Chapter 756: Surprise Attack

Lu Yin had never thought that one person’s dance could fascinate him this deeply. He wasn’t alone, as everyone else watching was also enthralled. There were tens of thousands of people watching Luo Shen dance, but not a single one of them made a sound. All of them were dazed by her performance. 

At this moment, there was a beam of light connecting the earth and sky. It was the Goddess, Luo Shen, and everyone felt like they were alone with this enchantress. 

“Seventh Bro, something isn’t right,” the Ghost Monkey’s voice suddenly interrupted, and Lu Yin awoke from his daze to see that rune lines were filling the sky. There was obviously no one to be seen, nor was there any kind of attack or technique that was being used. But despite that, the entire sky was filled with rune lines, and the entire Amethyst Exchange mall was being enveloped in it. 

“It’s poison gas!” the monkey bellowed. 

The rune lines in the sky suddenly fell, about to cover everyone.

Lu Yin’s brows shot up. These rune lines represented a poisonous gas that could even suppress a Hunter. Space-exploring powerhouses would instantly die if they came into contact with this gas, let alone commoners. He took out the Backlash Pearl and leaped up. He hurriedly used the pearl to absorb as much of the poisonous gas as he could, and at the same time, he shouted, “Everyone, leave!” 

Luo Shen’s dance was abruptly interrupted, which initially upset everyone, but when they realized that Lu Yin was the one shouting, they were all stunned. 

“Everyone, leave now!” Lu Yin roared again as he unleashed his domain to search for the person who had released the poisonous gas. 

Zi Rong walked out from backstage with a solemn expression on his face.

In the sky, the poisonous gas was absorbed by the Backlash Pearl and did not descend upon the audience.

In one corner, a pair of vulture-like eyes stared at Lu Yin and the Backlash Pearl in his hand. “That thing can actually absorb my poisonous gas. As expected, it won’t be that easy to deal with him.” 

Countless people ran away from the mall, but there were simply far too many people present. It was not easy to efficiently evacuate tens of thousands of people. 

Lu Yin wanted to use his star energy to forcefully push the crowd out, but he quickly saw quite a few bursts of rune lines appear outside the mall. A certain chilliness fell upon the area, and Lu Yin’s pupils shrank. This was the sensation that he had felt when attacked by Feng Zi. One of Aegis’s assassins was attacking at this time. 

He immediately donned his universal armor, and he looked to his right, where a boundless number of rune lines were flashing. 

A blood-curdling cry pierced the atmosphere, and a splash of fresh blood erupted in the crowd of people, staining others red. The assassin had suddenly started killing the commoners in the crowd. 

Lu Yin was enraged. “An assassin.” 

There was a thump, as the killer from Aegis hidden within the crowd had been blocked. The Thirteen Imperial Squadrons had arrived, and the soldiers tried to evacuate the crowd out of Amethyst Exchange’s mall as quickly as possible. 

Zi Rong clenched his fists, thoroughly enraged. This was an audacious move on Aegis’s part. 

At the same time, normal spacecraft above the planet began to morph, revealing weapons that were aimed at Zenyu Star. Attacks rained down upon the planet. 

Fortunately, Zenyu Star had a protective barrier. Otherwise, the numerous attacks would have destroyed the three mainland rings. 

At this very moment, Aegis was launching a surprise attack upon Zenyu Star.

The full strength of Zenyu Star burst forth. The captains of the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons all moved out as Aden, Huo Qingshan, and Yan Yan stepped into outer space.

All around Zenyu Star, a chaotic battle broke out. Not only had Aegis gathered its assassins and mercenaries, but it had also hired independent mercenary cultivators. Aegis wanted to not only deal with Lu Yin, but also completely destroy Zenyu Star. Their goal was to show their might to the entire Outerverse. 

Inside the mall, Lu Yin was still searching for Feng Zi when Phantom Sting appeared. “Your Highness, Poisonmaster is here. He is ranked second on the Outerverse’s Assassins List.”

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank. “Is he the one who released all that poisonous gas?”

“Yes, this person once set a record for massacring a hundred billion people in the shortest amount of time, and he also once destroyed an entire filament. He’s very hard to deal with,” Phantom Sting solemnly explained. 

Lu Yin’s scalp went numb, as this sort of poison was a frightening prospect to worry about in the middle of a fight. “Go and look for Poisonmaster. You don’t have to worry about anything else.” 

“Yes,” Phantom Sting acknowledged his orders as he vanished. 

