Chapter 667: Fabricating History

Fu Xiaoshu’s brows creased together as he flew into a rage. It was indeed true that he had once been a beggar, and this was a stain on his past. “You’ll pay for what you just said!”

As he spoke, an invisible ripple enveloped the surroundings. It was something that the Yu Academy students could not perceive, and even a Hall Master like Ruky Mathers was oblivious to it. However, these ripples shocked Schutz; this was a domain.  

Lu Yin was shocked to see that Fu Xiaoshu had astonishingly comprehended a domain. 

Yue Xianzi was absolutely shaken. For someone from the Outerverse, comprehending a domain was a rare accomplishment. Most people could barely materialize their star energy, let alone a domain. With this individual’s limited understanding of star energy, how could he have managed to comprehend a domain? 

With the added support of a domain, Fu Xiaoshu’s control over his illusions underwent a fundamental change. Song Shi’s previous expression of indifference suddenly became one of exceptional seriousness. He could not see where Fu Xiaoshu had gone. The scenery surrounding him had changed, and he seemed to have found himself back on Earth, surrounded by all of the people, activities, and items he had once been familiar with.  

Fu Xiaoshu had always remembered something that Lu Yin had once told him: “The final stage of cultivating illusions is not to produce a fantasy, but rather to cause your opponents to experience their own downfall. Even if they know that they are in a land of fantasy, they will still be immersed and be unable to escape.” Fu Xiaoshu had since been working in this direction.  

Song Shi attacked, but he was not able to land a single hit on Fu Xiaoshu. He attacked in a wild manner from where he stood, and everyone around him gradually pulled back. He looked forlorn, as he knew that he had already fallen under the spell of Fu Xiaoshu’s illusions.  

Schutz frowned, as he had not expected that anyone from Yu Academy would gain control of a domain. It was preposterous to even consider. Back during his time in the Astral Combat Academy, he had spent so much time arduously cultivating before he gained any knowledge of domains or battle force. And yet, Fu Xiaoshu, who had alway remained at Yu Academy, was already capable of wielding a domain. This was a terrifying talent. 

Even Lu Yin was stunned to the point of gaping. He had also cultivated long and hard before comprehending a domain. How was it that Fu Xiaoshu had been able to do it so easily?

“You people from the Great Yu Empire really do have some surprises. Someone out of these students actually comprehended a domain,” Yue Xianzi praised the youth. “A domain coupled with an innate gift of illusions. His opponent is bound to lose.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. “That might not necessarily be the case.” As far as he could tell, the rune lines on Song Shi exceeded those of Fu Xiaoshu. 

Yue Xianzi was taken aback. “Does the other person have more tricks up his sleeves as well? Are you going to tell me that he’s also comprehended a domain?” 

Lu Yin shrugged his shoulders, as he did not know the answer to her question. 

“It’s over, Song Shi!” Fu Xiaoshu released a low growl.

Trapped within his illusion, Song Shi still had not stopped fighting. He had resisted for more than ten minutes now, and he was almost completely drained of all energy. It was about time for Fu Xiaoshu to deal the final blow. As Fu Xiaoshu considered this, he raised his palm, and his star energy burst out, turning into waves that shot straight at Song Shi. 

With a loud thud, Song Shi was struck in the back. He spat out blood as he crumpled to the ground.  

Fu Xiaoshu then appeared. He removed his illusion and looked down at Song Shi from a towering height. “I told you that I would be the first to reach the Royal Regent’s eyes.” 

Song Shi raised his head, and there was a resolute light in his eyes. “How long can you maintain your illusions for?” 

A slight look of panic flickered through Fu Xiaoshu’s eyes. He could only use his innate gift a set number of times. While Song Shi was trapped in a daze inside the illusion, the consumption of Fu Xiaoshu’s energy had also been steep.  

When Song Shi saw the look of panic pass through Fu Xiaoshu’s eyes, he immediately climbed to his feet and charged straight at Fu Xiaoshu. Fu Xiaoshu quickly unleashed his domain again, which prevented Song Shi from closing in on him. Song Shi let out a growl as colorless streams distorted the air around his body. He managed to force his way into the domain and grab a hold of Fu Xiaoshu’s collar before proceeding to throw Fu Xiaoshu against the ground with enough force to cause the young man to faint upon impact. 

Everyone watching was stunned into silence. Fu Xiaoshu had unexpectedly been defeated.

Yue Xianzi was astonished. “Battle force! The other one knows how to control battle force!”

