in Frostwave Weave, but also in the other weaves.

These mechanical giants had appeared suddenly, and its power level had nearly reached a Hunter’s. That was still fine, but terrifyingly enough, these mechanical giants were also able to fire a light beam that came close to an Enlighter’s attack. However, they could only unleash that powerful attack once, and after that, the entire mechanical being would explode. However, that one attack was enough.

The Hunters in Northcastle Weave were instantly killed. 

On Zenyu Star, the Imperial Cabinet, the Lu Ministry of Staff, and Lu Office of Defense all received the news and saw images of the mechanical giants. 

The images had been transmitted to them by Yan Yan. He had fought against the mechanical giants and had destroyed one. But just when it had been about to be destroyed, the giant had fired a light beam, striking Yan Yan and severely injuring him. 

There was not just one mechanical giant, as a dozen had appeared in Frostwave Weave alone.

The Imperial Cabinet hastened to order the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons to attack, and the various captains all set out to exterminate the mechanical colossi. 

More and more giants moved from the Astral Wilderness into the Outerverse, and they all caused a massacre wherever they went. 

The Hall of Honor quickly obtained news of the attacks, and they determined that these giants were from the Technocracy. In fact, these giants must be the trump cards the Technocracy had prepared for the Outerverse. The titans’ objective was naturally to dilute the border’s strength. 

The border had gathered powerhouses from all over the Outerverse’s various weaves, which meant that their families and friends were spread all throughout the Outerverse. The objective of the border defense was to protect the defenders’ families. As soon as they learned that their families were in danger, the morale at the border would become highly unstable. 

Under these helpless circumstances, in order to maintain focus on the bigger picture, the Hall of Honor sealed off all news from the Outerverse. They did not allow any information concerning the mechanical giants to spread to the border. At the same time, the second batch of cultivators who had originally been gathered to reinforce the border were instead sent out to wipe out the mechanical giants. 

These people included Meng Tianlong, Mu Nichang, and the leaders of the various great sects and clans. 

Not just that, but the Hall of Honor even contacted a few people who had hidden themselves in the Outerverse who were actually from the Innerverse, such as the members of the Daynight clan, the Sword Sect, the cultivators from Northline Flowzone, and more. The Hall of Honor forced these people to move out and take care of the giants. 

The strength of the giants matched up to about that of an ordinary Hunter, but they were able to fire a single light beam that approached the power of an Enlighter, which led to a great number of cultivators perishing. 

Lu Yin, who was still at the distant border, did not know what was going on within the Outerverse’s weaves. 

The Technocracy showed no intention of announcing this news, which puzzled the Hall of Honor. They had already made preparations for the border troops to learn of this news, but the situation at the border continued to remain very calm. 

In Frostwave Weave, Zenyu Star was facing a terrible enemy. The mechanical giants were able to move exceptionally fast, and it was impossible to know where they would next appear. During the previous two days, one of the titans had attacked Zenyu Star. Fortunately, Zenyu Star did not lack for Hunters, and they had managed to destroy the giant. 

Walking along the streets of Zenyu Star, Xun Qianye lifted his gadget and seemed to send out a message of some sort. He looked up with a gloomy expression. “Lu Yin, you’re seeking death yourself, so don’t blame me.”

He then looked towards King Zishan's palace as his lips twisted into a sinister sneer. He turned around and nearly ran into someone in the process. 

In front of him was an massive flag standing tall with massive words garishly written upon it: “Starsibyl’s Grandpa Jiu.” 

What the heck? Xun Qianye was stunned, and he took a step back. Starsibyl? Grandpa Jiu?

Behind the flag, Xuan Jiu walked out, dressed in a grey gown, and his eyes lit up when he saw Xun Qianye. “Old friend, have you been well?” 

Xun Qianye frowned. “You are…?”

Xuan Jiu pressed a hand onto Xun Qianye’s shoulder, and in a passionate voice, exclaimed, “Old friend, it’s me! Don’t you remember? I’m your Grandpa Jiu.” 

Xun Qianye was infuriated. “You dare to curse me?”

He was only a moment away from acting. 

Xuan Jiu hurriedly continued, saying, “Old friend, you really don’t remember? I even carried you when you were a child, and you peed on me. That urine was quite vigorous!” 

Xun Qianye raised a hand, and his star energy formed strange chains that were about to bind Xuan Jiu. Xun Qianye’s eyes turned cold. “You’re asking to die.” 

At that moment, a figure rapidly approached from a distance and descended next to the two men. He stared at Xuan Jiu intensely. “Fortune-teller, help me look again to see if I can go in!” 

The new arrival was Ku Wei, as he had constantly been searching for Xuan Jiu.

When Lu Yin had been chosen as the Great Eastern Alliance Leader, Ku Wei had bumped into Xuan Jiu, who had been wandering around outside the imperial palace at the time. He had seen that Ku Wei had come to the Outerverse in order to enter a tomb in outer space. His prediction was indeed true, and the old man saying that much had astounded Ku Wei. However, Xuan Jiu had gone on to predict that Ku Wei would never be able to enter the tomb in his life, which had caused Ku Wei to become flustered. 

