Chapter 666: Geniuses From Earth

En Ya said to Lu Yin, “Your Highness, although we can immediately establish the alliance, most of the current parties were forced to join, and they currently treat you more like an enemy than as an ally. They will definitely try to suppress Your Highness through their power or possibly even their economy, resources, and talent as well. 

“Given Your Highness’s personal power, they can only see you as invincible. Thus, they will try to render you unable to interfere with things, most likely by pressuring the Great Yu Empire with other methods. Once the empire faces enough outside pressure, we will be forced into a lower position within the alliance, and that will also lead to your authority being challenged.” 

Lu Yin frowned. Their current situation was very similar to the anti-Great Eastern Alliance’s, where a suppressed party was trying to lead all the other forces. These situations were very difficult to handle, and despite how strong Lu Yin had become, it still wasn’t realistic for him to try to control the entire alliance all on his own. 

Furthermore, he couldn’t continue to perpetually monitor the alliance as the whole purpose behind creating the alliance was for it to serve him. 

“You’re saying that the empire has to be prepared first,” Lu Yin said.

En Ya nodded. “We won’t have to worry about most of the oncoming pressure towards the empire. For example, the Nalan family will support our economy, and we are already comparable to the other weaves in other aspects as well. Currently, the most serious problem facing us is that some of the forces might collude in certain aspects to suppress the empire. Although this won’t be enough to stop Your Highness from becoming the leader of the alliance, such a thing will still end up giving them an advantage in the future.” 

Lu Yin thought for a moment before replying, “I understand. You can head out for now, and I’ll think about this.”

En Ya agreed and left. 

“It seems that you’ve already encountered some problems. It’s hard to form an alliance, and it’s even harder to deal with the problems that will arise after forming one,” Yue Xianzi commented arrogantly. 

Lu Yin became annoyed with her. “Let’s go.” 

“Where to?” Yue Xianzi asked. 

Lu Yin raised his head. “We’ll go and take a look at how pathetic the Empire’s youths must be since you aren’t even willing to look at them.” 

On the first continental ring that circled Zenyu Star, there was a group of people who had gathered outside the formcast pool and were cheering excitedly. 

Lu Yin approached them in disguise and stood near the crowd with Yue Xianzi. They saw that there were two cultivators currently fighting in the center of the crowd. 

“Go! Punch him!” 

“Don’t be a coward! Aim for his thigh.”

“Spit and drown him!”

Lu Yin watched the scene with a smile. Competitions like this one were held within the Yu Academy from time to time. They started whenever a Hall Master led their disciples to challenge another hall’s disciples, and Lu Yin and Yue Xianzi had coincidentally arrived at the right time to encounter a battle between two halls.

Yue Xianzi’s expression revealed her obvious and complete disdain for these people, and there was even a trace of sympathy. She turned to Lu Yi. “Are these the elites of the Great Yu Empire? They can’t even crystallize their star energy and are forced to rely on energy crystals and other materials to use their battle techniques! Is this some kind of joke?”  

Lu Yin smiled. “This is the current situation of the Outerverse, and it’s a problem that not only the Great Yu Empire faces, but rather all of the weaves throughout the Outerverse. The cultivation methods and knowledge that the Outerverse possesses can’t compare to the Innerverse’s. Why else do you think the Innerverse is able to completely overpower the Outerverse? This is also the reason why just the name of the Daynight clan is enough to affect all the eastern weaves. 

“But this is way too pathetic! Any student from the Astral Combat Academy would be able to trounce everyone here. It’s a good thing that I didn’t agree to help you train these “elites,” as otherwise, the reputation of the Frostmoon Sect would be destroyed,” Yue Xianzi complained. 

Lu Yin didn’t answer; were these students really that bad? He saw a number of rune lines that was quite high for a Melder from someone who was hidden within the crowd. However, that person hadn’t shown their strength yet. 

“Those two aren’t bad. Oh! That person is quite strong too. He was actually able to detect my domain.” Yue Xianzi looked into the distance in shock. Someone was staring at her with piercing eyes from that direction. It was Schutz. 

Yue Xianzi had enveloped the entire formcast pool within her domain, and even the Explorers guarding the formcast pool hadn’t detected it. However, Schutz had. 

Despite that, Schutz turned his attention back to the fight after merely glancing at the two of them. He had noticed Lu Yin, and although Lu Yin had altered his appearance, Schutz was still able to recognize him since they were quite familiar with each other. 

“He is Schutz, a Hall Master of the Yu Academy. He actually entered the Astral Combat Academy at the same time as me. If not for his duty of taking care of the Yu Academy, he would have become an Explorer a long time ago,” Lu Yin spoke apologetically, as he had been the one who had asked Schutz to return to the Great Yu Empire. Although he had given the other youth some compensation, it would never be enough. Lu Yin would always feel apologetic towards Schutz. 

“No wonder, so he’s from the Astral Combat Academy. That’s why he’s on a different level than all the others. That other Limiteer is pretty strong too. I can feel that he’s suppressing his power,” Yue Xianzi responded. 

“His name is Ruky Mathers, and he’s a Hall Master as well. He has been in the Outerverse his entire life,” Lu Yin explained. He had selected Ruky Mathers to become a Hall Master when he had coincidentally met him in the bar. Ruky had received a battle technique during Astral-10’s entrance exam, and it had allowed him to become quite powerful despite his weak foundations. 

Yue Xianzi had just taken a quick glance at the students, so she had only discovered that Schutz and Ruky Mathers were more powerful compared to the others. As an Explorer who possessed an innate gift, had comprehended a domain, and had even inherited the techniques of the Frostmoon Sect, these people couldn’t compare to her in any aspect. 

