Chapter 662: Taking Action

At this moment, San Dios no longer enjoyed the respect that it had in the past. Back then, the Ten Arbiters had supported the Outerverse Youth Council, and due to that backing, the council had been able to conduct trials, deliver rulings, and adjust the educational organizations related to the younger generation of the various weaves. They had even been able to influence the decisions of certain powers. But ever since the Outerverse had been cut off from the Innerverse, far fewer people were concerned about the opinions of the Outerverse Youth Council. Just as Lu Yin had predicted, San Dios’s influence became a shadow of its former glory. 

Soon after the regions of the Human Domain were separated, Puyu had lured Wendy Yushan to San Dios in an attempt to seize her secret technique while also dealing with Lu Yin. Puyu’s bait for Wendy had been the various problems that San Dios had encountered. However, it had been impossible to resolve those issues back then, and the same was true for the present. 

“I heard that your Darkstar Gorge has connected with some other forces to deal with the Great Yu Empire. That’s a pretty large scale.” Liu Shaoge’s voice sounded out from behind Puyu while he was sitting atop the tower and staring at the scenery below, looking to be deep in thought. 

Puyu did not turn around and merely gave an apathetic reply. “All of our methods are done out in the open, and there’s also no opportunity for you to inform Lu Yin of any secrets.” 

Liu Shaoge did not mind Puyu’s mocking, and he moved over to stand beside the councilor. “How do you think Lu Yin will deal with you?” 

Puyu frowned. “Networking with other organizations is not a part of my responsibilities. Rather, it’s a strategic decision that Darkstar Gorge’s headquarters makes. I don’t have any authority to make such a decision, so why would he deal with me?” 

“I don't know, just call it a premonition.” Liu Shaoge shrugged.

Puyu looked at him. “You’re completely detestable.”

Liu Shaoge blinked. “Is that so? But there are people who say that I’m very nice and kind.”

Puyu’s eyes narrowed, and his expression turned cold. “If it weren’t for my fear of the Daynight clan, I would have killed you long ago. You had best stop prancing about in front of me, or else I might not be able to hold myself back in the future.” 

At that moment, Vulture approached and respectfully informed Puyu, “My Lord, we can set off now.” 

Liu Shaoge was stunned. “You’re leaving?”

Puyu did not even reply and simply turned to leave.

“Leaving is the right decision. According to my understanding of Lu Yin, you might become the breach that he uses to target Darkstar Gorge, so it’s best to keep your distance from him,” Liu Shaoge advised.

Puyu turned back to stare at Liu Shaoge. “Are you trying to convince me to stay?”

“No, I’m truly encouraging you to leave,” Liu Shaoge said with a serious face.

Puyu’s eyes flashed, but he did not reply and quickly left.

Liu Shaoge watched Puyu’s departing figure, and his eyes flickered. He appeared to have fallen deep into thought. 

Puyu’s spacecraft ascended into space, and Liu Shaoge relaxed. This was good. If Puyu stayed alive, then Liu Shaoge would also be fine. But as soon as Puyu died, Liu Shaoge believed that he would also be out of luck based on his understanding of Lu Yin. Lu Yin would not deliver San Dios to a single person, and so, in his mind, it would be best to eradicate the two youths together. As long as Puyu remained alive, he would continue to be useful to Liu Shaoge. 

However, in the very next moment, Liu Shaoge saw a figure appear in the sky that caused him to sigh in dismay. It was already too late. 

Puyu and Vulture were just about to leave in their vessel that had already risen into the sky, but then, a figure suddenly appeared in their path and blocked their spacecraft. 

As he stared at Lu Yin, who was towering before them, Puyu shouted, “Keep going!”

He stepped out of the vessel to confront Lu Yin. “Lu Yin, scram!”

The spacecraft rumbled and continued to fly away from San Dios, but a smile appeared on Lu Yin’s face. “Councilor Puyu, where are you headed to in such a hurry?” 

“That’s none of your business, so get out of the way,” Puyu responded coldly as he blocked Lu Yin from approaching the spacecraft. 

The vessel changed directions to fly away from the mainland, and at that moment, Lu Yin suddenly moved.

Puyu became furious. “Lu Yin, you’re going too far!” His body turned completely metallic as his seven lined battle force appeared. He had absolutely no hesitation in his attack as he lashed out at Lu Yin. But Lu Yin just casually waved a hand, redirecting Puyu’s strike towards his own spacecraft and shattering half of it. 

