Chapter 682: Secret Plan

Felynn laughed once she heard Lu Yin’s opinion. She didn’t have Madam Nalan’s allure, and instead had the warmth of an older sister. “Thank you for your compliment, Mr. Lu. I’m sorry for asking you to disguise yourself when arriving at Sourcepeak Planet.” 

“Tell me what you want to do,” Lu Yin said.

Felynn’s expression turned serious. “Mr. Lu, are you familiar with the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society?”

Lu Yin shook his head. 

“The structure of the Outerverse Lockbreaker Society is very simple. President Geoffrey is the most powerful person and can reject any member’s proposal. Meanwhile, any proposal made by Vice President Saul has to be approved by the three executives as well as the honorary vice president. Thus, even with the president absent, Saul still isn’t able to take control of the society. 

“It’s precisely because of this rule that I want to cooperate with Mr. Lu to overthrow Saul,” Felynn said seriously. 

“What are the details of your plan?” Lu Yin asked.

Felynn answered, “Saul is dead set on getting his hands on True Insight, and he’s doing his best to stop any Lockbreaker who could possibly threaten Deng Pu’s chances of winning the competition from joining. We have concrete evidence of his actions, and so long as someone with authority steps forward to question him before Deng Pu wins the True Insight, I can bring out this evidence and expose his crimes. He won’t be able to stay on Sourcepeak Planet after that.”

Lu Yin nodded. “It seems like you’ve made your preparations and that your plan should be able to succeed so long as nothing goes wrong. However…” Lu Yin stared straight into Felynn’s eyes as he paused for a moment. “What would I get from all this? If I stand up and question Saul, then I’ll end up offending the Lockbreaker Society as well as embarrassing all of the Lockbreakers in the Outerverse.” 

Felynn smiled. “Mr. Lu, you’re overthinking things. I’ll clarify the details of this matter, and then you definitely won’t have to face the consequences.” 

Lu Yin laughed. “I won’t face any consequences, huh? Saul is a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker! As soon as he escapes, I’ll have one more enemy. Executive Felynn, if a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker wanted to get revenge on you, would you be able to sleep soundly?” 

Felynn’s expression changed. “A lockbreaking tool and a power vessel will be your rewards.”

“Are you saying that going up against a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker is only worth a lockbreaking tool and a power vessel?” Lu Yin’s tone turned sharp.

Felynn replied, “Mr. Lu, don’t forget that Saul tried to assassinate you on your journey here. Even if you don’t cooperate with me, Saul still won’t let you off.” 

“He tried to assassinate me because he thinks that I’m a threat to Deng Pu. Once I stop being a threat to him, he won’t bother with me anymore,” Lu Yin calmly retorted. 

Felynn had nothing to say.

Lu Yin wasn’t in a rush, and he knew that he would have to negotiate this deal slowly. He was honestly wondering what kind of reward Felynn would give him in exchange for making a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker his enemy. “I’m curious about something—even if you do manage to defeat Saul, why would you become the next president?” 

Felynn answered, “The Honorary Vice President, Fiend Li, can’t become the president because of the rules put in place by President Geoffrey. Tutor Yi Feng isn’t interested in running for president as he just wants to roam around and learn more about sourceboxes. As for Mr. Jun,” She turned to look at Lu Yin. “He was one of the people who attacked you, so he won’t be able to remain here after we make our move.”  

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. “Mr. Jun was one of the Hunters who tried to assassinate me?”

Felynn nodded and showed him her gadget. On it, he saw a short video clip showing Mr. Jun lockbreaking. Initially, he looked very tired and was going very slowly, but his speed increased dramatically after he brought out a lockbreaking tool. The lockbreaking tool in the clip was identical to the one that had been used by the assassin. 

No two sourceboxes were ever identical, and it was quite rare for lockbreaking tools to be identical. 

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, as the person who had attacked him turned out to actually be Mr. Jun. Lu Yin had met this person before on Savage Ape Planet, and at that time, Lu Yin had envied the man’s lockbreaking skills. Now, the man had tried to kill him. 

“Once Saul is defeated, there is nobody who can stop me from becoming the president,” Felynn declared. 

Lu Yin laughed. “That’s why you should increase my reward. I have to offend people while you’re the one enjoying the benefits! I don’t think that this is a fair deal.”

Felynn replied, “Mr. Lu, you are creating the Great Eastern Alliance, right? I can promise to publicly declare that the Lockbreaker Society supports the Great Eastern Alliance once I become the president. Also, I’ll also move some lower level Lockbreakers into the Great Eastern Alliance. What do you think?” 

“I want True Insight,” Lu Yin said directly. 

Felynn frowned. “No, True Insight has to remain on Sourcepeak Planet.” 

Lu Yin carefully observed Felynn. “I’ll say this one more time: I want True Insight. This won’t be the only time we collaborate, and we will definitely have more opportunities to work together in the future. You will gain a high position, but that only applies in the Lockbreaking world, and so you won’t wield much power. On the other hand, I will gain true power as I will expand the Great Eastern Alliance in the future. Our partnership will definitely allow us to achieve greater things.” 

“Mr. Lu, True Insight is something that is only useful for Boundless Advanced Lockbreakers. You won’t be able to gain anything from it even if you get a hold of it, and you might even end up being targeted by others. Why would you want such a thing?” Felynn asked helplessly. 

