Chapter 760: Lu Yin And Luo Shen

“Your Highness, rumors are spreading incessantly, with many people saying that the empire has offended the universe’s assassins and that another attack will come soon. Many of them are planning to leave Zenyu Star because of this. Your Highness, please step forward to suppress these rumors,” Garope said in an urgent tone as he bowed to Lu Yin. 

“I understand. You can leave now,” Lu Yin said. 

Garope wanted to say more, but he remained silent in the end. It wasn’t just the citizens who were clamoring for more information; even the various ministers wanted to know what was going on. This sneak attack had not been some minor issue. At least five Hunters had been stationed on Zenyu Star prior to the attack, but the capital planet had still been thrust into such a miserable state of affairs. Even an Enlighter had appeared during the attack, and many people were terrified because of this. 

Even the ministers were feeling uneasy, let alone the commoners. 

Lu Yin did not plan to give Garope any explanations, as he was waiting for the news from Smoker. Lu Yin was still worried that Poisonmaster might suddenly act and poison countless people, which would shake the entire Outerverse. Still, these rumors could not be allowed to spread unchecked. 

After Lu Yin thought about it, he left King Zishan's palace and headed towards Planet Hydrotink.

It was still relatively easy to manage rumors within the Great Eastern Alliance, but it was much harder to do the same outside its territory. 

Sister Ya’s media company had received Lu Yin’s support, and it was working on increasing its coverage area. However, it would be difficult for them to accomplish any great achievements at the moment, let alone alter such rampant rumors. 

The only person who could help Lu Yin at this moment was the Goddess, Luo Shen. She was a celebrity whose fame had spread through half of the Outerverse. 

After great difficulty, Lu Yin eventually obtained approval from Zi Rong, and he finally managed to meet with Luo Shen. 

When she saw Lu Yin, her eyes lit up. She bit her lips with a shy expression, and both nervousness and some hints of expectations could be seen within her eyes. “Al- Alliance Leader Lu, were you looking for me?” 

Lu Yin looked at her strangely. “Why is your face red? Are you sick? I have some medicines from Shamrock Enterprises here.” He then poured out a pile of medications. 

Luo Shen became even more nervous. “No, there’s no need. Thank you for saving me three times.”

Lu Yin smiled. “No worries. You faced those assassins because of me. I’m actually the one who is in the wrong, and I should be apologizing to you.” 

Luo Shen hurriedly denied his claims. “It’s no problem. Being a nomad in the Outerverse allows one to live through all kinds of experiences. This wasn’t much.” 

“A nomad?” Lu Yin was puzzled.

Luo Shen forced out a smile. “Yes. We artists are able to perform in all different areas, but we are actually just nomads, with no place to stay or call home. Wherever we go, there is always the chance of running into an accident.” She then lowered her head. “I’m sorry. I’ve said too much. Is there anything that I can help you with?” 

Lu Yin looked at Luo Shen’s helpless and lonely expression and suddenly recalled what Gavin had mentioned before. This girl had probably faced various incidents in the past, as influential local officials would not be impressed or intimidated by performers. “You are the Jade Goddess, and you are protected by Amethyst Exchange. I would have thought that you’d be living rather comfortably.” 

Luo Shen squeaked out an acknowledgement, “Things became much better after I became the Jade Goddess.” 

Lu Yin nodded. “That’s good, but by all means, look for me if you need any help in the future.” He then shared his contact details with Luo Shen. 

Luo Shen’s heart warmed, and she looked up at Lu Yin with a sweet smile. “Thank you, Alliance Leader Lu.”

This smile was very pure, and it caused a peculiar feeling to arise in Lu Yin’s heart, as if he had been touched by something. It really made him want to protect this girl. He hurriedly tried to suppress these emotions and coughed to dispel the atmosphere. “Actually, I came here today to ask for your help.” 

Luo Shen turned solemn as she carefully saved Lu Yin’s contact details. Then, she doubtfully responded, “What is it that Alliance Leader Lu would like?” 

Lu Yin answered, “I want you to announce that the attack that Zenyu Star fought off was not very strong so that we can limit the current rumors circulating about.” 

“Alright,” Luo Shen readily agreed. She continued to stare at Lu Yin with her bright eyes.