The people inside all fell out, and Lu Yin darted around Puyu to grab Vulture.

Puyu bellowed in rage and charged at Lu Yin at his top speed. His arm formed a metal blade that he then used to slash at Lu Yin. Lu Yin raised his right hand, and his Fatesand manifested as a strange clump of dirt that completely blocked Puyu’s attack. The resulting shockwave blasted out in all directions with a torrent of wind that swept towards the Prairie Flame Continent.

At this moment, Lu Yin’s left hand grabbed a hold of Vulture’s arm. “It’s been a long time.”

Vulture did not try to resist, and he only shouted, “Lord Puyu, save me!”

Puyu snarled, and his seven lined battle force gradually gained a reddish-purple tinge. His battle force had improved, and once it became eight lined battle force, he might be able to rival the top ten of the Top 100 Rankings.

Unfortunately, in the end he still failed, as he was lacking just the smallest amount to reach eight lines. 

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, and his left palm slammed into Vulture’s chest, causing the youth to slam into the ground of San Dios. Lu Yin’s right hand collected his Fatesand and then seven lined battle force also shrouded his fist as he slammed it forward. 

Puyu similarly threw out a punch.


The intense explosion from the impact caused the sky to tremble, and all of San Dios swayed from the force.

Yue Xianzi, An Shaohua, Ah Fan, and all the other youths who had remained at San Dios appeared, all of them staring at the sky in shock. This sudden battle had startled them, and they had just discovered that Lu Yin was actually in the middle of an intense battle with Puyu. 

The two youths were evenly matched in this exchange. Lu Yin possessed a terrifying physical strength, but Puyu had his innate gift of metal. They exchanged multiple blows, but neither one could gain the upper hand. 

“Lu Yin, you’re insane! I’m a Outerverse Youth Councilor who was personally appointed by the Ten Arbiters. If you dare to move against me, you will receive the punishment of the Ten Arbiters in the future!” Puyu bellowed. He had discovered that he could not suppress Lu Yin and that this person was able to match up to him even without any external items boosting his strength. Puyu found this hard to believe, as he was an expert who ranked thirteenth on the Top 100 Rankings, and even Wendy Yushan had been forced to rely on her secret technique to fight against him. How could Lu Yin’s cultivation progress be so fast? 

Lu Yin did not react to the provocation, and he merely struck out with another fist. Puyu’s arm solidified into metal and formed a sharp hook that he then swung at Lu Yin. Everyone watched on with bated breath as the fist and hook drew closer and closer to each other. 

Just as the two were about to collide, Lu Yin waved his left hand. Puyu’s hook missed the fist and slashed nothing more than air, though an enormous black crack had appeared in the void, and to the audience, it looked as if the sky had been torn apart. Puyu’s eyes narrowed. Not good, it’s that secret technique!

He instinctively wanted to move, but he then felt an intense pain from his chest as an overwhelming feeling of being stifled overtook him. He tasted something sweet in his throat and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. After that, his limp body crashed down into San Dios, leaving a massive crater at the impact zone. 

Yue Xianzi and the others stared at the miserable Puyu at the bottom of the crater in horror, and then they looked back up at Lu Yin, who was standing tall high in the sky with an indifferent expression on his face. 

Atop a tower, Liu Shaoge sighed as the fight had already ended. He did not know what excuse Lu Yin was planning to use to explain his actions, but given his personality, he would absolutely have some way to defend himself. Since Lu Yin had taken action, it meant that he had completed all of his preparations. Puyu was done for. 

Lu Yin slowly descended to land beside the crater and then coldly looked down at Puyu.


Puyu spat out another mouthful of blood as he glared at Lu Yin in fury. “Why are you doing this to me? Lu Yin, you’re seeking death! The Ten Arbiters won’t let you off! Darkstar Gorge, Vastdearth Sect, and the other forces in the anti-Great Eastern Weave Alliance will not let you off! Your Great Eastern Weave Alliance is just a joke!” 

Lu Yin glanced around to check his surroundings, and he quickly noticed Yue Xianzi. Her face went pale, and she dropped her head. He then looked at An Shaohua, who nodded respectfully towards him. Lu Yin next looked over at Ah Fan, who actually bowed. He saw many different people, and after scanning through all of them, he finally looked at the top of the tower and exchanged glances with Liu Shaoge. 

