Chapter 738: Wu Taibai

Nong Zaitian’s expression remained perfectly normal, not revealing any information.

Lu Yin continued, saying, “If it wasn’t those people from the Daosource Sect who grew these plants, then it must have been some other people from hundreds of thousands years ago. Since they dared to grow them, then they must have had a way to ensure that others wouldn’t discover them. Thus, there’s only one possibility concerning the identity of the person who discovers this area.” He looked straight at Nong Zaitian. “They must be the descendant of the people who made this area.” 

Nong Zaitian’s expression changed, and he let out a deep breath. “Good guess. These herbs were planted by my Nong family’s ancestors.”

“Something about that still sounds wrong. I heard that the Nong family’s ancestors obtained all of their treasures from an auction house in one of the Daosource Sect’s subsidiary cities, which is how the Nong family was able to abruptly rise to power. These plants should be at least tens of thousands years old, and your Nong family probably hadn’t even stepped onto the path of cultivation back then,” Lu Yin countered. 

Nong Zaitian’s lips curled up. “My Nong family has passed this inheritance down through countless years. Not just tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years ago—my Nong family was once one of the Sixth Mainland’s legends. However, my Nong family has always kept a low profile, never mentioning our past.” 

Lu Yin did not speak further, as this area was very large. There were at least hundreds of natural treasures in this place, and it was possible that there were even hidden ones that had reached the level of avoiding danger. He completely unleashed his domain to discover exactly how many natural treasures were in this place. But then, he suddenly turned around to look at the entrance, as he had just noticed one other person entering without either of them noticing. His black-and-white hair was very distinct. It was Nightking Zhenwu. 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, as he would have never even dreamed that Nightking Zhenwu would appear in this place. 

Nightking Zhenwu had a smile on his face, but his eyes were cold as he looked at Lu Yin. “I never thought that I would actually bump into you here, Lu Yin. Your luck is terrible.” 

Lu Yin felt his scalp go numb, and he slowly retreated.

Nong Zaitian was stunned, and he stared at Nightking Zhenwu. “How did you get in here?”

Nightking Zhenwu glanced at the youth. “Ten years ago, there was someone from the Nong family who came here and died at my hand.”

Nong Zaitian’s expression changed, and both of his fists were clenched tightly as he stared at Nightking Zhenwu. “So you’re the one who killed my cousin.” 

Nightking Zhenwu remained arrogant. “This place that your Nong ancestors found is pretty decent, and it has provided me with quite a few good items over the last ten years. You guys can remain here and become its fertilizer.” He then directed his icy cold eyes towards Lu Yin. “Especially you. You even dared to destroy a Progenitor's inheritance!”

Neither of the two saw the Nightking make any movements, but Lu Yin and Nong Zaitian both saw black and white appear before their eyes. Nong Zaitian immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and nearly fainted whereas Lu Yin was able to once again sense a certain level of suppression from Nightking Zhenwu. 

Against Nightking Zhenwu, even Lu Yin’s Yu Secret Art that could divert attacks could not help him, as Nightking Zhenwu was in no way inferior to an Enlighter. 

Lu Yin did not want to just wait to die, and he raised his hand that had transformed into a claw. The Skybeast Claw pushed forwards, though Nightking Zhenwu looked at it with disdain as he lifted a single finger and easily shattered the claw. A moment later, Lu Yin’s eight lined battle force appeared, and his eyes went slack as he tapped out with a finger while the void froze. Nightking Zhenwu was astonished, and he similarly raised his index finger and tapped out. 

The two index fingers struck each other in the void, and the strength of their clash burst forth and tore apart the space in the area. It released an earth-shattering amount of star energy that blew away both Nong Zaitian and many of the surrounding natural treasures. 

Lu Yin’s Dream Finger had been blocked, seemingly effortlessly, while from Nightking Zhenwu’s perspective, his own finger had also been blocked. 

He was Arbiter Zhenwu—a Hunter!—and the battle technique that he had just unleashed with the strength of his finger had actually been blocked by an Explorer, which was unacceptable to someone so arrogant. 

Lu Yin was blown back a dozen steps, and a gust of wind shot out in front of him. His Fatesand immediately appeared before his chest with its appearance as a clod of dirt that blocked the gale. His body was forced back another dozens of metres, and he coughed out blood. 

