Chapter 736: Lu Yin’s Decision

Lu Yin drew close to the white sun, but the closer he approached, the stronger the terror in his heart. The sound of White Knight’s clock that was protecting him was starting to break down, and the Literary Prison around him was also falling apart. In the distance, Wen Sansi and Nightking Zhenwu were both looking up at the scene above them. 

Lu Yin was only a footstep away from the white sun when the Literary Prison around his body completely disappeared. At the last possible moment, he waved his right hand and activated the Yu Secret Art, causing the white sun to instantly vanish before reappearing, now heading towards Shang Rong and the other Realmlings. 

Lu Yin’s secret technique shocked everyone.

Shang Rong’s expression changed completely. “Secret technique.”

The Realmling with the stone sword and Toolwielder both immediately pulled back.

Even farther back, the man who had previously broken into the Literary Prison moved even further away. 

As the white sun exploded above the seabed, an immense impact accompanied the decomposing energy, both sweeping across the seafloor. The entire sea started decomposing, and the seabed kept vanishing. 

The gathered cultivators fled in all directions. 

Lu Yin used his Enneadic Wings to escape at top speed, and his speed was in no way inferior to any of the others’.

Not too long after, the white sun’s explosion died down, revealing an enormous pit in the seafloor, the edges of which could not even be seen. 

Lu Yin did not even hesitate to continue racing towards the surface of the sea. He had no desire to participate in such a battlefield and would flee whenever the opportunity arose. 

At this moment, sword qi streaked through the void, coming from the Realmling who wielded the stone sword. His path of retreat had put him near Lu Yin, and when he saw that Lu Yin was fleeing, he had attacked the youth. 

Lu Yin was not able to react in time, and he could only use his pike to block the attack. There was a sharp cracking sound as the pike shattered apart, but the sword qi continued to grind against the protection provided by the Enneadic Wings. It caused the layer of defense to crack apart, and the slice left a massive wound on Lu Yin’s body. 

Lu Yin had been injured by the sword qi. That compounded with his previous injury from the palm of the man who had phased through Literary Prison, and Lu Yin was not able to endure this second attack. He spat out a mouthful of blood, losing any bit of energy that he might have used to escape.

At that moment, someone grabbed his arm. It was White Knight. Her spear smashed apart the sword qi that had sneaked over again, and she looked down at Lu Yin. “Are you still alive?”

Lu Yin was speechless. “Let me go! I’m leaving!”

White Knight frowned. “You can’t escape, so follow me.”

Lu Yin opened his mouth, wanting to retort, but a green radiance suddenly shot up from the seafloor, drawing everyone’s attention. They all saw a palm-sized bit of jade stone float out, and it silently hovered over the seabed. 

White Knight’s gaze grew fervent. “A Progenitor's inheritance. Grab it!” She pulled Lu Yin over towards the jade.

The others also acted at the same time, every last one of them exerting their full effort at this moment. 

Lu Yin was being dragged along by White Knight. “I’m not taking it, so let me go!”

White Knight quietly said to him, “We all have our own opponents, so only you can seize it. Use your secret technique.”

Lu Yin wanted to scold her. It turned out that she had forced him to stay, not to save his life, but rather to make him her puppet to help her seize the Progenitor's inheritance. 

Everyone dashed towards the jade stone that was floating above the seabed, and while White Knight was the furthest away, she did not hesitate to throw Lu Yin over. Lu Yin’s physical strength was powerful, but he could not resist her due to his injured state, and he was flung straight at the piece of jade by the knight’s tremendous might. At the same time, from the opposite side of the jade piece, Wen Sansi lightly tapped out, creating a gale that struck the stone and pushed it towards Lu Yin. 

At this moment, Lu Yin suddenly became the person closest to the stone while everyone else was embroiled in a fight. Wen Sansi was even facing two opponents on his own as he held two Realmlings back. 

The jade stone landed in Lu Yin’s hands as everyone watched on.

The moment he obtained the jade stone, a refreshing aura spread through his palm and into his body that quickly treated his injuries. He was ecstatic, and he clenched it tightly.

“Give it to me,” Nightking Zhenwu’s voice called out, and Lu Yin saw the Nightking staring at him with imposing eyes. 

