Chapter 558: Poison Master

The bespectacled girl quickly pulled away. She clenched her teeth in agony as she looked at Lu Yin. After that, she abruptly turned around and fled into the shadows around the corner.

Lu Yin did not chase after her. Instead, he looked at the green poison that now stained his clothes. He looked in the direction that the girl had fled and sank deep into thought. 

The bespectacled girl fled for a whole ten minutes. During this time, she used every technique that she had learned on Planet Mafioso to increase her chances of escaping. She was confident that, after all of her efforts, not even an elite Limiteer would be able to catch her. With that assurance in mind, she finally stopped at a corner to catch her breath. 

“What kind of monster was that? I couldn’t even break through his defenses, and his power level was too high to be measured by my gadget. Is he a Melder or a Limiteer? How did he get here? This planet should be locked down.” The bespectacled lady patted her chest to calm herself as she mumbled to herself.  

“I’m a Limiteer,” a soft voice suddenly echoed in the girl’s ears. The young woman’s pupils constricted violently as she quickly dodged and looked to the side. There, she saw Lu Yin leaning against a wall, staring at her with his arms casually folded.

The bespectacled girl moved again. Without another word, she turned and fled.

This time, she ran for an entire hour. She used a variety of techniques this time as well, and she even disguised herself in the middle. Lu Yin had really scared her, but she was no ordinary cultivator. For the trial this time, Planet Mafioso had pinned high hopes on this girl. Her mission during this trial was not just to kill natives, as that would be no challenge for her. Her real task was to kill all the other trial takers.  

Who could have known that she would run into such a freak before she even had an opportunity to get started. This person was a freak who she held no delusions of killing. 

As the crowds of zombies roamed about, the girl looked just like one of them as she also wandered the streets. She was quite satisfied with her disguise. After running for a full hour, she was confident that not even an Explorer would be able to track her down, let alone a Limiteer. She was completely sure in her skills.  

After roaming the streets for a while, the bespectacled girl finally felt safe. She had taken multiple precautions to ensure that she would not be followed. 

Just as she was about to move away from the zombie horde, the girl suddenly felt like she was being watched. As an assassin, she was very sensitive to when someone was observing her. She looked to her left, and about ten meters away, she saw that same man once again. Just like before, he was casually leaning against the wall, silently watching her. 

Strangely, none of the zombies passing by seemed to pay any attention to the man. It was as if they could not even sense his presence. 

The young lady felt chills run down her spine. Even a well-trained assassin such as her found it challenging to mask their presence from these zombies. Even more shocking, this man wasn’t even making any obvious attempts to evade or hide from the zombies; he was standing in plain sight. It was terrifying.  

The girl had a sour look on her face. She suddenly thought of something that would allow for such a thing to happen: a domain. It was said that comprehending a domain would allow a cultivator to become one with their surroundings, and that they could control everything within their sphere of control. Had this man actually comprehended a domain? 

The bespectacled girl gave up at this moment. She had already tried her hardest to escape from this man, but nothing had worked. She stood in place as the zombies moved away. She then took her wig off and removed her disguise. She replaced her glasses and asked the man, “What do you want from me?” 

Lu Yin looked at her. “Have you trained in poisons?”

The bespectacled girl nodded. “I know quite a lot about poisons. There are many assassination methods, and poisoning is one of them.”

Lu Yin threw her a vial of liquid that he had taken from Elder Wu’s cosmic ring and said, “Tell me what’s inside.”

The bespectacled girl hesitantly took the vial. She stared at it intently and then rapidly started mumbling to herself. Lu Yin listened, but he could only make out the fact that she was reciting the names of various herbs and animal poisons. He was taken aback; could this lady make out the contents of this poison just by looking at the liquid? This was the poison of Elder Wu, who had been a powerful Enlighter.  

The girl studied it for quite a while, and when she looked at Lu Yin again, she had an astonished expression as she asked, “Where did you get this?” 

“That’s none of your business. Just tell me what this is,” Lu Yin replied, dismissing her inquiry.

