Chapter 754: The Goddess, Luo Shen

Lu Yin looked at Zi Rong and then at Cai Jianqiang. “You guys know each other?”

Cai Jianqiang nodded. “We met several times when we were younger. If we didn’t end up fighting, we wouldn’t have become friends.”

Zi Rong regretfully said, “This bastard beat the people of our generation until we came to our senses. None of the Ten Arbiters back then—no, there weren’t any Ten Arbiters back then—none of the Universe Youth Councilors were his match in any way. I was unlucky enough to be a part of them, so I also took a beating from him.” 

Lu Yin was surprised. “You were a Councilor in your generation’s Universe Youth Council?”

“I was one of the Outerverse Youth Councilors,” Zi Rong corrected.

“Do you know Kong Shi?” Lu Yin asked.

Zi Rong replied, “I’ve heard of her, but I’m one generation older than Kong Shi. Cai Jianqiang and I are from the previous generation, so she’s one generation younger than us.”

“Then why is her power level higher than yours?” Lu Yin was baffled.

The corner of Zi Rong’s mouth twitched as he looked away. This asshole did not know how to have a conversation. 

Cai Jianqiang laughed, “Kong Shi was a Councilor from the previous Universe Youth Council, and he’s just one generation older than her and was in the Outerverse Youth Council. You can think of it as the difference between Wendy Yushan and the Ten Arbiters, though not quite that exaggerated. Still, there was a difference, but only in power level. If they truly fought against each other, Kong Shi may not actually be his match.” 

Zi Rong rolled his eyes. “Don’t make a comparison between us based on our statuses. Our generation’s councilors all had similar levels of strength, unlike now, where any one of the Ten Arbiters can sweep across several generations of Universe Youth Councilors. Someone like me wouldn’t even qualify to receive a move from one of the Ten Arbiters.” 

“Yes, the times have changed. Even I can’t deal with those monsters.” Cai Jianqiang sighed.

Lu Yin looked over at Cai Jianqiang curiously. “Speaking of which, I haven’t even seen you use all your strength. You’re supposed to be the definition of someone unequalled within their generation.” 

Cai Jianqiang shook his head. “I’m about the same as this fellow here, and there’s not much difference between us. Don’t listen to other people’s wild exaggerations. Compared to cultivating, I enjoy lockbreaking more.” 

Zi Rong snorted, “Alliance Leader Lu, don’t let this guy trick you. When he erupts with his true strength, it’s enough to scare people to death. It’s not like he’s never beaten up an Enlighter.” 

“Don’t spout nonsense.” Cai Jianqiang glared at Zi Rong.

Lu Yin was surprised to learn that Cai Jianqiang had actually defeated an Enlighter before, and he probably had not relied on any items to boost his strength either. That was amazing. In that case, how strong would this person be once he became an Enlighter? In that case, wasn’t this person at around the same level as the Ten Arbiters? If that was so, then he could serve as a benchmark. If Lu Yin could go head to head with Cai Jianqiang, then that might indicate that his strength was approaching that of the Ten Arbiters. Lu Yin became a little excited when he thought of this. 

Lu Yin was still uncertain how strong the Ten Arbiters truly were. From start to end, during the chaotic battle in the Daosource Sect's ruins, Lu Yin had been either trashed or rescued. And against Nightking Zhenwu, Lu Yin had not even been able to retaliate. With a fresh benchmark in front of him, Lu Yin planned to come back to this person in the future to test his personal strength after improving. 

Cai Jianqiang took out three jars of wine from his cosmic ring, which were actually traditional earthen jars. “It’s been a long time since we drank. Come on, cheers.” 

“Is this a cup?” Zi Rong’s eyes went wide.

Cai Jianqiang drank to his heart’s content and then wiped the corner of his mouth. “Don’t be confused. I got these from a planet that had just broken away from a slaving civilization. It’s the best wine, and it can’t be purchased anywhere else.”

Lu Yin took a mouthful; the wine refreshed his throat, and it was actually very invigorating. There was an uninterrupted sweetness as he drank followed by a fire that seemed to ignite his belly, but the heat quickly cooled afterwards. It was a very contradictory feeling, but it was also very pleasant. “Good wine.” 

