Chapter 547: Mulled Wine And An Old Friend

The Great Yu Empire did not cease its recruitment campaign for military experts. Ever since Lu Yin had killed Karthika, various experts had cast their lots in with him, and already, seven Cruisers and more than twenty Explorers had joined him. These people had all come from forces in the nearby weaves that had been wiped out, and these people had all joined Lu Yin in hopes of using the Great Yu Empire’s strength to protect themselves. 

Due to their special status, Lu Yin did not arrange for these newly arrived experts to join the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons. Instead, they were sent to the regular military.

The Thirteen Imperial Squadrons’ authority was higher, and these people were not suited to join them. 

Ever since the universe’s great changes, Lu Yin had not really had any time to rest. But now, the four Lu departments had been established, where Huan Sha helped him manage the administrative aspect and En Ya with the military. With this extra assistance, Lu Yin finally had a moment of respite.

He took advantage of the darkness to leave King Zishan's palace at night. At that moment, he suddenly recalled that small pub where he had drunk wine with the Second Prince, Duke Yushan.

He returned to that bar and saw that the area had undergone some noticeable changes, mostly in the landscape. The few crises that Zenyu Star had endured through could be seen in the changes in this place. 

“Boss, one pot of wine,” Lu Yin called out as he sat down.

The wine was quickly served, as well as two small appetizers. Lu Yin’s appetite perked up, and he poured himself a cup of wine and drained it. He let out a relaxed breath. The taste was still the same.

He had never been that familiar with Duke Yushan, but perhaps that person’s greatest help had been to introduce this great place where he could enjoy wine. Although it boasted no elegant scenery and was situated inside a bustling city with a rowdy bar next door, the pub had the atmosphere of a hidden gem. 

The place was decent, the wine was good, and the food was even better.

Lu Yin relaxed quite a bit.

“Another pot of wine!” Lu Yin shouted. 

The boss acknowledged the order and quickly served Lu Yin a second pot. When the man looked at Lu Yin, he was stumped for a moment. Then, his expression changed greatly. “You, you-”

Lu Yin raised a hand to stop the boss’ words as he pointed to the side. He was not the only one in the small pub.

The man came to his senses and nodded respectfully before backing away.

Lu Yin kept to himself and continued enjoying his wine. Before much more time passed, the boss served him a few more appetizers. Lu Yin smiled at the man. “Boss, how’s business been these days?”

When the boss heard Lu Yin ask a question, he promptly jogged over to the table and politely answered, “It’s been alright.”

Lu Yin saw that the boss was overly nervous, so he waved his hand and dismissed him.

“Oh, who’s that? With his air, someone who doesn’t know better might even think that he’s the crown prince.” A youth at the next table glanced over at Lu Yin and mocked him.

Lu Yin was astonished that someone was trying to make things difficult for him.

The tavern boss’s face changed tremendously, and he rushed over to stop the youth, but the people at the table were clearly intoxicated. One of them spat on the ground. “Kid, it’s not your turn to act like the boss. Do you get it?”

Lu Yin did not bother looking back at the table. He continued to mind his own business as he drank his wine.

“Kid, your daddy’s talking to you! Did you hear me?” the same person shouted.

The boss quickly pulled that person aside and said something to him as Lu Yin tapped a single finger against the table. His tapping followed a very regular rhythm. Every tap of his finger was in sync with the drunkards’ heartbeats, but the drunkards didn’t feel anything. However, once Lu Yin stopped tapping his finger, their hearts stopped beating, and their faces went white. They suddenly started panting, and they nearly fainted from a lack of oxygen. 

As they panted heavily, a few of them were released from their stupor and sobered up significantly. The ones who had sobered up stared at Lu Yin in fear, realizing that they had provoked someone terrifying. One of them immediately apologized. “Brother, please forgive us. We had one drink too many. We’ll cover your bill. Goodbye.”

The group left some money on their table and fled. 

Lu Yin poured another cup of wine and downed it. He rather enjoyed this feeling of sipping on wine in the bitter wind while enjoying various side dishes.

