Chapter 557: Poison

There were many trained individuals who knew how to hide themselves quickly, such as soldiers or experienced cultivators. However, in Darkmist Weave, there was one profession that they were not lacking in: assassins. And the strongest assassin organization in the weave was Mafioso Planet.  

This planet enjoyed a high position in Darkmist Weave, and its reputation was consistent even in the surrounding weaves. In some way, they were reminiscent of the Relentless Slayers in Chaos Flowzone. This group had nurtured many outstanding killers. 

The filament where Planet Woodrock was located was not very far from Mafioso Planet, so Lu Yin immediately thought of them. This batch of trial takers was most likely from Mafioso Planet.

This group of assassins was one of the powers that coveted Shenwu Continent, and they could even be said to be the strongest power after the sealed continent. It was rumored that Mafioso Planet had an Enlighter realm assassin, and if Lu Yin’s guess was correct, then that person should be Topmist

That would be quite the coincidence. Lu Yin’s eyes turned cold at the thought. Topmist had nearly killed him. If these trial takers were truly from Mafioso Planet, then there was no reason for them to leave in one piece. He could have some fun before Wendy arrived. 

As more and more spacecraft dropped down from the sky, multiple trial takers began to appear in the zombie-filled capital. As long as there was a trial, there would be a mission. The top mission during Earth’s trial had been to capture Qingyu, which had been extremely difficult and was still fresh in Lu Yin’s memory. 

Disregarding the increasing commotion outside, Lu Yin sealed himself inside one of the palace’s buildings before taking Elder Wu’s cosmic ring out. He used the dead Enlighter’s blood to open the ring and dumped everything out. 

He looked through Elder Wu’s items and was dumbfounded. Not because there was too much, but rather because the things inside were just too strange. The old fogey’s cosmic ring held many strange bottles and containers. Some were filled with liquids of various colors—some of which were even bubbling. Everything was simply weird.

“Seventh Bro, these should be poisons,” the monkey said.

Lu Yin’s eyes filled with star energy, and when he looked at these bottles and containers again, he was astonished. The rune lines that filled his vision were impressive, and each container’s rune lines were at least equivalent to a Hunter’s. Some of the items even had rune lines that approached what Lu Yin had seen from Karthika.

Rune lines represented how much influence something could exert on the universe, and it was an even more intuitive way of determining strength than the gadgets’ power level numbers. This meant that some of these containers held substances that approached the influence of an Enlighter.

If these were poisons, then some of them could kill Hunters and even harm Enlighters.

Lu Yin carefully set those strange containers aside and stored them away before continuing on. He could not use them for now, and he couldn’t even determine their usages. Thus, he could only wait until he found someone in the future who could. 

After he carefully stored the containers away, he checked to see how many star essence Elder Wu possessed, but to his disappointment, he only found about 2,000 essence. 

Elder Wu was an Enlighter from the Outerverse, and it should be expected that he would only have this much star essence.

Aside from the star essence, Lu Yin also found hundreds of thousands of star crystals as well as a few Mavis Bank cards. 

Unfortunately, these cards were useless to him. He had already used up all of the blood that he had taken from Elder Wu to open the cosmic ring, so there was no way for him to use these restricted cards and access the money stored inside. 

Lu Yin clenched his teeth. The Mavis Bank earned an obscene amount of money. There were many people who died every year whose money would become inaccessible after their death. This ended up benefitting the Mavis Bank, and the sum of these useless cards could reach astronomical numbers. Lu Yin was absolutely certain that Elder Wu’s bank cards represented an astounding amount of wealth since each of the cards was gold colored. 

The Mavis Bank’s crystal cards were differentiated into tiers by color. The first was green, which was followed by blue, black, gold, purple, and red.

Black and gold cards would only be given to a client after they deposited a certain amount of star crystals. The cards beyond gold used star essence as currency. Since Elder Wu’s cards were all gold, then he should have a substantial amount of star crystals in his account, but unfortunately, it was all just out of reach. 

