Chapter 552: The Third

Elder Wu’s face sank. “Junior, I acknowledge my defeat. As long as you leave Shuta Planet, we’ll write off everything from before. You have my word that, from now on, Darkstar Gorge will not cause any trouble for you and that we will allow you to become a formal representative of East San Dios.”

Topmist also spoke up, saying, “I can also promise that you’ll become a formal representative of San Dios. I will also promise that Darkmist Weave will always be a friend of your Frostwave Weave, just as you and I will become friends.” 

When it came to his survival, Topmist had no sense of shame.

“Seniors, your conditions are very attractive. Unfortunately, this junior’s afraid of dying, so I can’t really trust you.” Lu Yin then tapped out and a gust of wind struck the second chest, opening it as well.

Elder Wu and Topmist stared at the chest with bulging eyes. As soon as another formless danger burst forth, they would have to suffer heavy injuries in order to retreat. 

The box fully opened, but this one was empty. There wasn’t a sourcebox inside. Instead, a piece of Progenitor Wushang’s hide had been stuck inside the box, and when the two Enlighters saw it, they felt their minds be jostled. Lu Yin took this opportunity to aim and fire his gun, first at Elder Wu, and then again at Topmist

Two shots were fired out, and Elder Wu’s head instantly exploded. Topmist’s head also exploded, but it then dissipated into a dark mist. Lu Yin’s shot had missed.

Lu Yin’s pupils constricted as he stared at the dissipating mist in shock. What had just happened? He had clearly aimed at Topmist’s head, but his head turned into a dark mist.

The dark mist that had taken the place of Topmist dissipated. Then, Lu Yin clearly saw Topmist’s true appearance and was stunned. Topmist was only a meter tall!

Topmist came to his senses, as his head had cleared by the second gunshot. He saw the black mist fading away above his head, and he stared at Lu Yin in fear. “Junior, I nearly died at your hands!” 

Lu Yin couldn’t believe his eyes. “Is this your real body?”

Topmist suddenly leaped up. The formless danger from the sourcebox caused multiple wounds to appear on his arm and legs. But before he was able to completely avoid the sourcebox’s invisible danger, his body was struck, and he crashed heavily to the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at the sourcebox within the chest in fear. He then looked back at Lu Yin with an icy glare.

Lu Yin gripped his gun tightly and pointed it at Topmist. This old fart was too devious. He was clearly only one meter tall, but he had pretended to be two meters tall and managed to avoid Lu Yin’s killing shot. It was troubling. 

Topmist raised a hand. “Junior, I don’t want to become enemies with you.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed.

Topmist spat out a mouthful of blood. “There are so many Enlighters from the Innerverse who are stuck in the Outerverse, and those people are the ones who are our true enemy. Junior, I’ll look forward to cooperating with you.”

Topmist then leaped up and tore through the void to leave.

Lu Yin stared closely at the void, and he only lowered his gun after he could verify that the rune lines had disappeared. His palms were sweaty. 

When Enlighters were vigilant, it was too difficult to kill them. This wily old fox had plotted specially to ambush Elder Wu, and he had even played Lu Yin.

“Seventh Bro, won’t that old fart spread information about you?” The Ghost Monkey was worried. 

Lu Yin was also worried, as it would be hard to continually use these methods to kill another Enlighter if they were revealed to the universe. During this ambush, both his gun and Progenitor Wushang’s hide had been exposed. “Just ignore him. So what if he releases it. There’s no way that he could have recognized Progenitor Wushang's hide, so all he knows is that I have a means to daze Enlighters, and that’s enough. Otherwise, he would not have left.” 

“That’s true. There are only a few people in this universe who can recognize Progenitor Wushang's hide. Even that Sea King might not be able to.”

Elder Wu was dead. Lu Yin had removed the threat of Darkstar Gorge that had been hanging over his head. Now, there was only the Scholar Newmoon left. Lu Yin looked up. He hoped that the Scholar Newmoon had not made his move to capture Wendy yet. He had to rush over to her.

