Chapter 764: Intercept

There was an odd-looking arrow-shaped spacecraft that was flying through the Outerverse towards the east. Peach was inside, and there was blood smeared on her lips. She was tied to a column, and there was a gloomy-looking youth in front of her who was looking at her with cold eyes. 

The current Peach was not as diminutive as the person that Lu Yin remembered, as she was currently a 1.6 meter tall young woman. Her face had also changed quite a bit, though she was still easily recognizable. This was her true appearance that she had kept concealed with star energy ever since Undying Yushan had first taken her to the Great Yu Empire. She had constantly maintained the image of a young girl, and since Lu Yin had become accustomed to her appearance, he had never noticed anything peculiar about it. 

“Peachy, we haven’t met in a few years, and now, you’ve already grown into a fine lady. Your mind must also have matured during this time, so just hand it over so that we can avoid any hardship,” the youth coldly ordered her. 

Peach spat in contempt and glared at the young man. “Shao Zisong, don’t be delusional. There’s no way I could possibly give you guys the arrow, so just give up.” 

Shao Zisong suddenly raised a hand and slapped out, leaving a striking red palm mark on Peach’s face. “Stupid brat! Still acting as tough as back then, huh? Do you think anyone will actually save you? Sect Leader has not come out in decades, and my master has long since become Neo-Vestige Sect’s decision maker. If he wants you to live, you will live. If he wants you to die, you will wish you were dead. I’m warning you—you had best be sensible and hand over that arrow. I can allow you to live a little more comfortably that way.” 

Peach glared resentfully at Shao Zisong, her eyes filled with killing intent.

Shao Zisong sneered at her. “Right, I nearly forgot, you’re still that Sixth Squadron or whatever’s captain, from some Great Yu Empire. Tell me, if Master sends out some people to destroy that Great Yu Empire, will you feel guilty?”

Peach’s eyes went wide. “This is my issue. It has nothing to do with the Great Yu Empire.” 

“Back then, the Great Yu Empire saved you, and just that one incident is enough. You understand the strength of our Neo-Vestige Sect, and a puny Great Yu Empire is not even worth our attention in the least,” Shao Zisong said threateningly. 

Peach suddenly smiled and looked at him in a taunting manner. “Neo-Vestige Sect has been isolated all these years, and it has secluded itself from the outside world. Have you guys completely stopped watching the news? Do you really think that you can vanquish the Great Yu Empire? What a joke! Check it for yourself—the Great Yu Empire now is no longer the Great Yu Empire from a few years ago.” 

Shao Zisong’s brow arched up and he turned to look behind himself.

A person stepped forward and activated his gadget, displaying an introduction to the Great Yu Empire and the Great Eastern Alliance. 

Shao Zisong was shocked at the recent developments. “Great Eastern Alliance? Lu Yin? Enlighters’ Bane?”

Peach sneered. “You better let me go. Otherwise, be prepared to face the wrath of the Great Eastern Alliance.”

Shao Zisong stared at the screen for a long time, and his face turned solemn. But in the end, he still turned around and gave Peach a cold smile. “Little Peach, have you forgotten how my Neo-Vestige Sect obtained its current status?” 

Peach’s expression changed, and she suddenly seemed to be very apprehensive.

A long time ago, Neo-Vestige Sect had faced off against a powerhouse from the Innerverse whose power level was at 300,000. This person had not cared about the Outerverse and wanted to forcefully take over Neo-Vestige Sect. However, they ended up being killed by a single arrow from Neo-Vestige Sect. That incident had also been the moment Neo-Vestige Sect first started enjoying an extraordinary status.

Even a great number of forces from the Innerverse did not have ancient powerhouses with power levels exceeding 300,000. The fact that Neo-Vestige Sect could eliminate such a powerhouse showed its hidden strength. 

Peach knew that Neo-Vestige Sect possessed three Enlighters as well as methods to defeat a foe with a power level surpassing 300,000. That was the true strength of Neo-Vestige Sect. 

When he saw Peach’s expression change, Shao Zisong sneered. He grabbed her hair and stared at her. “If that Lu Yin-whatever’s Bane doesn’t come, then that will still be alright. But if he does, then my master will instantly take him out. What Great Eastern Alliance? It’s just a bunch of fools in the eyes of my Neo-Vestige Sect!” 

