Chapter 554: Stronghold

Scholar Newmoon’s eyes twitched, as he was feeling uncertain. In the end, he did not understand the Yu Secret Art, as the uniqueness of the secret technique was unfathomable. After countless years, secret techniques had reached an almost mythical status, and the more hidden and secretive something was, the greater the fear it would inspire. And when Scholar Newmoon recalled the attack that he had forcefully endured from before, he fully believed that the secret technique would allow the attack from this second weapon to hit him as well. He was not confident in surviving a second attack like that. 

Scholar Newmoon stared apprehensively at Wendy Yushan and the Money Bomb in her hand.

Nearby, Puyu also similarly stared at her. 

Wendy Yushan’s gaze was calm, and she showed no signs of panic. If she grew flustered, then it would be easy for her to get surrounded. 

At that moment, Liu Shaoge appeared. “Councilor Wendy, when will Brother Lu arrive?”

She coldly answered, “Soon.”

“Are you still leaving?” Liu Shaoge felt puzzled.

Her eyes narrowed. “He’ll take my place and do the job of a councilor.”

Liu Shaoge nodded. He then looked over at Puyu and smiled. “Councilor Puyu, do you agree?”

Puyu did not speak.

Liu Shaoge looked back at Wendy Yushan. “It would appear that Councilor Puyu does not agree. Councilor Wendy, you must remain here then.”

Wendy Yushan was indifferent to his words. “It doesn’t matter whether or not he agrees. When Lu Yin arrives, no one needs to think of leaving.”

These words caused both Scholar Newmoon and Puyu’s faces to lose color. Lu Yin had already killed Karthika and Lei Long, and recently, they had learned that he had killed Elder Wu as well. Thus, his record was currently at three dead Enlighters. Nobody knew what methods he had used to achieve this, but they seemed to be rather sneaky. Scholar Newmoon did not want to face this person without any preparations. Also, there would be Wendy Yushan aiding LuYin, and her secret technique was equally fearsome. 

With her current methods, she could fire the Money Bomb and have it land on either Scholar Newmoon or Puyu. Regardless, one of them would be unlucky, and this led Scholar Newmoon to hesitate. He did not want to die, so he decided to come up with an alternative way to obtain the secret technique. 

Scholar Newmoon left without saying another word.

His departure made Puyu’s face turn extremely ugly. Without Scholar Newmoon, he felt like he would be dominated if he tried to face Wendy Yushan and that weapon in her hand by himself. He was alone. 

Wendy Yushan secretly relaxed when she saw Scholar Newmoon leave. He had been intimidated, which was good. It meant that this deadlock had ended. She would be safe as soon as she returned to the Great Yu Empire. 

Wendy Yushan looked at Puyu as killing intent radiated from her face.

His expression changed. He kept a wary eye on her as he said, “Wendy, you and I are both Outerverse Youth Council Councilors. My death will not do you any good.”

Wendy Yushan’s eyes flickered, but then she suddenly looked at Liu Shaoge. “Thank you for telling us about Elder Wu and Scholar Newmoon’s plan. Our Great Yu Empire will remember this favor.” With that, she stored the Money Bomb away and flew out of San Dios. 

Liu Shaoge was stunned, as he had not expected Wendy Yushan to use this trick at the end.

Puyu looked at Liu Shaoge, and his gaze changed once again to become incomparably venomous. He finally turned to leave without saying another word.

Liu Shaoge was helpless. He had wanted to borrow Lu Yin’s strength at this time to get rid of Puyu, but neither of the two were fools. As soon as their impasse was resolved, both of them would cast Liu Shaoge aside. 

Liu Shaoge exhaled and shook his shoulders. His lips then rose. “Interesting.”

On Shuta Planet, Lu Yin had suffered since he had spent the last several days traveling through the ground. Now, he had finally arrived at where he had hidden his spacecraft. By this time, there was more than one powerhouse from Darkstar Gorge who was searching for him. Aside from the peak Hunter he had initially seen, there were now at least two more Hunters searching for him. 

Lu Yin sat in the spacecraft and immediately activated it. The vessel trembled for a moment before it charged up into space. 

