Chapter 57: The Terrifying Qingyu

Lu Yin started as he saw Qingyu smashing down with his rod; it seemed quite similar to the Daynight Punch. Still, he didn’t think much of it and instead used the seventh form of the Skybeast Claw to dodge, supported by an arrow from Gerlaine and the combined efforts of Balaror, Bai Xue, and Jeraldine. Still, all of them were pushed back after explosive contact, with everyone but Lu Yin himself spitting out blood. Zhang Dingtian was also knocked a dozen steps back, each one leaving a distinct footprint on the ground. Lu Yin himself only stepped back one, holding firmly as he defended against the unimaginable force behind Qingyu’s weapon.

The metal rod disappeared, and Qingyu retreated to about ten meters away in astonishment, “You’re pretty strong to block a strike, even if I’m only a Sentinel for now.”

“Sentinel?” Huo Xiaoling and some other students cried. Even Yan Gang and the others in hiding were shocked; wasn’t he a Melder?

Qingyu noticed this and laughed, “A bunch of idiots, believing whatever you hear. If I was really a Melder, this trial would have no meaning. Would the Great Yu Empire send you people to your deaths? Sentinel students are naturally assigned to Sentinel trials; you can only blame yourselves for being too stupid and weak.”

Yan Gang roared from in the darkness, dashing out as he slammed his palms together to form a fire javelin that he flung forward. From the back, Gerlaine shouted as well, “This is the criminal, catch him and the trial can end. Astral-10 and the Youth Council are watching, everyone. CHARGE!”

Her words had an immediate effect. Any student that dared come here wanted to complete the mission, and their goal was joining Astral-10. No one would give up, especially after Yan Gang had already initiated the offensive. Countless attacks rained down on Qingyu. And yet, this was exactly what the criminal expected. If he hadn’t revealed that he was only a Sentinel, a majority of the students would have dared to attack. Now, they believed that they could overwhelm him.

“Pathetic trash, let me show you the terror of the Daynight Clan!” he howled in laughter, his rod flickering gray as he swept it across. Multiple students were struck in an instant, two of them chopped into halves as their blood splattered onto the ground.

Yan Gang’s javelin was smashed, and his body was beaten a dozen steps back. He barely raised a deathly-pale face that was filled with horror, “The Daynight Clan?”

Qingyu’s rod continued on its way as a shockwave crushed and shattered the earth. Burning hot lava splattered out onto the ground, heating everything in the surroundings. Yan Gang’s eyes constricted from rising fear at the mention of the Daynight Clan.

Lu Yin stopped Zhang Dingtian and the rest from attacking. If Qingyu was willing to reveal his realm, it meant he had absolute confidence in the current situation. This was a frighteningly powerful person whom Lu Yin knew he couldn’t match even if he went all-out; he hadn’t ever heard of such a wide gulf between two Sentinels; was this because of the Daynight Clan?

Screams rang out as a few of the captive students fell into the cracks, prompting Bai Xue to hurry and save them by sealing the fissures with ice. Qingyu’s rod smashed into another student’s longsword and shattered it into pieces, sending the student flying even as he turned to look at her, “Ice? Innate gift of Frost? You’re mine, woman!” 

With that, he blinked right in front of Bai Xue to try and grab her. Lu Yin barely managed to get in front of her in time with the Roving Step, attacking with a palm. Three stars immediately exploded with terrifying force, blowing Qingyu away even as the powerless Bai Xue was tossed into the distance.

“What battle technique is that?” Qingyu was shocked, but Lu Yin simply fled through the sky with a clenched jaw. There wasn’t a single way to win this fight; despite being a Sentinel as well, Qingyu completely outclassed him. The criminal chased after him with a sneer, “Innate gifts, realmbreakers, unique battle techniques… you people have piqued my interest! Haha!”

An oppressive force suddenly erupted in the battlefield and swept into the sky, clearing the clouds. The force of the shockwave flipped everyone over, even Lu Yin. He looked at an unknown man that had appeared right in front of Qingyu, placing both palms on the criminal’s body. “Go to hell!” BOOM! Qingyu was sent flying into the mountain, stunning everyone. A Melder powerhouse? A true Melder?

