Chapter 601: Mistchild’s Worth

“Mistchild greets Elder Brother.” This girl who had sneaked into Lu Yin’s home was the Melder Mistchild of Mafioso Planet, a Poison Master whom Lu Yin had met back on Planet Woodrock.

“I never thought that you would actually come.” Lu Yin was surprised by her arrival, as he had actually forgotten about this woman. 

Mistchild smiled at Lu Yin. “Has Elder Brother already forgotten about me? You gave me three months, and I arrived at Zenyu Star in just one month. However, I did not appear out of fear for disturbing Elder Brother.” 

Lu Yin sat down and studied Mistchild. “Have you broken through to the Limiteer realm?”

“It’s entirely thanks to Elder Brother’s poison that my power has greatly increased,” Mistchild replied in a pleased tone. 

Lu Yin’s eyes filled with star energy, and he looked at Mistchild, only to become rather surprised. She was obviously still a Limiteer, but the woman’s rune lines had nearly reached Zhuo Daynight’s level before she had comprehended Night’s End, Daybreak. Zhuo Daynight was an elite from the Daynight clan, and back then, she had been strong enough to rival Lu Yin in the past and qualify to participate in the contest on Planet Pyrolyte. Now that she had comprehended Night’s End, Daybreak, she had become strong enough to rival Zhanlong Daynight. 

Mistchild was someone from the Outerverse, and it was not easy for someone like her to gain the strength to rival Zhuo Daynight even in the past. It seemed that her poison constitution was worth developing. 

If she consumes more poisons, then will her power increase even faster? How interesting.

“Don’t call me that. Just do the same as everyone else and call me ‘Your Highness,’” Lu Yin ordered. He was unaccustomed to being called Elder Brother. 

Mistchild beamed and nodded, but then, she looked at Lu Yin expectantly. “Elder- Your Highness, could you give Mistchild some poisons to eat? I’m hungry.” 

A vial of poison appeared in Lu Yin’s hand, but then, under Mistchild’s covetous eyes, he stored it away again. “You were given one vial before, but you still haven’t given me any sort of remuneration.” 

Mistchild felt offended. “Then Your Highness can order Mistchild to kill anyone, and Mistchild will kill them.” 

“I can’t think of anyone right now, but I’ll let you know when someone comes to mind.” Lu Yin was not too interested in Mistchild. Initially, he had wanted to use Mistchild to deal with Topmist, but during the battles in Ironblood Weave, Topmist had emphatically stated that he was not the one who had revealed Lu Yin’s method of killing Enlighters. Lu Yin did not fully believe the old man, but since he was still trapped in Ironblood Weave for the moment and had even lost the Bloodied Handprint, Topmist was not much of a threat to him anymore. Thus, there was no need for Lu Yin to use this Mistchild to deal with him anymore. 

Mistchild was an assassin, and she was very sensitive towards other people’s moods, which allowed her to sense Lu Yin’s casual attitude. Her heart tightened. After her breakthrough, she had defeated the Limiteer Mistchild on Mafioso Planet to become the new Limiteer Mistchild. However, there was still the Explorer Mistchild, Cruiser Mistchild, and the Hunter Mistchild. The pressure on her was great, especially since the contests on Mafioso Planet were very cruel, with her opponents using all sorts of methods. Quite a few of the past Limiteer Mistchilds had died, and so she did not want to lose Lu Yin as a backer. 

Even Elder Topmist was afraid of this Royal Regent, which meant that he was an existence that the other Mistchildren would not dare to provoke. 

“Your Highness, Mistchild prepared a gift before visiting you this time,” she said.

“Oh? It won’t be a human head, right?” Lu Yin looked at Mistchild with interest.

Mistchild smiled at him and then retrieved a metal disk that she passed over to Lu Yin. He looked at it, and his expression immediately changed.

‘The Vastdearth Sect’s Elder Cheng Yan once killed Meng Tianlong’s eldest son, Meng Guang, on a rainy night twelve years ago. He seized the Desolate Palm Technique and has been cultivating it in secret…’ 

The metal disk held records of many matters concerning Cheng Yan, with a particular focus on the process and location where he had killed Meng Guang, as well as the methods that he had used to conceal the truth. 

“Cheng Yan is one of the Vastdearth Sect’s elders, and he has a great deal of authority. Meng Guang was the eldest son of the Vastdearth Sect’s head, Meng Tianlong, and he was also the brother of Your Highness’s fellow student, Meng Yue.” Mistchild introduced the people mentioned in the records. 