The boss watched Lu Yin, seemingly entranced. This person had suppressed the drunks by merely tapping on the table. This was the Royal Regent’s strength.

Not far from the pub, beneath the shadows of the walls, there were a few people who silently retreated. They had come here to assassinate Lu Yin, and they had waited a long time at King Zishan’s palace, always ready to act. However, they had just witnessed the scene at the pub. Even though Lu Yin hadn’t actually taken any actions, his calm suppression that had suffocated that group of drunkards had terrified the assassins. Lu Yin was not someone whom they could kill. 

One person walked out from the loud bar next door and looked at the open-air pub. That sound of someone tapping on the table had shocked him. It was as if the sound of the tapping had suppressed something through the air. 

When that person looked towards the pub, he saw Lu Yin. He wasn’t able to clearly make out the person’s appearance, so after hesitating a moment, he walked over to the pub.

Quickly, the man was seated within the pub, and he ordered a pot of wine. He took a mouthful and glanced at Lu Yin. 

At the same moment, Lu Yin looked up and exchanged glances with the man. The newcomer’s eyes narrowed, and he reflexively stood up to bow. “Ruky Mathers pays his respects to Your Highness, Royal Regent.” 

The confrontation moments ago had scared away the other customers, so only Lu Yin was still in the pub. Ruky Mathers’ bow frightened the boss, who promptly bowed as well. “Greetings to Your Highness, Royal Regent.” 

Lu Yin smiled. “The people seated in this pub are enjoying their wine, so there’s no need for things like ‘Your Highness’ and such. Boss, get another pot of wine.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The man immediately left.

Lu Yin looked at Ruky Mathers, and his gaze lingered on the youth’s left arm. “Your arm is fake?”

Ruky Mathers respectfully replied, “It was shattered by a plant during Astral-10’s entrance examination.”

Lu Yin nodded. “Sit. let’s have a drink together.”

Ruky Mathers’ face changed, but he finally took a seat. He held endless gratitude towards Lu Yin. If it were not for this person, then Ruky’s father would have definitely been executed. And that wasn’t even mentioning the fact that his father had been released from prison on this very day. The Mathers family would never be able to repay their gratitude.

The Mathers family had been subordinates of the Zishan clan, and so they naturally felt close to Lu Yin. 

“Your father and I are old acquaintances,” Lu Yin commented.

Ruky Mathers replied, “I’ve heard him mention it.”

Lu Yin smiled and looked at Ruky Mathers. “You’re quite powerful. Compared to the other youths of the Great Yu Empire, the only one who can be considered your opponent would be Schutz.”

Ruky Mathers declined the compliment. “Your Highness is overpraising me. Each of the Yu Academy’s five Hall Masters are very strong.” 

Lu Yin laughed. “Although they have improved greatly, their thinking is still excessively limited. Aside from Schutz, the others will find it difficult to ever leave the Outerverse, but you’re different.” Lu Yin’s gaze landed on Ruky Mathers’ right arm, or more accurately, on his right hand. He had noticed that Ruky Mathers’ aura was not average, and so he had intentionally glanced over him while filling his eyes with star energy. Just as he had mentioned, aside from Schutz, not even the Yu Academy’s other four Hall Masters could compare to Ruky Mathers.

It was especially noticeable to Lu Yin that Ruky’s right fist contained a peculiar number of rune lines, and they greatly surpassed the amount that Lu Yin saw from the Outerverse’s Limiteers. The number of rune lines that he saw actually approached what he had observed from the Innerverse’s elite Limiteers. Although the number could not compare to the Area Masters from the Astral Combat Academy, Ruky Mathers’ future would not be limited to just the Outerverse. 

Ruky Mathers stood up and respectfully answered, “Your Highness, during Astral-10’s entrance examination, I happened to learn a battle technique on a mountain wall that is known as the Rocksmash Strike. I relied on this technique to achieve my current strength.”

