Chapter 752: Overbearing Mavis

After half a month passed by in peace, a piece of news that rocked the Outerverse was released. Even Lu Yin was left stunned by it.

The Mavis Bank had been attacked. It was not just one branch that had been targeted, but more than a hundred scattered throughout the Outerverse were focused. And as a result, almost half of them had been destroyed. 

This was obviously a premeditated attack that had been planned a long time ago that was aimed directly at the Mavis Bank.

Lu Yin could not quite believe the news when he first heard it. Someone had actually been daring enough to act against the Mavis Bank, and on such a large scale as well.

Every branch of the Mavis Bank boasted powerful defenses, and even a Hunter might not be able to take down a single branch. But despite that, nearly half of their Outerverse branches had been attacked and destroyed. This proved that the attackers’ strength was absolutely terrifying. It should be remembered that Gavin had personally seen a Hunter being torn apart by one of the trees standing guard over a branch of the Mavis Bank. If an ordinary tree branch from one of those trees had the strength to kill a Hunter, then could this attack on the Mavis Bank have involved more than a hundred Hunters? 

That was impossible.

As he thought about it, Lu Yin immediately headed over to Amethyst Exchange to speak with Zi Xianxian.

At this moment, Zi Xianxian was sitting on the pink sofa, thinking about something as she stared up at the three mainland rings in the sky. 

When Lu Yin arrived, she was still lost in thought.

“I wish to purchase all the information related to the Mavis Bank raids,” Lu Yin said.

Zi Xianxian looked over at him, “Deal. Five star essence.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, as this was his first time actually conducting a regular transaction with Amethyst Exchange, and the price was truly exorbitant. Five star essence was equivalent to 50,000 star crystals. 

“Don’t look at me like that. The Mavis Bank instantly sealed all of the information as soon as they were raided, and nobody can uncover the true situation aside from us. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to pay,” Zi Xianxian said. 

Lu Yin handed her five star essence, and she tossed him a memory chip in return. Lu Yin immediately inserted it into his gadget and perused the stored information with a serious look. There was detailed information about the raids and even a few videos. 

The attackers had mostly consisted of mere Explorers with not even twenty Cruisers among them and hardly any Hunters. The attacks on the bank’s branches were an overpowering show of force from the beginning, with the attackers taking out almost half of the bank building in an instant, which was just like what Lu Yin had heard. That great tree then killed almost all the attackers, who were naturally unable to retaliate since the tree was even able to wipe out a Hunter. 

But then, the tree suddenly rapidly wilted away, and the rest of the Mavis Bank’s defenses were obliterated in the blink of an eye. This abrupt change had led to almost half of the Mavis Bank being destroyed. The remaining area was robbed clean, even the sections that had not been destroyed. 

Lu Yin carefully read over Amethyst Exchange’s analysis, as these attackers were definitely not from a single power, since their movements were actually very uncoordinated and muddled. The vast majority of the attackers were independent cultivators, moving around chaotically like mixed fish. Lu Yin made some comparisons and realized that his 200 androids could wipe out this motley group of attackers, but somehow, despite everything, they had managed to successfully attack the Mavis Bank. 

It was all very strange, and the entire ordeal was quite bizarre, especially the part where the bank’s guardian tree had actually wilted. He had never noticed anyone damaging it. 

Lu Yin looked at Zi Xianxian in puzzlement, and before he could say anything, Zi Xianxian told him, “Don’t bother asking. Amethyst Exchange has sold you everything that we know. If you don’t know, then we don’t either.” 

“Such as what happened to that tree?” Lu Yin asked. 

Zi Xianxian looked at him with a serious face. “The Mavis Bank is the master of the universe’s finances, and nobody knows the depths of their strength. Any branch of the bank has the power to kill a Hunter, and this is common knowledge throughout the universe. However, that common knowledge was overturned today. Honestly, we don’t know what’s going on, and our desire to find out is even more than yours.” 

“Who were those attackers?” Lu Yin asked.

Zi Xianxian answered, “I’ve already told you—you know what we know, and we don’t know what you don’t. All of our conjectures on those attackers are included in the memory chip.”