Lu Yin felt embarrassed that she was looking at him in such a fashion. This girl’s appearance was very innocent and bright, and all the schemes in the world seemed to melt away before it. Perhaps only a person like her could perform a pure and beautiful dance that could even entrance Lu Yin. 

“Your dance was very beautiful,” Lu Yin said.

Luo Shen smiled happily, but then she blushed again and lowered her eyes. “Thank you.”

“Seventh Bro, this monkey’s in love! I've decided that this girl will become a member of my harem. Don’t snatch things from me!” the Ghost Monkey shrieked excitedly.

Lu Yin directly screened it off—what such a nuisance.

“Right, could you please set up a meeting for me with Zi Xue? I wish to speak with her,” Lu Yin said. 

Luo Shen nodded, her mood suddenly turning slightly downcast. “Alright. Just wait a moment, Alliance Leader Lu.” 

Lu Yin murmured his assent.

Zi Rong had always stopped Lu Yin from meeting with Zi Xue, so hopefully, he would not step forward this time. The blue ice that Lu Yin had seen during the surprise attack was irrefutable proof that Zi Xue was indeed Bai Xue.

Before long, Zi Xue arrived to meet with Lu Yin, but she was followed closely by Zi Rong, and the Hunter kept his eyes glued to Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin felt helpless, but he had indeed been a little too impulsive when he first met Zi Xue. Otherwise, the situation would not have developed into the present moment.

“You are called Zi Xue?” Lu Yin looked at the familiar yet foreign girl before her.

Zi Xue stared at him coldly. “I’ve been called Zi Xue ever since I was young. Alliance Leader Lu, you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

“Then what’s the situation with your innate gift? Bai Xue’s innate gift was also blue ice,” Lu Yin said. 

Zi Xue’s brows knitted together. “There are many coincidences in the universe, and not seeing them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. You’ve seen me, and apparently, I’m very similar to this Bai Xue who you speak of, and I even have a similar innate gift. However, that’s all just a coincidence. There’s no need for any more explanations.” 

Lu Yin looked at Zi Xue with a serious expression. “Is there something that you can’t speak about? Tell me. I can handle it with my current position. The Hall of Honor is behind me, as well as my Master. There’s nothing in the Outerverse that I cannot handle at this time.” 

Zi Xue stood up. “Alliance Leader Lu, I’ve already said what I needed to. I’m not this Bai Xue you’re looking for. I’ll say this one last time: I’m not her!” She then turned to leave. 

Lu Yin did not move to chase after her, as Zi Xue’s attitude had been resolute. He had never been that well acquainted with Bai Xue either, so it was useless to chase after her. 

Zi Rong sat across from Lu Yin. “You should give up. She really is Zi Xue, and she’s been like that since I first met her.” 

Lu Yin decided not to bother Zi Xue any further. After all, she was not his wife, and he had already made multiple attempts to investigate this. This was the best that he could do. If she did not want to admit to her identity, then he had no choice in the matter. He had already said everything that he needed to. 

“Brother Zi, this incident is my responsibility, and I didn’t protect your people well. I formally apologize,” Lu Yin spoke solemnly. 

Zi Rong raised a hand. “There’s no need. Nobody would have thought that Aegis would dare make a move during a performance in an Amethyst Exchange mall. We will not let this matter rest, and we also won’t stop Luo Shen from quelling the rumors. However, you must compensate us for the expenses of the performance as well as the losses suffered in the mall.” 

Lu Yin smiled. “That’s a given. I have to thank Brother Zi for being there this time, as otherwise, things would have been much more troublesome.” 

Zi Rong smiled. “You should thank Brother Cai instead, since he was the one who held back Lord Egret.” 

“Where is he?” Lu Yin asked. 

Zi Rong shrugged. “No clue. Maybe in the Lockbreaker Society's headquarters?”

Lu Yin nodded, and left after chatting with Zi Rong for a while. He did indeed need to thank Cai Jianqiang, and it had been the right decision to keep the man close by. Without him, the raid would not have ended as quickly. Lord Egret was no ordinary Enlighter; his power level had reached 260,000, and he had even cultivated in the Innerverse. His strength also surpassed the few Innerverse Enlighters that Lu Yin had encountered before, like Karthika, Huo Houye, and Granny Chan. 

