Chapter 582: Strategic Thinking

From Tian Hou’s memory, Lu Yin had been able to learn that the astral beasts’ reinforcements were about a dozen days away from the Primal Zone. Wang Wen’s guess had indeed been correct: Ironblood Weave would be able to pass the next half month in relative peace.

Lu Yin admired Wang Wen, and he also wondered how that guy had guessed the timeframe so accurately. 

With just a little more than ten days to prepare, the most vital priority was to destroy the small gap in the liquid energy stream before the Astral Beast Domain’s reinforcements were able to pass through it. Then, the Primal Zone would be completely isolated from the Celestial Beast Empire. If this was accomplished, then the Primal Zone’s forces alone would not be able to invade the Outerverse. 

Lu Yin was lost in deep thought, as nobody would believe him if he simply ran over to discuss what he had just learned with Wang Wen. But if he didn’t, then there was no way that any of the Enlighters would risk their lives to venture into the Primal Zone. 

How could he convince those Enlighters to unite and go into the Primal Zone? That was his largest obstacle. 

Lu Yin thought for a long time before he finally made a decision and sketched a star chart. 

“What? You want to go and take a look at the Primal Zone?” Wang Wen’s stunned face showed up on the screen, and he looked at Lu Yin like he was an idiot.

Lu Yin nodded. “I want to go and check out the Primal Zone.”

Wang Wen blinked repeatedly before sizing Lu Yin up and down. “Ok, I didn’t hear wrong. Reason?”

“Despite the many years that we’ve spent defending the Astral Beast Domain’s invasion, we know almost nothing about the Primal Zone. Tactically, that’s very disadvantageous to us. Nobody knows how many powerhouses might be there at this time, but it’s possible that these recent battles have reduced their numbers, which would give us an opportunity to take the fight to them. Also, I want to see if there’s any possibility of cutting off the Celestial Beast Empire’s reinforcements.” 

Wang Wen stared at Lu Yin in shock. “I couldn’t tell earlier, Chesspiece Bro, but you are actually capable of strategic thinking! Not bad, not bad.” 

“Give me a brief overview of the Primal Zone. My universal armor’s defenses aren’t inferior to your coffin, and I’m also able to see what others can’t.” 

Wang Wen shrugged his shoulders. “I really want to grant you permission, but I’m sorry. I can’t.”

“Are you afraid that I’ll end up in danger?” Lu Yin asked.

Wang Wen nodded. “You are the only person in this stronghold who can see the gaps between the sourceboxes’ danger zones. If you run into trouble, then we will be left passively responding to future invasions like in the past. Thus, you cannot risk yourself.”

“But if I find something that can turn the tides at the Primal Zone, then isn’t that better than staying trapped in Seasons Fort? Tell me honestly—if the Celestial Beast Empire sends reinforcements, do you have the confidence that we can resist them?” Lu Yin retorted.

Wang Wen sighed. “Nope. No confidence at all.”

“If that’s the case, then just let me try. Aside from me, nobody else can see the holes. Hence, besides me, there’s also no one else who can easily discover a critical weak point in the Primal Zone, which even includes Enlighters,” Lu Yin pressingly urged.

“But no matter how you embellish things, I cannot possibly allow you to take such a risk when we have no confidence in your safety,” Wang Wen replied seriously.

Lu Yin was helpless. “It looks like trying to negotiate with you won’t cut it. Alright, let me show you something.” He then pulled out the star chart that he had just drawn. “Does this look familiar?”

Wang Wen studied the star chart and then looked astonished. “Is this the Primal Zone?”

“That’s right—this is Primal Zone. Although this map is crude and is just an approximate diagram, it clearly shows that there’s some liquefied energy there, which appears to be similar to the Astral River. This new geographical feature should have completely isolated the Primal Zone from the Astral Beast Domain.” Lu Yin indicated the relevant details of the star chart. 

“Impossible! Ironblood Weave has fought against the Primal Zone for so many years, so we’ve come to gain some understanding of the Primal Zone. That energy barrier cannot possibly exist there,” Wang Wen spoke with certainty.

