Chapter 603: Employment And A Secret

The Hunter Mistchild closed his eyes. “Kill me if you must.”

“What’s your name?” Lu Yin asked.

“I have no name.”

“Why were you trying to assassinate Logan?”

“He’s the target of a mission.”

“Three Mistchildren received this mission at the same time. Don’t you find that a little strange?” Lu Yin asked. This mission had clearly been created by the bespectacled female Mistchild, but despite the fact that the mission target wasn’t even an Explorer, three Mistchildren had taken action together. Something was obviously fishy if they had simply thought about it.

The Hunter Mistchild looked up at Lu Yin. “The missions were received at different times. The Explorer Mistchild received the mission first, then the Cruiser Mistchild, and finally, I received it. None of us are required to announce our missions when we receive them, as they are individually issued. One of Mafioso Planet’s ironclad rules is that we have to complete a mission once we accept it, even if it turns out to be a trap.” 

The one who understood assassins the best was still one of their own. That bespectacled Mistchild had messed with the timings when she issued the mission, and the assassins were also not required to report their missions to anyone else. The three might have arrived on Orchid Planet at the same time, but they had also left Mafioso Planet at different times. Those small details had led to the current situation after also taking Mafioso Planet’s ironclad rule of completing all missions into consideration. 

Lu Yin looked at the Hunter Mistchild and wondered whether or not he should kill the man. 

This Hunter Mistchild had comprehended a domain, and he also had a very peculiar innate gift, so killing him felt like a pity. However, even if Lu Yin didn’t kill him, he probably wouldn’t be able to make use of the man either. 

He did not believe that he had a dominating aura that could subdue people. The young female Mistchild had decided to follow Lu Yin mainly because of his poisons. 

“How does your Mafioso Planet employ killers?” Lu Yin asked.

The Hunter Mistchild replied in a low voice, “The starting price to hire an Hunter level assassin is one million star crystals, and the price increases proportionally based on the individual’s power level, success rate, and the power of the target being assassinated.”

“How about for you?” Lu Yin was curious. 

“My starting price is three million star crystals.”

“How about for long-term employment?”

The Hunter Mistchild was confused by the question. “Long-term employment? There aren’t any such missions.”

Lu Yin thought about it. “If someone wants to kill me, then you’ll help me kill them first. This is the mission that I’ll give you.”

The Hunter Mistchild was lost, as no one had ever tried doing such a thing before. However, this also did not seem to go against any of Mafioso Planet’s rules. It was still a mission to kill, but the price was a little difficult to calculate. 

“Let me put it this way. How much can you earn in a year?” Lu Yin asked, his tone rather forthright. He was a rich person, after all. 

“At least 80 million star crystals.”

Lu Yin’s lips crept upwards. “I’ll give you 1,000 star essence. You’ll follow me around, protect me, and kill those who try to assassinate me. How does that sound?

The Hunter Mistchild was stunned, as 1,000 star essence was equivalent to 100 million star crystals, so it was definitely enough, but…

Lu Yin saw the Hunter Mistchild contemplating things, and his tone grew colder. “1,500.”

The Hunter Mistchild’s eyes flickered.

“2,000.” Lu Yin was currently experiencing the rush of how Lulu had used money to crush others in the past.

The Hunter Mistchild was obviously startled by the offer.

“Not enough? Then you can just die.” Lu Yin raised his hand. 

The Hunter Mistchild hurriedly replied, “It’s enough! Sure. I’ll give up all my missions for this next year and work exclusively for you.”

Lu Yin’s lips rose. “Alright then. From today on, you’ll serve in the Second Squadron of the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons. Your task there will be to gather information about the surrounding weaves as well as to assist me in training the people in that squadron and raising their skills in assassination and gathering information.” 

The Hunter Mistchild frowned. “I only agreed to protect you. I didn’t agree to help you train your soldiers.” 

“2,000 star essence is around 200 million star crystals.” At that point, Lu Yin’s gaze turned frosty. “Do you think that my money comes on the wind? That I’ll just give it because I said so?” 

The Hunter Mistchild’s gaze flickered, and he thought about it. After a moment, he appeared resigned. “Alright.”