Nightking Zhenwu was astonished. “Fatesand? You actually have quite a few good things. What a pity that they’re all foreign objects.”

Then, he stepped forward. “Nightking Finger.”

It was an identical finger battle technique to the previous one, and it flickered with a black-and-white radiance as Nightking Zhenwu’s spiritual force steadily swept forward. Nong Zaitian was completely unable to resist the attack and was pressed firmly against the mountain wall whereas Lu Yin was unable to use the Dream Finger again.

As the Nightking Finger approached, Lu Yin used the Yu Secret Art to forcefully change the direction of Nightking Zhenwu’s finger technique, but the next moment, the finger landed and tapped against Lu Yin’s chest. “That secret technique is not invincible. The difference between us is too great.”

Lu Yin’s body was pierced by the finger, and his entire body was slammed against the mountainside. 

Even an ultimate treasure like his Fatesand was unable to defend against Arbiter Zhenwu’s attacks. 

Ten days ago, when Lu Yin had participated in the battle between the Arbiters and the Realmlings, he had learned of the huge gap that existed between himself and those like the Ten Arbiters and the Realmlings. From beginning to end, he hadn’t been able to take a single breath, and he hadn’t even directly confronted any of them. No matter if it was the Ten Arbiters or the Realmlings, they each had their own opponents. What Lu Yin had suffered from had been nothing more than the aftermath of those battles. 

However, at this moment, he was directly facing Nightking Zhenwu’s attacks, though they may have been nothing more than just casual strikes. Lu Yin could not resist at all, and even his Yu Secret Art was not able to divert Nightking Zhenwu’s finger technique, leaving Lu Yin severely injured. 

This was Arbiter Zhenwu. This was the true strength of the universe’s Ten Arbiters.

The Ten Arbiters had dominated their own generation throughout the universe, and every one of them had a strength that could completely suppress those of the same generation. They had been able to shift authority to the younger generation not just because of the powers that stood behind them and their qualification to enter the Daosource Sect, but even more so because of their personal strength. 

These were the Ten Arbiters: characters who held supreme authority to judge the younger generation. 

“Your secret technique looks very familiar.” Nightking Zhenwu looked down at Lu Yin.

From the corner of his eyes, Lu Yin glanced over at Nong Zaitian, as he was hoping that this person had some way to flee.

“I remember now. Back in the Budding Terrace, Wendy Yushan also used this secret technique,” Nightking Zhenwu said coldly, though he sounded as if he was simply mentioning something unimportant.

Lu Yin’s eyes turned cold. “Why did you attack Wendy Yushan?”

The Nightking’s tone remained indifferent. “She’s just trash from the Outerverse: so what if she dies? Do I need any sort of reason to act against her?” 

Lu Yin’s gaze sharpened, and he clenched both fists as bloodlust surged in his heart.

“Whether it’s Wendy Yushan or you, you are both just trash, and it won’t affect the broader situation even if you die. However, I’m very curious—how did you obtain a futon that lets you enter this place? Also, where did you get your secret technique?” Nightking Zhenwu spoke slowly as he approached Lu Yin.

“You want to obtain the secret technique? Quit dreaming.” Lu Yin sneered.

A disdainful smile spread across Nightking Zhenwu’s face. “Although that secret technique is good, it’s not like I don’t have one. It’s just that you cannot even make me use it. Still, it would be pretty good if I could obtain another. I’ll give you a chance. Hand over that secret technique, and I’ll erase every bit of the grudge that Yanqing has with you, and I can even allow you to leave this place alive. However, if we meet again, you had best think of a way to save your life.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, as this was the true face of the Nightking clan. They were arrogant by birth, exactly the same as Nightking Yuanjing, who Lu Yin had dealt with before. You had to think of a way to survive by pleading with them and demonstrating your value. Otherwise you would die. This sort of arrogance and disregard came from their very bones, and they did not view anyone as being worthy of their regard. 

Nightking Zhenwu’s lips curled upwards. “I’ll repeat myself for the final time. Hand over the secret technique, and I’ll let you leave.”

He shifted his focus over to Nong Zaitian. “As for you, just die.”

He was about to act, but suddenly, his movements slowed, and his face fell. He slowly turned around and looked towards the entrance, exactly where he had just been standing when he had severely injured Lu Yin. In walked a man in white clothes, and he surveyed the area with an astonished expression on his face. “I never imagined that there would be such a paradise here. Such luck!” 

