Chapter 605: Collision Of Forcefields

The emotions seen in one’s eyes could not be faked, and the moment Lu Yin saw Ming Yan’s eyes, he knew that those budding feelings of innocence from before would never return. 

Ming Yan stared at Lu Yin blankly, and her delighted face slowly changed into a complex expression. Was she happy at this moment? Yes, but for some reason, she was also not as happy as she had imagined herself to be. She had already lived the moment of her reunion with Lu Yin in her dreams, but they were actually seeing each other again. Despite that, there was this strange trace of unfamiliarity that now separated them. She could only remain frozen in place, not knowing what to do. 

The two of them just looked at each other like that. They had both longed for this reunion and dreamed of embracing each other. However, now that the moment had finally arrived, neither of them could take that next step, as that step felt like a chasm that covered the sky. 

“I’m Nightking Changfeng. It’s good to meet you, Brother Lu.” The Nightking youth moved in front of Ming Yan and smiled at Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin’s brows furrowed a bit. “Out of my respect to Nightqueen Qiuyu, who’s still guarding the border, I won’t kill you. Get out of my sight immediately.”

Nightking Changfeng was startled, and he was about to speak when Ming Yan spoke up. “Brother Lu, Brother Changfeng is a very good person.”

Lu Yin’s heart wrenched, and he shifted his eyes from Ming Yan over to Nightking Changfeng. He tried to explain while speaking in a cold voice. “You don’t know about my hatred against the Nightking clan, and there’s no reason for you to know. You only need to understand one thing: all those from the Nightking clan are my enemy.” 

Ming Yan heard the iciness in Lu Yin’s tone, and her heart panicked as her face paled. She hurriedly stepped forward, though Nightking Changfeng subconsciously reached out to stop her. Just as he was about to touch Ming Yan, his hand was forcibly stopped: Lu Yin had seized his arm. An enormous strength forcibly bent his arm back, and Nightking Changfeng was overwhelmed to find that he was being suppressed even with his seven lined battle force. 

Lu Yin exerted his strength once again, which caused the entire Reverent King’s Residence to shudder. The intense strength ruthlessly pushed Nightking Changfeng out of the pavilion. “Who gave you the nerve to touch her in front of me?” 

Ming Yan’s face was completely white as she looked from Lu Yin to Nightking Changfeng and back. She had no idea what to do.

Nightking Changfeng tightly held his arm, where there were now five finger marks clearly visible. He was inwardly struck speechless by this person’s terrifying strength. “Yan’er, it looks like Brother Lu’s in a bad mood, so I’ll head out first. Let’s meet again next time.”

He then smiled politely and left the pavilion.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed as he watched the man leave.

“Brother Lu,” Ming Yan called out softly. Even as she looked at him, she was overwhelmed with complex emotions.

Lu Yin looked at her, and he saw her tangled emotions and the sense of unfamiliarity that was growing. “My hatred with his clan runs deep.” 

Ming Yan bit her lips. “There’s nothing going on between Brother Changfeng and me. We’re just friends.” 

“I know.” Lu Yin interrupted Ming Yan, but then he paused as he looked at her pale face, a pang of emotion striking his heart. He moved to place a hand on her face, but she subconsciously backed away and lowered her head. She seemed to be thinking about something. 

Lu Yin’s hand was left suspended in midair, and after a moment, he helplessly lowered it. “How have you been these two years?” 

Ming Yan softly acknowledged him and then asked, “How about you, Brother Lu?”

“Very good,” Lu Yin said. “Actually, I came this time to take you away. You-”

“Brother Lu, Father has rebelled against the Shenwu Empire. Did you know this?” Ming Yan suddenly interrupted Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin stared at her blankly before revealing a bitter smile. “I know.”

He looked up at the sky. “Rest well. I’m going to go look for your Father.” After saying that, he also left the pavilion. 

Ming Yan stared at Lu Yin’s departing figure and felt that she was suddenly even more distant from him than before. She truly did not know how to handle her emotions. Just two years ago, her love for him had been so strong that her heart had ached deeply the moment they had parted. Time was truly a poison that could dissolve all things, even emotions. Perhaps, back then, it had not even been love, though if that was the case, Ming Yan did not even know what she had felt at that time. 