“Good taste.” Cai Jianqiang appreciated Lu Yin more. He would only use this wine when entertaining people whom he recognized.

Zi Rong took a mouthful. “Not bad. Where did you get it from?”

Cai Jianqiang quietly replied, “Not telling.”


“You’re from Amethyst Exchange! If I tell you, this wine will end up becoming widespread.”

“Isn’t that better? Then you’ll be able to drink it more often.”

“The rarer, the more valuable.”

“That’s unrelated to food and drinks. People who say that are talking about items.”

“It’s the same logic.”

“What a wooden brain! You clearly have an amazing talent for cultivating, but you only enjoy lockbreaking. This is why you haven’t accomplished anything in your life!” 

“That’s fine.”

Lu Yin took another sip of the wine as he watched the two bicker, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere. He had just been strangers with the two of them a short while ago, but these two clearly got along well. 

“Hey, come on, tell me. I never meddle with the exchange. You should know that.” Zi Rong looked expectantly at Cai Jianqiang. 

Cai Jianqiang glanced over at his friend. “I seem to recall that you don’t like drinking wine, but here you are, demanding my source so energetically. If you’re not asking on behalf of the exchange, then what?” 

Zi Rong grinned and then gloomily took a large mouthful of the wine.

Lu Yin set his earthen jar down. “I seldom drink wine, but it’s quite refreshing.”

Cai Jianqiang smiled. “Every time a lockbreaking session doesn’t go smoothly, I have a drink and drown my sorrows. There’s no need to dispel it with star energy.” 

Lu Yin looked at him. “Honestly, why do you pursue lockbreaking so strongly?”

Cai Jianqiang longingly answered, “It’s a dream.”

“Dream your ass! You just don’t want to lose to your brother,” Zi Rong mocked.

Cai Jianqiang quietly said, “It was like that at the start, but when I succeeded for the first time and saw the object that had been sealed away by the universe for countless years, it felt as if I was snatching treasures away from the universe. This feeling is something that can never be experienced by those who can’t lockbreak.” He then looked over at Lu Yin, and his eyes lit up. “I really wish I had the lockbreaking talent that you guys have, but… Hai.” 

This person truly liked lockbreaking, and Lu Yin did not know how to comfort him. Talent for lockbreaking? Did Lu Yin have such a thing? He didn’t know, as he simply relied on his Cosmic Art to supplement his lockbreaking. It seemed as though Cai Jianqiang was not inferior in terms of perception or his star energy control, but for some reason, his lockbreaking did not improve smoothly. And thus, the man was only able to blame himself. 

Lu Yin looked over at Zi Rong. “Why don’t you want to get involved in the Exchange’s business?” 

Zi Rong took another swig of wine. “It’s too annoying. There’s nothing more delightful than cultivating.” 

Cai Jianqiang countered, saying, “He’s afraid of trouble, so he doesn’t cultivate any other techniques besides his Battalion Slash. He has trained that one technique for decades.”

Lu Yin was stunned. “It’s not because of his perseverance?” 

“It’s because he’s lazy,” Cai Jianqiang ruthlessly mocked. 

Zi Rong retorted, “Don’t spout nonsense, I definitely have perseverance. How else would I have managed to persist for decades?” 

Lu Yin was left speechless, and he had a feeling that his common sense was being destroyed. Everything had a cause and an effect; Zi Rong had cultivated his Battalion Slash for decades, and even if that was because of his laziness, he also possessed great determination. It was only his motivation that put others off. Lu Yin had nearly worshipped Zi Rong’s determination, but now, Lu Yin felt his blood starting to run cold. 

There were some things that really should not be said aloud, for once they were spoken, the truth might not match the appearance. Sometimes, imagination was enough. 

“Alliance Leader Lu, I know why you are here. I tell you straightforwardly that I cannot represent Amethyst Exchange, and I cannot help you in your feud with Aegis,” Zi Rong said. 

Lu Yin was not surprised by this, as he had realized that the moment he saw the Battalion Slash, and he had known that he would inevitably be rejected. “It’s alright, your sister has helped me enough.” 

Zi Rong suddenly moved closer and glared at Lu Yin. “Don’t make any moves on her. She’s going to marry a scholar in the future.” 