Aside from these items, the old man’s cosmic ring also held many medicines from Shamrock Enterprises, as well as some unknown items. Lu Yin had now killed three Enlighters, and he had obtained many things that he did not recognize. He gathered all of the unknown items together and stored them in a separate cosmic ring with the intention of having someone identify everything in there someday in the future. Anything that an Enlighter felt was worth storing should not be too common. 

He felt rather curious about these containers, as some even had gases suspended inside of certain liquids, but those gases gave him chills. After considering things thoroughly, Lu Yin stored everything away. There was always a chance that he could use them in the future. 

He was inwardly rejoicing that he had not given Elder Wu any chance to act. Otherwise, Lu Yin would not have been able to survive if any one of these strange containers had been thrown at him. Every Enlighter had different methods to protect themselves, so it was important to kill them immediately. Otherwise, even with his universal armor, Lu Yin wouldn’t be comfortable with fighting them. 

Right now, Lu Yin only had about 2,000 star essence to his name. He sighed. He had suffered a huge financial loss during this debacle. However, the star essence had been mainly used to upgrade the polarium to polarium essence, which was rather valuable. He still had about 310 tonnes left in his cosmic ring, which was quite a substantial amount. 

A violent noise was soon heard nearby as some zombies arrived outside the building where Lu Yin had sealed himself. They were madly trying to smash down the door.

Lu Yin frowned. Although zombies had no intelligence, they had a very acute sense for the presence of other living creatures. In fact, they had even been able to discover his existence. 

He opened the door and Lu Yin’s body flashed before he vanished within the crowd of zombies. 

Inside the capital, there was a giant brothel. And in this building, there were many female zombies scantily clad as they brandished their claws and roamed about the building. 

In the courtyard of the brothel, more than a hundred people had gathered together. This included the patrons of the previous night, as well as some commoners who had hid inside. There was also a wanderer. 

A middle-aged man was squatting on the ground, shivering. He fearfully looked through the cracks in the wall to see the roaming zombies. He was quite familiar with one of the creatures; she was the lady whom he had spent the previous night with. She had initially been a lovely and charming girl, but now, she had turned into a blood-sucking monster. It was enough to drive the man insane. 




A loud sound was heard from the giant boulder at the courtyard’s entrance. Many zombies had gathered outside the courtyard and were trying to smash the massive stone apart to gain entry into the courtyard. 

Behind the rock stood a wanderer with a spear who was dressed in grey robes. At this moment, his face was ashen. He firmly stared at the rock. 


The boulder suddenly shattered, and the wanderer’s expression changed. He clenched his jaw as his spear pierced the rock and skewered the brains of several zombies on the other side. The spear of the tip trembled with energy and shattered the brains, but the attack also caused the rock to shatter. 

“Everyone, I’ve done my best, but I can only protect myself. May fortune smile upon you all,” the wanderer barked. His spear moved like a flying dragon as it swept the many zombies that had surrounded the man aside. Then, he stabbed the spear into the ground and violently lifted it up. Countless pieces of rubble shot out in all directions and pierced through many of the zombies’ heads. This one strike caused the brothel to crumble, but it also opened up a path of escape for the people who had been hiding within the building. 

The wanderer watched them with a helpless expression and sighed. He then leaped up and dashed out of the brothel. As he had said, he was only able to protect himself, as there were too many monsters. No matter how strong he was, his strength would eventually run out against innumerable zombies. 

It was already very decent that he could open up a path for those people. He was a reputable adventurer on this continent, but he could only do this much. 

Suddenly, something cold flashed in front of the wanderer’s eyes, and a black fog enveloped him. All he felt was a tearing pain in his neck, and he reflexively lashed out with his spear to sweep the fog aside. However, his neck was also torn apart, causing a fountain of fresh blood to spurt out. His lifeless body slowly crumbled to the ground. 

