Chapter 661: Former Arrangements

Had Lu Yin cleaned up the last vestiges of the Neohuman Alliance on Shenwu Continent? He didn’t know, and that was not good enough for him. He had to check the entire continent again. 

He then spent another ten days meticulously combing through all the corners of Shenwu Continent, even the most isolated islands out in the sea. During this time, he obliterated three more Neohuman Alliance bases. Finally, he returned to Shanhai City and had a long discussion with Ming Zhaoshu. After that, he left Shenwu Continent. 

He had done all that he could, and Shenwu Continent should have been purged of all traces of the Neohuman Alliance. Even so, he had left instructions with Ming Zhaoshu to rearrange Ming Yan’s meals and daily schedule, just to prevent anything unexpected from occurring. 

Before leaving, Lu Yin did not see Ming Yan again. Her eyes currently held a firm determination that had never existed there before. This was a good thing, and Lu Yin did not want to disrupt it. 

He would return to the continent again in about half a year after Ming Zhaoshu died. 

It had already been nearly twenty days since he had left the Daosource Sect's ruins, and he should be able to enter that place once again. Lu Yin had not decided if he should return there yet as it was impossible to know if the battle was still raging. The ruins had become a battlefield where the Ten Arbiters fought against the Realmlings, and it was not a battlefield that Lu Yin could participate in. In the end, he decided to wait a bit longer. 

He returned to King Zishan's palace, and once he was there, Kayze reported to him, saying, “Someone named Ding Xing has been waiting for Your Highness for a few days. Does Your Highness wish to meet with him?” 

Ding Xing? Lu Yin thought about the name. Right, he’s from Northcastle Weave’s Greatsword Dynasty, and he requested help to chase away the people of the Beast Tamers Flowzone and restore the Greatsword Dynasty to power. He even promised to reward the Empire with the treasures of the Greatsword Dynasty. 

Northcastle Weave lay close to the Astral Wilderness, and there were still quite a few powers who were continuing to search for pyrolyte and had also continued to meddle in the political affairs of Northcastle Weave without much consideration for the locals. This had naturally made those powers feel apprehensive, and even Lu Yin could end up harmed by the repercussions. More importantly, he needed to first firmly establish the Great Eastern Alliance. Before that happened, Lu Yin did not want any accidents to occur. 

“Have him leave for now. I will naturally help him when the timing is right.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

It had been extremely exhausting for Lu Yin during the past few days, and he rested in King Zishan's palace for a day before he felt refreshed. He then took out the cosmic ring that the Xun family had given to Huo Qingshan and found that there were 10,000 star essence within it. The Xun family could be considered sincere, and it appeared that they had wanted to use this amount to settle the grudge between them and Lu Yin, which had been too naive a thought.

But that wily fox Xun Qianye had managed to slip away in the end, and Lu Yin could only hope that Mafioso Planet and the Daynight clan would be able to find him; otherwise, it would become a troubling matter. 

The Xun family’s objective had always been the gun that Lu Yin had bought at the auction, and because of that, Xun Qianye had used all sorts of methods to get rid of Lu Yin. From the very beginning, the man had not felt any pity as he had exposed the Vastdearth Sect’s Cheng Yan so that the Xun family could prevent any possibility of the Vastdearth Sect joining the Great Eastern Alliance from coming to pass. 

If the Xun family’s methods had been successful, then Lu Yin would have been punished by the Hall of Honor, and the Great Eastern Alliance would have led to nothing. Unfortunately for them, the Xun family’s efforts had failed, and they had even suffered casualties so severe that no one from the Xun family could be found in the current Outerverse.


Now, the most worried faction at the moment was the Vastdearth Sect.

Without Cheng Yan to maintain contact with the Great Yu Empire, the Vastdearth Sect simply did not know what the Great Yu Empire was planning. 

“I propose that we take the initiative to contact the Great Yu Empire,” Elder Angio suggested as he looked at Meng Tianlong. 

The other elders agreed with him, as they were all afraid that Lu Yin would personally visit them. That youth was an overbearing young master that not even the Daynight clan dared to provoke. In other words, the Innerverse powers could intimidate the Outerverse, but not him. 

Many felt that Lu Yin was even scarier than many of the Innerverse’s great powers.