Lu Yin blinked. “I’m a scholar.” 

“Knowing how to read doesn’t make you a scholar,” Zi Rong retorted in a deep voice.

Lu Yin did not know how to reply to that. Should he come up with a poem on the spot?

Before long, the three men finished the wine in the three earthen jars. Not one of them used any star energy to sober themselves up, and they were all quite clearly drunk. 

Cai Jianqiang was hugging his jar and lockbreaking while crazily lamenting about something or another. 

Zi Rong wielded his blade while hacking away with it, slice after slice. It was impossible to tell if he was drunk or sleepwalking. 

Lu Yin fell to the ground and reminisced about past memories, though he could not recall what had happened nine years ago. His memory was limited to only these nine years. During this time, he had lived with Big Sis and the others for a year, spent more than a year peacefully living on Earth, and then another seven years cultivating. That was the extent of his memories, and there was nothing from before that. 

He felt like a rootless weed, and Earth could barely be considered his roots.

The following day, at King Zishan's palace, Lu Yin massaged his head. He had drunk too much the previous day, but fortunately, he had still managed to get home.

He moved star energy through his body, and his mind became much clearer as his discomfort faded away. 

He did not know what had happened to the other two. One had been crazily lockbreaking while the other had been waving a blade about in a berserk fashion. They wouldn’t have inexplicably started fighting each other, right? Fortunately, he had been the first to leave. 

He had just entered the palace’s courtyard when Gavin requested an audience, his face showing a sense of urgency and excitement. 

“Your Highness, good news! The Goddess, Luo Shen is on Zenyu Star. Do you want to see her?” Gavin excitedly informed Lu Yin, his expression a little strange. 

Lu Yin was confused. “Luo Shen? Who’s that?”

Gavin was surprised. “Your Highness doesn’t know of the Goddess? She’s the most popular celebrity beauty! She’s a jade goddess who’s popular throughout half of the Outerverse. You’ve never heard of her?” 

Lu Yin shook his head. “What does some celebrity have to do with me?”

Gavin quietly answered, “Luo Shen wants to socialize and meet some new friends on Zenyu Star with a concert. If Your Highness is interested, your subject can invite her to dance for Your Highness alone. With your current status, I don’t believe that Luo Shen will reject an invitation.” 

Lu Yin stared at Gavin in astonishment, as this old fellow’s expression did not look quite right. Could this man be trying to bend some rules to dote on Lu Yin? Lu Yin suddenly laughed. “Is she really that beautiful? To the point where Lord Gavin cannot maintain himself?” 

Gavin smiled sheepishly. “Your Highness is funny, and your subject does not have the good fortune to be able to watch Luo Shen dance by myself. Right!” Gavin quickly activated his gadget, and a woman appeared on the screen. “Take a look, Your Highness. This is The Goddess, Luo Shen! The jade goddess of Amethyst Exchange.” 

Lu Yin looked over and was amazed. His breath was truly stolen by this girl.

The girl on the screen looked to be about twenty years old, and golden hair hung to her waist. She had a gentle look and was attractive in a non-dazzling way. Her appearance was exquisite and refined, beautiful and pure. There was an indescribable attraction about her, and she had a faint smile on her face, as if she was an angel that had descended from the Heavens. Even Lu Yin, who had seen Ming Yan, Bai Xue, Madam Nalan, and other stunning beauties, felt that Luo Shen’s beauty was extremely rare. She was different from any other beautiful woman he had seen before. 

This girl had an intoxicating appearance and a smile that could purify people.

Her smile felt like it could illuminate even the darkest corners.

Gavin closely observed Lu Yin, and when he saw the Royal Regent’s eyes brighten, he quietly asked, “Your Highness, do you want a private performance?” 

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze. “Is that possible?” 

Gavin replied, “For others, of course not. However, this subject can invite her in Your Highness’s name.”

After that, Gavin opened up other images of Luo Shen to share with Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin had only noticed her face before being instantly stunned, and he had not really paid much attention to her figure. It had to be said that beautiful women practically all had good figures, and this Luo Shen was no different. Her chest was so large that it did not match her innocent face at all.

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