“Someone was clearly controlling things from behind the scenes, so what’s your conjecture on that? Or do you guys really not know who the mastermind is?” Lu Yin frowned. 

Zi Xianxian rolled her eyes. “Don’t insult our professionalism. Amethyst Exchange will forever remain neutral. If you pay up, we’ll tell you everything we know and not hide a thing. Also, we won’t try to deceive you if we don’t know something.”

Someone had actually moved against the Mavis Bank, and Lu Yin could not even imagine how they had done it. Wei Rong had set a very bad precedent with his raid on the Lockbreaker Society, and Lu Yin had previously guessed that one of the colossal organizations that had dominated the Outerverse would be targeted again, but he had never thought that it would be the Mavis Bank. 

Out of all the colossal companies and organizations, the Mavis Bank stood at the very top. Lu Yin even reckoned that the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society with Geoffrey at their helm could not surpass the Mavis Bank. But inexplicably, it had been raided on this day, and the crux of the issue was that the attackers had actually succeeded. 

Lu Yin returned to King Zishan's palace with bright eyes. He then quickly contacted Phantom Sting and had him secretly leak the information that the people who had raided the Mavis Bank were a part of Aegis and that the mercenaries had masterminded everything. 

He knew that Aegis was planning on launching a blitzkrieg attack on Zenyu Star, and he wanted to see if he could use the Mavis Bank to force them out of the shadows.

Lu Yin was not counting on the Mavis Bank to take fully care of Aegis, as the Mavis Bank was not filled with fools. They definitely would not trust this information that came from swirling rumors. Rather, Lu Yin wanted information on Aegis; regardless of if the Mavis Bank believed the rumors, there were simply too few organizations in the current Outerverse that had the power to go up against the Mavis Bank, and Aegis just happened to be one of them. Also, the mercenary company had been much more active than normal in recent days, so the Mavis Bank would definitely at least look into these rumors. 

Aegis was like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark, and Lu Yin was hoping that the Mavis Bank would be able to cast some light onto the serpent. Even if only a small part was revealed, it would still be enough to embarrass Aegis. 

Of course, he was not overly hopeful and was just testing the waters. Even if things didn’t work out as he hoped, he wasn’t too concerned about it. 

Lu Yin was only casually testing out a method to force Aegis out and humiliate them, but the actual results completely caught him by surprise. 

An executive from the Mavis Bank had immediately destroyed one of Aegis’s bases, astonishing countless people. 

Ruthlessness, unreasonable, tyrannical: all of these words were used to describe Aegis, but at this moment, all of these adjectives were thrown onto the Mavis Bank. 

Aegis was famous for being ruthless, but the Mavis family were even more tyrannical than the mercenaries. The issue of whether or not Aegis had been the mastermind behind the raids on the bank was something that the Mavis Bank would discuss after destroying one base, and an important base at that. This forced Aegis to send out someone from their upper echelons to negotiate with people from the Mavis Bank. 

The Mavis Bank’s actions were crude and simple, just like how Aegis dealt with other organizations. This was them looking down on the mercenaries, or rather, disregarding them. 

The Mavis Bank had presented a pleasant attitude to customers for countless years, and they were rated very highly for their service and appraisals. Who would have thought that with one move, they would overturn the perceptions of so many people. 

The Mavis Bank was like an honest person who seemed to be easily bullied, but once they resisted, their enemy would not even have an opportunity to apologize.  

This was what had happened to Aegis. One of their bases was almost instantly destroyed, and they were forced to send a powerful member to personally visit the Mavis Bank and deescalate the situation. 

This was the Mavis Bank. It was a true colossal organization whose terrifying strength made even Aegis lose the courage to resist. 

This also provided some insight for Lu Yin. 

He had only wanted to probe Aegis, and he had never thought that they would instead end up being probed by the Mavis Bank. This was a genuine colossal organization, and even if Aegis wanted to work out an agreement, it all depended on the Mavis Bank’s stance. 

They had been too low-profile. Lu Yin looked at a star chart that listed the locations of the Mavis Bank’s thousands of branches that were scattered throughout the universe. The bank had remained low profile for centuries, and even if Lu Yin had always felt that the Mavis Bank was terrifying, he had never imagined that they would be so fearsome. This was how they had become the masters of the universe’s finances. 