It took him half a day of work to shut the chest and encase the sourcebox once again. After that, he grabbed the piece of Progenitor Wushang's hide and walked over to Elder Wu’s corpse. This was the third Enlighter that he had killed.  

This was a shocking battle record, as even the top ten experts in the Top Hundred Rankings would find it almost impossible to kill an Enlighter, and yet Lu Yin had done it multiple times.

“Seventh Bro, where did that gun of yours come from? That thing can even kill an Enlighter,” the monkey asked in an odd tone. He had been wondering about this for a long time. 

“It’s something that I got during lockbreaking. It’s some kind of an ancient item,” Lu Yin answered simply as he squatted down to retrieve Elder Wu’s cosmic ring, as well as the dead man’s blood. He then collected all of the polarium essence that was left on the ground and he moved to leave. 

“Obtained through lockbreaking? An ancient item? That can’t be. I am very knowledgeable in the field of archaeology. One look is enough to tell that that gun is not ancient.” The monkey voiced his doubts. 

“It’s up to you whether or not you want to believe me.” Lu Yin’s reply was straightforward.

The monkey was helpless, as he had already promised numerous times that he would not betray Lu Yin, and yet, no matter what, Lu Yin did not trust him. The monkey couldn’t even be bothered to kick up a fuss about it any more.

News of Elder Wu’s death would not spread quickly. Even if Elder Wu went missing, no one would think that he had died. For now, Lu Yin needed to get in touch with Wendy Yushan and find out what the situation at San Dios was looking like.

Suddenly, he felt a powerful pressure coming from off in the distance. Lu Yin looked up as his eyes filled with star energy, staring into the distance, where he saw an enormous number of rune lines. Although they could not compare with an Enlighter, they were not too far from it. These rune lines were from a peak Hunter. 

This pressure came from the region that was under Darkstar Gorge’s control. Another expert from that power had arrived on the planet. 

Lu Yin hurriedly concealed his star energy and then used only his physical strength to run across the ground towards his hidden spacecraft.

Very soon after, the void where Lu Yin had just been was torn open, and a man with a sullen face walked out. Strangely, his eyes were tightly shut. 

He sensed the air for a moment and then headed in the direction that Lu Yin had escaped. 

It was a trivial task for the Hunter to catch up to Lu Yin in terms of speed, but Lu Yin had concealed his star energy while the man had not comprehended a domain. Thus, he was not able to sense Lu Yin even when he used his star energy to search the space in front of him. Also, Lu Yin’s domain enabled him to merge with his surroundings. 

Underground, beneath a giant worm’s corpse, Lu Yin looked upwards through the crevices in the ground. He saw the Hunter from Darkstar Gorge appear, only to vanish shortly after. Lu Yin had an ugly expression on his face, as this person was moving about with his eyes tightly closed. Evidently, this person knew about Progenitor Wushang's hide. It had to be Topmist. Aside from that old Enlighter, there was no one else who knew that Lu Yin could use the hide to stun powerhouses. 

That devious sly old fox, Lu Yin mentally cursed. 

The other party had clearly made their own preparations, and they had even sent a peak Hunter. Lu Yin’s gun was powerful, but that did not mean that his attack would definitely connect. If he wasn’t able to stun this Hunter, then it would be pointless to shoot at him. Even if the universal armor could block the Hunter’s attacks, that didn’t mean that Topmist wouldn’t suddenly return and ambush him. That old fogey was very crafty, and Lu Yin didn’t have enough confidence in the armor to face him at this time. 

He needed to first find a better means of escaping from this planet. And afterwards, he could think about his revenge. 

Lu Yin found some time to transmit an image of Elder Wu’s death to Wendy Yushan, and then he headed towards his hidden spacecraft while traveling underground. 

It was not easy to avoid pursuit and make it to his spacecraft. He could have gotten there quickly if he had flown, but he had to rely only on his physical strength to forcefully travel through the soil. It was difficult to cover such a distance, and it would take Lu Yin at least a couple of days. 

