Chapter 595: Terrifying Cursewind

The smoke dispersed, and when Lilyrose and the other two looked up, they saw that the massive Hunter realm beasts had been beaten back a kilometer. There was a figure standing tall in the sky above them, directly facing off against the two Hunter realm beasts.

“Bro-ther-Pawn.” Tears of joy leaked out of Wang Wen’s eyes.

Linley was stunned. Lu Yin? Wendy’s fiancée?

Lilyrose’s eyes also revealed surprise, as it was actually that person.

Lu Yin shook his right arm. He had managed to rush over in time, but that Hunter realm beast’s bones were incredibly hard. 

He looked back and saw that Wang Wen was fine, and his eyes were then instinctively drawn to Lilyrose. She had an alluring figure, and she was even dressed in clothes with fiery colors. Was she afraid of not being attractive enough even on the battlefield? Lu Yin had seen this woman release the Karmic Flame earlier, which must mean that she was from the Blaze Realm. 


With a snarl, the two Hunter realm beasts simultaneously charged straight at Lu Yin. He took a deep breath. There was no need to rely on his own strength when up against Enlighter realm beasts since he was relying on the Yu Secret Art and his universal armor, but against Hunter realm beasts, he needed to use his own power. He thought about the situation for a moment before blue, seven lined battle force rippled out and covered his body. He removed the suppression of the three grains of Fatesand, and his physical strength fully erupted. 

There was a soft thump as Lu Yin suddenly appeared in front of the two Hunter realm beasts with extreme speed and pressed down with a palm. “Thirty Stacks Hundredfold Shockwave Palm.” He had increased his Shockwave Palm to the hundredfold threshold, and this attack was also reinforced with his seven lined battle force and terrifying physical strength. This was the strongest attack that he could unleash at this moment. 

The beasts raised their paws and swatted back at him.

With a bang, the ground trembled, and the void shattered. Lu Yin had just used his Explorer realm strength to tear through the void, and his enormous physical strength directly crushed one of the beasts’ claws before slamming against its skull. At the same time, Lu Yin was struck by the other beast’s claw, and his body smashed towards the ground like a meteor.

Lilyrose watched on in shock. Could he have died after having been swatted by a Hunter beast? 

Wang Wen was not afraid in the least bit. Lu Yin had taken part in Enlighter level battles, so just a mere Hunter beast could not pose a problem for him. 

The beast that Lu Yin had slapped in the head trembled for a moment before crumpling to the ground. It was already dead as its brain had been smashed into pieces.

Lilyrose was stunned. One strike had killed a Hunter realm astral beast; this kid had become extremely terrifying after becoming an Explorer. 

Lu Yin panted heavily and raised his body from underground. The Hunter realm beast that he had just killed only had a power level between 110,000 and 120,000, so it couldn’t even compare to a Hunter like Kong Shi. It was not a surprise at all that he had been able to destroy such a beast. And beyond this beast, if Lu Yin had managed to hit an Enlighter in the head, then even that supreme powerhouse would not have a good time. 

The other Hunter beast glared at Lu Yin, but then its body suddenly shrank, and the four people watched on as it took the shape of a human before leaping at Lu Yin. It was obviously scared of Lu Yin hitting it in the head, so it had panickedly reduced its size to make it a smaller target.

Lu Yin sneered. Did the beast really think that it could deal with him so easily? It was underestimating himself. 

The Hunter beast moved extremely quickly, and it tore through the void to strike at Lu Yin with its claws. But Lu Yin effortlessly dodged its attacks. The Hunter beast could not touch him as long as he had the Secret Sidestep Technique. Suddenly, Lu Yin stopped moving. The Hunter realm beast appeared to be thrilled at this development, and its claws immediately sliced towards Lu Yin’s head. 

Lu Yin reached out to grab its arm. “It’s over.” 

He then raised a leg and slammed his knee into the beast’s abdomen. It spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Lu Yin in shock. “Human, why is your strength so frightening?”

Lu Yin was about to hit it a second time, but the beast quickly severed its own arm and retreated as its blood splattered across the ground. It stared nervously at Lu Yin, as it had never encountered such a scary human with such a formidable strength before.

Some distance away from the battle, Lilyrose and Linley were both stunned. By himself, Lu Yin had managed to kill one Hunter realm astral beast and suppress another. This was mind blowing to the two of them. 