Lu Yin surveyed his surroundings. There were chaotic battles taking place all around him, and Zi Rong had also started fighting. Zi Xianxian, Zi Xue, and the others had moved backstage, but they were similarly facing off against assassins there. The Thirteen Imperial Squadrons had already surrounded the entire mall, but Lu Yin saw more rune lines continuing to appear outside the perimeter. All of Zenyu Star was in a mess at this moment. 

Strangely, when he looked up, he saw a boundless amount of rune lines appear. It was an Enlighter, and Lu Yin had seen these rune lines before. It was Lord Egret; Aegis was truly ruthless in its actions during this attack. They had mobilized a majority of their assassins and an Enlighter for the same assault. 

Lord Egret appeared and pressed a hand towards Zenyu Star. With the strength of Zenyu Star’s protective shield, it was difficult for it to resist an Enlighter’s attack. 

Aden gritted his teeth and dashed into space. “Thunder Mountain Breach: Thunder Shield.”

There was a bang as Aden was sent flying back by Lord Egret’s palm, crashing into the three mainland rings.

He quickly flew up once again. He had also blocked Enlighter realm astral beasts back in Ironblood Weave, and he was experienced with facing such powerhouses. 

Lord Egret was stunned, as he thought that the only person who would be able to resist him for any amount of time on this planet was Lu Yin, and that was only when the youth used his various items. He had never imagined that there would be someone else who could block him. 

Inside the mall, a blade light swept out and bisected three assassins at the waist. Zi Rong glanced over at Lu Yin. “Be careful.” 

Lu Yin was still using the Backlash Pearl to absorb the poisonous gas when long, black hair appeared beneath his feet twined around him, binding his ankles together. Then, Lu Yin felt his body become powerless as his vitality started being siphoned away.

His expression changed. This was an attack from a powerhouse. Lu Yin pressed down with a hand, using a Skybeast Claw to tear through the hair. He then followed the broken strands back to a nearby place. There was a tall figure hidden there, and he started constantly moving about to dodge Lu Yin’s attacks, but his eyes remained fixed upon Lu Yin at all times. 

“That’s the Magistrate, ranked fourth on the Assassins List,” Zi Rong informed Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. Poisonmaster, the Magistrate, and Feng Zi. Aegis had six top-tier killers; would all of them appear today? 

There was a cry heard from atop the stage as Amethyst Exchange’s experts who were protecting Luo Shen all clutched their necks and fell down while countless blades descended and shot towards Luo Shen. 

Her face went pale as she hopelessly watched the approaching sharp blades.

Zi Rong raised a hand and sliced down with his blade, breaking apart all the other blades. “Aegis, how bold! Are you really trying to start a war with my Amethyst Exchange?” 

Unfortunately, his words proved to be ineffective. Lu Yin saw rune lines snake through the void towards Luo Shen that looked similar to the poisonous gas’s rune lines. Aegis’s goal with this operation was not just to deal with Lu Yin, as they also wanted to showcase their strength. Luo Shen was incredibly influential in the Outerverse, so Aegis wanted to kill Luo Shen on Zenyu Star, which would disgrace the Great Yu Empire as well as the Great Eastern Alliance. 

Lu Yin’s figure flashed as he appeared atop the stage. He then used the Backlash Pearl to absorb the poisonous gas again. He grabbed Luo Shen and threw her towards the nearby Zi Xue. 

Zi Rong was truly infuriated this time, and his long sword sliced out, killing several assassins. His power was unstoppable, but Aegis had sent multiple assassins for this assault, rendering Zi Rong’s power useless since he was unable to find all of the attackers. 

Lu Yin had not counted on Zi Rong to provide much help. Aegis naturally had a way to stall the elite Hunter, and Lu Yin was more worried about Poisonmaster. This killer had been constantly releasing poison from the beginning, which had been keeping Lu Yin busy. 

Beneath him, the black long hair twisted about once again, attempting to absorb his vitality. Lu Yin sliced at the hair again, but his attack was not as successful this time, as the hair was actually covered with eight lined battle force. 

Lu Yin’s expression changed, and the battle force shrouded hair stabbed forward like a spear. Against this imminent threat, Lu Yin revolved his Cosmic Art and bent his head to the side, causing the hair to hit nothing but air. The strength of the attack rattled the entire mall, and the aftershocks radiated all the way into space. 

Lu Yin was frightened. If he had not dodged that last attack, although he still wouldn’t have died due to his universal armor, his brain still would have been jostled at the very least.

