Chapter 602: A Peculiar Innate Gift

This assassin was merely an Explorer, but even if they were the Explorer Mistchild, they could at most rival an elite disciple from one of the Innerverse’s great powers, which was still greatly inferior to Lu Yin. 

From behind, another figure appeared, but it did not attack Lu Yin. Instead, the newcomer stabbed straight at Logan. Mafioso Planet had an ironclad law that their nurtured killers had to follow: even if the mission turned out to be a trap meant to deal with Mafioso Planet, the assassins had to complete the mission if they had accepted it. 

Lu Yin glared at the new arrival, and his domain that had already spread out in all directions suddenly shuddered. A visible shockwave burst out and pushed the person who was attacking Logan aside. Lu Yin lifted a hand, and his domain suddenly condensed. It then took the form of a massive tree that covered the sky, looking exactly like the phenomena that had appeared when Lu Yin had broken through to the Explorer realm. 

This was Lu Yin’s forcefield, and the tall tree protected Logan who was within it. Lu Yin’s domain had reached the level where he could release a forcefield, but he did not know how he was doing such a thing. It was as if enlightenment had suddenly dawned on him. 

Furthermore, his forcefield was no weaker than Mu Rong’s, and it was even possible that it was stronger. 

The second assassin suddenly retreated when they felt Lu Yin’s forcefield, but it was already too late. This was actually Lu Yin’s first time using his forcefield, and he used it to press down on the attacker. The branches of the tree pierced through the void and wrapped around the assassin. This person was the Cruiser Mistchild, who was very powerful, but despite that, the twisting branches tied him up until he could not retaliate. After Lu Yin casually waved a hand, the figure was instantly eliminated. 

Logan stared at the scene, shocked. Just what was going on? 

“Chairman Logan, please rest assured. I’ll protect you.” Lu Yin smiled at him.

When he saw Lu Yin’s smile, Logan became even more terrified. He was not stupid, and even a fool would realize that Lu Yin would not come over specifically to protect him. These killers had to be related to the Royal Regent somehow. But if Lu Yin had sent these killers after the chairman, then why had he also shown up himself to protect the man? 

Suddenly, the spacecraft fractured into two pieces, and Logan’s pupils shrank. A suffocating pressure suddenly caused him to faint. It was a Hunter. 

Lu Yin had assumed that the Hunter Mistchild would act similarly to the other Mistchildren and use assassination methods. He had not expected the killer to directly confront him. 

A cold darkness streaked through the void, leaving a spatial tear in its wake. This attack was not aimed at Logan, but rather Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin did not put on his universal armor, as Elder Lohar had been right. Lu Yin should not rely on external support unless he encountered a true crisis. There would eventually come a day when he would not be able to use any such items. Even during the last battle in Ironblood Weave, Cursewind and a Shadowbeast had specifically targeted him. He could not afford to step onto the wrong path. 

The dagger moved extremely fast, and it streaked straight through the void. Lu Yin could not even see the Hunter Mistchild’s shadow, but he filled his eyes with star energy as he lightly stepped out. He shifted his body to the side with Secret Sidestep Technique and evaded the dagger’s strike. However, the Hunter Mistchild had anticipated Lu Yin’s movements, and the dagger tore the entire region apart like a storm. Lu Yin could not avoid this attack no matter where he dodged. 

Lu Yin waved a hand and activated the Yu Secret Art, causing the dagger to stab in another direction. Seven lined battle force burst out and covered Lu Yin’s body as he grabbed the Mistchild’s arm. He pulled firmly, dragging the Hunter out of the void. The dagger spun around, and a white lotus began to blossom. Lu Yin’s expression changed; this was a battle technique. Fatesand appeared in front of him and collided against the white lotus. 

There was a crack as space itself started breaking down around them. Lu Yin quickly retreated while keeping his apprehensive eyes fixed ahead of him. 

The Hunter Mistchild no longer remained in the void and revealed himself. 

It was no wonder why this person was Mafioso Planet’s strongest Hunter realm assassin. In terms of true combat power, this man couldn’t compare to peak Hunters like Aden or Kong Shi, but on the other hand, his killing intent was something that others’ could not compare to. Lu Yin had exchanged blows with Kong Shi once before, and his physical strength had even overpowered Kong Shi when their fingers collided. However, he was well aware that Kong Shi had never displayed any battle techniques or innate gifts during their spar. 

