Chapter 737: Lucky Star

Who would have thought that there would actually be someone who could bring themselves to destroy a Progenitor's inheritance. That was a supreme inheritance throughout the entire universe, and even the Ten Arbiters would try to snatch one regardless of how much peril it posed. But despite that, one such inheritance had just been destroyed before their very eyes. 

No matter their thoughts on this outcome, Lu Yin had already done it.

White Knight stared at the place where Lu Yin had just disappeared from as complicated emotions filled her heart. There was a tinge of regret, but also admiration. Even she could not bear to destroy a Progenitor's inheritance. This person was truly ruthless. 

Further away, Xin Nü, whom Shi Zhongjian had called out towards, looked at where Lu Yin had vanished. This person’s aura felt familiar, and it made her want to get close to him. She even felt some sort of bloodline resonance between them. Who was that person just now? Where had he come from? Perhaps he could help her search for her lost memory. 


There was a rumble as a spike of pain shot through Lu Yin’s back; his entire body had crashed into something before slowly falling down. There was a human-shaped mark on the mountainside cliff that he had struck. 

He looked up and then checked his surroundings before finally relaxing. Fortunately, he had ended up in a place that did not seem to be overly dangerous, a very normal looking valley. 

He endured the immense pain to retrieve one of Shamrock Enterprises special medications and then began to treat himself. This time, his luck had been the worst, as he had appeared smack dab in the middle of a battlefield involving the Ten Arbiters and the Realmlings. He could already be considered very lucky since he had not died, and he had also been saved by White Knight and Wen Sansi, as he would have been doomed without those two. 

Up until now, Lu Yin had not been too clear on the disparity between himself and the Ten Arbiters, but he now had a better understanding. When he had encroached upon their battlefield, he had only been able to divert their attacks by using the Yu Secret Art, as he did not have the ability to normally resist a single one of their attacks. Even with the Enneadic Wings that had been upgraded to the point where they could defend against a peak Hunter’s attacks, he had been suppressed so badly that he had been left with no time to catch his breath. 

From start to finish, Lu Yin had only felt one thing: that he could not catch his breath.

Perhaps only by becoming a Cruiser would he be able to participate in such a battlefield.

There was a bang behind him as the Enneadic Wings shattered and became complete scrap.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, as he had prepared quite a bit for this trip. The Enneadic Wings had been able to protect him from peak Hunters and also boosted his speed until it could rival an Enlighter’s. The pike had been able to pierce through an Enlighter’s body, and with the addition of the Void Thunderbeast’s flesh, he had been confident that he was well-prepared for the Daosource Sect's ruins this time. However, everything that he had brought with him had been ruined on that one battlefield. 

From start to finish, it had only lasted a little more than ten minutes, but those ten minutes had felt like an eternity since he had faced death during every second of that time.

For now, he could not go out, at least until he recuperated. 

Still, this trip had not been completely wasted, and Lu Yin was rather pleased. He had destroyed that jade stone, which would make those Realmlings feel regret, and Nightking Zhenwu should be feeling even more pathetic. Until the very last moment, the Nightking had been fully confident that he would be able to seize the jade stone, but it had been ultimately destroyed by Lu Yin. 

The Progenitor's inheritance that had been so close to him was now gone forever. Wouldn’t that make the Nightking angry to the point of spitting out blood? Lu Yin was highly anticipating the Arbiter’s reaction. 

Of course, he also felt that it was a pity to lose the inheritance.

“Seventh Bro, this Monkey admires you. To think that you even dare to straight up destroy a Progenitor's inheritance.” The Ghost Monkey sighed.

Lu Yin sneered. “If I hadn’t destroyed it, should I have just allowed them to slaughter me?”

“That’s true. There was only one correct choice in that sort of situation. But from what I saw, that definitely was not a Progenitor's inheritance, and it may not have even been a true inheritance. How could an actual Progenitor's inheritance be destroyed by an Explorer like you? That would be a joke,” the monkey said. 

Lu Yin nodded. “I know, but even if that wasn’t a true inheritance, it should still have been something related to a Progenitor. Perhaps it recorded some sort of battle technique or the location of the true inheritance.” 

“Stop talking about it! It’s a pity that it’s gone,” the monkey lamented.

