Chapter 763: Neo-Vestige Sect

The countless people within the Great Eastern Alliance who had been slandering Lu Yin practically vanished overnight. Now, his praises were being sung everywhere. The great weaves of the alliance also immediately expressed their goodwill and praised Lu Yin to the skies as well.

Lu Yin took this opportunity to purge a few of the powers that had been constantly opposing the Great Eastern Alliance, and he also increased his efforts to integrate the various powers’ resources. 

Now that his prestige was at an all time high, nobody would oppose Lu Yin no matter what he did.

This was especially apparent when quite a few powers from Northcastle Weave joined the Great Eastern Alliance, causing Lu Yin’s reputation to rise once again. The Great Eastern Alliance currently had nine weaves as its members, and the remaining eastern weaves were not too far away from joining. 

Zenyu Star had been attacked, and the compensation for those deaths had all been delivered. Lu Yin had even added a little more on top before sending all of the compensation out to the affected parties. 

The reparations to Amethyst Exchange was similarly taken of by Aegis, as it was just a single mall. Although its scale might not seem small, it was just a drop in the ocean for a behemoth like Aegis. 

Goddess Luo Shen really wanted to perform on Zenyu Star again, but she was not able to obtain the required approval from Amethyst Exchange’s upper levels. Her performance schedule was very strict, and she would only be able to return to Zenyu Star some time in the future. 

Lu Yin sent off Zi Rong’s entourage, and Zi Xue did not acknowledge him, leaving him with no choice in the matter. However, Luo Shen’s reluctant expression made him feel a little strange. 

“Seventh Bro, this monkey’s woman is leaving.” The Ghost Monkey sounded depressed, leaving Lu Yin speechless.

In Sourcepeak Weave, in a certain region of space, Wei Rong dismissed everyone in front of him before activating his gadget. Soon, a sinister voice was heard from it, “What’s the matter?” 

“You guys accepted defeat?” Wei Rong said.

The sinister voice contained an innate chill. “Be careful of your attitude.”

Wei Rong sneered, “Since you guys completely pulled out of the Great Eastern Alliance, it seems that you guys are actually afraid of Lu Yin.’

“We cannot deal with him for now, but it wouldn’t be too difficult for us to eliminate the Wei family.”

Wei Rong ignored the comment. “Actually, Lu Yin can hire Smoker, which he can only do by relying on the entire Great Eastern Alliance’s support. Otherwise, how would he have the resources to hire Smoker? What about this—if we cooperate, and if you guys provide me with mercenaries, then there’ll be no need for your side to act. I’ll take care of Lu Yin.” 

“Just by yourself?” 

Wei Rong replied, “Of course not. I can unite the central weaves, just like the Great Eastern Alliance.” 

“We’ll speak again after you unite them then.” The other person quickly hung up the call.

Wei Rong let out a breath and stared out at space in amusement. “Even the grand Aegis was actually beaten into fear. Lu Yin, you are certainly ruthless, but I’m curious as to who actually acted against the Mavis Bank. That’s the real ruthless person.” 

Aegis had comprehensively pulled out their troops from the Great Eastern Alliance’s territory, and the eastern weaves suddenly became more peaceful. 

Lu Yin found some time to hold a court meeting. When he looked at the ministers in the court, he felt a little embarrassed, as he had not participated in any of these meetings for a long time. 

There was a steady flow of resources delivered to all departments, though the Technology Department was prioritized since Lu Yin was hoping to increase the numbers of the androids. 

He also found some time to visit the three mainlands, where he saw Yue Xianzi, An Shaohua, and the others training the Yu Academy’s students. 

Bei Qing was nowhere to be found, and Lu Yin did not know where he had run off to. 

Li Zimo had always wanted to challenge Kayze, though the latter did not bother with the swordsman at all. Ever since Lu Yin had recruited this Dire Barbarian clan member, Kayze had proven to be extremely dependable. He had changed so much that Lu Yin even wondered if the man had been replaced. 

He was the most concerned about Wendy Yushan and Ku Wei at this moment, as neither of these two had reappeared, and no one knew where they had gone. 

The bespectacled Mistchild contacted Lu Yin during this time as well, sending some words of admiration. Her call reminded Lu Yin of Topmist, so he quickly called the Enlighter assassin. 

“What’s the matter?” Topmist’s voice could be heard. 