The girl carefully took off the vial’s cap, and her face suddenly becoming one of apprehension. She raised her hand, wanting to throw the contents of the vial onto Lu Yin, but she suddenly found that she was unable to move. The star energy surrounding her had suddenly frozen, trapping her in place. This level of oppression could only be due to the disparity in the two’s star energy.  

This was the same situation that Lu Yin had found himself in back when he had been participating in the teleportation battles. Star energy oppression, that feeling of restriction, had made it difficult for him to even move. 

At this moment, the bespectacled girl was suffering from the same effect. Only now could she truly feel the disparity between the two of them. She was no ordinary cultivator, and she had even killed Limiteers before, so she could be considered to be a Realmbreaker. However, against this Limiteer, she couldn’t even react. It was terrifying, and this man was definitely not from the Outerverse. He had to be an elite from the Innerverse who had been stranded here.  

“Enough. Tell me what kind of liquid this is,” Lu Yin demanded menacingly as he looked at the girl. 

The bespectacled lady shook her head. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Lu Yin’s eyes turned cold. “I’m running out of patience. Killing you is nothing to me.”

The young lady looked up at Lu Yin with fear. “I really don’t know. I can only tell what some of these ingredients are, but that makes up less than one percent of this liquid. There are a bunch of things in that that I haven’t even heard of.”

Lu Yin believed her. If a Melder cultivator could determine the contents of an Enlighter’s poison, then that would be truly unbelievable. Even Explorers would find it hard to determine the components of an Enlighter’s poison, much less a Melder. 

“If that’s the case, then you have no value to me,” Lu Yin said indifferently. His star energy was absolutely enough to suppress the young lady.

The girl let out a panicked shout. “Wait! Even though I don’t know the exact contents, I can tell the liquid’s potency.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. He could determine the poison’s potency from the rune lines he saw on it, but he wasn’t able to determine what kind of poison it was. “Do you really have such an ability?”

The girl looked at the liquid in the vial. Then, right in front of Lu Yin’s bewildered stare, she drank the liquid in one swift gulp.  

“What the hell is she trying to do?” the Ghost Monkey cried out. 

Lu Yin stared at the girl in glasses. The rune lines that he had seen from the liquid matched the amount that he had seen on Hunters. If it was indeed a poison, then this girl would die without a doubt. Forget a Melder—even if Lu Yin himself drank the liquid, he was practically guaranteed to die. 

The young lady set the now-empty vial down and blankly stared ahead. It almost looked like she was focused on experiencing something.

Suddenly, she let out a loud burp.

Lu Yin was shocked. She didn’t die?

However, the liquid soon started to take effect. The girl’s face twisted in agony, and she crumbled to her knees as she fought a violent pain. She started sweating profusely, and she remained in this condition for many hours.

During this time, Lu Yin prevented any of the zombies from approaching them. He was astonished that the girl had not died the instant that she had swallowed the poison. It was a complete miracle, considering that she was a Melder. He stared at her for several hours as she writhed in pain.  

It was only after the sky turned completely dark that her pain abated. By this time, she was completely drenched in sweat. Her beautiful, curvaceous figure was enchanting beneath her clothes. Her skin was partly visible through her wet clothes, which made her appearance all the more alluring. However, Lu Yin didn’t pay any attention to this aspect of the girl; he was in shock because he had noticed that the girl’s rune lines had drastically increased. 

The rune lines from the young woman had at first been at the level of a Realmbreaking Melder. She was an assassin, and the rune lines that Lu Yin had seen from her showed that she was an elite. After surviving the poison, her rune lines were now in no way inferior to an elite Limiteer! She had become comparable to one of the Astral Combat Academy’s Area Masters. 

This was an absolutely astonishing transition. The Astral Combat Academy’s Area Masters were all absolutely dominating figures of the Innerverse, and they were considered as elite disciples of powerful organizations. Naturally, they were all known to be far superior to the Outerverse’s elites. Not even someone like Schutz, who had cultivated in the Astral Combat Academy for a long time and had enjoyed the additional benefit of personal training from Astral-10’s Trialmaster, could reach the level of an Area Master. And yet, ths woman had reached this realm just by drinking the contents of a vial.  