Lu Yin’s injuries were rather severe, as he had suffered from Di Fa’s palm, Shi Zhongjian’s sword qi, as well as Nightking Zhenwu’s battle technique. He stayed within that valley and recuperated for ten days, not daring to take a single step outside during this time. 

After ten days passed, he moved his arms, feeling much better.

He had entered the Daosource Sect's ruins this time with the intention of obtaining the battle technique from the cauldron. He had a way to comprehend that technique, so he wanted to try.

However, he did not know where the space with the Nine Cauldrons was located.

He left the valley and carefully made his way forward. At a time like this, there should be very few ordinary cultivators within the Daosource Sect's ruins, and the weakest who would appear were probably those whose strength were comparable to Autumnfrost Qing’s, while the odds of meeting one of the Realmlings or Ten Arbiters seemed much higher. 

There was a meadow outside the valley, but even after Lu Yin walked for half a day, he still could not see the end. This area was very large. 

At this point, he was not even certain if he was still in the Daosource Sect's ruins. Could the Void Thunderbeast’s flesh have somehow brought him to the Sixth Mainland itself? That would be rather interesting. 

He carefully unleashed his domain, and before long, he sensed another person thousands of meters away. This person was also advancing very cautiously. In fact, they were being even more careful than Lu Yin, and they were almost crouching in the grass as they advanced. 

When he saw this person, Lu Yin felt that they looked familiar, so he reduced his aura and began to slowly approach them. 

A person who advanced like this was probably not an expert.

Lu Yin approached the familiar person, though the person himself remained clueless. 

When Lu Yin saw the profile of the person, his expression changed. Wasn’t this person Brother Hoe?

In front of Lu Yin, Nong Zaitian was very carefully crawling forward while constantly mumbling, “Ancestors, please protect your descendant and allow me to avoid meeting any monsters from the Fifth Mainland. I don’t hold great hopes, and I only want to take away these objects. Ancestors, please protect your descendent. Ancestors, ancestors…” 

Lu Yin’s gaze flashed. These objects? It sounded like this person had found some good stuff.

“Seventh Bro, this Monkey remembers him. Without him, it would have been very difficult for you to escape from the clutches of Blood Looney. This fellow is your lucky star,” the monkey commented with a snigger. 

Lu Yin also reckoned that to be the case. Speaking of which, this person’s hoe was still in his cosmic ring, though it could not be taken out in the Daosource Sect. It was a pity that it was inaccessible, as that toy’s speed was no slower than the Enneadic Wings, and it was able to rival an Enlighter’s speed, which had once allowed Lu Yin to escape from the hands of a Realmling. 

Lu Yin did not show himself. Although he had not interacted that much with Nong Zaitian, he could tell that this person was very methodical, and he definitely would not expose those “objects” that he had just mentioned if Lu Yin suddenly appeared in front of him. Thus, Lu Yin decided to just follow behind the young man for the moment. 

As such, two figures slowly crawled forward, advancing through the meadow with one person in front of the other. The person in the front occasionally checked his surroundings, but he never noticed the person behind him. On the other hand, the person in the back merely kept a careful eye on the one in front. 

Unfortunately, neither of them realized that, even further from them, there was another person slowly walking in the same direction as the two of them.

Nong Zaitian was overly cautious, and his speed was extraordinarily slow, which made Lu Yin feel rather frustrated. What was up with this guy’s caution?

Of course, a little caution was good, and the experience that Lu Yin had suffered ten days before was unforgettable. Perhaps this fellow had also gone through a similar encounter. 

One day later, Nong Zaitian arrived at the bottom of a strange-looking mountain that was reminiscent of an exceptionally large sphere with a horn. 

Nong Zaitian excitedly took out his hoe and began to dig.

Lu Yin was stumped, as he was watching the hoe actually be used as one. This really could not be condemned. 

Nong Zaitian was excavating very excitedly when sparks suddenly emerged from underground—he seemed to have struck something. Lu Yin heard some thumping sounds before Nong Zaitian leaped into the hole that he had dug and disappeared underground. 

Lu Yin blinked and walked over. During this entire time, he maintained his domain as he followed Nong Zaitian underground. He was surprised; this fellow must have visited this place before since there was already an underground passageway that had been dug out. 

Without hesitation, Lu Yin also leaped down. 