Lu Yin asked, “Do you know much about Aegis?”

Topmist felt that this question was rather strange. “Didn’t you and Aegis patch things up?”

“I’m just curious. Do you know how strong Aegis’s old assassins are? The ones who’ve always been kept in cryostasis,” Lu Yin asked. This was what he was the most concerned about. Assassins like Poisonmaster or the Magistrate were modern assassins of the current era, but those ancient assassins had founded Aegis, and they posed a much greater threat. In ages past, they had survived a purge targeting all of the assassins in the Outerverse, which proved that they were exceptional people. 

Topmist answered in a low voice. “I’m not privy to the details, but there are definitely Enlighters among them.” 

Lu Yin’s brow rose. “You’re sure?”

“There’s a time limit to how long one can remain in cryostasis for, and no one can stay like that forever. Only space-exploring powerhouses can be frozen for 10,000 years, Hunters can last for tens of thousands years, and Enlighters even longer. If they came from the era before the calamity that befell the assassins’ world that took place tens of thousands years ago, and are still frozen today, then there must be Enlighter assassins among them. Otherwise, Aegis would not still exist,” Topmist explained. 

“How do they compare to you?” Lu Yin asked.

Topmist indifferently replied, “We have never been compared. Although Mafioso Planet and Aegis have had some dealings, there has never been any direct relationship. Our Mafioso Planet’s history is even longer than that of Aegis whereas Aegis is just an integrated conglomerate. They’re not an actual unified power that’s been handed down from one generation to the next.” 

“What does it take to hire you?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

Topmist fell silent for a moment. “Very expensive.”

And with those two words, he instantly ended the call.

Lu Yin had still wanted to ask him about the situation with Granny Chann, and he had even hoped to employ the old assassin to deal with Granny Chan. However, it seemed that the old fart did not want to keep talking with Lu Yin.

That was fine. After all, they had once been enemies, and even if they were no longer enemies, that did not mean that they were friends. 

These peaceful days lasted for over half a month, during which the two year anniversary of the Innerverse and Outerverse’s separation came and went. Many weaves that had been isolated from the rest of the Outerverse gradually reconnected and returned to normal. During this time, Lu Yin asked Madam Nalan more about the Outerverse, and he learned that it would not be much longer before Tyrannical Weave reconnected to the rest of the Outerverse. The Enlighter that the Nalan Family supported would soon appear, which meant that they would not need his protection for much longer. 

Many places in the eastern weaves that had once been isolated gradually returned to normal.

One day, Lu Yin was checking his star chart when a message came in that caught him unprepared: Peach had been captured.

Peach was the captain of the Great Yu Empire’s Sixth Squadron, and even if Lu Yin had made plans to eventually replace the original captains, he had not done any of that yet; Peach was still a captain and was entitled to the full authority of that position. She was an important figure across all of the eastern weaves, but someone had still dared to make a move against her. 

At this time, the blind monk requested an audience with Lu Yin, who allowed the old man to enter. 

When the blind monk approached Lu Yin, he bowed respectfully and then quickly said, “Captain Peach has been captured. Please save her.”

Lu Yin looked at him. “I just learned of this as well. Who captured her?”

The blind monk’s face turned ugly as he solemnly answered, “Neo-Vestige Sect.”

Lu Yin’s expression changed. “Mordo Weave’s Neo-Vestige Sect?”

The blind monk nodded. 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. Neo-Vestige Sect was no ordinary power.  

When speaking of the Outerverse, although it’s territory was massive, the region’s overall strength was nowhere near as powerful as the Innerverse’s. But even then, there were still a few Outerverse powers that even the Innerverse was unwilling to provoke. According to some secret information, some of these powers could even rival the organizations from the Innerverse’s eight great flowzones. Neo-Vestige Sect was one of these powers. 

On the surface, there were three great powers from the Outerverse that could cause even Innerverse forces to feel apprehension. They were Mordo Weave’s Neo-Vestige Sect, Tyrannical Weave’s Millions City, and Endless Weave’s Dark Phoenix family. 

Millions City had gathered a considerable portion of the entire Outerverse’s wealth, and their slogan was “as long as you have the ability to enter Millions City, Millions City has the ability to make you rich.” Even the four great corporations held their most important meetings solely in the Millions City, as only this so-called “wealthiest city” was able to host them. It was reported that even a beggar in that place could become rich—it all depended on whether or not one had the ability to sneak into the city to become one. 

