Chapter 543: Lei Long’s Death

Moments later, a shockwave swept towards them from a distance. The people of the Nine Stacks Sect were all stunned. “What’s going on? Have we been discovered?”

“How dare you Nine Stacks Sect remnants come back! You’re looking for death!” An ugly, middle aged man shouted at them from above. He opened his mouth as soundwaves swept through the entire area. 

The woman grabbed Tianming and quickly retreated. The other Hunter from the Nine Stacks Sect flew up into the sky and began fighting against the Hunter from the Dire Barbarian Clan, but the remaining Nine Stacks Sect members were quickly surrounded by the Dire Barbarian Clan. Another battle was about to erupt.  

Meanwhile, Kayze was among this crowd of people from the Dire Barbarian Clan as he had been asked to stay in the Outerverse after the battle on Planet Pyrolyte due to the usefulness of his innate gift. In contrast, Avery had long since returned to the Innerverse. 

Kayze had noticed Tianming and the female Hunter, who were some distance away, and he felt rather curious. Why hadn’t the female Hunter joined the battle? 

“Where’s Lu Yin? When is he coming?” the female Hunter asked.

Tianming stared at the sky and watched the battle between the two Hunters take place.

The Dire Barbarian Clan had only sent one Hunter powerhouse, and although his strength was much greater than the male Hunter from the Nine Stacks Sect, it wasn’t enough to achieve an instant victory.

The male Hunter from the Nine Stacks Sect shouted at the female Hunter who hadn’t started fighting. “Lan Wu, what are you waiting for? Get over here and help me!” 

Lan Wu anxiously looked at Tianming.

Suddenly, an indescribable pressure surrounded the planet. It was the power of an Enlighter.

Everyone stopped battling as soon as they felt that pressure, and the people from the Nine Stacks Sect looked up at the sky in fear, wondering when Lei Long had suddenly shown up..

The cultivators from the Nine Stacks Sect were dejected. They knew that they were in trouble.

The male Hunter looked at Tianming, wondering why the Enlighter who the youth had mentioned still hadn’t arrived yet. 

Tianming heaved a sigh of relief as soon as he saw Lei Long appear.

Lan Wu glanced at Tianming. If Lu Yin didn’t appear soon, then they would all end up dead.

Lei Long arrogantly looked at the people on the ground. “Some people truly go looking for trouble.” He raised a hand high into the air. It would be extremely easy for him to kill everyone here, but the first person he planned on killing was the male Hunter. Lei Long’s voice was a sound wave that easily pierced through the Hunter, and his corpse fell to the ground. The impact sent out more shockwaves that instantly killed a dozen cultivators from the Nine Stacks Sect. 

Suddenly, a voice shouted, “The Nine Stacks Sect requests help from the Great Yu Empire!”

Lei Long turned in the direction of the voice and saw Tianming. The sky in front of Lei Long abruptly split open, and two people walked out. One of them was Granny Chan, who was an Enlighter from Northline Flowzone while the other was Lu Yin, who was wearing his universal armor. 

Lei Long’s expression darkened as soon as he saw Granny Chan and Lu Yin arrive.

The survivors from the Nine Stacks Sect were relieved, as an Enlighter had truly appeared to help them.

Lan Wu was astonished. She had thought that only Lu Yin would appear, and she hadn’t expected that he would be accompanied by an Enlighter. It was no wonder why Lu Yin had been able to kill Karthika; he had probably received some help from this Enlighter, which greatly explained that feat. 

“Granny Chan, why are you in Grandtop Weave?” Lei Long asked the old lady as his gaze swept past Lu Yin. His eyes revealed some apprehension.

Grandtop Weave bordered Frostwave Weave, and Lei Long had long planned on invading Frostwave Weave. However, after he had heard about the news that Lu Yin had killed Karthika, he had immediately put a pause to such plans as Karthika’s power level was even higher than Lei Long’s. Despite the fact that Lu Yin was just a Limiteer, Lei Long couldn’t underestimate the youth after such an accomplishment. 

Granny Chan didn’t answer since she was just tagging along with Lu Yin in order to intimidate Lei Long. Lu Yin was the one who would be making the decisions. 

Lu Yin filled his eyes with star energy to look at Lei Long. A short while later, he sighed in relief. Although Lei Long had more rune lines than Karthika, they still numbered less than Karthika’s tamed beast, which meant that Lei Long was actually weaker than Karthika

“Senior Lei Long, how has the Nine Stacks Sect offended you to where you would annihilate the entire sect?” Lu Yin asked. 

Lei Long raised a brow. “Young one, you can’t interfere in my business. Don’t assume that you are my peer just because you managed to kill Karthika. I know that you relied on external objects to kill him, which means that it’s most likely some sort of power from the Sea King. However, how many times can you rely on that power?” 

Lu Yin tilted his head. “You’re right, I really don’t have any right to be your peer. However, you are a powerhouse in the Innerverse who has been openly annihilating Outerverse forces. I’m worried that your next target might be the Great Yu Empire, as I heard that that’s your plan.” 

Lei Long sneered. “So what? Go away. I don’t have time to talk to you.” And with that, Lei Long turned to look at Granny Chan. “The Dire Barbarian Clan has never had any ties to your Northline Flowzone, so I hope that you won’t anger me. Although the Outerverse and the Innerverse have been separated for now, they will be rejoined in the future. Will Northline Flowzone be able to defend themselves against the rage of my Dire Barbarian Clan at that time?” 

Granny Chan slowly answered, “I just wanted to ask Brother Lei to not attack Frostwave Weave for my sake.” 

Lei Long narrowed his eyes and glanced at Lu Yin. “Young man, you have some strong connections.”

