Chapter 681: Felynn

In the crowd, there were some people who were incessantly sending out messages. Anyone who could become a Lockbreaker was a genius whom the various great powers would want to rope in. The Outerverse was vast, and it held countless powers; even if there were 630,000 Lockbreakers evenly spread out throughout the weaves, there still wouldn’t be enough of them. Moreover, there weren’t even 20,000 Lockbreakers in the Outerverse at the moment, so every organization would want access to another Lockbreaker. 

The young lady’s appearance was quickly spread to the various powers of the Outerverse. 

“Everyone leads a different life, ha. Some people are pretty, come from a good background, and are even gifted at lockbreaking. They’re entirely unlike us, who had great difficulties coming here from the Innerverse and were barely able to reach the realm of infinite control before arriving. Now, we aren’t even confident in our chances of becoming Lockbreakers, how unlucky,” one man sighed. 

Behind him, another average-looking man with long sideburns asked, “How can you tell that she comes from a good background?” 

The man replied, “All of her clothing is from famous brands. The Outerverse has seventy two weaves, and any company whose label is known throughout the Outerverse is clearly very famous. Those who can afford that kind of clothing can only belong to the ultra-wealthy. Even the richest person from a random galaxy might not be able to buy a single set. So tell me, do you think that her background is pretty good? 

“Also, that examiner’s expression completely changed as soon as he verified her identity. If her identity was able to surprise even that Lockbreaker, then her family background is probably even more impressive than what we can imagine.” 

“Bro, your observations are really detailed.” The man with long sideburns was surprised.

The man was pleased with the compliment. “Yes, without these observation skills, I would have died in the Innerverse long ago.”

“Seventh Bro, that chick from before is really cute! This Monkey likes!” the Ghost Monkey exclaimed.

“Why is a monkey like you taking an interest in human women?”

The man was stumped, and he turned back around. “Bro, did you just say ‘monkey?’”

“What monkey? I didn’t say anything.” The man with the long sideburns shook his head. 

The man felt that something was strange, and he scratched his head, but he didn’t ask any additional questions. 

The man with the sideburns was naturally Lu Yin. He had followed along with Tong Mi’er’s suggestions and disguised himself before arriving at Sourcepeak Planet. However, all of Sourcepeak Planet was being monitored by Saul. Thus, in order to avoid revealing his identity and inciting trouble, Lu Yin had chosen to enter as a student looking to be evaluated. Anyway, anyone who passed this examination was allowed to meet Felynn. 

The waiting area grew very noisy, as everyone waiting in line was discussing the girl who had just left. 

Before long, the middle-aged man returned to continue the evaluations. 

One person after another failed the examination, but the middle-aged man’s expression remained as calm as before. He had long since become accustomed to such low passing rates, or rather, he had become numb to it. 

The queue finally reached the man in front of Lu Yin, and as Lu Yin watched on, he noticed that the man’s star energy control had reached the realm of infinite changes. Unfortunately, it took him thirteen seconds to calm the berserk energy in the starburst orb, and despite him repeatedly pleading to try again, the examiner did not relent. 

“Ten seconds is the lowest possible baseline, and many Lockbreakers who take the full ten seconds to complete the task ultimately proceed no further than holding a title and aren’t even able to become a one star Lockbreaker. Only those who can calm the orb within seven seconds have a chance of becoming a one star Lockbreaker. Those three seconds are actually nothing more than a bit of hope given by the Society. You aren’t even able to complete it within ten seconds, so even if we allow you to become a Lockbreaker, you’ll never be able to succeed in lockbreaking, and you might even end up losing your life,” the middle-aged man explained loudly. 

The crowd had been quiet, but now, it descended into absolute silence.

A Lockbreaker was a profession that was not easy to attain. Anyone who could become a Lockbreaker would become an important figure throughout the entire universe, and they would forever enjoy a lofty status as well as flattery from countless powers. Becoming a Lockbreaker was the same as becoming a human lord who had climbed above other humans in a single step. They would be able to live the rest of their lives without worry. Such a status naturally could not be easily achieved. 

The man’s face soured, but he still withdrew. 

It was then Lu Yin’s turn, and he walked forward and raised his hand. The star energy transformed above his palm: wind, rain, and lightning flashed about.

