Chapter 78: Hall Master Of Yu Academy

“Tyson lost?” the students from Yu Academy were stunned, “How’s that possible? He’s one of the only Melders in our branch, that kid’s just a Sentinel!”

“Let’s go again!” the youth called Tyson glared, dashing towards Lu Yin and attacking with a Skybeast Claw. Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed; this attack was even stronger than Munoor’s. It seemed like this school truly was where the cream of the crop gathered. However, the five-star Cosmic Palm gave him confidence against anyone at or around his level, and he wouldn’t back down.

Just as the two were about to collide, a tremendous force swept through the area and rocked the people present. This was Melder energy just like Tyson’s, but the sheer power left Lu Yin’s hair standing on end. This was someone whom he was no match for. Tyson paused, turning pale by the time he even turned around to see the distant figure ambling over. Lu Yin followed his gaze to a man who looked even younger than his current opponent, but one look and he knew that this young Melder was the cause of that force just now. He was far more powerful than Tyson, to the point that even the Cosmic Palm was useless. He turned grim; this was the strongest Melder he’d met so far.

“H-Hall Master Tianming!” Tyson looked horrified.

Hall Master? Lu Yin was confused. He didn’t know much about Yu Academy; information about the school was restricted by the Empire. Gerlaine and the others hadn’t divulged much either, just that the strongest youths in the Empire were gathered here. How exactly they were chosen and what sort of hierarchy the place followed was a total mystery.

“You’re getting smarter, aren’t you, Tyson? You even learnt how to ambush people now. Want to try that on me? If you defeat me, I’ll give you my spot.” Tianming walked over and nodded amicably at Lu Yin.

Hearing the cold voice of the Hall Master, Tyson's expression quickly changed, “I didn’t do it on purpose, Hall Master! I just saw—”

“I saw what happened quite clearly. Your target wasn’t the girl; what gives you the nerve to ambush the King Zishan?” This question did not get an answer. Sweat beaded on Tyson’s forehead, but a wave of Tianming’s hand sent out an invisible beast claw that smashed into his chest and sent him flying, “Scram!”

The other youths quickly left as well, not daring to look back.

The moment he saw Tianming attack, Lu Yin felt his heart leap. This was a Skybeast Claw that was different from Tyson’s, practiced to the point that one didn’t even need to shape their hand first. This was a master.

“Yu Academy is managed by its students. There are five halls located across the first ring, and this is one of the Hall Masters and thus one of the five strongest people in Yu Academy. His name is Tianming,” Bronsen softly whispered from behind.

“Who are the other four?” Lu Yin’s eyes gleamed as he remembered Gerlaine mentioning that her brother was an elite in Yu Academy as well. Was he a hall master too?

“Schutz, Gerbach, Logan, Huo Zhong, and Tianming. They are the five strongest youths in the Empire’s current generation.”

Lu Yin nodded. In the meanwhile, Tianming finished Tyson off and turned towards him to apologize, “It’s my fault for not disciplining him properly. Are you alright, Your Majesty?”

“You’re being kind. We just had a bit of a scuffle,” Lu Yin answered. Tianming wasn’t just any other student of the academy but someone with great power.

Tianming sighed, “There is an obvious difference between a scuffle and an ambush. There have been few talents in Yu Academy in the past few years and there’s been no lack of disgraceful people like him. I heard the people from the Academy completely humiliated themselves in the trial on Earth. Apologies for the embarrassing display.”

Lu Yin laughed, “It was only thanks to someone from the Yu Academy that we managed to win at the end. You’re being too courteous.”

Tianming laughed and exchanged some pleasantries with Bronsen before glancing at Bai Xue, “I apologize on behalf of all Yu Academy students, Miss. I saw everything on the cameras, I’m very sorry.”

Silent as always, Bai Xue simply nodded.

Lu Yin was curious, “Mr. Tianming, I recall that Yu Academy possesses 108 forms of the Skybeast Claw. May I know if I can learn it?”

Tianming nodded, “Of course. The moment you touched down onto the Capital Star, you became part of the Academy. I give you permission to learn the first five forms.”