Peach’s face went pale, and she gradually slumped back into despair. Neo-Vestige Sect was comparable to a great power from the Innerverse. Although the Great Yu Empire could withstand one or two Enlighters, it could not withstand Neo-Vestige Sect’s hidden might, much less rescue her. Nobody in this part of the universe could rescue her from the clutches of Neo-Vestige Sect. 

In the eastern weaves, an arrow-shaped spacecraft represented Neo-Vestige Sect. Wherever such a vessel traveled, it would be able to charge through without a care as no one would dare to block their way. 

But on this day, an arrow-shaped spacecraft from Neo-Vestige Sect was intercepted by people from the Vastdearth Sect. 

Shao Zisong instantly became furious. “What’s going on?”

A Neo-Vestige Sect disciple gave a report. “Reporting to Senior Song: the Vastdearth Sect’s Elder Hua Qiao has intercepted our spacecraft, and he said- said-”

“He said what?” Shao Zisong’s tone was glacial.

The disciple had an ugly expression on his face. “He said that he wants to search the vessel.”

Shao Zisong shattered the table in front of him with a thump. “How bold of the Vastdearth Sect! They actually dare to search our Neo-Vestige Sect’s spacecraft?”

Then he suddenly looked over at Peach and saw that hope had appeared in her eyes, causing his own eyes to narrow. Out of nowhere, he gave her another slap that was so violent that a bit of Peach’s mouth tore about. “Stupid brat! You better pray that this Great Whatever Alliance doesn’t try to make any trouble for my Neo-Vestige Sect. Otherwise, I’ll ask Master to head out and destroy them.”

He then snorted and stepped out of the vessel. 

Peach stared resentfully at where Shao Zisong’s figure had disappeared from, her eyes betraying her complex emotions. The Vastdearth Sect would not have intercepted Neo-Vestige Sect’s spacecraft without a good reason. Had His Highness really taken action? Neo-Vestige Sect was not Aegis, and their hidden strength was enough to kill off powerhouses whose power levels exceeded 300,000. 

Outside the vessel, the Vastdearth Sect’s spacecraft were lined up in a row, blocking the arrow-shaped spacecraft’s path. Elder Hua Qiao towered above the ships and looked down at the arrow-shaped spacecraft in front of their fleet with apprehension. Neo-Vestige Sect was a terrifying force that stood far above the rest of the eastern weaves, and it was actually a top power that stood above almost the entire Outerverse. He had never expected that this monster would reconnect to the rest of the Outerverse so quickly. 

If Neo-Vestige Sect had reconnected even one step earlier, then the Great Eastern Alliance might not have been established as smoothly. 

Fortunately, this power had been disconnected from all the other weaves, and even before that, it had never really participated in the disputes between the other Outerverse powers for countless years. If possible, Elder Hua Qiao did not want to provoke such a power, but he could only put on a brave front and obstruct them since these orders had come from above. 

Shao Zisong emerged from the spacecraft and saw Hua Qiao. He sneered, and his figure flashed before he appeared directly in front of Hua Qiao. “Elder Hua Qiao, it’s been a long time.” 

Hua Qiao looked at Shao Zisong, and his brows furrowed. “You are?” 

"Shao Zisong, the first disciple of the Neo-Vestige Sect's Training Elder, Master Bei.” A loud voice was transmitted through the region of space, striking fear in the hearts of the Vastdearth Sect’s disciples. 

Elder Hua Qiao recalled this person and solemnly answered, “So you’re Master Bei’s senior disciple. We did meet once before.” 

Shao Zisong coldly stared at Hua Qiao. “Elder Hua Qiao, when did our Neo-Vestige Sect offend your Vastdearth Sect for you to actually obstruct us like this?” 

Hua Qiao hesitated, and then awkwardly answered, “Truth be told, the Great Yu Empire’s Sixth Squadron Captain Peach has gone missing, and Alliance Leader Lu suspects that she was taken by you guys, which is why we intercepted you. Please forgive us if we have caused any offense.” 

Shao Zisong’s eyes turned even colder. “What does this mean? Are you saying that, when the Great Yu Empire’s people go missing, they can blame it on our Neo-Vestige Sect? It looks like after just a few years of not appearing, the eastern weaves have already forgotten about our Neo-Vestige Sect. Do they really think that some Great Eastern Alliance can suppress our Neo-Vestige Sect?” 

Hua Qiao did not answer, as he had previously heard of the legends attributed to Neo-Vestige Sect, and he had also heard the story of where even an Innerverse powerhouse with a power level of over 300,000 had been instantly killed. This organization’s hidden strength surpassed the standards of the Outerverse, which was completely different from Aegis. Against Neo-Vestige Sect, Elder Hua Qiao was rather nervous. 