“If all five Hall Masters of the Yu Academy are this powerful, then the Vastdearth Sect wouldn’t be able to defeat the Great Yu Empire even if they did ally with other parties. It’s not easy for Melders from the Outerverse to reach this level unless they’ve received outside help,” Yue Xianzi commented. 

Lu Yin shook his head helplessly. “The other three Hall Masters can’t compare to these two.”

“That’s too bad,” Yue Xianzi replied. 

The next few battles were nothing special, and Yue Xianzi started to glance about distractedly. 

Another person was defeated. Ruky Mathers waved his hand, and Fu Xiaoshu walked forward. Their hall had lost the last few battles, and they had to take back their pride now. 

Another person in the crowd gritted his teeth as soon as they saw Fu Xiaoshu. “Come on, I want to see how good people from Earth are.” 

Most people in the Great Yu Empire were aware of Earth as many historians were interested in Lu Yin’s life. Many reporters also fought for the chance to report on Lu Yin, but since they didn’t dare expose too much of Lu Yin’s private life, they normally resorted to reporting on the situation on Earth. 

Initially, most people didn’t hold much hope for the cultivators from Earth. However, ever since the cultivators from Earth had arrived at Yu Academy, all of Frostwave Weave had been stunned, as one solitary planet had produced five cultivators with innate gifts. 

It was very rare for a cultivator to have an innate gift, and those who did were able to immediately join the Outerverse Youth Council, which showed just how important such a thing was. It was extremely shocking that one planet had been able to produce five cultivators with innate gifts, and this had led to Fu Xiaoshu and the others being closely scrutinized. They would have become celebrities if not for the rule that no outsiders were allowed to watch any of the training sessions that took place inside the Yu Academy. 

Although they hadn’t become celebrities in the Frostwave Weave quite yet, the reputation of Fu Xiaoshu and the others were still comparable to that of the Hall Masters solely due to their innate gifts. 

There were even rumors circulating that claimed that Fu Xiaoshu and the others were Melders who were comparable to Huo Zhong, Gerbach, and Logan. 

“Let’s go,” Fu Xiaoshu said casually as he faced the man opposite him.

His opponent snorted and shattered the blue crystals in his hand. Water swirled around his arm in layers, and when he punched at Fu Xiaoshu, all of the water rushed forward in a powerful attack.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, as this was a strong attack. Ever since Schutz had returned to the Great Yu Empire from the Astral Combat Academy, the overall standards of the Yu Academy had increased. Back when Lu Yin had first joined the Yu Academy, there hadn’t been many Melders in the entire academy, but now, most of the students were able to easily become Melders. 

Fu Xiaoshu stood in place and faced the water torrent that was crashing down towards him. The water smashed against the ground and formed a deep crater while making the entire ground tremble. 

Yue Xianzi was confused. “Why did that person just attack an empty place?”

Lu Yin’s lip culred up. “Because to his eyes, that’s where his enemy was standing.”

Yue Xianzi was shocked. “An illusion? A battle technique? No, there’s no fluctuation of star energy… Is this an innate gift?”  

Lu Yin nodded.

Yue Xianzi suddenly turned serious as she watched Fu Xiaoshu. This Melder had an innate gift, which was something that made him stand out from all the other students. All cultivators with innate gifts had bright futures and were much stronger than average cultivators.

Fu Xiaoshu’s innate gift could only encompass a certain area, and he wasn’t able to make it spread to Lu Yin and Yue Xianzi. However, even if he could cover them, his illusion wasn’t strong enough to fool the two of them, Schutz, or even Ruky Mathers.

The people watching the battle from inside Yu Academy started cheering excitedly. In their eyes, the attack had struck Fu Xiaoshu.

The man gloatingly said, “Fu Xiaoshu, you’re too arrogant! I haven’t used this attack on other people yet, as I’ve been saving it just for you.” 

“Really? It’s quite powerful,” a voice rang out from behind the man. He whirled around in shock to see a smirk on Fu Xiaoshu’s face.

The man’s eyes narrowed. “How, how could you-”

Fu Xiaoshu didn’t give him a chance to finish speaking before he placed a finger on the man’s head. “You’ve lost.”

The man couldn’t accept the outcome and dejectedly replied, “That’s your innate gift, right? I wasn’t able to defeat it.” 

Fu Xiaoshu glanced around proudly. This was his innate gift, and he couldn’t feel any sense of challenge from fighting the other Yu Academy students. He wanted to challenge a Hall Master, as that was the only way to be noticed by the Royal Regent. To people from Earth, Lu Yin was essentially a god. Fu Xiaoshu wanted to get close to a god and follow him. 

“Song Shi, it’s your turn,” Schutz said in a quiet voice.

A man with an icy expression walked out to face Fu Xiaoshu.

Fu Xiaoshu slowly turned around and looked at Song Shi. “I knew that it’d be you.”

The students from the Yu Academy surrounding the two youths were anticipating this next battle. 

Song Shi was also from Earth, and he had an innate gift as well. Both Earthlings were at the same level of strength, which meant that, apart from the Hall Masters, only Song Shi was able to hold his own against Fu Xiaoshu. 

“Your illusions are very powerful,” Song Shi said emotionlessly.

“Who are you talking to?” Fu Xiaoshu’s voice rang out from another direction.

The Fu Xiaoshu in front of Song Shi suddenly disappeared. Song Shi wasn’t surprised, and he simply removed his bracer and other equipment. “If these tricks are all you have, you won’t be my opponent.” 

Fu Xiaoshu pouted. “You’re still so cold. Fine, I’ll show you how powerful I’ve become! I’ll be the first one of us to be noticed by the Royal Regent!” 

This sentence enraged Song Shi as his idol was also Lu Yin. He had to be the first person to receive Lu Yin’s notice, and he wouldn’t allow anyone else to take that from him. “You really have changed—a beggar from Jinlin is now bragging.”

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