Chapter 553: Might Of The Secret Technique

Wendy Yushan’s eyes flickered with killing intent. “Why do you want to kill Lu Yin?”

Scholar Newmoon sighed. “If I don’t kill him, then what will happen to us Enlighters’ dignity? Right now, a mere Limiteer has been falsely declared to be the nemesis of Enlighters. It’s too presumptuous.”

“It’s you guys who went too far,” she coldly retorted.

Scholar Newmoon smiled. “Is that so? You’re still young, so you don’t understand. When you reach my position, the universe’s rules become unimportant. Resources belong to the universe—not to an individual, and not a certain power either. If I need it, then I can take it for my use. Is that too difficult to understand?”

“Even though you’re called a scholar, you still believe in methods such as robbing by force,” Wendy Yushan berated. 

Scholar Newmoon shook his head and sighed again. “You don’t understand, and I don’t expect you to either. Alright, pass me the secret technique, and I can spare your life. I may even take you as my disciple.” 

Wendy Yushan’s right hand clenched the hilt of her sword while her left clutched the Money Bomb. 

In a distant tower, Puyu and Liu Shaoge watched the events unfold. Puyu confidently said, “Things become more certain when an Enlighter senior takes action.”

Liu Shaoge’s eyes flickered; nobody could tell what he was thinking.

Inside the courtyard, Wendy Yushan pushed Zhao Ran to the side. “Get far away and don’t come close to this place!”

Zhao Ran ignorantly walked out of the courtyard.

Scholar Newmoon sized Wendy up and down. “Rest assured, I’m not despicable enough to use a commoner to threaten you. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be worth my time to threaten you. Enough, don’t force me to move. You should already know the disparity between you and an Enlighter.”

Wendy Yushan unsheathed her sword and slashed out at Scholar Newmoon. She had decided to use her actions to express her resolution. Scholar Newmoon simply shook his head. “You’re overestimating yourself.”

He then raised an arm and grabbed at the air in front of him with one hand. Wendy Yushan had used Ten Thousand Swords in One, and her sword qi nearly split the void apart. However, it was easily shattered when Scholar Newmoon simply made a grabbing motion. The star energy in his palm then expanded to form a giant palm that grabbed at her. 

Wendy Yushan was only an Explorer, and the disparity between her and an Enlighter was too great. Not even her strongest sword qi could break through Scholar Newmoon’s star energy.

As she watched the giant palm grab at her, Wendy Yushan’s gaze trembled. “Yu Secret Art—Void Transfer.”

As Wendy let out a cry, the giant hand that had been formed by Scholar Newmoon’s star energy disappeared, only to instantly reappear in front of the Enlighter himself. Wendy Yushan had redirected his attack against the man himself. 

Scholar Newmoon was astounded; so this was a secret technique. His gaze grew passionate.

In the distance, both Puyu and Liu Shaoge were stunned by what they had just seen. An Explorer had actually managed to divert an Enlighter’s attack! This was a secret technique, which could transform something rotten into something miraculous. 

Scholar Newmoon casually waved a hand, causing the giant star energy palm to disappear. He looked at Wendy Yushan with unprecedented anticipation. “No wonder. It really is a secret technique. Give it to me, and I give my word that I won’t make things difficult for you.” 

Wendy Yushan suddenly activated her gadget and brought up something on the screen. A headless corpse was suddenly shown. “Scholar Newmoon, do you recognize this person?”

Scholar Newmoon frowned. “I don’t have any connections in the Outerverse, so there’s no point in trying to use someone else’s life to threaten me.”

Wendy Yushan continued coldly, “That’s Elder Wu.”

Scholar Newmoon’s pupils shrank. “Impossible!”

As he continued to stare at the image on the screen, his expression gradually changed to one of shock. Puyu also came down from high above in the tower and stared at the image in astonishment. “It’s the clan elder! The clan elder!”

Scholar Newmoon looked at Puyu with a cold face. “Are you certain that that’s Elder Wu?”

Puyu nodded in a daze. “It’s the clan elder.”

Scholar Newmoon looked at Wendy Yushan. “Who killed him?”

