Chapter 556: Planet Woodrock

The light beam struck the mummy’s body straight on, and the impact caused it to be flung back down to the planet. On the other hand, the piece of Progenitor Wushang's hide that had been draped over the mummy’s head shifted to the side, no longer blocking both of the mummy’s eyes. The mummy was no longer stunned.

From high above the planet, the battleships rained beams of light down upon the mummy.

It looked up at the vessels. Its eyes that didn’t hold even the slightest trace of light struck fear into the people aboard the spacecraft. The mummy charged into outer space, crashing through the bombardment with nothing more than its body. It easily shattered a battleship with a swipe of its hand, and then another. Soon, all of the battleships from Darkstar Gorge had been destroyed without a single survivor.

The people from Darkstar Gorge who had surrounded Lu Yin were now all dead with only the mummy remaining. Progenitor Wushang’s hide was still partially draped over the mummy’s head, which made for a morbidly comical scene.

“Ancient bloodline, escape. Must kill.” A mechanical voice sounded out from the mummy. Then, it took step after step through space as it headed towards Lu Yin.

In the darkness of outer space, Lu Yin panted heavily as he sat down within a spacecraft. On his arm, the Ghost Monkey tattoo also panted comically. The existence of that mummy made the two of them feel cursed, as that monster had been far more terrifying than a Corpse King, though a Corpse King had a much worse appearance. 

“Seventh Bro, could you stop provoking things like that? Just look at the things that you’ve provoked! A Corpse King that can transform, an isolated island that has screaming ghosts, and this time, a mummy! Seriously, how is it that you keep getting involved with such strange and mysterious things?” the monkey complained. 

Lu Yin snapped back, “Shut up! How was I the one who provoked it? That monster ran out on its own!”

“In any case, it has to be related to you. I have that sort of suspicion.” The monkey was indignant.

Lu Yin could not be bothered to reply. He looked behind and relaxed, as he was not being chased. His luck was good, as this vessel turned out to be quite fast. Otherwise, he would have been finished back there. 

“Right, Progenitor Wushang's hide! Seventh Bro, give me back my piece of Progenitor Wushang's hide!” The monkey suddenly remembered what had been lost and started wailing anxiously. 

Lu Yin rolled his eyes and directly screened the beast off. The monkey didn’t even have a right to feel disgruntled, as that piece of Progenitor Wushang’s hide had been Lu Yin’s spoils of war when he defeated the monkey. And that was not even mentioning how useful that thing had been to him so far. No one felt the loss more acutely than Lu Yin, and his only consolation was that he still had the larger piece of hide. 

As for Progenitor Wushang’s inheritance, Lu Yin did not care about it at all. It was in the Astral Beast Domain, and if he went looking for it, the only outcome would be his death.

Although the loss of the hide cut deeply, it was worth it to trade one piece of Progenitor Wushang’s hide for his own life. 

He stared into the darkness of outer space and sighed emotionally. The universe was just too vast; any random planet in the Outerverse could be hiding such a monstrous thing. That monster was much stronger than the average Enlighter, and the Outerverse would soon be facing some trouble. 

Fortunately, the Outerverse was enormous, so the monster wouldn’t be able to find Lu Yin.

The location where Lu Yin was to meet up with Wendy Yushan was at the fringe of Darkmist Weave. He glanced at his route, and since he was already on the weave’s fringes, he would arrive in about half a day. Finally free from danger, Lu Yin closed his eyes as he wanted to rest for a while. He had not been able to relax at all recently.

Right, Elder Wu’s cosmic ring. Lu Yin suddenly thought of his spoils of war as he drifted off. He could not wait to scour through the Enlighter’s cosmic ring. 

After an unknown amount of time, the beeping of his gadget awoke Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin rubbed his forehead and checked his position. He had less than an hour to go before he arrived at the meeting place. He then checked his gadget and blinked. Liu Shaoge was calling him. 

“Brother Lu, congratulations on resolving that ambush,” Liu Shaoge’s voice sounded out. 