Lu Yin frowned, “Just the first five?”

Tianming smiled, “You might not know this, but the Skybeast Claw is the Academy’s ultimate battle technique, and considered one of the best in the Empire. Most people can’t begin to learn it; even those who enter the Academy need permission from a Hall Master to begin. Permission from one hall master can give you the right to five, three to ten, and all five to twenty forms.”

“So you had a rule like that.” Lu Yin could do nothing about this.

“Sentinels usually only learn the first five forms. The technique isn’t easy, and that is normally enough. Only Melders can go to ten, and the stronger ones twenty. Tyson has had access to all twenty forms, but only managed to comprehend the thirteenth. There will be some time before he finishes this.” Tianming explained everything slowly, seemingly in a good mood.

Lu Yin recalled that Raas had learnt five forms. Munoor probably knew ten, and Tyson knew thirteen. He’s already learnt seven from the former two, but with 108 forms in total, he hadn’t even gotten to a tenth of it yet.

“May I know how much you’ve learnt already, Mr. Tianming?” Bai Xue suddenly asked.

Everyone’s attention shifted to the Hall Master. Lu Yin was quite curious, too. The Skybeast Claw that Tianming had nonchalantly thrown out was far stronger than Tyson’s. To be able to become a hall master and keep Tyson in line meant he was not someone to be trifled with.

“43,” Tianming smiled, and their expressions changed. This was a terrifying number. He’d learnt nearly half of it! This explained the disparity in power. He continued, “Of the five hall masters, Logan’s actually comprehended the most at 49. His Skybeast Claw is the strongest among us.”

“What should I do if I want to learn the entirety of the Skybeast Claw?” Lu Yin asked.

“Defeat any one of us, become a hall leader, and you get access to all of the Academy’s resources,” Tianming said with a shrug and wave, “Alright, I’ve still got things to deal with, so I’ll be off. Best of luck. Also, anyone who’s done with their formcast remodeling needs to enter the Academy. If you don’t have any other choices, you can join my hall. I’ll take care of you.”

“We’ve been booked by the Thirteen Squadrons. Can we still join the academy?” Bai Xue inquired.

Tianming smiled, “Being in the Thirteen Squadrons does not clash with Yu Academy. The Academy is a place for learning, the army is where you apply that in combat.”

Zhang Dingtian’s moans had dissipated by this point, and Bai Xue entered the formcast pool. She, too, cried out in agony, but her voice was much nicer to hear. Lu Yin started to get a little frustrated, “Bronsen, who’s performing the remodeling for them? Is it a man or woman?”

“Neither. They’re enduring it on their own,” Bronsen answered nonchalantly.

Lu Yin nodded. This was good. If there was a guy in there doing it for Bai Xue, he’d be annoyed. Bai Xue wasn’t his lover, but he didn’t want anyone taking advantage of her either.

“By the way, Seruzen, which squadrons want you guys?” Lu Yin suddenly remembered the monk and asked.

Seruzen looked up and said in a hoarse voice, “Zhang Dingtian, was taken by, Fifth. Bai Xue, Sixth. I’ll join, Eleventh.”

Lu Yin hummed. Bronsen had told him before that the captain of the Fifth Squadron was called Huo Qingshan. He was the head of the Huo Family in the Great Yu Empire, and was Huo Xiaoling’s father. That was the middle-aged man with fiery hair at the palace. The captain of the Sixth was that little girl, and she was called Peach. The Eleventh Squadron’s captain was that blind, bald man known as the Blind Monk.

It was normal that Huo Qingshan thought well of Zhang Dingtian, a realmbreaker. It was also obvious why the Blind Monk had chosen Seruzen. Both of them were frightening people externally, and Sigmund had mentioned that Seruzen’s perseverance had garnered someone’s interest. But why did Peach choose Bai Xue?

Lu Yin had a strong impression of that girl, but he quickly dismissed it as it had nothing to do with him. Since they were off Earth, these people would have to control their fates themselves. There was something that was a huge shame, though. The Astral Combat Academy was about to reach the Frostwave Weave. Zhang Dingtian needed to train again after formcast remodeling and would not be able to make it.

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