Lu Yin suspected that he might have been tricked. Could that liquid have been some kind of fortifying potion all along? This thought caused Lu Yin’s face to sour.

After going through such a long session of intense pain, the girl’s body was trembling slightly. She released a pent up breath. She touched her clothes and discovered that they were completely soaked. Then, she did something unthinkable and began to strip right in front of Lu Yin  

He was flabbergasted, and he quickly turned away as he asked, “What are you doing!”

The young lady winked. “I’m changing my clothes.”

“Why do you have to do that in front of me?”

“Look if you want. I can’t fight back against you anyways.”

Her words caused Lu Yin’s heart to stir slightly, but he forced himself not to turn around and watch.

The girl’s mouth twitched a little, and she purposely took her time while undressing, and she even purposefully made loud sounds with her clothes, making it clear that she was dressing herself. It seemed like she was trying to seduce Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin had not experienced such a thing before, and he started getting rather impatient.

After quite a bit of time had passed, the bespectacled girl finally spoke. “I’m done.”

Lu Yin turned around, and his eyes immediately lit up. The girl was now wearing a casual long, white shirt that highlighted her long, glistening white legs. Her dainty little feet playfully dangled to the side. She had also tidied up her hair, though it still hung to her waist. She looked at Lu Yin with eyes that seemed to be full of innocence and bashfulness. She sensuously bit her lower lip and interlaced her fingers. “Do you like what you see?” 

“Seventh Bro, she’s trying to seduce you!” the monkey said with a strange laugh. 

While the girl in glasses was not the prettiest woman that Lu Yin had ever seen, she had the purest appearance by far. Although pure was the complete opposite of what one would expect from a female assassin, it was true. This woman exuded a gentle temperament that set her apart from the other cultivators.  

Lu Yin knitted his brows. “Why did that liquid increase your strength?”

She pushed up her glasses. “If I told you that the liquid was poison, would you believe me?”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not an idiot.”

The young lady protested helplessly, “Big brother, that really was poison!”

“Don’t call me that. No matter how you change your appearance, you’re still an assassin, and I won’t go easy on you. The better you are at hiding your true self just shows me that you have many tricks up your sleeve,” Lu Yin said coldly.  

The girl looked at Lu Yin with eyes full of innocence. She then held out the empty bottle. “Let’s do an experiment.”

She then looked around as her star energy burst out like a gush of water. She quickly caught what seemed to be a six-legged mouse. She poured some water into the empty vial and then fed it to the creature. 

The next moment, the small creature was reduced to ashes. Not a single trace of the animal remained.

Lu Yin was shocked.

“I know that big brother still doesn’t believe me,” After the bespectacled lady said that, she grabbed a zombie and forced some of the water down its throat. Just like the small creature before, the zombie was reduced to ash within a minute. Furthermore, it never burned. It was as if it had suddenly just decomposed.

“This is really a poison, a poison that even space-exploring powerhouses wouldn’t be able to withstand. Given its potency, this thing could easily kill a Cruiser,” the bespectacled lady estimated.  

“Then how did you survive?” Lu Yin asked, suddenly full of curiosity.

The young lady laughed. Then, under Lu Yin’s flabbergasted gaze, her skin changed from white to green. The green tint was obviously very poisonous, and her clothing almost instantly turned to ash. The girl in glasses then stood naked before Lu Yin. 

This time, however, he did not turn around. But he did block the monkey to keep him from looking. “Is this your innate gift?” 

She replied, “Yes, it’s my innate gift. I’m a Poison Master.”

“Put your clothes on,” Lu Yin said dismissively. 

The tinge of green that had glowed around the bespectacled lady’s body disappeared, and her skin returned to its original white. Her glistening white skin made her so irresistible that Lu Yin could not help himself from stealing two more glances of her nude body.

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