Not too far away, one of the Hunters saw the ascending spacecraft and immediately took action. At this time, Shuta Planet had locked down all of the trial takers and miners, so the only person who could try to leave was Lu Yin. 

The Hunter unleashed countless attacks at the spacecraft in an attempt to strike Lu Yin down. However, Lu Yin combined his three Fatesands into a clump of soil that forcefully received all of the Hunter’s attacks. Then, he fired his gun. The bullet distorted the void as it sped towards the Hunter with a powerful force that was enough to scare even Enlighters. 

The Hunter was overwhelmed and tried to dodge. When a powerhouse was prepared, the bullets’ speed was not high enough to hit them. The Hunter successfully evaded the bullet, and the attack continued on, striking the ground before piercing through the entire planet. 

Shuta Planet started to grow unstable.

But Lu Yin had no time to care about such a thing. At the same exact moment that the Hunter dodged aside, Lu Yin’s vessel entered outer space, and he immediately charged towards the north.

However, not long after Lu Yin’s spacecraft left the planet, another spacecraft rose up and chased after Lu Yin. This vessel was also a radiant-grade Aurora.

With Lu Yin’s eyes, he was able to observe the number of rune lines from the spacecraft behind him, and he quickly realized that the peak Hunter was chasing after him. Lu Yin grew resentful, as they just wouldn’t stop hounding him. 

This person had resolved to kill Lu Yin, so this was probably someone who had a special relationship with Elder Wu. However, since both spacecraft were radiant-grade Auroras, it wouldn’t be easy for the Hunter to catch up to Lu Yin. 

Lu Yin’s greatest current worry was that Topmist might publicly announce how he had managed to kill Enlighters. If that happened, then every Enlighter would be prepared for him. In that case, then forget Enlighters—even Hunters would be able to threaten Lu Yin. Even if they weren’t able to break through the defenses of his universal armor, they would still be able to capture him. 

At that moment, his gadget beeped with a notification. It was a call from Wendy Yushan, and Lu Yin accepted it. 

After some time, Lu Yin disconnected, lost in thought.

She had shared what had happened with the battle at San Dios, and Lu Yin seemed to have awakened from slumber. He had completely forgotten about the Yu Secret Art! Even if powerhouses were vigilant of Progenitor Wushang's hide, they were incapable of defending themselves against the Yu Secret Art. Nobody could easily guard themselves against that secret technique, and if Lu Yin was with Wendy Yushan, then they could rely on her secret technique to entirely divert the gun’s attacks to strike Enlighters. Whoever went against the two of them would be down on their luck. 

Lu Yin was thrilled. Wendy Yushan and he held no threat when they were alone, but together, his die’s Enhance could upgrade weapons to the point of threatening powerhouses, and Wendy’s Yu Secret Art could capitalize on that threat. 

As he was thinking, Lu Yin checked the star chart for a bit. He then sent Wendy Yushan a set of coordinates and asked her to wait at that location so that they could rendezvous.

Topmist must have released Lu Yin’s methods, and those Enlighters definitely would not let him go now. Even a Hunter had the guts to chase after him, let alone Enlighters.

Lu Yin had to hurry up and join forces with Wendy Yushan. Then, they could teach those Enlighters another lesson on how to be human as well as how to conduct oneself. 

Right now, the more Lu Yin avoided confrontations, the more the Enlighters would believe that he had no confidence. They would gladly head to the Great Yu Empire to cause him more trouble, and he expected more than one Enlighter to move. Only by standing up for themselves and showing these powerhouses that they were at the same level would they be able to cause the Enlighters in the Outerverse to grow apprehensive. 

Scholar Newmoon would not release news of his defeat to anyone, so they would be forced to spread the news themselves. Lu Yin had more than one method to target Enlighters: his other incomprehensible attack method was to use the secret technique. 

He turned around to see that the peak Hunter was still chasing after him. Lu Yin had programmed his ship to automatically travel towards the coordinates he had shared with Wendy so that he could meet with her. This unlucky fellow behind him would be useful for an experiment. 