Lu Yin scanned the surroundings and saw that everyone was quickly approaching him. He could not remain in this place for too long, especially since the stone sword Realmling was unleashing more strands of sword qi at him, which Lu Yin could not block at all. He waved his hand to toss the jade stone towards White Knight while he himself moved in a direction without any people. 

None of the people present paid any more attention to Lu Yin as they were all focused on the jade stone. 

Soon after, an unfathomable attack swept through the area, releasing an aura that caused the combatants’ scalps to turn numb. 

Lu Yin turned around and fled as fast as he could. This was not a place where he could linger around—so what if it was a Progenitor's inheritance? If he lost his life, any inheritance would be useless. 

There was a bang as Lu Yin dashed up from the seafloor before relaxing as he headed into the distance. 

But his luck was poor; as he dashed up from the seafloor, the jade stone was actually flung out by an enormous strength, and it lit up with a green radiance as it flew into the sky . 

Lu Yin was left speechless. The figures of the Arbiters and Realmlings also charged up, and their battle instantly spread out to cover the surface of the sea. 

Lu Yin had no idea who had attacked or how the piece of jade had been sent straight towards him again, but he really wanted to curse. Why did he keep bumping into this thing even when he was trying to flee from it? 

Sword qi, it was that sword qi yet again. That Realmling with the stone sword unleashed the imprint of a three-inch elder behind him, and a majestic pressure descended as the stone sword revolved around his body while emitting a countless amount of sword qi that swept out in all directions. 

White Knight and the others were all forced back.

That Realmling grabbed at the jade stone, but right when he was about to reach it, black and white interchanged in the distance.

Lu Yin felt his scalp go numb. This was not good; it was a Daynight clan battle technique. He reflexively dashed back down towards the seabed with the intent of evading the attack since he was along the line formed by the attack, the piece of jade, and the stone sword wielding Realmling. In other words, he was being targeted by Nightking Zhenwu’s attack. 

Still, Lu Yin was one step too slow. He did not know what battle technique Nightking Zhenwu had used, but it bombarded his mind. That was fine, since he was not afraid of spiritual force attacks, but his body was also torn apart by the attack. Lu Yin’s fresh blood scattered about even as he involuntarily spat out another mouthful of blood. The intense pressure left him breathless, and the protective shield of the Enneadic Wings was instantly shattered while the soil that was his Fatesand was pressed up against his chest. Even his Fatesand was unable to withstand the pressure while the void was torn apart. Fortunately, the Literary Prison reappeared in front of Lu Yin to protect him from the attack. 

The Realmling wielding the stone sword was not having a good time either, as this attack from Nightking Zhenwu was terrifying, and he had not used it when they had all been down on the seafloor. Blood flowed from the corner of the Realmling’s mouth as his skin was torn away in thin strips. Although he was just a step away from the jade stone, he could not even move an inch. 

Nightking Zhenwu’s figure flashed, and he rushed towards the jade stone.

The Realmling with the stone sword looked up, and his eyes turned chilly. Suddenly, a strange fluctuation appeared from his body, and all of his injuries instantly healed up before he grabbed the jade stone. 

Nobody was able to react to this change of events, including even Shang Rong and the other Realmlings. 

“It's the Progenitor of Secrets’ Resurrection Secret Technique!” Toolwielder shouted.

The Realmling wielding the stone sword turned around, and a countless amount of sword qi swept out that enveloped everyone, and the sky itself was torn apart by the immeasurable sword qi. 

After unleashing the torrent of sword qi, the Realmling wielding the stone sword turned to leave, but one person actually broke through the sword qi and approached the Realmling at high speed. 

The stone sword Realmling’s gaze remained indifferent. “Di Fa.”

“Shi Zhongjian, I won’t stop you from taking the jade stone, but how about we research it together?” Di Fa asked.

The Realmling wielding the stone sword snorted, but before he could respond, a figure shot up from the seabed to appear right beneath him with the powerful sound of the clock accompanying them. It was White Knight, as her Soulsplitting Technique had been restored; She now had one clone atop the surface of the sea with another one hidden on the seafloor. 

White Knight’s appearance was unexpected by both Shi Zhongjian and Di Fa, and she stabbed at Shi Zhongjian with her spear while Di Fa was suddenly trapped by a Literary Prison. 