With so much money, what could they not do? That was the Millions City’s foundation; their weapon was money. 

As for the Dark Phoenix family, they were known as the fallen Undying Bird. They were the Innerverse’s Phoenix family’s mortal enemy, but they had also been banished from the Innerverse. The members of this clan had the black flames of the fallen Undying Bird. 

The Phoenix family was an extremely powerful family in the Innerverse that had a massive foundation, and the fact that they remained low-profile did not mean that they had no strength. Even the Daynight clan rarely provoked them, as there was someone from the Phoenix family among the Ten Arbiters. Being mortal enemies with such a family and still existing showed how terrifying the Dark Phoenix family was. 

Neo-Vestige Sect’s strength could therefore be estimated since it was considered to be on par with Millions City and the Dark Phoenix family. 

The most famous organization in the eastern weaves was Neo-Vestige Sect, but all this time, it had remained sealed, and they had not interacted with any outsiders. The network only said that the members of Neo-Vestige Sect were adept at using bows and arrows. However, nobody knew any concrete details. 

When Ironblood Weave had drafted powerhouses from the Outerverse for its defense, Mordo Weave, Canopy Weave, Forested Weave, and various other weaves had been isolated back then, so nobody from those weaves had appeared. If they had, the humans would not have suffered so terribly.

Speaking of Neo-Vestige Sect, this was the only power in all the eastern weaves that had spread across two weaves. Neo-Vestige Sect held control of both Mordo Weave and Canopy Weave. 

“Has Mordo Weave reconnected?” Lu Yin asked. 

The blind monk quietly answered, “Ten days ago, the energy barrier fell, and the weave became unobstructed.” 

“Why did they capture Peach?” Lu Yin asked curiously.

The blind monk hesitated.

Lu Yin’s gaze trembled. “If I had not looked into your backgrounds, I would have believed that you were all from Frostwave Weave. Peach was originally from Mordo Weave, so is she somehow related to Neo-Vestige Sect? You’re the closest one to her, but she’s still under my command. Tell me everything about her, or else I won’t be able to save her. You should know what Neo-Vestige Sect’s strength is like, and they are not the same as Aegis.” 

The blind monk nodded and then solemnly replied, “Your subject truly doesn’t clearly understand the situation. However, Peach once said that, if she disappeared one day, that it would be because of Neo-Vestige Sect.” 

Lu Yin stared at the older man. “What else?” 

The blind monk and Lu Yin faced each other. “I’m really not sure, but Peach once told me that Neo-Vestige Sect would not let her go. Also, there’s one more thing—Peach is actually only twenty two years old.” 

Lu Yin was surprised. “What? Peach is only twenty two?” 

The blind monk nodded. 

Lu Yin was astonished, as he remembered that someone had once told him that Peach was over 100 years old and that her appearance was because she had eaten some natural treasure. “Doesn’t her background state that she’s over 100?” 

The blind monk shook his head. “His Majesty altered that information for Peach. She’s been acting like she’s experienced this whole time to pretend to be older than 100, and this is also why she’s always tried to maintain a large presence: to avoid being captured by Neo-Vestige Sect. I never thought that Neo-Vestige Sect would still be able to find her after all this.” 

Lu Yin recalled Peach’s every movement and action and realized that he had indeed been too careless. How had Peach ever seemed like someone who was older than 100? She liked to eat snacks, apologized when she had done something wrong, treated everyone sincerely, and had viewed Lu Yin as a friend. Weren’t all of these a child’s characteristics? But he had actually believed her to be older than 100. What a joke. 

Hold on, if Peach was just twenty two now, then that meant that, when they first met, she had only been around fifteen years old. Just how had she cultivated to the Cruiser realm at that young age? Lu Yin stared at the blind monk in disbelief, and the blind monk seemed to understand Lu Yin’s doubt, but he shook his head. “Your subject truly doesn’t know any details. Your Highness, please save Peach. She’s always treated you as her friend.” 

Lu Yin decisively summoned Aden as well as the blind monk, bringing them with him into a spacecraft that was headed towards Mordo Weave. No matter the reason, he could not stand by and just allow Peach to be captured without doing anything. Peach was his subordinate and also a friend.

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