Chapter 76: Emperor’s Promise

Lu Yin’s legs were a little wobbly by the time the Emperor grew tired and ended his stories.

“Forgive me, I’m tired. When people get older, we like to recall the past,” the man said with a smile and a shake of the head, pushing some food over, “Try these, they were some of Zishan’s favorite snacks.”

Lu Yin nodded and tried them, finding them rather good. The Emperor seemed like he wanted to say something, but it was only then that he noticed that Dorren and Duque, “Oh, you two are still here, you can leave. I want to speak to Little Yin alone.”

Lu Yin nearly spat out, feeling like he was being toyed with. He had listened for three whole hours, and the man didn’t seem to bother with his own emotions at all. The two princes seemed used to it, giving their salutations before departing.

“There are many things troubling the Great Yu Empire, and I can only maintain the calm for a little while. Everyone knew the Undyings when I and Zishan made a name for ourselves across the universe; pity, he left before me while I’ve struggled at death’s door for centuries. I’d assumed I would never see his descendants in my life, but fate brought you along, Little Yin. I am grateful to be able to see you before my death,” the Emperor said, sighing with sorrow.

Lu Yin could only humor him, “Royal Uncle’s power is at the peak of the universe. Living for another ten thousand years will be no problem.”

“I know my own body well, you don’t need to comfort me.” The man chuckled, shaking his head, “I have seen everything related to Earth’s trial. You’re quite good to be able to defeat a Nightking, even if newly awakened. Few can match you at the same level; there is a hint of the young Zishan in you.”

Lu Yin felt ashamed, “Qingyu was too strong. If not for the cooperation of the students, I would not be able to defeat him”

The Undying Yushan smiled, “Intelligence is ability as well; that final battle was under your control. The end where you forced a Melder to attack for you was quite smart; it’s the kind of cleverness that extends lives.”

Lu Yin did not speak.

“I also understand about the matter on the spacecraft; go settle it with a free heart. As long as I am on the throne, you’ll be fine,” the Emperor suddenly changed topics.

Lu Yin immediately retreated two steps, “Thank you, Royal Uncle.”

The Undying Yushan nodded and retrieved a cosmic ring, “This is your first time on the Capital Star, and money is needed everywhere. Here is a crystal Mavis Card and some star crystals, use them freely.”

Lu Yin expressed his thanks once more, and the old man grunted, “You are currently too weak, I have ordered Bronsen to be your bodyguard for now. I am tired, you can leave.”

Lu Yin wanted to reject this arrangement, but seeing the old man close his eyes, he couldn’t bring himself to. Making his own salutations, he left as well. The Great Yu Empire’s Ironblood Emperor was like a setting sun. In his reign of 800 years, he had more than doubled his territory. This was someone whom Lu Yin admired from the depths of his heart, but even the greatest of achievers eventually fell to the claws of death. He didn’t know how history would evaluate him, but he was rather grateful for this man’s care.

He looked inside the cosmic ring to find twenty cubes of star crystals. It wasn’t much, but it certainly was significant to all Sentinels. Wondering how much money was in the card, he left the garden under the guidance of a maid.

Bronsen was already waiting outside the garden and greeted him immediately, “Your Majesty.”

Lu Yin smiled, “This must be troublesome for you, General Bronsen.”

“Protecting Your Majesty is only my responsibility, there is no need for you to be so courteous.”

Lu Yin nodded and walked out of the palace, with the Explorer following behind at an exact one-meter distance. He asked as he strolled along, “Oh, General, you mentioned you’re the Third Seat of the First Squadron. Could you explain the Imperial Squadrons to me?”

“Gladly,” the man paused to collect his thoughts, “The Thirteen Imperial Squadrons correspond to the thirteen gates of the royal palace; any movement in or out must go through them. They are His Imperial Majesty’s shields, and each captain is at least a Cruiser. We are at the top of the Frostwave Weave and known throughout the Outerverse, but more importantly, we correspond to the thirteen filaments of the Great Yu Empire. We take care of almost half the administration across the Empire; the lord of each filament is one of the captains.”