Meng Tianlong muttered to himself for a while and then finally said, “If we want to contact the Great Yu Empire, then we must consider carefully whether or not we should join the Great Eastern Alliance.” 

The crowd of elders fell silent at his words.

At this moment, someone came to make a report. “There’s a visitor from Darkstar Gorge.”

Meng Tianlong and the others were stunned by this news, but they quickly became delighted. They had constantly been sending people to other organizations to enquire about the Great Eastern Alliance, and now, they had finally received a reply. 

If Lu Yin saw this visiter from Darkstar Gorge, then he would instantly recognize him. It was one of the five Hunters who had attempted to assassinate him on his way to the Six-Fingered Tribe. 

“My Darkstar Gorge will definitely not join this so-called Great Eastern Alliance. It’s called an alliance, but in reality, it’s only purpose is to gather resources for the Great Yu Empire and help the empire unify the eastern weaves.” That Hunter from Darkstar Gorge, called Zha Pu, spoke with determination.  

Meng Tianlong replied, “Unify the eastern weaves? Is Lu Yin truly that ambitious?’

Zha Pu sneered. “Of course. He is so bold that he even dare to kill Enlighters, so what would he not dare to do? If he succeeds in establishing this alliance, then we will be reduced to nothing more than his subordinates. Sect Leader Meng would not wish to have someone above you ordering your every move, correct?” 

This conversation made Meng Tianlong quickly feel sullen. As the Vastdearth Sect’s leader, he controlled an entire weave, and his authority was unsurpassed. He could decide the fates of countless individuals with a single order, easily allowing someone to soar into the heavens or fall into a bottomless abyss. This authority was something that could not be understood by those who had never enjoyed it, and those who had wielded such power would become addicted to it. 

To inexplicably have someone rise above them and ordering them about was simply unacceptable. 

“What are Darkstar Gorge’s plans?” Meng Tianlong asked. 

Zha Pu smiled. “We have contacted powers such as the Evenground Palace and the Tri-Banner Federation. If the Great Yu Empire wishes to act against any of us and force us to join its Great Eastern Alliance, then we will respond by establishing a counter-Great Eastern Alliance. There won’t be any contract as there’s only one condition: unite and resist the Great Yu Empire. We don’t believe that Lu Yin can kill us off one by one if so many of us unite, and even if he can wipe us all out, the Hall of Honor will not simply stand by and watch him.” 

Meng Tianlong’s eyes lit up. “You’ve really made contact already?”

“Naturally. In a few more days, we will have an opportunity to meet and discuss the methods that we should employ to deal with the Great Yu Empire. Does Sect Leader Meng wish to join us?” Zha Pu asked. 

Meng Tianlong immediately agreed. 

Zha Pu left Meng Tianlong full of expectations. The more powers that united, the greater their influence would be, and this so-called Great Eastern Alliance would definitely not be established. The Great Yu Empire would also be rejected. So what if Lu Yin grew even more powerful? Just as Zha Pu had said, Lu Yin could only kill so many powerhouses. 

Even though the universe was ruled by the law of the jungle, humans were creatures that had a bottom line. One person could not mercilessly kill too many others. If Lu Yin attempted to act this ruthlessly, then the Hall of Honor would not possibly allow it. Humans were humans because they had a bottom line, and this line was determined by a great number of people. 

Lu Yin quickly learned of this matter far away in the Great Yu Empire, and his expression became unpleasant. 

En Ya was also troubled by this development. “If so many powers truly unite against us, then there’s no possibility that the Great Eastern Alliance can be established. We cannot use the iron fist to suppress everyone. Even if we manage to temporarily establish the alliance, it will be very difficult to gather all of the resources in the future. This is not in line with our original intentions.” 

“We hope that the various powers will still willingly join the alliance and pool their resources on their own initiative and not by force,” Huan Sha said. 

Lu Yin rapped his fingers against the table. “You two tell me: are these Outerverse powers wolves or sheep?” 

En Ya and Huan Sha exchanged doubtful glances. “What does Your Highness mean?”

Lu Yin’s lips curled upwards. “Against the Daynight clan, Innerverse powers like the Xun family might easily give in. Without Darkstar Gorge forming the connections, these powers will similarly give in to me, because they are fundamentally merely sheep.” 

“But they have already united,” En Ya objected.

“But I would like to find out how sturdy this ‘alliance’ of theirs really is,” Lu Yin said with a smile.