Lu Yin was stunned by the show of force that even Qingyu couldn’t react to, but the stranger suddenly turned around and bared his killing intent at himself. This was an unexpected development for everyone that left Lu Yin confused; why in the world was he being attacked by this man? Still, he activated the Cosmic Art just as the attack approached him, barely able to make out the trajectory of the fatal blow and dodging sideways to avoid the crisis. The man’s strike smashed into the ground, the aftershocks alone injuring some students to the point of spitting out blood, but the attack was wasted. The man prepared to strike again, but a beam of light suddenly enveloped him above and stopped his strike midway, injuring him from the backlash of star energy.

The Great Yu Empire’s surveillance station had intervened, prompting everyone to raise their heads to look at the spaceship above. This was a Sentinel trial, so any student who broke their seal would be disqualified and expelled from the training grounds with force. Lu Yin breathed raggedly as he looked towards his captives, seeing the bitter look of regret on Raas’s face. It must have been him! Only a few students had a background that would allow them to coerce a Melder, and Raas was the most hateful of them all.

Lu Yin clenched his fist, wanting to kill this bastard, but was stopped by a giant boom. Everyone turned to look at the mountain and saw Qingyu walking out from the smoke with a gloomy face, a trace of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. This immediately plunged them all into the pits of despair; even a Melder’s all-out attack couldn’t kill him?

Qingyu cleaned the blood from his mouth and looked at it. Though his smile was still present, his eyes were ice-cold, “Great. He was willing to sacrifice his trial results to deal with me, not a bad attempt. Pity that was the only chance. A mere Melder thought of killing me? Dream on! I’ll kill every one of you today!”

Tremendous pressure enveloped the students as Qingyu swept out with his rod, killing several of them in an instant. However, Gerlaine shouted out, “HE’S INJURED! ATTACK NOW, WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE!”

Yan Gang, Munoor and the other sealed Melders attacked Qingyu at the first opportunity, but he just laughed at them, “Still trying to win? I’ll make you weep.” The earth was overturned with a single wave of his hand, revealing three captured figures that froze up everyone present.

Zhang Dingtian and Bai Xue had the strongest reactions, “Wang You? Tong Zhan? Liu Shaoge?”

Lu Yin stared in amazement. These were the last three of the Seven Sages of China, and Wang You was even one of the three High Sages. How did they end up here with even Liu Shaoge captured?

Qingyu’s smile turned cruel as he looked at Lu Yin, “A worm like you dared to give me conditions? Did you really think my ten-day suggestion was to allow you to gather all this trash? It was just to capture these three. Anyone who dares threaten me must die! But before that, I’ll make you experience true suffering. It’s not just these three; your Beijing, Jinlin, Hubei, and everything else will be crushed under the hooves of a beast horde. Yes, I’m the one who started this planet’s evolution, so what? What can you do to me? Enough, it’s time you feel regret!”

He waved his hand once more, and a sharp wind swept out to cut off all three heads. Bai Xue immediately turned deathly pale, while Zhang Dingtian’s gaze sharpened as he grasped his sword tightly and rushed forward. Qingyu sneered and pointed a finger forward, black and white hair blowing in the wind. It was unclear just how, but the Bladesage’s chest was pierced through and he was sent flying away.

Qingyu immediately started attacking the other students like a wolf among a pack of sheep, covering the ground with blood. Bai Xue’s eyes went red and she slapped towards him, but he that finger gently shattered her ice before he grabbed her hair and took a deep whiff, “How fragrant. You’re mine now, woman.”

Lu Yin appeared again at this point, with a Skybeast Claw in his left hand and a Cosmic Palm in his right. Both were released together, shocking Qingyu. There were few people he took seriously on this planet, but Lu Yin was one of them. Admittedly, he only considered this a slightly more serious opponent than the rest.

Bai Xue was sent flying once again, while Qingyu broke off the Skybeast Claw and countered the Cosmic Palm with his finger. All three stars exploded, but they were overpowered by the one attack. Lu Yin’s right hand was even pierced and he was flung back, left in a miserable state. This was a terrifying freak of nature who seemed impossible to defeat.

Yan Gang spat out a mouthful of blood, badly beaten and stunned by what he had just seen. This was the Daynight Clan’s power, that of terrifying monsters who surpassed all others.

“Boring. I originally wanted to play a little more, but forget it. I’ll take them and end things here,” Qingyu said indifferently before looking at the captured students. Next to them were the fallen bodies of Gerlaine and Balaror; it was unclear if they were alive or dead. A handsome man with a gentle face stood where they had been previously.

Still gripping his injured right hand that was dripping blood, Lu Yin’s expression warped as he saw the man. Liu Shaoge?!

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