Chapter 66: Zishan King

Sigmund explained, “I believe you’ve heard some things already. The Zishan and Yushan families are the two most important families in the Great Yu Empire. When His Imperial Majesty The Undying Yushan ascended to his throne eight centuries ago, he conferred the title of King upon The Undying Zishan. However, that man died while out on an expedition, and some circumstances led to the entire family hiding itself until it gradually disappeared. You are the last living descendant of the Zishan Family.”

Lu Yin’s eyes glowed, but he kept quiet as the General continued, “I know what you might be thinking. The Undying Zishan was not killed by His Imperial Majesty; this is public knowledge.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “How can you be so certain?”

Sigmund sighed. “Before His Imperial Majesty succeeded the throne, the Great Yu Empire had little influence in the Frostwave Weave. It was the combined effort of His Imperial Majesty and The Undying Yushan that allowed the Great Yu Empire to become what it is today. However, this wasn’t enough. His Imperial Majesty’s wish was to bring the Great Yu Empire into the Innerverse. The death of The Undying Zishan brought those ambitions to a halt; he wouldn’t have destroyed his own dreams.”

“That’s enough. I don’t really care about the Great Yu Empire’s past; all I want to know is what kind of status I have now,” Lu Yin said, feeling slightly annoyed.

“You are the successor of the title of the Zishan King, as ordered directly by His Imperial Majesty. From the moment your identity was confirmed, you became the Zishan King of the Great Yu Empire.”

Lu Yin was astonished, “Just like that? Don’t I have to go through some complicated procedures or something? No re-examination on the Capital Star?”

Sigmund shook his head, “There’s no need for that. All the data on Perseverance is linked to the Empire. His Imperial Majesty is aware of everything and has already acknowledged that you are now officially the Zishan King. When you arrive at the Capital Star and meet with him, everything that the Zishan King is entitled to will be given over to you.”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up; this was exactly what he had wanted to hear. He had been forced to use up all of his star crystals to fight Qingyu, earning a measly two days in the Timestop domain. He had been agonizing over how to get more, but with this news it seemed like it would no longer be a problem.

"By the way, if there's anything you need help with when you're on the Capital Star, you can look for my family. I've already spoken to them, and they'll help you however they can," General Sigmund said before giving Lu Yin an ordinary gadget, "Take this, it'll help."

Lu Yin glanced at him and nodded, "Thank you. If there's nothing else you need, I'll be on my way."

Sigmund Mathers nodded, but when Lu Yin was at the door, he suddenly spoke up, "There's someone on the spacecraft called Mira. If you see her, be careful."

Lu Yin made a sound of acknowledgment and walked out of the command center. The General's words had left him puzzled; while he might now be the so-called Zishan King, he was still just some random rich kid with no power. There was no need for Sigmund Mathers to treat a Sentinel so well; was he somehow connected to the Zishans?

Around the same time, Raas was meeting with Shalosh.

"What? That bastard really is a descendant of the Zishan clan, and it's even been acknowledged by His Imperial Majesty that he'll take over as the Zishan King?" the youth shouted in disbelief.

Shalosh stared at Raas with a dark look on his face, sending a chill down the youth's spine. He quickly backed up two steps and went quiet, allowing the man to say coldly, "Shout at me again, and I'll remove your tongue."

Raas broke out in cold sweat and hastily apologized. His father might be the Vice-Treasurer, but his actual power couldn't come close to comparing with the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons. Shalosh was the vice-captain of the Twelfth Squadron and was far more influential than Sicar. If it weren't for his father having certain financial controls, the man wouldn't even bother with him.

"If you see Lu Yin again in the future, make sure you stay away from him. It might be nothing more than a name, but if he does try to use his status against you, you have no choice but to let him," Shalosh said coldly, to which Raas quickly agreed. The man then snorted and gazed towards the darkness of space. Zishan King? Let's see how long you'll last. The Empire will erupt the moment you cause trouble.

Elsewhere on the ship, Jenny Auna was raging as well, "How can this be? Becoming a king is no simple matter. How can a native like him receive any kind of inheritance?"