“Chesspiece Bro, be careful!” Wang Wen shouted.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, and he evaded an attack with the Secret Sidestep Technique. A shadow appeared where he had just been standing, though its attack had missed. 

Lu Yin had noticed the shadow long ago, or more accurately, he had noticed its rune lines. “Tian Hou, it’s been quite a long time. It looks like you’ve learned to sneak up on people.” 

It was Tian Hou who had sneak attacked Lu Yin. 

“Lu Yin, I haven’t seen you for quite a while, but you’ve become even more fearsome,” Tian Hou said. He then struck out at Lu Yin. This was his Phantom Soul Strike, which was the same as Lu Yin’s Shockwave Palm. The technique grew stronger the more phantom palms there were. 

Lu Yin had no intention of backing off, and he landed a single palm against Tian Hou’s body, the impact smacking Tian Hou through the sky until he crashed into the ground and created a large crater. 

“It’s still useless.” Lu Yin was stunned, as his palm strike had been very powerful.

Conversely, Tian Hou’s Phantom Soul Strike had done nothing when it struck Lu Yin’s body.

At this moment, the Hunter realm beast attacked Lu Yin in unison with Tian Hou. Lu Yin was about to retaliate, but then, a hurricane suppressed him from above and wiped everything out. 

A blue lion towered high in the void and coldly looked down. It was Cursewind of Skymender’s List. 

Lu Yin moved away from his battle with Tian Hou and looked up at Cursewind. He furrowed his brows as he could see that the blue lion’s rune lines surpassed those of the two Hunter realm beasts that he had been fighting previously. In fact, they even surpassed what he had seen from Kong Shi. The blue lion was indeed an expert worthy of being on Skymender’s List. 

What made Lu Yin the most afraid was not an Enlighter, or even an old freak whose power level had reached 300,000 or 400,000. Those powerhouses could crush everything in their path, so his caution would make no difference. On this battlefield, the one he was the most afraid of was actually Cursewind, because the blue lion was an existence who stood on the same level as the Ten Arbiters. 

The Ten Arbiters were at a level that Lu Yin currently could not even grasp. Cool Sis was ranked tenth on the Top 100 Rankings, and even she could rival Kong Shi’s power, who was a peak Hunter. There was an insurmountable chasm between Cool Sis and the Ten Arbiters, which had been demonstrated by the Ten Arbiters’ ability to cause their opponents to fall into complete despair. 

Even if Cursewind did not join the fray with the Enlighters, Lu Yin was certain that the lion was hiding a terrifying strength. 

Cursewind remained high above and coldly stared down at Lu Yin. “Everyone, back off.”

Tian Hou and the other Hunter realm beast didn’t hesitate, and they immediately started to slowly retreat. 

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. Skymender's List carried the same status in the Astral Beast Domain as the Ten Arbiters did in the Human Domain. They wielded authority and were allowed to make decisions. This authority had not been bestowed on them from bystanders, but had been earned by their personal strength. 

Aden had exchanged blows with Cursewind in a previous battle. During that fight, Lu Yin felt like Cursewind had not gone all out against Aden, though he had commended the man. That incident had become something unforgettable for Lu Yin. 

There was another clue to his strength, which was that Wen Sansi of the Ten Arbiters had pierced through the five sealing planets that protected Shenwu Continent with his own strength and then influenced the continent. When Lu Yin had visited Shenwu Continent’s space station before, he had personally seen for himself the enormous number of rune lines that the five sealing planets possessed. Not even Nightqueen Qiuyu could break through them. Despite that, Wen Sansi had succeeded, which allowed him to gain a direct comparison of their strength. 

If Cursewind was truly able to rival the Ten Arbiters, then if he went all-out, he might even be more of a threat than the Shadowbeast. 

“You’re the human who defeated Tian Hou before?” Cursewind used star energy to vibrate the air and speak.

Lu Yin’s eyes grew solemn, and he gestured to Wang Wen and the others behind him to get away. 

Wang Wen looked dejected. Retreat? How? There are beasts all around us.

Lilyrose and Linley had both been injured, so they could not even save themselves, much less take Wang Wen away.  

“Are you on Skymender's List? Like Yao Gu?” Lu Yin asked.

“So you even know about Yao Gu. That fellow has always stayed in the depths of our domain, and he only went out to the border warfront once. It looks like you were there at that time too.” Cursewind’s eyes were full of contempt. “You’re indeed capable since you’re able to fight with an Enlighter. It looks like the defense of that armor is rather strong, and even the Shadowbeast can’t do anything about it. In that case, let me test my strength.” 