Lu Yin smiled. “I should thank Brother Liu for your help. Without your information, I might not have been able to escape from this dangerous situation.” 

“‘Heaven helps the worthy.’ This sentence describes Brother Lu very well. You won’t die young. Even without me, you still would have managed to get through this scheme alive,” Liu Shaoge said with a smile. 

Lu Yin’s lips curled up. Wendy Yushan had informed him of what she had said to Liu Shaoge before leaving and how she had set him up. Lu Yin appreciated such crafty moves. Liu Shaoge had told Lu Yin about Puyu’s scheme not to benefit Lu Yin but rather because Liu Shaoge had wanted to use Lu Yin to deal with Darkstar Gorge and get rid of Puyu. Then, Liu Shaoge would be the only one in control of San Dios. His ambition had never been hidden. 

As for Liu Shaoge, regardless of whether it was the alliance between Darkstar Gorge and Scholar Newmoon failing, or Lu Yin being defeated, there would be no harm to himself. He only wanted to reap the benefits while watching on as an audience member. 

Unfortunately, Wendy Yushan’s words had thrown Liu Shaoge directly into a den of tigers, and Puyu now bore a grudge against him. This pleased Lu Yin, as some people would act as if they were so smart that they could control the fates of others, but in the end, they would fall victim to their own deviousness. Lu Yin had been on the receiving end of such schemes before, and it was Liu Shaoge’s turn this time around. 

“Brother Liu’s luck is pretty good. You were even able to gain Nightking Zhenwu’s recognition. In the past, when Brother Liu was taken away by Qingyu, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to meet you again in my entire lifetime,” Lu Yin replied back with a smile.

Liu Shaoge exclaimed, “That’s right! One of us was in the Innerverse’s Daynight Flowzone while the other was in a fringe weave of the Outerverse. The distance between the two places is very great, but Brother Lu still walked out of that place. Brother Lu, that’s extremely admirable.” 

Lu Yin smiled, but he did not respond this time. He was waiting for Liu Shaoge to bring up a certain topic.

“But, Brother Lu, there are some things you did that weren’t too pure-hearted. Out of pure goodwill, I let you know about a dangerous situation, and yet you’ve betrayed me! Now, Puyu watches me like a grudgeful hawk.” Liu Shaoge’s smile slipped away.

Lu Yin was astonished. “Why, what happened?”

“Brother Lu doesn’t know?”

“I’ve been in Darkmist Weave this whole time, so I don’t actually know what’s been happening in San Dios.”

“Since that’s the case, it looks like I’ve wronged you,” Liu Shaoge spoke helplessly.

Lu Yin smiled. “Brother Liu, Wendy sometimes acts too willfully. Please don’t pay her any mind.”

Liu Shaoge’s tone grew more relaxed. “If it wasn’t something that Brother Lu intentionally plotted, then it’s fine. However, being too outstanding will also draw too much attention to yourself. You’ve killed three Enlighters now, which is a humiliation to those almighty beings. You were able to resolve the situation this time, but if three Enlighters team up to act against you, then will you still emerge victorious?” 

Lu Yin’s face grew solemn, as Liu Shaoge had just described a situation that he truly feared. But worrying was one thing, and he would not allow himself to be anxious about something that had not happened yet. This time, the actions of he and Wendy had essentially announced to all the Enlighters that, when the two of them joined forces, they were able to drag any powerhouse down along with them. 

“Thank you for the reminder, Brother Liu.”

The call ended soon after, and Lu Yin looked up. He was about to arrive.

Their meeting location was only three filaments away from Shenwu Continent, and he could get to the continent in just half a day with how fast his spacecraft was.

Wendy had traveled from Adonis Weave to Darkmist Weave, so it would take her two more days to arrive. Lu Yin checked on the situation when he neared the meeting point, and he was stunned to find that the planet had been turned into a training ground. 

Planet Woodrock was a very ordinary planet, and its civilization had only reached the stage of an ancient society. Lu Yin had randomly chosen this planet as the meeting place with Wendy out of pure coincidence and convenience. Who could have guessed that, less than ten hours after deciding on this place, it would be turned into a training ground. 