Several days later, atop the tower at East San Dios, Puyu was looking down. The meeting had lasted for a few days, and what had needed to be said had already been said. There was only one matter remaining, which was to force Wendy Yushan to hand her secret technique over and then draw out Lu Yin. As long as they were able to kill Lu Yin and get their hands on the secret technique, Darkstar Gorge’s power would soar, and they would be guaranteed a strong ally in the Scholar Newmoon. 

“You’re still not going to act? She’s about to leave.” Liu Shaoge stepped up onto the tower and sat down casually.

Puyu kept his back to the new arrival. “Do you think that I will be the one to act?”

Liu Shaoge’s brows rose. “There’s someone else?”

Puyu’s lips curled up. “They’ll arrive shortly.”

Darkstar Gorge wasn’t the only power that had made arrangements to deal with Lu Yin, as Scholar Newmoon was determined to do so as well. Although Elder Wu had gone to Shuta Planet, Scholar Newmoon had followed the original plan and traveled to East San Dios. He greatly desired the secret technique, and he also felt a need to kill Lu Yin. Elder Wu had been aware that the Scholar Newmoon would act, so he had been at ease when he headed to Shuta Planet. However, Puyu wasn’t certain what methods Elder Wu had used to guarantee that Scholar Newmoon would share the secret technique after obtaining it.

Wendy Yushan was staying in a courtyard. After receiving the picture confirming Elder Wu’s death, she knew that it was time to leave. She had come to San Dios this time for two reasons. First of all, she was trying to act responsibly. The second reason was to resolve their current crisis. She and Lu Yin could not allow this conflict to reach the Frostwave Weave, and now that Elder Wu had died, it was time for her to return home. 

As for the Outerverse Youth Council, it was unavoidable that it’s power would decline. With Enlighters running about the Outerverse and the council cut off from the support of the Ten Arbiters, it was inevitable that the power dynamic of the entire Outerverse would change. Unless the council was supported by more than just one Enlighter, it’s power would gradually fade away. 

Although Wendy Yushan had never bothered with the council’s internal matters, it had shown her a kindness that she would not forget. In the future, once she became unrivalled in the Outerverse with her secret technique, she would once again rebuild the Outerverse Youth Council out of gratitude towards the Ten Arbiters Council. 

With the secret technique, Wendy no longer doubted her strength in the future unless, of course, she died prematurely. 

She left the courtyard and observed her surroundings. Despite the fact that the council was already on the path to decline, no one would dare to touch them in this place. A declining power was one thing, but no one could know for certain that the Innerverse and the Outerverse would remain separated forever. There would come a day when the two regions would reconnect, and at that time, whoever acted against Wendy Yushan would have to face the punishment of the Ten Arbiters. No one was willing to take such a risk. 

Closeby, there was a bang as a woman fell down. She held her forehead as she stood up. “Pain, pain…” 

Wendy Yushan glanced over. “Zhao Ran, do you remember Lu Yin?”

Zhao Ran stood up with a dazed expression. “Lu Yin?”

She pondered the question for a while, but then her eyes lit up. She opened a piece of paper that was hanging from her neck and looked at it. “I remember now! Lu Yin, he brought me here. He’s a good person.”

Wendy Yushan looked at the girl. “Do you want to leave this place with me? I’ll take you to see him.”

Zhao Ran thought about it, but then she shook her head and answered in a downcast voice, “There’s no need. I lose my memory often, so I’m a burden. I don’t want to be a burden to him.”

Wendy Yushan wanted to reply, but a kind-looking elder in white robes slowly walked over in front of her. 

Wendy Yushan’s gaze trembled when she saw the man, and she pushed Zhao Ran behind her while vigilantly watching the elder. “The Ross Empire’s Scholar Newmoon.”

This elder was the Scholar Newmoon. “Your Highness Wendy Yushan, it’s been some time.”

“We’ve met before?” she asked coldly.

He smiled faintly. “When you trespassed within the Ross Empire, I personally witnessed your battle, but I did not intervene.” 

Wendy Yushan’s eyes narrowed. “What are you here for?”

Scholar Newmoon sternly answered, “The secret technique... and Lu Yin.”

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