“Who else?” Wendy Yushan proudly retorted. She raised her blade towards Scholar Newmoon once again. “He’ll be here soon. You can wait around if you want to die. You can become the fourth Enlighter corpse he creates.”

“Impossible! That kid caught Karthika and Lei Long off guard, but Elder Wu made preparations beforehand. How could a prepared Enlighter possibly be killed by that brat? That’s fake!” Scholar Newmoon barked. 

Wendy Yushan put her gadget away. “You can judge for yourself whether or not it’s fake. Anyway, he’s on his way here.” 

Scholar Newmoon’s face changed, and he stared intensely at the girl. In contrast, Puyu’s expression turned venomous as he was absolutely certain that that image showed Elder Wu’s body. The only Enlighter from Darkstar Gorge had just perished, which was a huge loss to Darkstar Gorge. During these many years, they had offended too many forces. As soon as news of Elder Wu’s death was released, Darkstar Gorge would be in trouble. They could not allow Wendy Yushan to leave this place alive. 

“Senior, it will take some time for Lu Yin to arrive, and he definitely cannot deal with Enlighters that easily. You can use this time to capture this woman and then use her to control Lu Yin. You might even be able to get a hold of the item that he uses to kill Enlighters,” Puyu suggested. 

Scholar Newmoon’s eyes flashed, and his body suddenly vanished. Wendy Yushan knew that something was amiss, and she directly shot her Money Bomb in a direction where no one could be seen. A beam of light shot out of the Money Bomb, and the next moment, Scholar Newmoon appeared behind Wendy with a hand stretched out to grab her. “How powerful. That must be what helped you people kill Karthika and Lei Long. It’s too bad for you that I’ve been on my guard this entire time.” 

Wendy Yushan’s left hand waved through the air. “Yu Secret Art—Void Transfer.” The next moment, the light beam that had shot towards nothing suddenly vanished, and Scholar Newmoon’s face changed.

Not good! He tried to flee into the void again, but a beam of light appeared right in front of him and shot straight through his abdomen, blasting him into the ground. His body continued on, traveling straight through San Dios until it was flung down to the Prairie Flame Continent.

Scholar Newmoon had forgotten one thing: the Yu Secret Art could redirect attacks from others, but naturally, it could also shift the user’s own attacks. Wendy Yushan had known that the Enlighter had been on guard against the Money Bomb, and so, she had intentionally shot it into an empty spot to encourage him to show himself. His eagerness had provided the best opportunity for her attack to make her true strike. 

The outcome had shown that she had made the right gamble. The Money Bomb’s attack was not something that could be easily withstood, and Scholar Newmoon would at least suffer heavy injuries if he managed to survive. 

Everything had happened too suddenly. Scholar Newmoon had vanished and reappeared, only to be smacked towards the Prairie Flame Continent.

Wendy Yushan’s long sword struck out, and her sword qi streaked through the void towards Puyu. He was still lost in a daze, but he raised his arm when he saw the sword qi approaching him. His entire arm suddenly turned into metal before transforming into a sharp spear. Green veins soon spread across it while a blue outline covered it. Puyu had seven lined battle force. 

There was a crash, and Puyu’s arm shifted as he broke off the sword qi. He coldly stared at Wendy Yushan. “You want to deal with me? Don’t forget that my ranking is higher than yours!”

He leaped up and dashed towards her. 

After the great changes in the universe, they could no longer tear through the void like before. However, Puyu’s speed was something that the average powerhouse could not even see, and it was not much different than someone directly tearing through the void. 

Wendy Yushan’s gaze shifted to her right, and she slashed out with her sword. There was a bang as a powerful shockwave swept out in all directions.

Outside the courtyard, Barley and the other subordinate council members hurriedly retreated, alongside the few cultivators who had not returned to the Innerverse in time. The force of the shockwave created a sharp wave of compressed air that swept across all of San Dios and sliced the ground open. 

Wendy Yushan took several steps back, and Puyu howled savagely. His left arm suddenly morphed again, now taking the form of a sharp hook that stabbed out at Wendy Yushan. She blocked his attack with the edge of her sword and then spun the blade around in an attempt to cut Puyu’s neck off. He didn’t dodge, as instead, his neck turned to metal. There was a harsh screeching sound when the sword struck his neck, but Wendy Yushan’s attack had been fruitless. On the other hand, while Wendy sliced at his neck, Puyu took the opportunity to counterattack, and the hook-shaped weapon that had replaced his hand stabbed right into her shoulder. There was a dreadful ripping sound as blood was scattered all across the ground. Wendy’s shoulder had been injured, and a massive piece of her flesh had been torn off of her body. 