Lu Yin smiled. “”Senior Lei, I wouldn’t dare interfere with your plans, and senior Granny Chan isn’t challenging you either since neither of us want to become enemies with you. In this case, what would you think about making a deal?” 

Lei Long’s eyes sparkled. “What deal?”

“I have some connections with the Nine Stacks Sect, so I can’t bear to watch them be annihilated. I am willing to give you a power vessel in exchange for their safety, so I hope that senior will allow me to bring these people away with me,” Lu Yin said. 

Lei Long and Granny Chan both looked at Lu Yin in shock. Power vessels, such as Ze Lin’s dagger, were extremely rare, and each one was unique. If used properly, such items were able to turn a battle around. 

There were only a few power vessels in the universe, and they were things that even Enlighter powerhouses couldn’t obtain easily.

“You have a power vessel?” Lei Long was stunned. 

Lu Yin nodded. “It’s just a small thing, so it won’t be too helpful to you. However, you can give it to your juniors as it can help protect them.”

Lei Long studied Lu Yin closely, but his explanation actually made sense. If Lu Yin had a power vessel that Lei Long found useful, then the Enlighter would never believe it if Lu Yin tried to trade such a treasure away for the useless people that he was about to kill. However, even if this power vessel was useless to Lei Long, he could still take a good look at it. 

He didn’t doubt that Lu Yin had a power vessel as the youth even had a precious treasure like Fatesand. Having a power vessel wouldn’t be that strange after that.

“Fine, I'll let them go,” Lei Long said.

Lu Yin pointed at the Nine Stacks Sect’s headquarters. “Senior, I also wish to ask for you to return the Nine Stacks Sect’s headquarters to them.”

Lei Long’s gaze turned cold. “Young man, don’t push me. I’m already being merciful by sparing them and agreeing to not attack Frostwave Weave. You’d better stop testing my patience.”

Granny Chan told Lu Yin, “Don’t ask for too much. Don’t worry, he won’t lay a hand on Frostwave Weave.” 

Lu Yin reluctantly agreed. “Fine. Thank you, senior.”

Lu Yin then pulled out a box from his cosmic ring and tossed it over to Lei Long.

Lei Long was still wary of Lu Yin despite everything that had just been said. However, he was much less cautious than in the beginning. Furthermore, he didn’t believe that Lu Yin could actually kill him with an unmanned weapon. The box also didn’t seem to be dangerous, and any Enlighter would be able to detect danger if there was something that could threaten them.

He opened the box and was dazed as soon as he saw Progenitor Wushang’s skin.

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, and he immediately took out his gun and shot at Lei Long.


The air trembled, and less than a moment later, blood spurted out of Lei Long’s heart. Half of his body had been shattered, and the immense pain snapped him out of the daze. He suddenly felt weak since half of his body had disappeared, and his blood was flowing freely into the ground. 

He looked at the wound close to his heart in disbelief as the box fell from his hand.

This drastic turn of events stunned everyone, even Granny Chan.

No one had expected Lu Yin to immediately attack and give Lei Long such heavy injuries.

Lei Long’s eyes filled with rage. He glared at Lu Yin and rushed towards the youth with a growl. “Despicable!”

The Enlighter knew that he was definitely going to die. However, he was determined to drag Lu Yin down with him.

Lu Yin took a few steps back and pushed Granny Chan in front of him. She was still in shock, and she subconsciously blocked Lei Long’s attack, casually killing him.

Lei Long’s corpse fell to the ground, leaving everyone present stunned. 

Lu Yin descended and collected the box. He then retrieved Lei Long’s cosmic ring as well as some of the dead man’s blood. He would open the ring after he returned home.

He then turned to Granny Chan and bowed. “Thank you for your help, senior.”

Everyone remained silent, and the people from the Dire Barbarian Clan stared at Lu Yin in fear. This person had just killed their Enlighter.

The people from the Nine Stacks Sect similarly gaped at Lu Yin in awe. Was it really that easy to kill an Enlighter?

Lan Wu gulped, and her eyes filled with fear. This youth was the only person in the Outerverse who could kill an Enlighter while casually chatting with them. 

Granny Chan kept a close eye on Lu Yin; this boy gave her the chills. She slowly descended to the ground and confronted Lu Yin. “You never planned on letting Lei Long off from the start, am I right?” 

Lu Yin sighed. “Senior, you know how the Dire Barbarian Clan is. If I hadn’t killed him, then he would have eventually killed me. I just dealt with him first.” 

Granny Chan looked at Lu Yin with a complicated gaze and didn’t say anything else.

Even in the Innerverse, Enlighters didn’t die that easily. Despite that, this boy had already killed two Enlighters! Not even she had ever killed an Enlighter throughout her entire cultivation journey. Compared to her, this boy was absolutely terrifying.

Granny Chan glanced at Lu Yin, and she suddenly had a feeling that the separation of the Innerverse and the Outerverse had unleashed a monster.

Lu Yin looked at Tianming and Lan Wu who was standing next to him. He waved a hand at them. “Destroy the Dire Barbarian Clan.” 

Lan Wu attacked the people of the Dire Barbarian Clan without any hesitation after she heard Lu Yin’s words. 

The other cultivators from the Nine Stacks Sect also attacked the Dire Barbarian Clan. The tables had turned.

The Hunter from the Dire Barbarian Clan immediately fled.

“Senior, could you please help me with that person?” Lu Yin respectfully asked Granny Chan.

Granny Chan didn’t reject the request, though she didn’t know why. She was very wary of Lu Yin, and her caution was another source of motivation for her to help Lu Yin. She did not want to become enemies with this young man.

The Hunter from the Dire Barbarian Clan was soon dead.

And soon after that, everyone from the Dire Barbarian Clan was dead, with only one exception: Kayze. Lu Yin needed him.

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