The crowd was shocked—such exquisite mastery!

The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up. “Not bad, try settling the berserk star energy.”

Lu Yin acknowledged his instructions. Tong Mi’er had told Lu Yin that, as long as he was able to complete the task within three seconds, there would be no need to verify his identity and that he would be able to meet Felynn straight away. His appearance was nothing more than a disguise, so he naturally wouldn’t be able to pass any sort of verification process. Thus, he had to resolve the orb’s energy within three seconds. Back at Astral-10’s space station, his first try had taken four seconds, and the second had taken three seconds. Now, he could effortlessly resolve the starburst orb within three seconds as he could settle the energy instantly if he truly wanted to. However, that sort of accomplishment wouldn’t just alert Felynn, but also the entire Lockbreaker Society. 

He peeled away the metal membrane and placed a hand on the orb. Then one, two, three seconds passed. “Done.” 

The crowd fell deathly silent as everyone stared dumbfoundedly at Lu Yin. Do- done?

The middle-aged man rubbed his eyes. Three seconds—this youth had actually used only three seconds to complete the task. The examiner looked at Lu Yin with absolute delight. This person was a genius! A true genius. 

The crowd erupted in a hubbub, and everyone stared at Lu Yin. They incessantly took pictures and videos of him, and there were also people shouting all kinds of things at him, sounding as though they were reporting the names of their own powers to him. 

Lu Yin smiled faintly; was three seconds actually very fast?

The middle-aged man walked over to Lu Yin and sized him up and down. “Little brother, have you had any experience in lockbreaking before?”

Lu Yin thought about it and then shook his head. “No.”

“Then how did you calm that berserk star energy in only three seconds?” the middle-aged man asked, but then, he suddenly felt that such a question was too pointed, and he quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, this question might be connected to your battle techniques, so it’s alright if you don’t want to answer.” 

Lu Yin shrugged. “It’s nothing that complicated. I just had a feeling that I could calm it, and then it was calm.”

The man exclaimed in admiration, “Genius! Truly a genius! Even those elite geniuses born into Innerverse Lockbreaker families require years, if not decades, of training to be able to calm that berserk energy within three seconds, but you were able to do it without any training. Genius. Follow me, I’ll take you to Lady Felynn.” 

Lu Yin nodded and followed behind the man.

The crowd continuously sent messages to the outside universe, reporting that a genius had appeared who had passed the evaluation in just three seconds. This sort of Lockbreaker would definitely be able to reach higher levels, and he was someone who had a truly amazing future before him. 

Quite a few of the Outerverse powers began making inquiries about Lu Yin’s identity the moment they received this news, but they were destined to be disappointed as Lu Yin’s appearance was completely falsified. 

In the hall behind the exam area, Wei Xin'er curiously looked around while she was waiting for Lady Felynn. 

At this moment, the middle-aged examiner brought Lu Yin in. 

Wei Xin'er was surprised by his appearance; had someone else passed the evaluation? That was rare, as it was normal and almost expected for an entire year to pass without anyone passing the evaluation, especially in the Outerverse. 

The middle-aged man appeared to be treating Lu Yin very warmly. “I’ll go and inform Lady Felynn, so little brother, please wait here for a while.” He then merely nodded towards Wei Xin'er and left. 

Wei Xin'er looked at Lu Yin in curiosity. “Hey, you passed too?”

Lu Yin nodded. His long sideburns looked quite wild, and he subconsciously reached up to touch them. “Yes, I passed.”

“How many seconds?” Wei Xin'er asked.

Lu Yin raised three fingers and smiled. “Three.”

Wei Xin'er was stunned, and her eyes went wide. “Three seconds? Really? You cleared it in three seconds?”

“Of course. I remember that it took you five seconds.”

Wei Xin'er nodded and carefully studied Lu Yin. “I wouldn’t have guessed that someone who looks like you could do something as meticulous as lockbreaking.”

Lu Yin pursed his lips. What about my looks? Is she saying that I’m ugly?

“Seventh Bro, this Monkey likes this girl!” The Ghost Monkey was delighted.