Puyu’s arm returned to its original appearance, but now, his hand was covered with her blood. “There’s a tremendous difference in our strength. On Planet Pyrolyte, you weren’t even able to beat Nightking Gu, so what makes you think that you can handle me?” 

Wendy Yushan’s left hand was holding her right shoulder while emitting a faint halo of light. She was healing herself. 

Puyu snorted as his arm turned back into a hook that shot towards her. She sliced out multiple times: each slash was Ten Thousand Swords in One, and each attack carried a strength that could instantly kill the someone at the level of Zhanbing Daynight. Even if Puyu was confident in being able to block all these sword qi attacks, he would never face such a thing head on, so he dodged the sword attacks. 

There was a bang, and San Dios quivered. Puyu’s arm had been blocked by Wendy Yushan’s raised sword. While blocking his arm, she waved her left hand. When Puyu saw this, his eyes narrowed. Not good, it’s the secret technique!

Puyu pulled back without thinking, right as a sword qi attack sliced across the place where he had just stood, barely managing to snip the clothes at his waist.

Puyu felt fear and was glad that he had excellent reflexes. However, things weren’t over yet. Wendy Yushan had unleashed ten consecutive sword attacks, and all of them were diverted to drown Puyu. 

San Dios trembled intensely as smoke and dust rose into the sky. 

Everyone stared blankly at the fight. It had been a very long time since there had last been such an intense battle here. Both of these two were among the top twenty experts of the Top Hundred Rankings. 

Wendy Yushan was panting as she worked to heal her shoulder. All the while, she stared at the area where she had attacked Puyu. 

A gust of wind blew past them and carried the smoke away to reveal Puyu. He was in a pathetic state, as Wendy Yushan’s sword qi was not something that could be easily withstood, and even Puyu would be injured if directly struck. He was not Nightking Gu either, and he did not have anything like the Nightking’s Body with strong defenses and recovery abilities. Even though he had managed to withstand Wendy’s attacks with his battle force and innate gift, the attacks had managed to affect his organs. The trickle of fresh blood was quite eye-grabbing as it rolled down the corner of his lips. 

Lu Yin had previously guessed that Wendy Yushan could use the secret technique to challenge the top fifteen experts of the Top Hundred Rankings. Events had now shown that his estimate was not too far off. Right now, Wendy Yushan was able to face off against Puyu. 

Puyu had a gloomy face, and his eyes were venomous as they stared at Wendy Yushan. If not for her secret technique, he was confident in being able to defeat her, but unfortunately, a secret technique changed everything. He had now experienced the power of a secret technique for himself, and he felt an insatiable desire to acquire it. 

Suddenly, Wendy Yushan turned to the east. Right after she turned, Scholar Newmoon tore through the void and reappeared. He was also in a pathetic state and didn’t look much better than Puyu. In particular, his abdomen looked terrible and was covered with fresh blood. His face was ugly and pale. 

When she saw Scholar Newmoon, Wendy took out another Money Bomb. Back on Planet Pyrolyte, Lu Yin had given Wendy Yushan one when they had faced Nightking Gu and Long Yun. This one had not been upgraded, but Wendy still took it out at this time.

Scholar Newmoon’s eyes changed when he saw the green box in her hand, and a deep fear could be seen in his eyes.

This weapon by itself wasn’t enough for him to feel threatened, but when combined with Wendy Yushan’s secret technique, Scholar Newmoon was not fully confident in being able to deal with it. He had just experienced the power of a Money Bomb, and if not for his power vessel, then his injuries would have been far worse, and he might not have been able to return. 

“Brat, do you think that I’ll be struck by that again? You underestimate an Enlighter!” Scholar Newmoon threatened. 

Wendy Yushan’s eyes narrowed, and she hefted the Money Bomb and pointed it towards an empty area. “Do you want to try?”

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