Nobody wanted to die, and even killers were still people. They might be unafraid of death, but that did not mean that they wished to die. 

Lu Yin did not hold onto any hope that he would be able to earn this person’s loyalty, as that would be impossible. Since the Hunter Mistchild had to comply with Mafioso Planet’s ironclad rules, then Lu Yin would simply use their rules to restrict him while also using the fear of death and the temptation of money to fully entice him. The Hunter would merely train the Second Squadron, which wasn’t anything too difficult, and Lu Yin wouldn’t suffer any loss if this person refused his offer. 

Lu Yin wasn’t keeping this person under watch with the intention to have him just train the Second Squadron. That old fogey, Topmist, had used the Bloodied Handprint to eliminate an old monster from the Astral Beast Domain whose power level was over 300,000, which showed that Mafioso Planet was likely not simple. The female Mistchild with glasses had devised all sorts of methods to have Lu Yin eliminate the three other Mistchildren, and she possibly had other objectives as well. Leaving this Hunter Mistchild alive could prove useful in the future. 

“From now on, you’ll be known as Gui Ci and you’ll be the captain of the Second Squadron,” Lu Yin stated. The Hunter’s status was thus confirmed, but he possessed no authority. That was the best description for the position that Lu Yin had given Gui Ci for the time being; he was just a military instructor.  

Gui Ci nodded, but his face remained pale.

After finishing up with the assassin, Lu Yin took another look towards his spacecraft. He wanted Logan to be dead, but after considering his position in the Yushan family and Wendy Yushan as well, he did not proceed with his initial plans. This person was still useful. With Logan, Lu Yin could lure out more people who opposed him before finally dispatching them all together. 

“Arrange for someone to be stationed on Orchid Planet to watch over him,” Lu Yin ordered Gui Ci. 

Gui Ci acknowledged Lu Yin’s words, and he quickly assumed his new role. It had to be said that Mafioso Planet really knew how to train their members.  

Lu Yin did not mention anything about the Limiteer Mistchild, and he decided that he would also hide Gui Ci’s existence from her. 

Lu Yin had no idea whether or not Mafioso Planet’s members had any way of mutually tracking each other’s whereabouts. If not for his fear of Topmist, he would have gone straight to Mafioso Planet and investigated the whole organization. 

The Cruiser and Explorer Mistchildren were now dead, and Gui Ci had changed his identity in order to assume his new position as the captain of the Second Squadron.

Ten days later, Lu Yin met with the Limiteer Mistchild again. This time, she brought him a large number of metal disks. They contained many secrets concerning the various great powers of the eastern weaves as well as important individuals. 

Vastdearth Weave’s Vastdearth Sect, Adonis Weave’s Darkstar Gorge, Lars Weave’s Six-Fingered Tribe, Flaxen Weave’s Tri-Colored Federation, Bard Weave’s Evenground Palace, and more were all included in the information. There were even some secrets about important characters from Mafioso Planet itself. 

Much of this information would not be very valuable to most people, but it was of the utmost importance to Lu Yin, who wanted to forge an alliance among the eastern weaves. 

When Huan Sha, En Ya, and the other captains of the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons saw this information, their shocked expressions were very entertaining for Lu Yin, especially En Ya’s face. In the past, Grand Marshal Shui Chuanxiao had also tried to create an Outerverse alliance, which was why Lu Yin had passed this matter to her. She was suffering from a headache, trying to come up with different ways to intimidate the powers of the various weaves, but this information had removed any apprehension of how she should proceed. The people in these records would become her weapons. 

“Your Highness, is this information reliable?” En Ya could not help herself from asking.

Lu Yin nodded. “Yes. I’m showing you all this so that I can give you a helping hand.”

“This is far more than a helping hand. It’s basically a shortcut to the finish line,” Huo Qingshan marveled.

Peach continuously flipped through the metal disks, and she cried out in excitement as she raised one. “Gibu’s in here! There’s even information about him.” 

“Who?” The Blind Monk was puzzled.