Lu Yin stared at the man in astonishment. “Mr. Bai?”

The person who had just arrived was indeed Mr. Bai.

Mr. Bai noticed Lu Yin and excitedly waved at him. “Deafmute Bro, what a coincidence.”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly. “You didn’t pick a very good time to show up.”

Mr. Bai blinked. “That’s impossible. The natural treasures in this place have not been taken away yet, and no one here can use a cosmic ring. You three can’t possibly take away all of these natural treasures, so why don’t we split them evenly?”

“I agree, let’s split them evenly!” Nong Zaitian shouted crazily as he tried to catch Lu Yin’s attention with his eyes.

Lu Yin was confused, as this guy was insane. Nightking Zhenwu was able to easily slaughter all three of them by himself. How would they split anything evenly?

“See, that brother has already agreed.” Mr. Bai smiled.

Nightking Zhenwu turned towards Mr. Bai. “If you wish to split things evenly, then it will depend entirely on your strength.”

“Then I shall not disappoint you.” Mr. Bai smiled. 

Lu Yin felt something was off, since Nightking Zhenwu seemed to be acting slightly apprehensive when facing Mr. Bai.

Nong Zaitian carefully walked over to Lu Yin’s side, then asked softly, “Big bro, how do you know him?” 

Lu Yin grew curious upon seeing Nong Zaitian’s reaction to Mr. Bai’s arrival. “You know him?”

Nong Zaitian grinned. “It’s all thanks to my Nong family’s ancestors. They forced all of us to memorize every expert within our generation who might pose a threat to us. You may not recognize this person’s face, but you must have heard his name before.” Nong Zaitian coughed and then solemnly said, “Daosource Three Skies, Wu Taibai.” 

A chill ran down Lu Yin’s spine as complex emotions surged through his heart. He should find a fortune teller to predict his death, as his luck in this trip to the Daosource Sect's ruins had been just too horrendous. First, he had ended up being implicated in a huge battle between the Ten Arbiters and several Realmlings. Then, he had followed Nong Zaitian with great difficulty, believing that he had obtained some great treasure, but ended up bumping into Nightking Zhenwu. Now, he had to face Wu Taibai. 

Mr. Bai turned out to actually be one of the Daosource Three Skies, and if not for the apprehension in Nightking Zhenwu’s eyes, Lu Yin would have never believed Nong Zaitian’s words. Back in the cauldron, Mr. Bai had been rescued by Lu Yin, but now he turned out to be Wu Taibai? 

Although Lu Yin had never seen the Daosource Three Skies make a move himself, everyone had referred to them as three powerhouses who could decide everything, and there was no one within the same generation who could possibly be a match for any of the Daosource Three Skies. Even the Sixth Mainland’s Realmlings were beneath the Daosource Three Skies, and it was widely known that they had the strength to decide everything. The discrepancy was so large that many did not even consider the Daosource Three Skies as a part of the younger generation since their talents transcended time. How could Mr. Bai be Wu Taibai? 

No matter what, the outcome was clear. No matter who emerged victorious between Nightking Zhenwu or Mr. Bai, it would not be beneficial to Lu Yin or Nong Zaitian.

They heard a bang as Nightking Zhenwu and Mr. Bai continued to look intensely at each other. A seemingly casual probing attack by the two of them had actually exerted such a strong star energy pressure that many of the natural treasures in the area had been destroyed. 

Nong Zaitian sat on his hoe, and he was just about to leave when he looked over at Lu Yin and remembered the time this bastard had used a secret technique to steal his hoe. After a moment, he helplessly said, “Get on.” 

Lu Yin did not stand on ceremony, and he quickly sat on the hoe with Nong Zaitian. The next moment, the hoe flew towards the entrance at top speed. Neither youth had any remaining desire for these natural treasures. Against Nightking Zhenwu and Wu Taibai, it was pointless regardless of the number of natural treasures, as they simply would not be able to seize any of them. 

When the entrance was right before their eyes, two figures flitted past them, and the void was torn apart. Nightking Zhenwu and Wu Taibai were still fighting against each other, and Nong Zaitian was forced to quickly change directions, causing the hoe and the two youths to crash into the mountainside to avoid the spatial tear. 

Nightking Zhenwu and Mr. Bai were similarly flung against the mountainside, but strangely, the mountain merely split open instead of completely shattering.

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