Lu Yin laughed. “Nobody will even know that I have it.”

Felynn was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Lu Yin smirked. “Deng Pu will win True Insight as the prize for becoming the champion of the competition. However, once your plan succeeds, Saul and Deng Pu will be overthrown, and the True Insight will be returned to the Society. Thus, since you’ll be the president, wouldn’t it be very easy for you to pass it to me in secret?”

“Impossible! You want me to bear the envy of everyone who wants to steal True Insight? Impossible!” Felynn screamed. 

Lu Yin shrugged. “I’ll be facing the wrath of a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker while you’ll be bearing the greed of those who want to steal the True Insight. It seems very fair to me.”

“We will make sure that Saul remains here on Sourcepeak Planet so that he won’t be able to threaten you,” Felynn said seriously. 

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. “Fine, if Saul won’t be a threat, then I’ll only ask for one page of True Insight. If he manages to escape, then I want all three pages. How’s that sound?” 

Felynn thought about it. “Alright, that’s a deal.” 

Felynn felt fully confident that she would be able to keep Saul on Sourcepeak Planet, which also implied that there was someone else helping her. This was because Saul was a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker, which meant that his combat prowess was about equivalent to an Enlighter’s. The executive was so confident about defeating an Enlighter that she had to have other people assisting her. 

If everything that Felynn had told Lu Yin was the truth, then he wouldn’t mind helping her. However, now that he was aware that she had other people helping her as well, he might change his mind as he had no intentions of becoming the pawn of some unknown participant. 

Over the next ten minutes, Felynn went over the rules of the competition with Lu Yin. She didn’t go into the specifics since the rules changed every year, and only the president and vice president were aware of the details. Since President Geoffrey wasn’t present, the rules for this year’s competition had been set solely by Saul, which was one of his methods to ensure that Deng Pu would win. 

Both Saul and Felynn wanted Deng Pu to win. Felynn wanted him to win so that her evidence would be more incriminating with Deng Pu’s victory, which would also make Saul face greater blame. 

Deng Pu was the frontrunner for this year’s competition.

Most people wanted the competition to be fair, but there was no such thing as true fairness in the universe. Things generally moved in the direction of certain people’s aims.

Wei Xin’er looked at Lu Yin curiously when he left the room. “Hey, who’s your tutor?”

Lu Yin smiled at her and left after saying goodbye to Felynn.

“Hey! You haven’t answered me yet!” Wei Xin’er shouted after him.

Felynn told Wei Xin’er, “Have you thought about who you would like as your tutor? The person you wanted isn’t available since the Outerverse is still separated from the Innerverse.”

Wei Xin’er replied, “I don’t know.”

Felynn smiled at her. “Well, then I’ll be your tutor.”

Wei Xin’er was shocked, and she blinked at Felynn and asked, “You… will be my tutor? Are you serious?”

It was normally impossible for someone who had just passed the Lockbreaker examination to gain a tutor like Felynn, who was a four star Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker, unless they had superb talent. The tutor that Wei Xin’er had initially wanted to accept was just a one star Perceptive Intermediate Lockbreaker.

Felynn nodded. “I like you a lot. So, do you want me to be your tutor?”

“That’s great! Thank you, tutor Felynn!” Wei Xin’er exclaimed, completely forgetting all about Lu Yin.

Tong Mi’er was waiting for Lu Yin with Aden, and as soon as Lu Yin came out, Tong Mi’er told him, “Tutor Felynn has asked me to look after your accommodations.” 

Lu Yin glanced around and pointed towards a small hill in the distance. “I’ll stay there. You can only see into the distance when you have a high vantage point.”

Tong Mi’er nodded. “Alright then, please follow me.” 

Once it grew dark, Sourcepeak Planet fell silent. The people who were in line for the Lockbreaker examination sat down and waited patiently for the examination to start again the following day.

Lu Yin sat on the roof of where he was staying and observed Felynn’s place. He wanted to know who Felynn was cooperating with. Who could give her so much confidence of being able to defeat Saul? This person had to be at least an Enlighter, which meant that it was someone who could threaten Lu Yin. However, there were very few Enlighters in the Outerverse at this time. 

Lu Yin had chosen this location as he could keep watch on who was visiting Felynn more easily. He wasn’t sure if this person would actually contact Felynn, so he was just trying his luck. 

However, Lu Yin realized that his luck was great when he saw a group of rune lines stealthily sneak into Felynn’s quarters after a few hours of waiting. Felynn had was meeting with the other person she was cooperating with. 

Lu Yin strained his eyes and watched closely.

Ten minutes later, the rune lines left Felynn’s quarters and headed away.

Lu Yin immediately followed the person and stopped them far away from Felynn’s quarters.

“Brother, is anything the matter?” The person was a middle aged man with a hoarse voice, and he was looking at Lu Yin warily. 

Lu Yin glanced at the man. “Who are you? Who do you work for?”

The middle aged man looked stumped. “Brother, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Lu Yin stepped closer to the man. “What did you discuss with Felynn? Who’s your master?”

The middle aged man’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly attacked Lu Yin. He condensed his star energy and aimed an attack straight at Lu Yin’s forehead. The person was a Cruiser, but Lu Yin was able to grab a hold of the man’s arm after releasing some pressure from his palm. Fortunately, this person wasn’t very strong, and his attack was easily destroyed by Lu Yin.

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