“Do you have prior experience with lockbreaking? Don’t lie! I’ll know if you lie!” Wei Xin'er stared intensely at Lu Yin’s eyes.

Lu Yin smiled. “I don’t want to answer.”

Wei Xin'er choked, and she wanted to say something else, but then a voice rang out. “Two actually passed—not bad.” The voice was gentle and naturally put people at ease.

Lu Yin and Wei Xin'er turned around and saw a beautiful woman with a gentle look slowly walking towards them. She looked to be about thirty, and she wore simple clothing. Her expression was soft, and she was beaming at the two youths. 

They hurriedly replied. “Greetings, Mentor Felynn.” 

This person was one of the three executive members of the Outerverse’s Lockbreaker Society, Felynn.

Lu Yin had thought that she would be a scheming old woman, and had never expected her to look like a gentle older sister character. If not for Felynn seeking out Lu Yin earlier, he would not have believed that this woman was someone who coveted the position of the vice president and was willing to ally with him to deal with Saul. 

Felynn’s gaze paused on Lu Yin, and she then looked towards Wei Xin'er. “You’re the little princess from Armament Weave, right?”

Wei Xin'er smiled sweetly. “Yes, Mentor Felynn.”

Felynn nodded, “You two passed the evaluation, and you were actually brought here to select a tutor. Lockbreaking is a profound path, and it’s difficult to tread furth along it without the guidance of a mentor. Xin’er, follow me first and let me evaluate your natural lockbreaking talent so that we can select the right tutor for you.” 

Wei Xin'er acknowledged her and then glanced over at Lu Yin in a provocative fashion. She followed Felynn into a specialized lockbreaking room. This was a room that had been built with numerous expensive resources. In fact, Spiritual Thread had been incorporated into the walls specifically to prevent any formless danger from leaking out of sourceboxes. There were fewer than ten of these hidden rooms on the entirety of Sourcepeak Planet. 

Lu Yin casually sat down. After about half an hour, the two women walked out. Wei Xin'er’s face showed her dejection as she unhappily sat down across from Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin curiously looked over at Felynn. 

Felynn smiled bitterly. “The tutor she wishes to choose is not in the Outerverse at this time, which is a pity.” She then looked at Lu Yin. “You can come with me now.”

Lu Yin followed Felynn.

Wei Xin'er unhappily shook her leg. 

The training room was massive, and there was an enormous sourcebox in the center of the room. Lu Yin looked around, and his brows rose up when he saw a boundless amount of rune lines. Although they could not compare to the sourcebox that he had used to delay the mummy, they approached that amount, which meant that this was a four or five star Perceptive Intermediate sourcebox. 

The room was empty all around the sourcebox, and there was nothing else to take note of.

Although the room looked empty, Lu Yin could see the many rune lines emitted by the sourcebox, which filled the room up to a radius of a hundred meters from the sourcebox. These rune lines represented the sourcebox’s danger zone. 

“Don’t you want to give it a try?” Felynn’s voice rang out in the room as she followed Lu Yin’s gaze over to the sourcebox. 

Lu Yin laughed. “I don’t want to die yet.” 

Felynn’s gaze turned a bit strange. “Others would die, but you won’t. Even Enlighters can’t do much to you. Just that sourcebox’s formless danger shouldn’t be very dangerous to you.” 

Lu Yin looked at Felynn and returned to his original appearance. “You wanted to meet me, and here I am.” 

Felynn looked at Lu Yin and sighed in admiration. “I heard about Frostwave Weave’s peerless Limiteer who’s even killed multiple Enlighters long ago. You truly do have a well-deserved reputation.” 

“Well-deserved? You actually believe that I can still deal with Enlighters even now? You should already know that my power vessel was destroyed in the Ironblood Weave,” Lu Yin said.

Felynn smiled. “I’m a Lockbreaker, and a Lockbreaker can perceive things differently from the average person. I can perceive a fatal sense of danger on your body.”

Lu Yin seriously studied Felynn up and down. “Are you really Felynn?”

“As real as can be.” Felynn smiled.

Lu Yin shook his head. “You don’t look like it.”

“What does Mr. Lu think Felynn should look like?” Felynn was curious.

Lu Yin replied, “Someone who dares to plot against a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker shouldn’t look so gentle."

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