Beside her, Lu Yin was similarly shocked. The colorless streams that had wrapped around Song Shi’s body was indeed battle force, and it was completely unexpected to discover that the youth had managed to grasp battle force. In all honesty, it was more than a little strange. Even though Lu Yin had comprehended battle force during his experience in Astral-10’s Sand Ocean, he was absolutely amazed that Song Shi had also been able to comprehend it. As a relatively ordinary cultivator from the Outerverse, the possession of such talent was extraordinary.  

Even if it occasionally happened due to pure luck or an amazing natural talent, it was still a miraculously rare occurrence in the end. However, the combination of Fu Xiaoshu’s domain and Song Shi’s battle force reminded Lu Yin that things were not that simple. 

On Earth, it was not uncommon for cultivators to possess innate gifts. Since so many cultivators were able to improve at a rapid pace or had astounding comprehension, there had to be something hidden on that planet. Huo Qingshan had once said that when great cultivators appeared on Earth, it heralded the destruction of the planet’s civilization. It was for this reason that the Hidden Earth Society had continued to hide in Jupiter, afraid to reveal themselves.  

It was necessary to understand what sort of secrets had been hidden on Earth. Such secrets definitely had something to do with the primeval surnames.  

“Brother Lu, this person actually knows how to use battle force! Your group here at the Yu Academy has some hidden talents that outsiders aren’t aware of. Is there another place like the Astral Combat Academy that can help people comprehend domains or battle force?” Yue Xianzi asked.  

Lu Yin kept a calm look on his face. “No.” 

“No?” Yue Xianzi did not believe him, but she was not able to glean anything else from his expression. 

Beside the formcast pool, Fu Xiaoshu had been defeated. There were no subordinates of Ruky Mathers who could compare to Song Shi. Ruky looked at Schutz with a helpless manner. “We lost this battle.”

Schutz replied gravely. “It’s alright, you can try again next time.”

Ruky Mathers nodded his head and left with the others from his hall. Fu Xiaoshu was carried away by the other students.

Blood dripped down from the corner of Song Shi's mouth as he stared at Fu Xiaoshu. This had been a tough battle to win, and if Fu Xiaoshu had managed to maintain his illusions for much longer, then Song Shi might have been the one to lose. 

“Did you watch the Astral Combat Tournament and the Tournament of the Strongest?” Schutz moved over next to Song Shi as he asked a question. 

Song Shi nodded his head. 

“It is important to take note of where a battle takes place. The venue may restrict one from performing at their peak. In an evenly matched battle, the key to victory requires thought, not brute force,” Schutz said. 

Song Shi replied, “I understand, Hall Master.”

Schutz then dismissed everyone who was still gathered before looking over at Lu Yin. He was surprised to discover that Lu Yin and Yue Xianzi had already left. 

“What do you think? The Yu Academy isn’t too bad, is it?” Lu Yin asked as he stood on the surface of a sea by the mainland. He had his eyes glued to his personal gadget as he spoke, not watching where he was going. 

Yue Xianzi shot him a glance. “It was an adequate performance.”

“You can train them if you have the time. They’ll all be considered your disciples after all,”  Lu Yin offered as he stared at his personal gadget, a solemn look on his face. 

Yue Xianzi knitted her brows. “It’s incredibly rude of you to talk like that.”

Lu Yin adjusted his focus and lowered his arm. “I’m sorry, I was reading the news.”

Yue Xianzi looked around at her surroundings. “The landscape on this first mainland isn’t bad. It’s certainly worth visiting once in a while.”

Lu Yin laughed. 

After Yue Xianzi left him, Lu Yin immediately headed to the library of Zenyu Star to seek out the Chief Librarian. 

“Welcome, Your Highness.” The Chief Librarian hurriedly greeted Lu Yin the moment he arrived.

“Why is the recorded history of Earth now different from what I read before?” Lu Yin asked sternly as he stared at the Chief Librarian. 

The Chief Librarian started trembling with fear and tried to stammer out a response. “Your Highness, this… this…” 

“Tell me!” Lu Yin shouted in a deep voice.

The Chief Librarian was terrified, and he immediately knelt on the floor. “Forgive me, Your Highness! The history of Earth has always been fake.”

Lu Yin’s gaze turned solemn. “What do you mean by that?”