Those who had been hiding in the brothel were dumbfounded as they watched this scene.

From beside the wanderer’s corpse, a pale-looking youth stepped out. He bent down and casually beheaded the fallen man before storing the head in his cosmic ring. He didn’t even glance at the people hiding before leaping away. 

Similar scenes occurred all over the continent. This was the main mission of this trial. It was an assassination mission, and the trial takers had all been tasked with killing Planet Woodrock’s cultivators. Each participant could only kill cultivators at their same realm or stronger, and their results would be judged based on their headcount at the end. 

This was a trial by blood. 

Although Earth’s trial had not been intentionally set up, the trial’s objective had not been to cause a bloodbath. Rather, it was to filter out the elites, from both the trial takers and the natives. For example Zhang Dingtian, Bai Xue, and the others were elites who had been selected by the Great Yu Empire. 

On the other hand, the trial on Planet Woodrock was specifically set up to train killers, and this trial was also designed to last for a long time. Now that zombies had appeared, it also meant that there was a possibility of the planet’s natives quickly growing stronger. This meant that there would be an endless supply of cultivators on this planet, which was why it had been chosen to become a long-term trial venue. 

To the natives of Planet Woodrock, this decision was very cruel. They were essentially being raised like pigs for the trial takers to slaughter. Of course, there would always be the occasional outstanding native among them, and those specially talented people might be taken away from the planet. 

Lu Yin dropped a trial taker’s corpse. After obtaining the information that he wanted, his expression had become complex. Was it sympathy? Perhaps, but this was the wider universe. The dark law of the jungle did not care about cruelty. Everyone was the hunter, but everyone was also the prey. 

He heard some footsteps from behind, and he calmly turned around to see a bespectacled girl walking towards him from nearby trembling. This girl was another trial taker. 

Lu Yin had not tried to cover his tracks or sneak around after realizing that these trial takers were from Mafioso Planet. Before Wendy arrived, he would kill however many he could, which could be considered as a kind of revenge against Topmist

The trial takers themselves were all killers who were devoid of emotions. He felt no guilt for killing them. 

However, the girl approaching him seemed to be different from the other killers who were trial takers.

“I- I’m so- sorry. Please don’t kill me! I- I’m not a bad person.” The girl in glasses fearfully looked at Lu Yin as her body shrank into a small ball. She looked like a frightened rabbit. 

Lu Yin slowly walked over to her. 

When she saw that Lu Yin was getting closer, the girl became even more terrified. She lowered her head and bit her lip.

“Are you from Mafioso Planet as well?” Lu Yin asked.

She nodded, but then suddenly thought of something and shook her head. She exchanged glances with Lu Yin, as if thinking for a moment. She then bit her lip again and nodded. “We’re all from Mafioso Planet.”

“Were you born there?” Lu Yin asked indifferently. 

She nodded. “My parents and relatives were all born there, so I had no choice.”

“How many have you killed?” Lu Yin asked.

The girl’s eyes went wide, and she vigorously shook her head in denial. “None! I haven’t killed anyone! That’s why they sent me here. They want to force me to kill people, but I don’t want to kill anyone.”

Lu Yin nodded and turned to look off into the distance. He could see various regions of the city being covered in flames. This was just the capital, but after considering the fact that the entire continent, or perhaps even the entire planet, was being drowned in chaos, just how many would die on this day? 

A slightly chilly feeling came from his waist, and Lu Yin turned around to see that the girl in glasses who had been trembling just earlier, now had wide eyes and a green dagger in her hand. She stared at Lu Yin in disbelief as she stabbed at him again. However, no matter what she did, she couldn’t even pierce his skin. 

“So you’re a Melder. With your techniques, even genius Melders wouldn’t be able to evade your knife. I’ll ask you again—how many have you killed?” Lu Yin quietly asked as he slowly lifted a hand and grabbed the bespectacled girl.

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