In the end, a Hunter was a Hunter, and their star energy exerted more than just a little bit of suppression upon an Explorer. But Lu Yin was not afraid, as this man had not reached Kong Shi or Aden’s level yet. 

He had thought that the Hunter Mistchild would try to kill him first and then Logan, but unexpectedly, after just a single exchange, the Hunter Mistchild unhesitatingly abandoned Lu Yin. His figure flickered as he reappeared in front of Logan. A cold radiance streaked across Logan’s neck. 

Logan was overwhelmed, and endless terror and desperation appeared in his eyes. 

At this moment, the tall tree that Lu Yin’s forcefield had taken the form of moved once again. Logan had originally been protected inside the tree, and the moment the Hunter Mistchild snuck over, the branches tightly twisted around Logan and rose together, allowing him to flee. 

The Hunter Mistchild was stumped; was this the normal behavior of a tree? It seemed rather exotic. 

The next moment, countless branches shot out towards the Hunter Mistchild. He flipped his dagger around, ready to sever all of the approaching branches, but Lu Yin suddenly appeared, shrouded with his seven lined battle force that illuminated the sky. He slapped a hand out towards the Hunter Mistchild. The killer’s eyes went wide, and a peculiar ripple spread out. It was a domain. The Hunter Mistchild had actually comprehended a domain. 

Despite the fact that Lu Yin’s forcefield quickly suppressed the man’s domain, the Hunter Mistchild still managed to dodge Lu Yin’s palm strike. His dagger ripped the void apart yet again as the white lotus reappeared, bringing with it an intense sense of danger. Lu Yin waved a hand and activated the Yu Secret Art. The white lotus attack was diverted, and it moved back towards the Hunter Mistchild. 

The assassin hurriedly dodged, and Lu Yin’s forcefield suddenly condensed even further. At the same time, he slapped out with another palm strike, and this time, the Hunter Mistchild could not dodge. Lu Yin’s forcefield made the man feel like he was entrenched in a swamp. Even Kong Shi had been astonished by how solid Lu Yin’s domain was when she had fought him. 

A single palm was able to distort the void, and it quickly appeared in front of the Hunter Mistchild. He let all of his star energy burst forth in response and formed a shield that contained all of his star energy. His shield that contained the strength of a powerhouse with a power level of more than 100,000 blocked Lu Yin’s palm. The star energy manifested into a visible form that swept out like an air wave, causing space to shudder. This was Lu Yin’s first time directly facing the all-out eruption of a Hunter’s star energy, and the suppression of the burst left him stifled. 

If a Hunter was like this, then an Enlighter went without saying, as they could release a strength that would cause Lu Yin to become desperate. If he didn’t use his universal armor, then it would be easy for an Enlighter’s star energy to knock Lu Yin unconscious. 

The suppression of star energy was the most directly observable difference between cultivation realms as it was purely a matter of quality versus quantity. Even Realmbreaker powerhouses would be suppressed against an enemy with a higher cultivation, and it was a suppression that  had no counters. Sometimes, the more ordinary a method seemed, the more effective it actually was. 

Lu Yin’s palm was resisted by the berserk star energy, and the universal spacecraft soon exploded in space. The Hunter Mistchild’s heart felt smothered. Although he had not borne the full brunt of Lu Yin’s palm, the Overlaying Stacks had still struck him, leaving him completely shocked. Lu Yin’s physical strength was even more absurd than what he had previously imagined. 

The dagger streaked out and sliced at Lu Yin’s neck.

Lu Yin pulled his hand back before tapping out with one finger. This finger caused his heart to burn with a boundless rage, and his eyes went slack as he lost consciousness while using the Dream Finger. Space around him froze at this moment, and there was only the finger from Lu Yin’s dreams that had transcended space and could disregard all distance. It directly appeared in front of the Hunter Mistchild and pierced his shoulder. Layers of ripples pulsed out from behind the Hunter and propagated further and further until they finally caused the void to burst open. 

At that moment, Lu Yin regained consciousness, but his finger was still stuck in the Hunter Mistchild’s shoulder. An intense pain exploded from Lu Yin fingertip, and he pulled his hand back and placed it behind his back. Every time Lu Yin used the Dream Finger, his finger would become severely injured, as even his physical body was not tough enough to endure the might of that finger. Not only did it harm the enemy, but it also harmed Lu Yin. 