“This has only appeared in recent decades. I wouldn’t casually risk my life.”

Wang Wen paused before asking, “Where did you get this star chart?”

“I bought it at an auction in the Starfall Sea,” Lu Yin lied without batting an eye.

Wang Wen believed him, as there was no other plausible explanation for Lu Yin to possess such a thing. Otherwise, should Wang Wen just believe that Lu Yin had Possessed Tian Hou’s body and then rifled through Tian Hou’s memory to learn this sensitive information? Such a scenario was just too preposterous.

“Because of this chart, I’m certain that the Primal Zone has an energy river. The universe has gone through some immense changes, and that energy river should have burst forth exactly like the Astral River, which means that the Primal Zone should be isolated. However, there has to be a gap in their river at some point, or otherwise the Celestial Beast Empire wouldn’t be able to send reinforcements over. However, exactly where that hole is located or its size are both things that I’m not sure of. This chart clearly can’t express such small details,” Lu Yin explained. 

Wang Wen solemnly responded. “Immediately share this star chart with me, and I’ll send an Enlighter out to investigate. If this gap truly exists, then we will find a way to destroy it.” 

Lu Yin shook his head. “Look at you, thinking that you’re so smart. Do you really think that the Astral Beast Domain would allow us to discover this hole that easily? If an Enlighter goes into the Primal Zone, then they’ll face attacks from all sides. I’m the only one with the sight to notice hidden details, and I also won’t attract attention. Don’t forget—there are also many beasts that like to take on human form.” 

Wang Wen muttered to himself before coming to a decision. “If there’s a gap that can truly be destroyed, blocking the reinforcements from the Celestial Beast Empire, then perhaps there is hope for the Outerverse afterall.” He looked at Lu Yin. “Are you certain that you want to make this excursion? It’s quite probable that you will die, and you don’t seem to be the kind of person who is willing to sacrifice himself.” 

Lu Yin choked, as he felt like he was being looked down upon. “I have my universal armor, and its defense is no weaker than your coffin. Of course, I’m not willing to move out by myself. You’ll have to get a few Enlighters to move and draw the attention of the Enlighter realm beasts to allow me to sneak in easier.”

“That’s a given. I will call Liu Qiuyu and the others for a strategy meeting. You’ll join in as well, so come to the pass,” Wang Wen ordered before disconnecting. 

Lu Yin released a long breath. In the end, he had indeed managed to convince Wang Wen to agree to his plan. Although the trip would be risky, he didn’t actually need to travel that far into the Primal Zone. All he had to do was skirt around the perimeter. Tian Hou had been aware of the hole’s location, so Lu Yin naturally knew as well. As long as he had his universal armor, he wouldn’t be placed in too much danger. Of course, Lu Yin also needed to time his movements correctly and work with a few Enlighters in order to avoid being detected by the Enlighter realm astral beasts. 

“Seventh Bro, are you really planning on heading into the Primal Zone?” the Ghost Monkey asked, his voice sounding a little gloomy.

Lu Yin murmured, “I have to go.”

“This is going to be a close brush with death. Following you is so unlucky,” the monkey said with a sigh, as he knew that he had no chance of stopping Lu Yin. So, he just stopped saying anything pointless.

Lu Yin did not plan to say anything more. If things did indeed turn out to be rather tricky, he would take advantage of it to test the monkey’s loyalty and see if the beast would really die with him or if he had some kind of escape option up his sleeve. 

It had almost been two months since Lu Yin had initially arrived at Seasons Fort, and this was his first time being invited to the stronghold’s pass. 

For Seasons Fort, the pass was not only where the command center was located, but it was also a spiritual symbol for the entire fortress. Although the pass had been destroyed multiple times, as long as it stood tall above the fort, it was able to boost the morale of the defending soldiers and cultivators. 

Lu Yin arrived outside the pass and looked up at it, seeing that the rune lines inside represented three Enlighters, but there were also two other groups of rune lines that rivaled the Enlighters’ lines. Lu Yin was only able to determine that these other two collections of rune lines did not belong to any human, so he assumed that they probably belonged to power vessels. 