The Innerverse and Outerverse had been separated, and only after that had Aegis dared to act tyrannically. However, even now, they still did not dare to act up in front of the Mavis Bank. 

Due to the Mavis Bank’s rapid reaction, the masterminds behind the assaults on the bank would not dare make a move after this. Lu Yin had ended up inadvertently helping them. 

Could it be Wei Rong? Lu Yin guessed. 

At this moment, Kayze arrived. “Your Majesty, the First Squadron has reported that there are people fighting on an unoccupied planet near Planet Hydrotink. Also, the power level detectors have sensed power levels of over 100,000, which means that there are Hunters there.” 

“Do you know who they are?” Lu Yin asked. 

Kayze replied, “No, the people investigating didn’t dare approach the battlefield.”

Lu Yin grunted, “Got it.”

He then quickly left King Zishan's palace and headed towards Planet Hydrotink. 

He was not worried, as Planet Hydrotink had Felynn as well as many other Lockbreakers, not to mention Cai Jianqiang. Unless an Enlighter made a move, not much could threaten them, especially since the planet’s defenses were not much worse than Zenyu Star’s. 

Planet Hydrotink was not very far from Zenyu Star, and when Lu Yin arrived at the overgrown planet, he saw a boundless blade slice down. Even though he was still in outer space, he could acutely sense the impressive display of power, as this blade was filled with an endless malice as it tore through the void. The planet shuddered as the blade descended with a cold light that illuminated the entire region. The instruments on the spacecraft monitoring nearby power levels instantly shattered. 

Lu Yin reflexively moved away, and his expression turned solemn. This blade was very terrifying yet also as majestic as a mountain. It carried a boldness with it that sought to slice everything apart. 

Following the blade, a large amount of berserk star energy surged forth, and the cold blade was actually split apart, unable to complete its strike. The blade was ultimately reduced to shreds that ricocheted into the void before scattering in all directions. 

Lu Yin’s gaze trembled, as this berserk energy was Cai Jianqiang’s strength. It seemed that there was a person who was actually exchanging blows with Cai Jianqiang. From their rune lines, it seemed that they were also at a peak of the Hunter realm and that they were just slightly shy of becoming an Enlighter. 

As the blade completely dissipated, the swordsman’s rune lines rapidly dwindled away before finally stabilizing at a power level of around 150,000. 

Lu Yin moved forward and flew through space towards the unregistered planet. 

There were huge cracks spread all over the surface, and a turbid gas leaked out from the ground, rising into the sky and feeding into a massive hurricane. This planet was covered with poisonous gases that made it unsuitable for normal humans to inhabit, and it also had dreadful storms that constantly roamed about. 

There was a loud laugh, and Lu Yin looked over to see a man on the ground wielding a huge blade while facing Cai Jianqiang. His sturdy muscles bulged out, and there was a faint glow that flowed around him. With one look, Lu Yin could tell that this person had a powerful physical body. Additionally, the ground beneath this swordsman’s feet had been completely pulverized, but it was currently being held together by the man’s star energy. 

“Brother Cai, we haven’t met for more than ten years, yet you’re still so powerful. Even if I’ve managed to cultivate my Battalion Slash to such a degree, I’m still not your match. Hahaha, it’s no wonder why you are the top of our generation,” the man laughed, but then he suddenly looked up, his sharp gaze fixated on Lu Yin. Suddenly, he sliced out with his blade. “Who’s this puny junior?” 

Lu Yin’s gaze trembled, and he raised a hand to suppress the surging star energy before gathering it into an attack with the Overlaying Stacks Path in the blink of an eye. He then used the Skybeast Claw to grab at the blade’s approaching light. With a bang, the radiant bladelight shattered and broke apart into motes of light that gradually dissipated. 

The swordsman on the ground was astonished. Despite only casually releasing an attack with his sword, that had still been an attack from a Hunter. The youth in the sky was just an Explorer, but he had been able to block the attack and had even shattered it. Interesting.

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