Liu Shaoge pulled out a glass of red wine from somewhere and offered Lu Yin a toast from the distance. 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and an icy glint flashed through them. He then finally shifted his focus onto Vulture. 

“It’s already been a few years since our last meeting, but that battle is still fresh in my memory,” Lu Yin commented indifferently. 

Vulture looked at the ground and remained silent.

Puyu frowned. “Lu Yin, what is it that you want?”

Step by step, Lu Yin drew closer to Vulture. Once he was right in front of the youth, he grabbed Vulture’s hair. “Don’t you know? The person who’s been beside you all this time is from the Neohuman Alliance.” 

At his words, everyone gasped in shock, and they all stared at Vulture.

Puyu barked, “Lu Yin, stop spouting nonsense! You’re just trying to ruin my reputation.”

“No, see for yourself.” Lu Yin grabbed Vulture and forced his head head up. A pair of emotionless eyes entered everyone’s vision. They were eyes that were completely devoid of blood, and they radiated a gloominess that caused everyone to feel chilled to the bone.

Puyu stared at Vulture in disbelief, as he had never seen these eyes in his companion before. He was very familiar with this trusted aide, but this gaze made him feel like a complete stranger. 

“So, back then, you didn’t kill me… all to wait… for this day?” Vulture spoke slowly in a voice that sounded completely different from when he conversed with Puyu. 

He had been no different from any other normal person when he spoke with Puyu, and his tone had been filled with humility and respect. But at this moment, his voice sounded unsteady and also a bit hoarse. He sounded like he had just learned how to use his voice. 

He was a Corpse King from the Neohuman Alliance, and the current Vulture’s eyes had transformed into scarlet eyes with vertical pupils. 

A terrible chill ran along his arm, and a black ice completely froze Lu Yin. 

With a boom, Vulture whirled around to kick the frozen Lu Yin aside as his scarlet pupils scanned over everyone present. Finally, he looked at Puyu. “Too bad… you… pawn.” 

Puyu’s eyes constricted. “A Corpse King?” 

There was a thump, and the sturdy ice shattered. Lu Yin lunged towards Vulture once again, and this time, Vulture’s clothes tore apart to reveal firm muscles. He then turned around to throw a punch at Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin had never underestimated Vulture. Back when they had fought for the Giant Emperor’s third eye, Vulture had used nothing more than his physical body to fight against Lu Yin. He had a very powerful body, but Corpse Kings also had the special characteristic of being able to consume energy crystals to create and then further bolster their innate gifts. This person’s black sturdy ice was strong enough that even Lu Yin had to fear its cold. 

With a thump, the wild wind swept across all of San Dios, and Vulture was blown a hundred meters away by Lu Yin’s punch despite both of his legs being deeply embedded into the ground. Lu Yin’s hand also started to freeze over. 

With a whoosh, Vulture charged forward again, this time with both hands raised. A cold, black stream of ice covered the sky, and it looked as if Vulture was trying to seal off all of San Dios in his ice. The sky above San Dios turned black. 

Lu Yin frowned and completely unsealed all three grains of Fatesand. His eyes widened as his figure suddenly vanished. He then suddenly appeared in front of Vulture after moving at his quickest speed and slammed a powerful punch straight into Vulture’s abdomen. The blow pierced straight through Vulture’s body, and a second, follow-up punch struck off Vulture’s head. 

The flow of black ice disappeared, but the crowd was still trembling from the scene that they had just witnessed. Vulture had completely died, as not even a Corpse King could possibly survive being decapitated. 

Lu Yin clenched his fist. Vulture had not been too strong, and if not for his innate gift of black ice, it would have been even easier to deal with him, especially since Lu Yin could even deal with Transformed Corpse Kings. 

Of the Neohuman Alliance experts that Lu Yin had encountered so far, those who could not perform a Corpse King Transformation were not able to stand up to Lu Yin at all. Even though the Top 100 Rankings did not include any individuals from the Three Dark Hands, Lu Yin felt certain that, with his current strength, he could be considered as a top-tier talent even if those hidden forces were included. This was despite the fact that he was still just an Explorer. 

Puyu’s face went as pale as possible. Vulture was actually from the Neohuman Alliance, and he had followed Puyu for very long. There was no way to dispute this fact. Puyu’s entire body trembled at this moment, precisely because he understood how the Hall of Honor handled such situations.

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