The pass had last been attacked by Monster Loach, and Wang Wen had not used any power vessels to defend since such a defense would have been useless. However, if a regular Enlighter beast attempted to invade the pass, then things would likely turn out to be disastrous for them. 

It didn’t take long for Lu Yin to be allowed through, and a Hunter quickly led him into the pass. Wang Wen, Liu Qiuyu, Wen Qichen, and Elder Viletree were all waiting for him inside. 

Currently, these four held the highest positions in Seasons Fort, and the rank right below them was filled with Hunters like Liu Sanjian, Liu Zhan, and Aden. 

Lu Yin’s current status did not qualify him to enter the pass, but his recent performance had been too impressive, and so his suggestions needed to be considered.

“Chesspiece Bro, come and take a seat. We’re all on the same side here,” Wang Wen greeted him cordially. 

Lu Yin glanced at Viletree and Wen Qichen. The same side? Probably not. If they were in almost any other location, then those two in particular would have most likely already acted against Lu Yin.

He did not stand on ceremony and quickly sat down.

Wen Qichen’s brows rose when he saw Lu Yin doing as he pleased. As a cultured person, the Enlighter paid attention to etiquette. Wang Wen was Ironblood Weave’s most important person as well as the director, which placed him on equal footing with the Enlighters. However, Lu Yin did not have the same status. 

“You must be Lu Yin.” Liu Qiuyu looked at Lu Yin with admiration.

Lu Yin got up and spoke respectfully, “I am. Greetings to the commander.”

Liu Qiuyu gestured with a hand. “Sit, there’s no need to be courteous.”

Lu Yin sat down again.

“I’ve long since heard that the universe has produced an unrivaled Limiteer in the younger generation. Not only has he beaten all the other Limiteers and became truly peerless, but he’s even killed Enlighters, which is why Elder Lohar nominated you to come here. Your performance is even better than we had imagined,” Liu Qiuyu commented appreciatively. 

Lu Yin replied humbly, “The commander’s over-praising me. I was just lucky.”

“Alright, Chesspiece Bro, don’t bother being so humble anymore. If anyone else could be as lucky as you, then it would simply be heaven defying.” Wang Wen was impatient, and he quickly got to the point, “Before you arrived, the few of us were already discussing things, and we actually agreed that there’s a huge risk to us with the proposal you have submitted. Basically, if anything happens to you, then this stronghold will no longer be able to anticipate the enemy like we can at present, and our losses would be too catastrophic in that case.” 

Lu Yin continued to silently listen.

“However, the Celestial Beast Empire’s reinforcements will arrive soon, and at that point, even if we are able to anticipate the enemy in advance, if an old freak with a power level in the several hundred thousands charges in as the vanguard, they’ll be able to resist any attack on our part we could possibly throw out. This means that there’s not much of an advantage for our side even if you can see the locations of the holes in our defenses. Hence, we might as well take a gamble. If your star chart is accurate, then logically, the fact that the Primal Zone is able to receive reinforcements means that there must be a hole somewhere along that energy river. Your mission this time is to find that crack, but after that, you don’t need to act. All you need to do is to find it and then tell us how big it is. Understood?” 

Lu Yin nodded and solemnly replied, “I got it.”

“There are Enlighter beasts in the Primal Zone, as if there weren’t, then a few of us would be able to infiltrate their region and investigate. Unfortunately, we’re left relying on a Limiteer junior like you to take this risk, which is rather embarrassing.” Elder Viletree sighed.

Wen Qichen was similarly helpless. “With our identities, as soon as we enter the Primal Zone, we will face a large-scale attack, so we would not have any time to search for this gap.” At this moment, he looked straight at Lu Yin. “Little brother, we are forced to trouble you to search for this gap to the best of your abilities. However, you must cherish your life as your first priority.” 

Lu Yin replied, “I understand. Please rest assured, Senior.”

Wang Wen clapped his hands. “Alright, since it’s been decided, then let’s get down to the details.”

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