Shi Zhongjian shifted his stone sword to clash with the spear, and the impact caused the void to tear horizontally for a great distance. White Knight then grabbed at the jade stone, but Shi Zhongjian raised his shoulder to obstruct her. When the palm slammed into the shoulder, there was a rumbling sound. It was clear that White Knight was trained in close combat, and her palm nimbly bypassed Shi Zhongjian’s defenses and grabbed the jade stone. “Let go.” 

Shi Zhongjian’s eyes went wide, and majestic star energy blasted at White Knight.

In the distance, Lu Yin silently made his escape. That strike from Nightking Zhenwu had caused him to suffer heavy injuries again, and he would be sure to remember that attack. 

Eh? What’s that up ahead? Lu Yin looked in front of himself, and his expression changed. Not good—there’s another powerhouse. The aura from this person was no weaker than that of White Knight and the others, which meant this person had to either be one of the Ten Arbiters or a Realmling. At a time like this, there was no differentiating between friend and enemy, so Lu Yin could only turn to escape in another direction. 

White Knight was still locked in a stalemate with Shi Zhongjian while Wen Sansi was holding Di Fa and Shang Rong back. Meanwhile, Nightking Zhenwu was tangled up with Toolwielder. 

Lu Yin screamed, “Another one’s here!”

The crowd all looked over.

A girl appeared behind Lu Yin in the distance. She had a detached look on her face, but her eyes were locked onto the jade stone emitting a green light in Shi Zhongjian’s hand.

“Xin Nü?” Shi Zhongjian was stunned.

White Knight’s gaze sharpened as this was another Realmling-level powerhouse. She glanced over at Lu Yin and secretly messaged him. “Use your secret technique to seize the inheritance. Remember, these objects all belong to our Fifth Mainland, and they cannot be taken by the Sixth Mainland.”

She then grabbed Shi Zhongjian and dashed towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin gritted his teeth and waved his hand to activate the Yu Secret Art. He shifted the jade stone from Shi Zhongjian’s hand straight into the air, and then he simply raised his own hand to grab it. Just like that, the jade stone landed in his possession for the second time.

He had to sigh at such a moment, because the Yu Secret Art was really too good of a trick to grab a hold of things. 

Shi Zhongjian stared angrily at Lu Yin, as this person’s strength was so weak that he wasn’t even able to take a single one of his sword attacks. However, he had still managed to hinder  him more than once. He had no way to block that secret technique. 

“Hand it over.” Nightking Zhenwu’s voice drew closer, as he had torn away from Toolwielder to grab at Lu Yin. Black and white colors interchanged in his hands, as he was attacking. He did not care if Lu Yin lived or died. In other words, he was actually hoping that Lu Yin would die, as he had recognized Lu Yin. 

Killing intent flashed through Lu Yin’s eyes. At this moment, as far as he could tell, everyone was staring at him. It wasn’t just Nightking Zhenwu who was attacking him; the girl who had rushed to this place from off in the distance had also lifted her hand, giving him a sense of impending crisis. 

Everyone wanted to obtain the jade stone, and nobody cared if Lu Yin lived or died. He felt like an ant that had unintentionally barged into a storm, and he did not even have even the slightest opportunity to catch his breath. 

The jade stone could not be allowed to land in the hands of anyone from the Sixth Mainland, but it also could not land in Nightking Zhenwu’s hands. Lu Yin was not someone that selfless, and he would not sacrifice himself for the Fifth Mainland. Since nobody cared if he was dead or alive, then what did he need to care about here? 


Time seemed to freeze, and everyone’s expressions changed as they all stared at Lu Yin’s hand in disbelief. That jade stone had just cracked.

Lu Yin had actually crushed it, and while everyone was still distracted by his actions, he retrieved the Void Thunderbeast’s flesh from his bosom. This was his greatest assurance that he would be able to escape from any situation. He had taken it back from Wendy Yushan before returning to the Daosource Sect's ruins this time so that he would have something that could save his life in a dire crisis, though he had refused to use it until the last possible moment. Space in the Daosource Sect's ruins had been shattered, and he did not know if he would unintentionally barge into some forbidden land. However, he had no choice at this time but to use it as it was the only way he would be able to escape. 

He only had this one chance, so he had to make use of it while everyone was still stunned. Otherwise, there would be no more opportunities for him to slip away. 

Lightning flickered and roused everyone from their stupor as the void where Lu Yin was standing distorted, but then, his entire body vanished. Only a green radiance remained floating in midair, which was the remnants of the Progenitor's inheritance.

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