However, Lu Yin could not be bothered to change their meeting point. A training ground was just a training ground, and given his current status, there were few places in the Outerverse that he could not step foot on. So what if he and Wendy were discovered by the powers behind the training ground? Even the strongest person from Darkmist Weave, Topmist, didn’t dare to face Lu Yin by himself. 

Of course, there were some exceptions like that monstrous mummy, but he doubted that he would run into such occasions that often. And he had already suffered from the bad luck of running into one earlier.

On a continent on Planet Woodrock, a giant, ancient city burned. This was the capital of a country, but there were zombies roaming everywhere. Meanwhile, there was a small group of people who had gathered together to resist the zombies’ onslaught.

Compared to the apocalypse on Earth, the ancient society on this planet was facing the zombies with greater efficiency, as the people of this planet were naturally more warlike. Even their commoners had physiques that far surpassed what Earth’s soldiers had during their apocalypse. Also, these people’s weapons were swords and clubs, which were easily found. On the other hand, back on Earth, everyone had searched for guns, but they hadn’t been able to find any. 

The conflagration had engulfed the entire city, and the palace was also in flames. Even the emperor had turned into a zombie. The palace continued to blaze with fire as the city burned down to nothing. Many imperial servants, maids, eunuchs, and ministers were still trapped in the palace, and they trembled as they hid within a circle of guards. Everyone looked like they were drowning in their own despair. No one knew what was happening, as in just an instant, countless people had transformed into freaks, and even the emperor had changed. 

To these people, the sky had collapsed since the emperor had also turned into a monster.

Fiery streaks crashed into the ground from the heavens.

One of the streaks careened towards the palace, and its impact shattered the very earth. A ferocious shockwave rippled out from the crash, destroying more than half of the palace.

Countless zombies were reduced to ashes.

The guards killed the zombies and slowly approached the site of the impact.

“It’s a divine rock! It must be the divine rock! The gods are helping us!” one minister cheered wildly. 

Many ministers beside him knelt down and kowtowed towards the personal spacecraft that lay within the crater. 

The surrounding guards were also berated by those ministers before being forced to kneel down and kowtow together with the rest of the people.

There was a crack as the hatch of the spacecraft opened. Outside the crater, everyone looked up in astonishment as they saw a young man with strange clothes walk out of the “divine rock.” One of the ministers screamed, “Deity, save us, please!” 

“Deity, save us! Save us!” The crowd kowtowed to the young man again.

Lu Yin calmly looked at them. He then activated his gadget, and his brows shot up in surprise. Within this group, there was a Melder whose power level was approaching 5,000. Some distance further away, his gadget had detected more than one other Melder. This place proved to be a warfare-driven ancient society where all of its natives were well-versed in combat. Although this place could not lift a candle to Shenwu Continent, the people here were much stronger than on Earth. It should be known that the Seven Sages back on Earth had merely been Sentinels. 

Lu Yin looked up as another fiery streak crashed down from space.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and he pressed against his spacecraft and exerted some strength to force the vessel beneath the surface. After it was out of sight, he casually waved a hand and caused some crushed rocks to bury the crater. His body twitched as it instantly disappeared from the crowd’s sight. 

When the ministers and guards looked up, they realized that Lu Yin had disappeared. 

A different corner of the palace was crushed by another ferocious shockwave, turning many zombies to ash. Another personal spacecraft appeared in a crater on the ground. This time, the occupant was a trial taker from Darkmist Weave. 

The ministers and guards hurried towards the new landing site and looked at the open hatch of the small personal spacecraft, but they didn’t see anyone inside. The trial taker had fled at the first opportunity. 

Lu Yin stood atop the palace, and he was flabbergasted when he looked towards the new landing site. Nothing could escape his notice within his domain, and the person who had been in that spacecraft had left their vessel at the earliest moment and then hid in the shadows. Their actions were very smooth, and they were obviously trained in subterfuge. 

This feeling that he got from this newcomer, on top of the trial planet being in Darkmist Weave, reminded Lu Yin of a certain profession: assassins.

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