After receiving the Yu bloodline’s qualification to enter the mausoleum, the first thought that had entered Ku Wei’s mind was Xuan Jiu. Ku Wei wanted to have Xuan Jiu check if he could enter the mausoleum now. No matter how those others evaluated Xuan Jiu, this guy had indeed seen Ku Wei’s true objective in coming to the Outerverse. 

Xuan Jiu grew impatient. “I just ran into my old friend. I’m not telling you anything right now.”

Ku Wei’s brows furrowed, and he looked over at Xun Qianye. 

Xun Qianye was still holding the chains of star energy in his hands, and he had just been interrupted by Ku Wei. He glanced at the youth and saw that he was just an Explorer, so Xun Qianye did not place him in his eyes, and he immediately tossed the chains at Xuan Jiu. “Shoot off your mouth, and I will make you wish for death!” 

Xuan Jiu shrieked and immediately backed off. “Old friend, why are you so angry?”

Ku Wei stepped forward and seized the chains. He stared at Xun Qianye. “How bold! How dare you attack others on Zenyu Star, let alone in front of Brother Wei! What, was your home a mining planet?” 

“Junior, you are looking to die,” Xun Qianye growled angrily. He controlled his star energy to only spread into an area a hundred meters around his body so that he would not draw the attention of Zenyu Star’s Hunters. He then caused the chains to dissipate, only to condense them once again. This time, his target was not only Xuan Jiu, but Ku Wei as well. 

Ku Wei was infuriated. “Alright, Brother Wei has traveled throughout the universe for so many years, but it’s my first time seeing someone be so arrogant! Regardless, Brother Wei is the Tenth Squadron’s captain, and you still dare to be so aggressive?”

He then unleashed his domain and instantly jostled the area that had been filled with Xun Qianye’s chains. Ku Wei’s star energy erupted towards the sky and caused Zenyu Star to tremble. 

Xun Qianye had not expected the person before him to be so powerful, and this youth was clearly not an ordinary Explorer, but rather another amazingly talented genius. The Tenth Squadron Captain? This development was troubling, and as Xun Qianye thought about it, he wanted to quickly leave and flee from Zenyu Star. 

There were quite a few experts on Zenyu Star at this time, and he did not want to create any trouble. 

However, Ku Wei would not let the man escape so easily, as those who had offended him would need to have their hides scraped off, even if it was Lu Yin. Ku Wei didn’t care about whether or not he could defeat this Hunter, as he could use the power of Zenyu Star to suppress him. Who had let this old fart threaten Ku Wei? Disgusting! Brother Wei would follow his own style, and yet this old guy still wanted to run? 

“Finger Tap,” Ku Wei growled, causing his domain in the sky to condense into a finger that slammed downwards. This finger created a magnificent sight, but even more terrifying was the peculiar energy that appeared when he used Finger Tap. This energy removed any thought of resistance from Xun Qianye’s mind, as he had been overwhelmed. This Explorer was able to display a battle technique that could influence a Hunter’s mental state, which meant that his background could not be ordinary. 

Xun Qianye was a Hunter as well as someone from the Innerverse’s Xun Family. Thus, his battle power was not weak by any means. Their family’s Gear Construction Technique was famous throughout the universe, and his star energy quickly formed a strange shape that manifested in multiple overlapping layers that tried to block the Finger Tap. His figure flashed as he then tried to flee from Zenyu Star. 

Ku Wei was surprised; this old fart was not bad! 

Suddenly, a fire burned the void and engulfed everything nearby, including Xun Qianye. From beyond the flames, cold air isolated this area of the sky and formed a layer of ice that isolated the heavens and earth. 

Xun Qianye hurriedly dispelled the blaze around him and then launched an attack in an attempt to shatter the layer of ice. With his strength, he was not afraid of a combination attack from Huo Qingshan and Xueshan Auna. However, a dazzling radiance filled his eyes, and Xun Qianye was nearly blinded. He instinctively ran away from his original location, but he was still struck by a sneak attack from Ku Wei. The youth’s Finger Tap pierced through Xun Qianye’s thigh while also knocking him against the layer of ice, causing fresh blood to stain the barrier. 

Ku Wei sniggered. “Ultra Flash Tearbomb! Lu Yin, that fellow is still pretty cunning for him to come up with something like this. It’s strangely effective, haha.” 

Xun Qianye was furious, and once he could clearly see his surroundings again, he found that he had been surrounded by Huo Qingshan, Xueshan Auna, and Ku Wei. “Old bastard, start behaving yourself. You don’t look like a good guy.” 

“So, it’s Xun Qianye, a criminal who’s wanted by the empire. Capture him!” Huo Qingshan barked. 

Xun Qianye was quickly captured, which made him enter a frenzied state. “Release me! There’s a disaster looming over you guys! Frostwave Weave, no, the entire Great Eastern Alliance is about to be destroyed! Release me, and I can spare your lives!” 

“This old bastard’s gone nuts.” Ku Wei was puzzled, but he suddenly thought of something. He looked down, only to see that Xuan Jiu had vanished without a trace. 

Huo Qingshan and Xueshan Auna exchanged glances, and they saw the worry in each other’s eyes.

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