The passageway was not very long, and Lu Yin restrained his aura as he followed along behind Nong Zaitian. The tunnel eventually exited into a place that felt like a fine spring day. There was even a delicate fragrance that wafted into Lu Yin’s nostrils and elevated his spirits. There were all sorts of peculiar plants growing nearby that gave off a soft radiance, densely covering the ground. 

Lu Yin was dazed, as this place was actually filled with all sorts of natural treasures that had been planted. 

“I’ll be damned… There’s so many natural treasures here. We’ve struck gold!” the Ghost Monkey shouted. 

Ahead of Lu Yin, Nong Zaitian was digging up something from the ground with his butt sticking up in the air when suddenly, he fell backwards onto the ground. A ball of light flew straight up. This was a natural treasure that had already reached the point of instinctively avoiding danger, and it started bouncing around the area. 

Nong Zaitian grew very excited and wanted to seize the natural treasure, but at that moment, he saw Lu Yin out of the corner of his eyes. His face turned deathly pale, and he stared at Lu Yin as if he had seen a ghost. “You- you- How did you get in here?” 

Lu Yin came to his senses and coughed. “I was just passing by.”

Nong Zaitian glared at Lu Yin, but then he suddenly remembered something. pointed at Lu Yin, and angrily bellowed, “It’s you! Return my hoe!”

Back when Lu Yin had been escaping from the pursuing Blood Looney, he had run into Nong Zaitian with his true appearance. Because Nightking Zhenwu had been here this time, Lu Yin had changed his appearance. Nong Zaitian had only seen Lu Yin’s true face during their previous meeting. 

“Sorry, I forgot to bring it. I’ll return it next time.” Lu Yin smiled drily.

Nong Zaitian gritted his teeth and stared at Lu Yin. “Get out of here.”

Lu Yin did not bother with the young man and glanced around with an astonished expression. “These natural treasures must have lived for over 10,000 years. No, for them to develop the instinct to avoid danger, they might’ve even lived for tens of thousands of years. This is a good place that must not have been discovered for a long time.”

Nong Zaitian stared behind Lu Yin, mulling over how he could deal with this person. But as he thought about it, his face soured. This fellow had escaped from Blood Looney’s pursuit, so this was not someone who Nong Zaitian could deal with. 

“How did you find this place?” Lu Yin asked curiously. 

Nong Zaitian’s eyes spun. “Hey, let’s make a deal. Why don’t we split the stuff here ninety-ten? I’ll take ninety, and you’ll take ten.”

Lu Yin looked at Nong Zaitian like he was an idiot.

Nong Zaitian also felt as though he was dreaming, and he quickly corrected himself. “Alright, eighty-twenty.”

Lu Yin diverted his gaze and completely ignored the other youth.

Nong Zaitian started to get anxious. “Seventy-thirty, but this is the lowest I can go. I won’t go any lower. How about seventy-thirty?”

Lu Yin nodded. “Okay, seventy-thirty.”

Nong Zaitian was thrilled. “Alright, deal!”

Lu Yin’s lips curled upwards. “I’m seventy, and you’re thirty.”

Nong Zaitian opened his mouth, furious. “I found this place! Do you have any shame? You want to compete for this place?”

Lu Yin rolled his eyes. “This is the Fifth Mainland’s Daosource Sect's ruins, not your home. Everyone has a share to the stuff here. Whoever’s fist is biggest, wins.” 

Nong Zaitian clenched his hoe, and from his stance, it looked as though he wanted to give Lu Yin a taste of it, but he gave up after an internal battle. “Fifty-fifty then.”

Lu Yin smiled, but he did not speak as he walked over to a plant in front of him. “Do you recognize this?”

The Ghost Monkey answered, “No, I’m not an encyclopedia either way.”

Lu Yin looked at Nong Zaitian. “Do you have some knowledge of these plants?”

Nong Zaitian was crushed. “No.”

“How did you find this place?” Lu Yin was curious.

Nong Zaitian replied, “I was avoiding enemies and found it by accident.”

“The Daosource Sect has survived for countless ages, so if these plants were planted in the age of the Daosource Sect, then after all these years, they would not merely be at the stage where they can instinctively avoid danger. In fact, some of them might have even turned into sourceboxes long ago. Thus, they could not have been planted by the people from the time of the Daosource Sect,” Lu Yin commented as he glanced at Nong Zaitian.

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