The Hunter Mistchild spat out a mouthful of blood, as the attack had not been as simple as the finger stabbing into his shoulder. It had also destroyed half of the energy channels in his body, and he could no longer even stand up. Soon after, his body crumpled to the ground. 

Lu Yin looked at the man until the Hunter Mistchild collapsed onto the wreckage from the spacecraft. From there, he looked up at Lu Yin, overwhelmed. 

As an assassin, he had long since forgotten what fear felt like, but the moment he saw that finger, he had experienced that emotion once again. An indescribable oppression had accompanied the finger as it approached him, and he had been even more terrified than when he had first faced the Great Elder. But Lu Yin was just an Explorer. How could such a person possess such terrifying strength? 

Lu Yin’s finger was wracked with excruciating pain, and it would take him at least several days to recover. This particular attack could be used only once during a battle. 

Sometimes, Lu Yin felt lost himself, as the fearsome strength that accompanied that finger was truly incomprehensible. More importantly, even with the incredible strength of his physical body, he still could not endure that might of that finger. The strength of the finger made him feel it was even more powerful than the Yu Secret Art, as it had caused a Yin Guai to explode the first time he had attempted to use it. 

In the distance, Logan was trapped within Lu Yin’s forcefield that had taken the form of a giant tree. From there, he stared on blankly and in terror at Lu Yin’s fight. The youth had actually defeated a Hunter, but hadn’t it been reported that he had relied on external objects to kill Enlighters? Shouldn’t he no longer have any such external aids? But even when he no longer had his tools, Lu Yin’s power still could not be explained. 

Lu Yin slowly descended as he looked calmly at the Hunter Mistchild. The rune lines from this person had greatly diminished, and now, they could not even compare to a normal Explorer’s. The assassin might still have a hidden trump, but it could not be very strong. 

The black clothes that the Hunter Mistchild wore had been torn apart, revealing a pale-looking youth. He looked very ordinary, and his appearance was the sort that would easily blend into any group. His expression was also very ordinary, and he did not have any of the absolute confidence that a powerhouse should have. If this sort of person hid his cultivation, then no one would be able to notice him. After all, he had even comprehended a domain, which would allow him to completely conceal his aura. 

It was very rare for an Outerverse cultivator to comprehend a domain. 

“You’re Mafioso Planet’s Hunter Mistchild?” Lu Yin asked softly. 

The Hunter Mistchild was crouching upon the pieces of the spacecraft’s wreckage and was panting heavily. He had clearly been badly injured by Lu Yin, but he did not seem to bear even a hint of a grudge or any other emotions for that matter. This was a killer; he was someone who could kill others or be killed himself without ever voicing a complaint. 

“Why did you try to assassinate Logan?” Lu Yin asked.

“Farewell,” the young male hoarsely replied as he smiled strangely. Then, his body vanished, and in the place where he had just been, there was a metal plate instead.

Lu Yin was amazed. Was this an innate gift? He looked around him until he finally saw some rune lines moving away in the southeast direction. His eyes grew cold, and he pulled out his collapsible spacecraft. He then tied Logan up and threw him inside the vessel before quickly giving chase after the escaping Hunter. 

In the distance, the Hunter Mistchild held his shoulder as fresh blood continued to flow from the wound. He gritted his teeth and took out some medication to spray onto the wound. 

Suddenly, he looked behind him and saw the collapsible spacecraft chasing after him, and he was even able to look inside it. The ice-cold expression on Lu Yin’s face shocked him. How was that possible? How could that kid have discovered the direction that he had fled in? 

The Hunter Mistchild rushed to increase his speed and attempted to escape by tearing through the void. In the distance, Lu Yin’s Fatesand appeared, and he casually waved a hand and activated the Yu Secret Art. The Fatesand vanished, only to reappear right behind the Hunter Mistchild. 

The Hunter Mistchild spat out a mouthful of blood again, this time because a supreme pressure had crushed him. All of his strength disappeared, and he felt as if he was nothing more than a corpse floating through space. 

Lu Yin stepped out of the spacecraft and coldly looked at the Hunter Mistchild. “That’s a pretty decent innate gift. If it wasn’t me, then even a peak Hunter might not have been able to track you down.”

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