During these past two years, no matter how many outsiders she had met, even if they had been a man as outstanding as Nightking Changfeng, she had not betrayed Lu Yin and firmly protected her feelings. Still, when it came down to what truly mattered, could she accept this situation? Why had she interrupted Brother Lu just now? Why could she not bear to hear the words that she knew he had been about to say? Did she no longer love him?

Her strength left her, and she collapsed onto the pavilion floor in a daze. 

Lu Yin did not blame Ming Yan, as emotions and feelings were not things able to be controlled by humans. He had not missed Ming Yan that much during these past two years; he had been in contact with the enchanting Madam Nalan, Wendy Yushan, and girl after girl. In fact, Ming Yan’s place in his heart had dwindled, but every time he thought of her, that feeling of longing had overcome everything else.

Perhaps, this was puppy love—a bittersweet romance.

Still, unfamiliarity did not necessarily mean the end of the relationship. Ming Yan still had feelings for him, which he was able to see, and he still held some for her as well. In the end, everything depended on the future.

Within the Reverent King’s Residence, the most heavily guarded location was Ming Zhaoshu’s study. Soon after leaving the pavilion, Lu Yin sat down inside the study to wait for Ming Zhaoshu to arrive. 

In another place, Nightking Changfeng’s face had become gloomy after he left the Reverent King’s Residence. A bone-deep throbbing pain was pulsating from his arm, as Lu Yin’s strength left him aghast; how could he be that strong? He was a Cruiser, and he was also ranked twenty first on the Top 100 Rankings; he was a genius of the Nightking clan second only to Nightking Gu. Those from the Nightking clan were generally all famous figures, but he had just been easily suppressed by that person, even with his seven lined battle force. 

Nightking Changfeng had not paid much attention to the fact that Lu Yin was an unequaled Limiteer in the past, but just now, he had personally experienced the truth. He now knew how helpless Nightqueen Yanqing and Zhanlong Daynight must have felt. This person had to be dealt with, or else he would grow into a huge problem for the Nightking clan in the future. 

No one in the entire Reverent King’s Residence knew that there was somebody waiting for Ming Zhaoshu in their most tightly guarded study. 

Once night fell, Ming Zhaoshu finally returned to the Reverent King’s Residence and became aware of the intruder. His domain was no weaker than Lu Yin’s, and although Lu Yin was improving at a rate that even he himself felt it was a bit strange, Ming Zhaoshu had endured for so many years and also comprehended a forcefield. Thus, it was quite easy for him to discover Lu Yin’s presence. 

Once he entered the study, Ming Zhaoshu was shocked to see Lu Yin reading a book. In the past, Tang Si had reported that Lu Yin had changed to the extent where he could even threaten a powerhouse on Ming Taizhong’s level. Ming Zhaoshu had not believed Tang Si’s words as his experience was too shallow. But now that the Reverent King was personally seeing Lu Yin for himself, he felt shock after shock rock his mind. This kid even gave him a sense of danger at this moment. 

“My lord, it’s been quite a long time.” Lu Yin put the book down and calmly looked at the Reverent King, his tone tranquil. He did not stand up.

Ming Zhaoshu’s eyes flashed, but then he smiled. “Long time no see, Little Seven.” 

“My lord’s appearance is pretty good. It seems that these past two years have been comfortable,” Lu Yin commented indifferently. 

Ming Zhaoshu walked behind the table and sat down. He then looked at Lu Yin. “The agreement was for ten years’ time, but only two years have passed, and you’ve already returned. Do you have the confidence to help Shenwu Continent emerge from its predicament?” 

“Even if I don’t, my lord is capable of doing it himself. Even now, you are doing it, isn’t that so?” Lu Yin’s tone grew colder. 

Ming Zhaoshu’s eyes narrowed. “Do you mean cooperating with outsiders? That’s correct. I cannot possibly place all my hopes on you alone.” 

“But my lord’s choice seems a tad excessive.” Lu Yin stared at the king. 

Ming Zhaoshu laughed, but then, his expression turned cold. “Little Seven, we haven’t met in two years, but you’ve changed so much. Do you know that even the Hunters of your universe don’t dare to speak to me in such a manner?” 