Cai Jianqiang and Aden had teamed up to chase Lord Egret away, which had been a huge turning point in the battle. 

Planet Hydrotink still forbade outsiders from entering, but the Lockbreakers were gradually growing accustomed to being in Frostwave Weave, mainly because the Great Eastern Alliance would periodically send over batches of resources for them to use, not to mention the lockbreaking records of past generations of Lockbreakers that Lu Yin had shared. The Lockbreakers were enjoying themselves and living very contentedly, their life just as easy as before. 

However, these days were about to end soon, as the Great Eastern Alliance would not freely provide so many resources forever. In the past, Lu Yin had mentioned to Felynn that the Great Eastern Alliance would eventually ask for the Lockbreakers’ help, and not just in lockbreaking. They would ask the Lockbreakers to help them explore various strange areas and also train some cultivators. There were too many places to employ Lockbreakers. 

The price that they had initially paid had just been in anticipation of days to come.

Cai Jianqiang was indeed at the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society's headquarters, and he was not far from Felynn’s quarters. It looked as though he was protecting the box that had been hidden in Geoffrey’s secret room. 

It was not time yet, but one day, Lu Yin would personally open that box.

Cai Jianqiang sensed Lu Yin’s arrival, and he stepped out to invite Lu Yin into his own quarters.

Off in the distance, Felynn was mentoring her own disciples, and there were at least ten of them, including Wei Xin'er.

Felynn was guiding them, and the handful of her disciples looked at her with reverence and adoration. To them, Felynn was the sky, and she was the most incredible Lockbreaker in the entire Outerverse.

They dreamed of one day becoming someone like Felynn. They did not wish to become the Outerverse Society’s President, but rather just hoped to become an executive. 

Wei Xin'er also stared at Felynn, but her gaze did not contain the same respect that it had back when she first met Felynn on Sourcepeak Planet. 

The President seemed to be generally quite well-regarded, but Wei Xin’er could not keep herself from continuously remembering her brother’s conversation with Lu Yin. From what they had said, this Outerverse Lockbreaker Society President was a foolish woman who could be easily used. That conversation had affected the way Wei Xin’er saw her master, and she was unable to respect her master like before. 

Involuntarily, she thought of Lu Yin, who had chatted cheerfully with her brother. He was a man whose decisions could affect the entire universe. Even her brother admired the young man, while also feeling a hint of danger from him. In her entire life, Wei Xin’er had never seen her brother hold someone in such high regard before. Not even those two others had made her brother feel such a crisis. 

Lu Yin, this name is also strange, Wei Xin'er thought to herself.

The next day, while standing in front of countless cameras that belonged to various media outlets from all over the Great Eastern Alliance, Goddess Luo Shen helped Lu Yin suppress the rumors.

An effect could be immediately seen. Many believed her words, but there were also others who continued to secretly spread rumors that were damaging to the Great Yu Empire. This was something that had been ordered by the second level management of Aegis. Among their ranks, there were some that did not care about the conflict between Aegis and the Great Eastern Alliance, like the Nalan family, but there were also those that shared glory and dishonor together with Aegis. These powers began to crazily campaign for Aegis, trying to discredit the Great Yu Empire. 

For a short while, two conflicting rumors clashed everywhere, but the rumors discrediting the Great Yu Empire easily gained the upper hand once the many photos of Zenyu Star were released. That battle had ended with tens of thousands of casualties, and quite a few of those people had come from other weaves. Those who had traveled to Zenyu Star to watch Luo Shen’s performance had all been people with decent statuses. 

The network allowed the families of the deceased to connect and work together, creating a large commotion. This development was rather discouraging for Lu Yin, as he could not control them at all. 

Under these circumstances, Wei Rong contacted Lu Yin. 

“Brother Lu, it looks like you’re suffering from endless troubles recently. There’s news about you every single day,” Wei Rong spoke with a relaxed and melodious tone of voice. 

Lu Yin smiled. “Brother Wei can just enjoy a good show. Before long, I believe that I’ll be able to watch Brother Wei’s show.”

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