Peach smugly explained, “He’s the Flaxen Weave’s Tri-Colored Federation’s former chairman. In the past, His Majesty, Undying Yushan, sent me to the Tri-Colored Federation to carry out a mission, but this old fogey made it so that I was almost unable to come back. Let me take a look at this!” As she looked at the information on the metal disk, her expression grew increasingly brighter. “There’s information that we can use here! Your Highness, let me take care of this old fart.” 

Lu Yin pointed at En Ya. “The matters of the alliance are being handled by her right now, so you can talk to her.” 

Peach looked pleadingly towards En Ya. 

En Ya quietly replied, “We can’t touch Flaxen Weave for now, as it’s currently being controlled by Northline Flowzone’s Granny Chan. She didn’t die in Ironblood Weave, and she will eventually return.”

Peach was disappointed. 

At the mention of Granny Chan, Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. Topmist had insisted that he had not revealed Lu Yin’s methods of killing Enlighters, so the only other possible person who could have done so was Granny Chan. Could it have been her?

“Peach, does the empire have anyone planted in the Tri-Colored Federation?” Lu Yin asked.

Peach nodded. “Yes, from a long time ago actually, but we never activated them.”

“Activate them now and get them to contact the people from Northline Flowzone.”

Peach acknowledged his order. 

“Actually, the empire has people planted in quite a few of the surrounding weaves, and not just the Tri-Colored Federation. Of course, the empire itself also has other powers’ people planted within it as well,” Liuying Zishan commented. 

Lu Yin had En Ya collect all of the metal disks, and he sent everyone else away. The bespectacled Mistchild walked out from the darkness. “I was discovered.”

“There were two Hunters there, so it’s normal for you to be discovered,” Lu Yin said.

She nervously said, “That blind one is very strong.”

A trace of a smile hung on Lu Yin’s lips, as the Blind Monk was indeed powerful. His power level might not match up to Huo Qingshan’s, but he possessed an impressive number of rune lines, and the number even approached Aegis’s. The blind man clearly possessed some hidden trump card, but Lu Yin did not pay that matter any mind. Most cultivators had some. It was likely that even Huo Qingshan possessed some, though he had not used any yet. 

“Your Highness, I’ve delivered what you requested. Can I get a reward now?” The Mistchild looked expectantly at Lu Yin as she licked her lips. 

Lu Yin took out a vial of poison that had rune lines comparable to a Cruiser’s and tossed it at her. 

She opened the vial, took a whiff, and then said in disappointment, “It’s not as strong as the first.” 

“No need to rush. There’s more where that came from,” Lu Yin replied.

Mistchild smiled. “Thank you, Your Highness.” 

“Until Topmist returns, none of the other Mistchildren will appear. Your authority is very high on Mafioso Planet, so I want you to coordinate with me and help the empire establish the alliance.” Lu Yin looked at her. 

She solemnly said, “I’m under Your Highness’s command. Please rest assured.” 

Lu Yin smiled, but he did not say anything else. It was impossible for him to be at ease, but he also knew that this woman could not escape from his clutches. For now, there was only one thing left to do: it was time to return to Shenwu Continent. 

He would take advantage of this time while there were no Enlighters causing trouble in the Outerverse to resolve the issue on Shenwu Continent. Ming Yan had waited for him for two years now, and he was rather nervous. 

The Great Yu Empire had begun its comprehensive cooperation with the Nalan family, and En Ya and the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons had also started making arrangements for the alliance while Mafioso Planet helped from the outside. After a few days, Lu Yin took the Blind Monk along with him and visited Shenwu Continent’s space station. 

When Lu Yin arrived this time, the people on the space station panicked a bit, along with the Daynight members still there. Why had this rascal come back again? 

Tyrial had died, as he had been drafted to Ironblood Weave, where he had died on the battlefield. The one responsible for Shenwu Continent’s space station now was Meilan Daynight. 

“Student Lu, you’ve only been gone for a short while, but your recent accomplishments are well worth celebrating.” She smiled and appeared to be delighted to see Lu Yin. 

Even with his experience, he could not tell if she was faking her happiness, but that was not important. “Madam wasn’t drafted to the warfront?” 

“This girl is too feeble, and I could not qualify to be sent to the battlefield.” Madam Meilan smiled as she spoke, escorting Lu Yin into the space station.

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