The plan was good, but Lu Yin had underestimated the power of Darkstar Gorge. As the organization at the helm of Adonis Weave and as one of the few powers in the Outerverse with an Enlighter, its people were spread all throughout the surrounding weaves. 

Lu Yin’s route had long been determined, so there was a battleship waiting along his path.

When Lu Yin saw it, his heart sank as he saw a light beam instantly shoot out to welcome him.

He was very familiar with such light beams. Back at Darkmist Weave’s pirate port, he had been severely injured by one and knocked unconscious. After that, he had been left for dead as white meat on Driftcharge Planet. Right now, he was facing the same kind of light beam, only this one was strong enough to kill even a Hunter. 

The difference between a Hunter’s attacks and this light beam was that this beam covered a large area, which meant that not even Lu Yin’s Fatesand could block this attack. Besides, even if his Fatesand could block this beam, it wouldn’t matter. There were numerous light beams shooting at him, and they covered almost the entire region of space around him. 


With a loud bang, Lu Yin’s spacecraft was destroyed. He donned his universal armor and stood tall in the vacuum of outer space as battleships appeared all around him. The Hunter who had been chasing after him finally caught up.

“Seventh Bro, I’ll take you to a planet,” the Ghost Monkey said. His shadow started pulling Lu Yin towards a nearby dark planet. 

The next moment, several more light beams swept through space, and one of them struck Lu Yin square on. This attack was not enough to break through the universal armor’s defenses, but it did coincidentally hit him with enough momentum to shove him towards a different planet. This second planet had a very strange appearance. It was colored red all over, which was probably from magma. The core of this planet had already ruptured, but for some reason, the planet had not exploded yet. 

When he saw this planet, Lu Yin felt that it looked strangely familiar. The push from the light beam caused him to crash onto that planet’s surface.

The moment he hit the ground, Lu Yin remembered that this planet was one of the Neohuman Alliance’s strongholds in the Outerverse.

Once, when he rolled six pips on his die, Possession, he had possessed the body of a high-ranking Specter clan member. That person had known where quite a few of the Neohuman’s Alliance strongholds were. These strongholds were scattered not only across the Innerverse, but also throughout the Starfall Sea, Cosmic Sea, and Outerverse. This planet’s surface was unique in its appearance, which was why he had remembered this information so quickly. 

He remembered that the Specter clan member’s impression of this planet was that there were no living organisms here and that the planet seemed to be on the verge of being destroyed, which was why no one had any interest in this place. The Neohuman Alliance’s stronghold was located in the core of this planet. 

His surroundings grew hotter as Lu Yin was thrust into the magma. All around him was a dark red color, but he filled his eyes with star energy and looked towards the core. But it was too far away, so he could not see it. 

At this moment, he was struck by a strong pressure wave from above. There was a powerful attack headed towards him. Lu Yin didn’t hesitate and charged towards the core. 

“Seventh Bro, don’t get captured, or else things will get tough.” The monkey was growing anxious.

Lu Yin quietly replied, “They can’t capture me.”

There was a loud blast, and the ground behind them exploded. The peak Hunter had arrived, and he kept his eyes closed as he swung his longsword at Lu Yin. The youth quickly dodged aside as the attack tore open the ground and opened up a fissure that led towards the center of the planet. 

Lu Yin hastened along the opening. 

The Hunter chased after him. This person was Elder Wu’s son, and he was determined to take Lu Yin’s blood in revenge. 

Some time later, Lu Yin suddenly felt that his surroundings were no longer as scorchingly hot, and he knew that he was getting close to the core now. Another sharp attack struck out from behind him. He did not dodge this time and instead allowed the attack to land on his back, hitting him with a tremendous force that launched him towards the core of the planet. With a loud crash, Lu Yin burst into a hollow environment. Before he could gather his senses, he felt himself crash into something else, and indistinctly heard a peculiar roar. 

Lu Yin moved. He heard a grating sound as his armor scraped against the ground beneath him. When he looked up, he saw a pair of scarlet eyes that were only centimeters away from him.

Lu Yin was startled, and he immediately backed up, his face deathly pale. The monkey was similarly startled. “What the-”

In front of them was a Corpse King.

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