The void suddenly froze after the beast finished speaking, and a ferocious hurricane pressed down upon Lu Yin once again. But this time, the amount of rune lines that he saw in this hurricane made Lu Yin’s scalp turn numb. They numbered no less than the rune lines from Kong Shi or Aden, which meant that this ferocious wind matched the strength of a peak Hunter. 

Cursewind dared to say such words even after he had learned how strong the universal armor’s defense was, which gave Lu Yin a bad feeling. Lu Yin wanted to retreat, but the space around him had been strengthened in a manner reminiscent of how certain higher-level powerhouses had done so in the past. In short, he could not budge at all. 

With a whoosh, the violent hurricane pressed down and completely pulverized the mainland that Lu Yin was standing on. His body was forced to endure the devastating wind head on. Even though his armor could clearly resist the attack, he still felt a bone-deep pain. This wind contained a terrifying penetrative effect that was able to pierce through even Lu Yin’s universal armor. 

Monster Loach had once used its enormous strength to almost knock him unconscious despite him wearing his universal armor, and the principle of the current wind storm was very similar. A portion of the strength was able to seep past the universal armor and invade his body. 

Lu Yin gritted his teeth and waved a hand to activate the Yu Secret Art, causing the hurricane to sweep back towards Cursewind. 

Cursewind was astonished. “This must be a secret technique!” 

And with that, an incredible head wave rippled out from the blue lion’s body and swept towards the hurricane. When the two forces collided, it caused a huge explosion that tore into the void and released a visible shockwave that engulfed the entire region. 

“Besides that secret technique, you have no other strength to stand up to me. Although it’s interesting that you actually have a secret technique.” 

Lu Yin charged up from the crater that the hurricane had formed and warily stared at Cursewind. This fellow was indeed different from a common beast, and he had already proven to be far more dangerous than the Shadowbeast. That Enlighter beast had only been able to hide within the shadows and unleash sneak attacks, but Cursewind was acting brazenly. He clearly did not fear Lu Yin’s gun, but why? He must have something that he was relying on, and Lu Yin only had one last shot left in his gun, so he could not use it casually. 

“Show me your methods! I want to see how you killed those Enlighters.” Cursewind’s left eye caused another hurricane to swirl out, but this time, his target was not only Lu Yin, but also Wang Wen, Lilyrose, Linley, and the many other human defenders on the mainland, as well as the many astral beasts. 

Suddenly, a thunder shield rumbled down towards Cursewind.

Cursewind’s eyes narrowed. “It’s him again.” An inferno then appeared from his right eye that shot out to clash against Aden along with the wind storm.

The violent impact caused the floating continent to crumble as lightning flickered across it. Aden dashed out from the clash to reveal a body riddled with injuries, and he attempted to push the flaming hurricane aside. 

“Do you really think that you can stop me?” Cursewind’s voice sounded out from behind the thunder shield. It only took another moment for the shield to break apart, and as the blue lion’s claw sliced through it, there was the sudden sound of a gunshot. Lu Yin had fired his gun and used the Yu Secret Art to redirect the bullet to send the bullet squarely into Cursewind's head. 

At this moment, the entire battlefield fell silent, and everyone looked over at Cursewind.

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, as even an Enlighter could not dodge such an attack. He had acted when the thunder shield was being torn open, so it had definitely hit. 

However, Cursewind’s rune lines did not decrease in any way, which caused Lu Yin’s heart to sink. Why? 

Some distance away, Wang Wen and the others were also stunned. The attacks from Lu Yin’s power vessel were even able to kill Enlighters. 

There was a tremendous bang as the thunder shield was completely shattered. Aden spat out a mouthful of blood and then looked over in shock.

The blue lion’s eyes shone with a faint light. “Human, the attack from your treasure is indeed very strong, but you’re not the only one with a power vessel.”

Lu Yin’s face turned ugly. Ever since he had first used the gun to kill an Enlighter, he had already known that, as soon as his method of attack was exposed, an enemy would come up with an appropriate method to counter him. It might be a strange innate gift like the Shadowbeast’s or something like a power vessel. 

It was impossible for Lu Yin to forever rely on an upgraded weapon to cross realms and kill powerful enemies, and he would not make it far if he walked such a path. He had been very obviously targeted during this battle.

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