Shao Zisong coldly ordered, “Move aside. I have urgent matters that I must report to Neo-Vestige Sect. If this report is delayed, can your Vastdearth Sect pay the price?” 

Elder Hua Qiao apologized, “I’m truly sorry, but please hold on. Alliance Leader Lu will be here shortly.” 

Shao Zisong indignantly exclaimed, “What a joke! My Neo-Vestige Sect has never faced an obstruction like this when traveling about the universe, but you are actually making us wait for some Lu Yin. How bold of you!” 

Elder Hua Qiao’s expression did not change, and he allowed Shao Zisong to holler all he wanted. The older man did not even respond. He was merely tasked with stalling Shao Zisong’s group and then handing them over to Lu Yin. After that, whatever trouble was incited would naturally be borne by the Great Yu Empire. Of course, the search that Hua Qiao had mentioned at the start was not going to be conducted. Shao Zisong’s identity meant that a Vastdearth Sect elder would not be able to search their vessel, as that would be disrespectful to Master Bei. 

Master Bei was one of the Enlighters of Neo-Vestige Sect, and the Vastdearth Sect did not want to offend him. 

Shao Zisong indignantly questioned the elder, hoping to intimidate Elder Hua Qiao into moving aside, but Elder Hua Qiao remained aloof. Shao Zisong even thought about taking action himself, but in the end, he held back. After all, this was the Vastdearth Sect’s territory, and he could not just charge over all by himself. 

“Alright, I’ll wait here. Let’s see if this Alliance Leader of yours dares to search my Neo-Vestige Sect’s spacecraft. You had best think hard about the consequences.” Shao Zisong then turned and returned into the spacecraft. 

Elder Hua Qiao sighed. Lu Yin incessantly stirred up trouble, just like what the rumors claimed. He had just finished a conflict with Aegis, but now, he was moving to offend Neo-Vestige Sect. 

Neo-Vestige Sect was on a completely different level from Aegis, and they could not be frightened into submission by just a single assassin like Smoker. Once this power was annoyed, they would utilize the strength that they had used to kill a powerhouse with a power level of 300,000, and the Great Yu Empire would be finished. 

Lu Yin naturally knew of Neo-Vestige Sect’s strength, which was why he had tasked the Vastdearth Sect with intercepting Shao Zisong’s vehicle. This was all so that he could rescue Peach outside of Mordo Weave. Once they made it inside Mordo Weave, nothing would be certain since they would be within Neo-Vestige Sect’s territory. 

After a full day passed, Elder Hua Qiao’s expression turned expectant. “Lu Yin brought Aden and the blind monk. They have finally arrived.” 

“Alliance Leader.” Elder Hua Qiao bowed to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at the arrow-shaped spacecraft that was floating nearby, and his eyes narrowed. He saw some rune lines, and to search for Peach, he immediately unleashed his domain and had it envelop the ship.

Within the spacecraft, Shao Zisong sensed a domain, and his expression turned cold. “How bold! He even dares to snoop on my Neo-Vestige Sect.”

He grabbed a bow and arrow from his cosmic ring and shot a single arrow in Lu Yin’s direction. 

Shao Zisong had a power level of 130,000 and was already a Hunter. It was reasonable to say that his attacks were not overly powerful, and they were nowhere near the level of the Magistrate or the other assassins’, but this arrow still shocked Lu Yin. No complex battle technique or any sort of bizarre innate gift had been used, but as this arrow pierced the void, an absolute offensive power converged upon the arrow. It was to the extent where it almost felt as though the greatest truths could be made simple. 

The rune lines contained in this arrow far surpassed a power level of 130,000, and it even looked to be approaching a power level of 180,000. 

Aden stepped forth and blocked the arrow with his thunder shield, obliterating the arrow. This sort of attack was not enough to force him back.

Lu Yin was surprised at the intent within Shao Zisong’s arrow, but this level of attack was not very threatening. Ever since the Outerverse had been isolated from the Innerverse, he had faced off against quite a few Enlighter realm opponents, and even his weakest opponents had been peak Hunters. Shao Zisong’s arrow was not worthy of Lu Yin’s attention, despite how extraordinary the aura from the arrow was. 

Shao Zisong did not expect his arrow to be defeated so easily. He stepped out of the vessel and coldly looked over at Aden and Lu Yin.

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