“Then does my lord know that, even if Ming Taizhong were alive, I could kill him if I wished?” Lu Yin suddenly stood up, and Ming Zhaoshu rose at the same time. Two tremendous domains burst forth simultaneously, and they each withstood the other’s force in the sky above the Reverent King’s Residence, far above Qiong Island. In an instant, countless people felt stifled and looked up. Although they could not see anything, they felt as though the sky was falling. 

Within the Reverent King’s Residence, the Martial Sovereign standing guard looked up, dumbstruck. This power…? 

Outside the Reverent King’s Residence, Nightking Changfeng was similarly astonished. What a powerful domain.

Many cultivators from Shenwu Continent and the outside universe felt the same sense of suppression. It originated not only from Ming Zhaoshu, but from Lu Yin as well. 

The two domains faced off against each other, invisible to the eye, but their force was enough to distort the sky. The clouds roiled as the weather changed. Almost instantly, rain began to pour down in buckets, and thunderclaps could be heard. 

Many looked at the sky in terror as the two domains solidified and continued their visible confrontation in the form of shockwaves. It was almost as if two giant creatures were colliding in the sky.  

Ming Zhaoshu and Lu Yin each worked in unison to restrain the clash of their domains so that no one would be harmed. 

Even so, the pressure was unimaginable to the common people.

In the Reverent King’s Residence, Ming Zhaoshu’s expression changed. He could not force Lu Yin down. Just two years ago, this youth had been obviously weak, and Lu Yin hadn’t even comprehended a domain. But now, just two years later, he was witnessing a complete turnaround. 

He suddenly recalled Lu Yin’s legend: Lu Yin had only started cultivating many years into his life, but he had become one of the top four during the Astral Combat Tournament despite that. Two years was a short time for most cultivators, but for this person, it was enough time to achieve a qualitative leap. Still, the growth in strength that Ming Zhaoshe was currently experiencing was just too absurd. 

Ming Zhaoshu’s endurance was enough to draw great admiration from those who knew him, but at this moment, he did not wish to endure anymore. Lu Yin’s attitude was clear, and the youth held resentment towards him in his heart. If Ming Zhaoshu could not suppress the young man at this very moment, then they would be on equal footing in future collaborations, which was something that the Reverent King could not accept. 

On the streets of Qiong Island, Nightking Changfeng looked at the sky and saw the two domains suddenly change. One domain took on the form of a humanoid figure garbed in a royal gown. It was a dazzling sight in the night sky. Its mighty imperial authority made all the citizens who saw the figure kneel down, as this was Ming Zhaoshu; his forcefield had taken on the form of an emperor. 

Lu Yin’s expression changed, as he had also comprehended a forcefield. He considered his options before staring deeply into Ming Zhaoshu’s eyes. His domain also morphed, transforming into a tree that stretched towards the heavens. It felt as if it was the source of all living creatures, and all sorts of strange objects grew from its branches. 

Ming Zhaoshu’s pupils shrank to pinpoints. A forcefield! This kid actually comprehended a forcefield!


In the study, the table between Ming Zhaoshu and Lu Yin split asunder. The two men looked at each other, and they each withdrew their domains. The night sky quickly returned to normal, with only the rain continuing to pour, showering Qiong Island.

There was a thump as the table completely broke apart, falling to the floor at the feet of Lu Yin and Ming Zhaoshu. 

The collision of their domains had been a tie. 

With a bang, the door slammed open, and a Martial Sovereign charged in. Behind him, Tang Si and quite a few soldiers also rushed in. “My lord!”

“Get out!” Ming Zhaoshu barked, and everyone hurriedly left.

“Let’s change locations,” Ming Zhaoshu softly said.

Lu Yin calmly left with the older man.

It was still pouring outside when Ming Zhaoshu and Lu Yin appeared atop a building.

“Who would have thought that you would progress so much in the short span of two years,” Ming Zhaoshu commented.

Lu Yin stared out at the rain. “There’s many matters that you haven’t considered.”

“The promise of ten years has been brought forward by eight years—that is certainly something that I didn’t expect,” Ming Zhaoshu said.

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