“Why are you giving me this?” Lu Yin asked. 

Mistchild explained, saying, “I feel like this could be of use to you. Mafioso Planet is the strongest assassination organization in the surrounding weaves, so it has gathered many deeply buried secrets. Whether it concerns our employers or our victims, a great deal of top-secret information has never been released outside, but we will keep records of all of it in our files. Some of the information even concerns the surrounding weaves.” 

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, and he looked back at the metal disk. Now this was interesting. Had they gathered many secrets? He fell deep into thought. 

“Do you have anything related to the Great Yu Empire?” Lu Yin asked.

Mistchild replied, “Yes, but not much, and none of it concerns Your Highness. Nothing in our records is useful for Your Highness either.”

“If you can provide me with all of the information that Mafioso Planet possesses, I can give you what you want,” Lu Yin offered indifferently. 

Mistchild grew happy. “Thank you, Your Highness. I only want more poisons.”

“Hand over the information first.”

Mistchild was placed in a difficult position. “Your Highness, although the Great Elder is not on Mafioso Planet at this time, the current decision maker is still the Hunter Mistchild. With him present, it would not be feasible to take out all this information. Everything is recorded on these metal discs, and we aren’t allowed to take our gadgets or any form of technology into the database.” 

“So what is that you want?” Lu Yin looked at her.

Mistchild nervously made her request. “Lure out the Explorer, Cruiser, and Hunter Mistchildren. Only the Mistchildren have the privilege to visit the database. After you lure the three of them out, I will be able to take all of the information away. The other space-exploring powerhouses from the planet can’t approach the database, so they won’t be able to stop me.”

Lu Yin’s lips carried a hint of a smile, and he just stared at Mistchild. 

Mistchild became flustered under his gaze, and she lowered her head, not daring to look up at him. 

“Details. How would you do it?” Lu Yin asked. 

Mistchild said, “Does Your Highness have anyone in particular that you would like taken care of?” 

“In Frostwave Weave’s first filament, the Orchid Planet’s Parliament Chairman,” Lu Yin replied.

Mistchild was instantly delighted. “Got it. Eight days from now, those three Mistchildren will assassinate the Parliament Chairman of Orchid Planet.” 

Lu Yin did not know what Mistchild was planning. “No problem. Eight days from now, I’ll be waiting next to the chairman.” 

“Thank you, Your Highness,” Mistchild said respectfully.

From Mistchild’s perspective, Lu Yin was going to help her get rid of the three Mistchildren. Once they died, given that the Great Elder had not returned by then, the selection for the next Mistchildren would be delayed for a while. During that period of time, none of the other space-exploring powerhouses would have greater authority than her, so she would be able to do whatever she wanted. 

Lu Yin smiled, as he did not deny her speculations and merely allowed her to make her own assumptions. As for whether or not he would actually get rid of those three Mistchildren, that depended on the circumstances at that time. 

This brat had taken some risks to visit Lu Yin, and she would eventually reach a higher position if she received his help. It was a bold plan, but he was amenable to making it happen if it was possible. After all, he would feel more relieved if a dark power like Mafioso Planet was under his surveillance. 

As for Orchid Planet’s Parliament Chairman, he was someone who supported the Yushan bloodline. He had requested an audience with Wendy Yushan multiple times, and he was also one of the people behind the rumors claiming that the Great Yu Empire wanted to change the ruler. As far as Lu Yin was concerned, this guy could just die for all he cared! It would only take a sentence on his part. 

Mistchild left with the intention of returning to Mafioso Planet. The moment the mission was received, the other three Mistchildren on Mafioso Planet would set off towards the Frostwave Weave. 

Orchid Planet lay at the edge of the first filament, and was a fair distance away from Zenyu Star. If Lu Yin had chosen someplace that was too close to the capital of the Great Yu Empire, Lu Yin was afraid that Mafioso Planet would not accept the mission. 

Orchid Planet was a technologically advanced planet and was governed through a parliamentary system. Many of the Great Yu Empire’s technological products came from Orchid Planet, so it had a robust economy. This was also why the chairman had the confidence to seek out Wendy Yushan. Once he forced Lu Yin to step down, he would absolutely be able to join the capital and receive an appointment on Zenyu Star. 