“What does Your Highness intend to do?” En Ya asked.

Lu Yin stood up and walked out of the building to look at the sky. “Darkstar Gorge is actually a sheep as well, but their hatred for me runs too deeply, and I’m the one that forced them to become a wolf. Right now, it’s one wolf leading a flock of sheep to resist me. So, we’ll slaughter that lone wolf.” 

“Your Highness wishes to take care of Darkstar Gorge?” En Ya was astonished by this decision.

Lu Yin indifferently responded, “We must make an example of someone, or else the Outerverse powers will truly think that I, Lu Yin, am actually a benevolent person who doesn’t dare to act against them.”

“Your Highness, at this moment, the various great powers have already united. If we rashly act against Darkstar Gorge, then the other powers might take action in the name of self-preservation,” Huan Sha reminded him. 

Lu Yin smiled. “I won’t be taking action just because they’re uniting to resist me. I will be acting on behalf of the Hall of Honor’s orders.” 

En Ya and Huan Sha could not comprehend such a thing. As long as someone did not betray the Human Domain or do some intolerable offence, how would the Hall of Honor act against a specific power? 

He dismissed both En Ya and Huan Sha and activated his gadget. Before long, Elder Lohar’s face appeared on his screen. 

“Junior greets Elder.” Lu Yin bowed respectfully.

Elder Lohar saw that Lu Yin was in a pretty good mood. “Little brat, if you’re suddenly contacting me, you must have something with which you wish to ask for my help.”

Lu Yin smiled. “How did Elder know?”

Elder Lohar laughed. “Although the Innerverse and Outerverse have been separated, my Hall of Honor is not blind. Little brat, let me tell you something—I don’t care if you wish to establish your Great Eastern Alliance. Even if you occasionally borrow the Hall of Honor’s name, I still won’t care. But it is impossible for you to request for the Hall of Honor to help you.”

Lu Yin rubbed his nose. “Junior has never underestimated the Hall of Honor’s strength, and I understand Elder’s warning. However, Junior contacted Elder this time not to ask for the Hall of Honor’s help, but rather to make a report.” 

“A report?” Elder Lohar was puzzled. “A report on whom?”

“Junior must report that Darkstar Gorge has been colluding with the Neohuman Alliance,” Lu Yin spoke solemnly. 

Elder Lohar was taken aback. “You claim that Darkstar Gorge has colluded with the Neohuman Alliance? Little brat, I’m warning you—even with your special status, you cannot trespass upon the Hall of Honor’s bottom line. To recklessly frame someone else and use the Hall of Honor to eradicate opposing powers is a very serious crime. If you are guilty, I may very well take away your futon.” 

Lu Yin serenely responded, “Junior has not framed the Darkstar Gorge. In the Outerverse Youth Council, there is someone from the Neohuman Alliance who works alongside Councilor Puyu. In the past, Arbiter Wen went to Darkstar Gorge to investigate this matter, but he informed Junior not to release news of this matter. He ascertained that Darkstar Gorge is indeed colluding with the Neohuman Alliance, but he did not act as he wanted to further investigate who else the Neohuman Alliance may be colluding with. Elder can send someone to investigate.” 

Elder Lohar’s face grew extremely solemn. “Alright, if this is actually true, you’ll have made a great contribution.” 

“Elder, Puyu is at the Outerverse Youth Council’s headquarters of East San Dios. This junior is coincidentally already headed there, so please allow this junior to look for the Neohuman Alliance’s Corpse King. Then, the Hall of Honor can verify this matter.” 

Elder Lohar thought about the request. “Very well, but I’ll warn you again: do not even think of planting false evidence. Our Hall of Honor naturally has its own ways to determine the truth. If you attempt to make personal use of the Hall of Honor, then I will take your futon away myself. I will also deduct all your Honor Points and imprison you.” 

“Junior understands,” Lu Yin replied respectfully. 

The screen went blank, and Lu Yin sighed. He had finally been forced to use the chess piece that was Vulture. In the past, Wen Sansi had not taken any action, but the Hall of Honor definitely would not let off anyone who had a connection to the Neohuman Alliance.

It was a pity that Lu Yin had to do this now as he had wanted to implicate Liu Shaoge along with Puyu, but it seemed that that would no longer be possible. If that was the case, then he would just take care of them both at the same time!

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