Lu Yin was shocked, “So the Imperial Squadrons are the rulers?”

“His Majesty appointed the captains as the Filament Masters of the thirteen filaments, and their left-hand deputies are the ones in charge of normal administration.”

Lu Yin now understood. No wonder the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons were the division of the Empire with the most authority; each captain was effectively a regional governor, and even had the authority to appoint or dismiss other administrators. The Undying Yushan had shared his authority and controlled things from the source, saving himself trouble while not having to worry about rebellions. This sort of practice could be only in place if there was trust in the Center, and it clearly showed how much confidence the Emperor had in himself.

Bronsen also introduced the captains, but Lu Yin didn’t react as he did not recognize any of them. It was only when he mentioned the thirteenth captain that he was shocked, “Liuying Zishan? Where is she”

Bronsen nodded, “She is currently in the thirteenth filament handling her duties; she will return shortly.”

Lu Yin’s brows knitted together, “She’s from my family?”

“No, Captain Liuying is not a Zishan herself. As for her name… perhaps you should ask her yourself.”

Lu Yin’s eyes gleamed. Not from the Zishan Family but had the Zishan name, where did this woman come from? The Undying Yushan had not mentioned it when they had met; had he forgotten?

Before he knew it, Lu Yin found himself at the Grand Astral Gate, where Crown Prince Dorren smiled at him gently. He immediately walked over, “Why are you here, Your Highness? You couldn’t have been waiting for me.”

Dorren smiled, “Of course I was waiting, Royal Brother. This is your first time at the Capital Star, and I have nothing much to give, so here’s a small welcome gift. I hope you like it.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed as he received a cosmic ring, examining it in Dorren’s presence without shame before thanking courteously, “You are much too kind, Your Highness, declining this would reject your goodwill. I will take care of this, thank you.”

Dorren laughed, “You are quite forward, Brother. Right, the Zenyu Star is quite big, and you might not be able to move about freely right now. I have arranged the latest model of transportation to be sent to you; it will be waiting outside the gate for your personal use.”

Lu Yin thanked him again, and after some pleasantries, Dorren instructed Bronsen to take good care of him. The captain of the First Imperial Squadron was The Undying Yushan himself, while the left-hand deputy was the Crown Prince. The right-hand deputy was Second Prince Duque, while Bronsen was their subordinate who sat just lower.

Lu Yin looked at the cosmic ring after Dorren left, shocked to find that he had been given a whopping fifty cubes of star crystals. This was even more than the Emperor! So generous, who knew if it was a bribe? He couldn’t help but sigh, “The Crown Prince is too kind, so humble and modest. No wonder he’s the next Emperor.”

Bronsen’s head was bent low and he did not comment. Lu Yin walked two steps forward and suddenly recalled something, growing excited and clenching his fists as he walked out of the Grand Astral Gate with a strange smile.

Xu San was hiding at one side, watching a dazzling flying vehicle in the distance. Be it design or size, this one far surpassed the one they had flown in on, with a streamlined body and bold style that was every man’s dream. He almost started drooling on the spot; who knew who it belonged to? This was surely quite valuable.

Moments later, Lu Yin walked out of the gate and waved to him before walking straight for that cool plane. He immediately ran over, “Boss, careful where you put your hands. This toy looks very expensive, don’t let others think we have ill designs over it.”

Lu Yin went silent for a moment before shaking his head. “Stop being an embarrassment, come on,” he opened the cabin door and sat within.

Xu San was stunned, then grew excited, “Boss, this is ours?”

“You don’t say.” Feeling like this man was an embarrassment, Lu Yin decided to give him a tour to expand his knowledge and increase his worth, “Let’s go to the first ring, Zhang Dingtian and the others are there.”

“What are they doing there, Boss?”

“Yu Academy, formcast remodeling. Let’s go,” Lu Yin said as he activated the vehicle. A strong jet of air set it off and it entered autopilot, following a predetermined path to the first ring. Bronsen immediately stepped into the void and followed them.

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