Torry could only smile wryly, "Please don't be angry, Miss. This has already been confirmed, and the head has ordered you to stay away from him."

"Why should I? Is being the Zishan King all that amazing?" Jenny answered in annoyance, leaving Torry tongue-tied. He wanted to tell Jenny certain things, but he knew that she would storm off the moment he brought them up. In the end, he decided to leave it to the head.

Lu Yin didn't leave his room for two days, focusing purely on recovering while studying the star charts. The fourth star of the Cosmic Palm was twice as powerful as the third, so he couldn't wait for the fifth to appear. If he had been able to use the five-star Palm, he wouldn't have needed a Melder's help to crush Qingyu. It was too bad that the Cosmic Art that he had retrieved was merely the elementary volume. With this, he would only be able to simulate a maximum of eight stars. He also feared that after becoming a Melder, the Cosmic Art's benefits might fade away. Its overwhelming might would dissipate in the face of geniuses with other powerful battle techniques.

"Do you study those charts every day because of some battle technique?" A sweet voice sounded from behind Lu Yin, quickly followed by a pleasant fragrance. He was startled and quickly turned around to see a beautiful woman with an air of purity, white hair hanging down to the ankles with a bun near the forehead. She was staring at him with interest.

"Who are you?" he asked cautiously, his instincts screaming that he was no match for this woman. She had gotten far too close to him without making a single sound; even the Cosmic Art hadn't reacted! This was a powerhouse.

"My name is Mira," the white-haired girl said with a smile, what seemed like a trace of red in her focused eyes.

Mira? Lu Yin quickly remembered Sigmund's words of caution regarding this woman. "Do you need anything from me?"

She laughed and walked past him with her hair drifting behind her, gracefully sitting down and crossing her right leg over the left. The round toes of her bare feet wiggled around, showing off her bright red nail polish as she looked straight at him and asked, "Can you tell me why you look at star charts every day?"

Lu Yin looked at her seriously, "I lost my memories, so I'm searching for the way home."

Mira played with the hair curled in her right hand, "Do you know who I am?"

Lu Yin shook his head.

Mila said, "I'm from the Innerverse, and am part of the Universe Youth Council."

Lu Yin's eyes widened. The Universe Youth Council was a terrifying organization that could theoretically try any youth in the entire universe. It had its own army and subsidiaries everywhere; the Great Yu Empire's Youth Council was one such subordinate organization.

"I was the one to disband your Great Yu Empire's Youth Council. Do you understand now?" Mira continued.

Lu Yin took a deep breath, "What does this have to do with me?"

Mira got up and slowly strolled over to Lu Yin, lifting his chin with her index that carried the same intoxicating scent, "I admire your abilities, so I can recommend you to the Outerverse Youth Council. My only condition is that you join Astral-10 and gain some accomplishments."

Lu Yin stared straight into her eyes, the bit of red more obvious now. This woman heated his body and was extremely tempting, but there was both a visual and instinctive feeling of danger to her that chilled him, "Why me?"

Mira's lips curled into a sensual smile, her captivating eyes threatening to drown him within their gaze, "Your innate gift is quite unique. May I know how it works?"

Lu Yin retreated a few steps, "All this just because of my innate gift?"

Mira retracted her hand, "The Ten Arbiters decreed that any cultivator with an innate gift can enter the Outerverse Youth Council. However, the Outerverse Youth Council oversees too vast a territory, including the Great Yu Empire's Youth Council. Most cultivators with innate gifts typically only join local councils, but exceptional ones can join the higher body. Where do you think you belong?"

Lu Yin hadn't even considered the possibility of joining the Youth Council by revealing his innate gift. His miraculous die was something that should remain a secret, not because it was too weak, but because it was too powerful. The die had six faces, and every one of them had a shocking ability. He didn't want to reveal it at all if possible, but it had been found out during his battle with Qingyu. Although Sigmund had not mentioned it, he definitely had his own thoughts. This woman was merely the first to ask about it.

"My innate gift isn't that special; it simply speeds up my healing rate."

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