Behind him, The Magistrate appeared. His long, black hair wrapped around Lu Yin from all directions. This hair was reinforced with eight lined battle force, and Lu Yin quickly fell back even as a chill descended. Yan Yan appeared, and his sturdy ice formed a spear that stabbed at the Magistrate while five interlocking plum blossoms sealed the long hair before causing it to freeze and shatter. 

The Magistrate glanced at Yan Yan before backing away as his figure vanished. Once he disappeared, not even his rune lines could not be seen. 

“Your Highness, are you fine?” Yan Yan asked. 

Lu Yin coldly replied, “Seal off Amethyst Exchange. Don’t let a single one of them escape.”

“What about your safety?”

“I’m fine. Seal this place off immediately!” Lu Yin barked. He then released a Finger Tap that  bore through an assassin’s neck. He casually tossed the corpse aside. 

He was most afraid of Poisonmaster releasing poison into the rest of Zenyu Star, as that would finish the planet. Nothing could be allowed to happen to Zenyu Star. 

Yan Yan rose into the air as his body radiated a cold energy. Gradually, Amethyst Exchange’s mall was sealed within many layers of ice. From outside, it seemed as if the entire street had been enveloped in a sturdy ice shell. 

Zi Rong sternly said, “Alliance Leader Lu, let Luo Shen and the others leave first.”

Lu Yin answered in a low voice, “No one can leave right now. Rest assured, I will protect them well.” 

Zi Rong wanted to reply, but he suddenly felt something peculiar at the top of his head, causing him to raise his blade, slice out, and behead two assassins. 

The entirety of Amethyst Exchange’s mall reeked of blood.

It wasn’t just Luo Shen and the others that had been trapped, as the majority of the audience consisting of tens of thousands of people had been trapped as well. However, Lu Yin had no choice but to do this as he could not allow Poisonmaster to leave this place. As soon as Aegis became desperate enough and allowed Poisonmaster to attack Zenyu Star, it would not end with just tens of thousands of lives being lost, but possibly several billions. 

Another benefit of the ice seal was that it dampened the battle’s destructive aftershocks. Otherwise, the moves made by the experts fighting would be enough to damage the planet itself. 

Behind Lu Yin, the long, black hair that was reinforced with eight lined battle force stabbed at him once again. The Magistrate seemed to be the person who had been assigned to deal with Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin’s gaze turned cold, and he turned around as he tapped out with a finger. The long black hair stabbed at Lu Yin, but it was diverted by the Yu Secret Art. Lu Yin’s solitary finger then struck the Magistrate. The assassin’s eyes lit up with glee; he had been sent to assassinate Lu Yin, and how could Aegis have not investigated Lu Yin’s abilities? 

He had been chosen as the primary attacker to deal with Lu Yin because he was extremely fast. When he saw the finger approaching him, the assassin’s figure flashed, and although the finger caused the void to solidify, the Magistrate also ended up moving further and further away from the finger. 

At that moment, Lu Yin’s lips arched up, and his fingers curled up to form a fist: Daynight Punch.

The Daynight clan’s battle techniques contained spiritual force attacks, and Lu Yin’s spiritual force had become quite powerful. In fact, he believed that he could even rival the Ten Arbiters in this one aspect. Before this one punch, black and white colors interchanged, and it caused the Magistrate’s expression to abruptly change. His entire being was caught up in an endless spiritual storm, forcing him to spit out a mouthful of blood as he retreated at his top speed. However, Lu Yin then tapped out with another finger that solidified the void: Dream Finger. 

The Magistrate could not dodge this attack, and his heart was struck by the finger. There was a soft thump as his entire body was blasted against the layer of ice with enough force to crack it. 

Seeing Lu Yin injure The Magistrate left Zi Rong astonished. The Magistrate was a peak Hunter, but Lu Yin had diverted the assassin’s attacks with that secret technique that could transform trash into treasure. However, what was that punch just now? Had that been a Daynight battle technique?  

After landing a strike on The Magistrate, Lu Yin did not give the Hunter a single moment to catch his breath, and he immediately attacked again. This type of fighter prioritized preserving their own life, so it was best to finish them off as fast as possible. 

Lu Yin had not made the wrong assumption, but he had underestimated The Magistrate. As a top ranker on the Assassins List, his life-preserving methods were extraordinary, and he had long since buried multiple strands of hair beneath the ground. When Lu Yin struck him heavily with Dream Finger, the Hunter had already activated his hair to absorb the crowd’s vitality.

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