Lu Yin nodded, and pressed down his hand to indicate for Ruky to sit. Lu Yin did not care about some Rocksmash Strike, as there were too many peculiar battle techniques in the universe. Some were even able to transform the rotten into the magical, and it was even rather common. Lu Yin himself had his Cosmic Art, which was an absolute battle technique. Although it was not sufficient at the moment, it had helped Lu Yin escape from many disasters at crucial moments. 

The Sword Sect’s Thirteen Swords, the Daynight clan’s Night's End, Daybreak and the Daynight Restoration Technique: each and every one of them was a battle technique that could dominate an era, and Lu Yin’s vision had long since surpassed the Outerverse. Thus, he basically had no interest in Ruky Mathers’ battle technique. 

“Tianming has gone to Grandtop Weave, so from tomorrow onwards, you can replace him at the academy as one of the Yu Academy’s Hall Masters,” Lu Yin said before taking a gulp and moving to leave. 

Ruky Mathers blankly stared at Lu Yin’s departing figure. Was it that simple to become a Hall Master? Just a while ago, he had been unable to even qualify to enter the elite training grounds of the Yu Academy, but now, he had suddenly leaped up to become a Hall Master. He emotionally rose to his feet and deeply bowed towards Lu Yin’s departing figure. 

This was how Lu Yin intended to rule; those who were capable would rise, and those who lacked abilities would fall. Ruky Mathers’ strength was sufficient for him to become an Area Master at the Astral Combat Academy. 

After leaving the pub, Lu Yin did not return to King Zishan's palace. Instead, he headed to the coast to sober up. He did not want to forcefully dispel his intoxication, as his drinking would be rendered meaningless then. This tipsy state was also helping him to relax his mind. 

A few hours passed before Lu Yin returned to King Zishan's palace, and upon arriving, he was shocked to see someone familiar: Jeraldine. 

During the trial on Earth, Jeraldine had been captured by Lu Yin and threatened by him. She could be considered as Lu Yin’s first non-friendly friend.

Jeraldine had not expected to bump into Lu Yin at King Zishan's palace gate, and she appeared slightly panicked and rather lost.

Lu Yin laughed at her reaction. “Let’s go. Come on in and take a seat.”

Jeraldine promptly replied, “There’s no need—oh, sorry. Greetings Your Highness, Royal Regent.”

Lu Yin looked at her. “You must have something on your mind if you’ve come to look for me.”

Jeraldine nodded and pulled out a ring that she passed to Lu Yin. “I came to return this to you.”

Lu Yin took the ring. “What’s this?”

“Jenny Auna accidentally dropped it, and I happened to pick it up. I’m returning it to you today.”

Lu Yin suddenly remembered. He had incidentally given Jenny Auna a ring when he was trying to gain the Auna family’s support. This ring had coincidentally been obtained when he had rolled Pilfer with his die. “Accidentally dropped? Or thrown away?”

Jeraldine blinked. “It was probably an accident.”

“Then how did you know that this belongs to me?”

Jeraldine’s eyes danced about, as she did not know how to reply.

Lu Yin tossed her the ring. “Keep it.”

He then went into King Zishan’s palace. He simply didn’t care about the ring in any way.

Jeraldine grabbed it in shock and blankly watched his figure walk away.

Lu Yin paused. “Do you want to come in and have a seat? We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Jeraldine shook her head in panic. “There’s no need. Thank you.”

She then bowed to Lu Yin again and ran away.

Lu Yin felt strange. What was she panicking about?

He simply was unaware of what giving a ring to a girl meant, but this was why Jeraldine had suddenly been confused and why she had lost the courage to enter King Zishan’s palace.

Leisure time often passes quickly, and Lu Yin relaxed for only a single day before returning to his hectic schedule. 

The military had submitted various recommendations for people to join his four departments, but Lu Yin had no way of knowing who was competent and who wasn’t. He only knew one thing, which was that these people each represented their own agenda. 

He actually wanted to strike all of them off of the list right away, but he was afraid of dismissing someone who was actually capable. Feeling like he had no choice, he passed the issue off to Huan Sha.

Huan Sha had become so busy by this time that she no longer even had time to eat.

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