The Chief Librarian shakily replied, “There are many planets throughout the universe that do not have any recorded history. In the previous era, the Great Yu Empire did not have thirteen filaments, nor was Earth within its boundaries. It was not until after His Majesty, Undying Yushan, ascended to the throne and expanded the empire that Earth fell under the scope of the empire’s surveillance. At that time, the civilizations on Earth had recently been destroyed. Since the empire did not pay much attention to Earth, what we recorded down as the planet’s recorded history was guesses based on the observations at those times. It is certain that Earth went through several calamities, but only the tragedies that took place in the past ten thousand years were able to be determined. As for the reasons behind those calamities, the empire did not give the matter any serious thought. 

“There are an exorbitant number of planets throughout the universe that are similar to Earth, and there could be any number of reasons that could lead to a civilization’s extinction, and it’s very common. As such, Earth’s recorded history was written down purely from the observations of the empire at that time. Some of the history might have even been fabricated.” 

“Fabricated?” Lu Yin knitted his brows.

The Chief Librarian replied in a voice that was still trembling, “Yes, fabricated. There are too many planets within the empire’s territory, and it is virtually impossible to keep detailed accounts of each planet. This means that the historical records that the empire keeps may be less accurate than the planet’s own records.”

“Has the history of Earth been altered recently?” Lu Yin asked. 

The Chief Librarian replied meekly, “Yes, Your Highness. Since Your Highness holds a special status and was born on Earth, that planet has drawn the attention of many people in recent times. We had no choice but to integrate the empire’s records of Earth’s history with Earth’s own records. Furthermore, we also added in some fictional information of our own to satisfy the media’s morbid curiosity and to shut them up.” 

Lu Yin exhaled loudly. He was shocked to discover that such a thing could happen, that history could be fabricated. 

“I want to study the data from the observations that were made when Earth was first discovered,” Lu Yin requested.  

The Chief Librarian’s face blanched, and he could not stop trembling. 

“Where is that data? Give it to me!” Lu Yin bellowed. 

The Chief Librarian trembled. “I am sorry, Your Highness. The library from back then was burned down, and all the data was destroyed in the fire.”

Lu Yin’s eyes grew wide, and a terrifying presence swept across all of Zenyu Star. It caused high tides and struck fear into the hearts of many cultivators.

It was a good thing that it lasted for just a moment. “Not a shred of that data remains?”

“I am sorry, Your Highness.” The Chief Librarian seemed like he was about to faint from the fear. 

When Lu Yin noticed the sorry state of the Chief Librarian, Lu Yin’s anger dissipated slightly. Feeling rather helpless, he walked out of the library as his gaze turned towards the direction of the Huo family’s home. He wanted to have a chat with Huo Qingshan again, but then he remembered that Huo Qingshan had been the one who told him to check on the data of the past, so it would be pointless to meet with him again. At this moment, the place with the most knowledge of Earth’s history was most possibly Jupiter. However, it was a shame that the people there would not let Lu Yin in. 

He pushed this thought aside and decided to wait until the defenses of Jupiter collapsed before pursuing this matter any further. He was very interested in discovering what sort of history Earth had experienced


On Zenyu Star, the courtyard of the Auna family was cold. As an old, established family of the Great Yu Empire, the Auna family had always enjoyed great influence throughout the empire. However, their influence had waned in the days following Lu Yin’s rise to power.  

Even though Lu Yin had not actively sought to undermine the Auna family and had even allowed their patriarch to join the Lu Ministry of Defense as an important decision maker, his actions could not hide the fact that he had been passively sidelining the Auna family. Whether it was the establishment of the Great Eastern Alliance or the empire’s cooperation with the Nalan family, no one from the Auna family had participated in any of these matters. To an old-school, established organization like the Auna family, this was a matter of the empire’s ruler showing their family no respect. 

On the surface, the Auna family still enjoyed considerable influence even at the present moment, and their family still controlled the Ninth Imperial Squadron. However, such authority could be taken away with a casual word from Lu Yin. In fact, he could utterly destroy the entire Auna family without so much as batting his eye.  

Over this period of time, the Auna family had been trying to get close to certain people. They had tried their luck with Gavin, Huan Sha, and even En Ya, but all to no avail.  

Xueshan Auna sat in his study in silence, and his number two, Rocky Auna, looked at the family patriarch and said, “I thought that the Huo family was weak. It was obvious that His Highness was once concerned with Huo Qingshan in the past, but I never would have imagined that Huo Qinshan would suddenly take part in matters such as organizing the Great Eastern Alliance. Now, we of the Auna family are not even invited to participate in anything to do with this matter. Leader, should we seek out His Majesty for a discussion?” 

Xueshan Auna knitted his brows, lost deep in thought. 

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