Lu Yin arrived at Orchid Planet eight days after meeting with Mistchild. This planet did not seem to be much smaller than Zenyu Star. There were means of transport throughout the sky, land, and sea, and its climate was decent as well, with clouds floating high in the sky. 

The parliament building was the tallest building on the entire planet, and its height was so daunting that even the clouds could only reach halfway up the building. With the violent wind at that altitude, the building swayed continuously. 

On the top floor, Chairman Logan gazed down from within his office with worried eyes. 

After all the conflicts in Ironblood Weave, he had made a point to visit Zenyu Star and meet with the Fifth Princess in order to persuade her to take back control of the Great Yu Empire, but he had not even managed to see her. This same thing had already happened a few times before, and it was clear that the Fifth Princess simply had no intention to meet with him. 

The chairman and his allies had originally assumed that she was under house arrest, but since she was able to safely return after her time in Ironblood Weave, that was definitely not the case. 

She was not under house arrest, but she also did not care about the people on the Yushan bloodline’s side. In the eyes of her supporters, it was a complete betrayal. 

Many of them had already been discussing how they would do their best to get Lu Yin to step down. They had supporters in the military and the imperial court, though mostly in the military. Lu Yin had not held his position as Royal Regent for very long, so he could not even recognize some of the names of the commanders, let alone interfere with their influence over the military. 

As long as the Yushan bloodline supporters were willing, they could immediately activate a third of the empire’s military to support their rebellion and raise the Fifth Princess to her so-called “rightful place,” even if she ended up as nothing more than a puppet. 

The only problem that they faced was that Lu Yin was too powerful. His record of killing multiple Enlighters placed an immense pressure on them that felt like a mountain hanging over their heads. They found it difficult to even breathe. 

Logan had already thought things through, and he was prepared to cooperate with other powers and recruit a few more Hunters to help them. He did not believe that Lu Yin could truly deal with their alliance since the power vessel that he had used to kill Enlighters had apparently been destroyed. In other words, that this was their best chance. 

Still, they could not rush, and they should not rush. They first had to assemble the Hunters while avoiding those like Huo Qingshan, which required meticulous planning. 

Right, Logan thought as he observed Orchid Planet, this is a good plan.

Logan’s eyes lit up as his thoughts slowly took form.

At this moment, Logan’s gadget beeped with a notification, which caused him to look at it with a strange feeling. “They’re making me go to Planet Fifth Gravitas?” This order was from Zenyu Star’s Lu Staff, and Logan felt unhappy just from seeing that name. In his eyes, this ministry was nothing more than a gathering of Lu Yin’s lackeys. Still, he had to obey the order for now. 

Soon after receiving the orders, Logan flew towards Planet Fifth Gravitas in his spacecraft. It was not too far from Orchid Planet, but it was rather desolate. Logan did not know why the Lu Staff wanted him to head there, but he had been informed that he would know after arriving. He grew increasingly uncomfortable and felt rather heavy. 

“Pour me a glass of water.” Logan felt jittery. 

The soldiers on his spacecraft hurriedly poured him a glass of water, and Logan drained it in one gulp before letting out a breath. He looked outside, where he suddenly saw a flash of white light, and a shock ran through his entire body. He was no ordinary person, and he had cultivated his strength to the Limiteer realm. He had roamed through the universe when he was younger, and he had even graduated from Yu Academy, so he had a certain sensitivity towards danger. However, this flash of white light was enough to make his scalp turn numb, and he could not hide from it. He knew that he was doomed, as a life and death crisis was just a finger’s breadth away from him.

Suddenly, a hand appeared in front of him and blocked the attack by grabbing the flash of white light. 

The white light had come from a dagger while the hand that had protected the chairman belonged to the soldier who had poured him water. 

“No wonder. It’s one of Mafioso Planet’s assassins. The average person really can't even notice you guys.” The soldier looked up and revealed a face that was very familiar to Logan. Lu- Lu Yin? 

One end of the dagger was in Lu Yin’s hand while the other was held by a figure garbed in white from head to toe. The figure instantly dropped the dagger and fled, but his disguise was laughable before Lu Yin. He was not looking at the assassin’s appearance, but rather at his rune lines. 

Lu Yin’s figure flashed, and he instantly appeared next to the figure before pressing down on the person’s shoulder. “Too slow.”

He then released some of his strength through his hand, and the person’s body was suddenly dispersed by a single pat. Not even the bones remained after the assassin died.

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