Chapter 537: Returning To Earth

As for Qin Xuan, Lu Yin had been under the impression that she was still one of Jinlin’s researchers as well as one of the Troop Leaders who supported Zhou Shan. She had been very cautious of Lu Yin when he first appeared, and he had never imagined that she would awaken an innate gift and come here. 

Huan Sha had similarly awakened an innate gift of simulation analysis. When Lu Yin first heard that name, he was momentarily confused as he did not understand what it meant at all. 

Huan Sha explained, “The innate gift of simulation analysis means that I can analyze dozens and dozens of scenarios in my brain all at once—up to a hundred in fact. It integrates all known information and uses the fastest methods to produce the most accurate data.”

To one side, Huo Zhong said, “Your Highness, Huan Sha has been scouted by Captain Ban Jiu and will most likely be recruited into the Twelfth Squadron.” 

“No, she can’t go there.” Lu Yin immediately rejected that idea. Under many puzzled eyes, he looked at Huan Sha excitedly. “Can you analyze any issue?”

“In theory, as I have enough data, yes,” Huan Sha replied. This was not her first time meeting Lu Yin, as she had also met him back on Earth, though they had not interacted much back then. She was rather curious about Lu Yin, but she was more focused on finding out where Zhang Dingtian was rather than learning more about Lu Yin himself. She had come to the Yu Academy for similar reasons as Zhao Yu; she was here to look for Zhang Dingtian. 

Lu Yin looked at her appreciatively. “I recall now. Back on Earth’s capital, you used to help Zhang Dingtian manage things.”

Huan Sha’s eyes lit up. “Does Your Highness know where Zhang Dingtian is?”

Lu Yin nodded. “We met in the Innerverse. He’s fine.”

Huan Sha relaxed. “That’s good, that’s good.”

Lu Yin studied her carefully. “If you were able to help Zhang Dingtian manage affairs, then you can help me too. Would you be willing? Right, I hereby officially invite you to join the Lu Ministry of Staff and help me manage the political affairs of the ministers.”

Huan Sha, Huo Zhong, and the others were all stunned. Managing political affairs was the same as holding authority over the Great Yu Empire. How could such a thing be given away so easily? And what was the Lu Ministry of Staff? Nobody had ever heard of it before!

“The Lu Ministry of Staff is a new department that I’ve established to specially focus on the less important political matters of the ministries. Relax, it’s not that troublesome. All the important affairs will still be sent to the Imperial Cabinet ministers. So how about it?” Lu Yin looked at Huan Sha. 

Huan Sha was in deep thought, as she did not actually want to join the Twelfth Squadron, and managing affairs was also her specialty. That was why she had been valued by Zhang Dingtian, but she had only planned on getting closer to the center of power so that she could ask Lu Yin about Zhang Dingtian’s whereabouts. 

“Thank you, Your Highness. Huan Sha is willing,” she respectfully agreed. 

Lu Yin nodded and was quite happy, as he had finally found someone to help him manage the various government tasks. Those memos that were constantly sent to him had piled up in heaps, and they gave him a huge headache. It was just like he had said earlier; the important affairs of the government would still be delivered to the cabinet ministers, so Huan Sha’s newly gained authority would be limited. Also, the internal cabinet ministers had the authority to restrict the Lu Ministry of Staff members for the moment. After Lu Yin verified that Huan Sha was both loyal and capable, he would immediately remove that restriction over the Lu Ministry of Staff’s authority.

For the moment, Huan Sha just needed to help him take care of the meaningless clutter that had gathered up.

Although the establishment of the Lu Ministry of Staff would face a great deal of opposition from the established ministers, that did not matter to Lu Yin at all. He had even slaughtered an Enlighter earlier, so these ministers would definitely be terrified of him. 

In a dominant fashion, Lu Yin released news of the Lu Ministry of Staff’s establishment, and he even put its location as King Zishan’s residence. He needed to keep a close eye on Huan Sha for a period of time so that he could ascertain her ability and loyalty. 

As expected, when news of the Lu Ministry of Staff’s establishment spread out, it faced opposition from many ministers, especially the cabinet ministers. They felt like their authority was being given away. 

Garope was the first minister to contact Lu Yin, as he felt that the regent was being too flippant about governmental affairs. 

Lu Yin did not pick up the call, as this was how he was planning on dealing with this issue. Since he had already established the cabinet, he would continue on with it. There was no logic to revoking it, as that would destroy all of his credibility. 

Aside from Huan Sha, Lu Yin also noticed a youth called Song Shi, who stared at him with extreme adoration. 

Lu Yin rather enjoyed it, and on a whim and with a wave of his hand, he decided to take a few people with him to Earth. He wanted to take a look at this planet since it was his hometown that was very important to him, and he also wanted to check on the situation on Jupiter.  

While he got some people to prepare a large spacecraft to head out to Earth, Lu Yin had the Blind Monk tear through the void and bring him to the Auna family’s estate. Since returning from crashing the wedding at East San Dios, Lu Yin had not met with Jenny Auna, and he felt rather guilty towards her. 

He frequently thought of what she had said to him. Was there anything wrong in chasing after love? No. Humans were selfish, and it was merely their perspectives that clashed. 

Lu Yin’s appearance shocked the Auna family, and Xueshan Auna hurried out to welcome the Royal Regent. He didn’t even dare to tear through the void; instead, he physically ran over to greet Lu Yin. Rocky Auna, Torry Auna, and the other members of the family with some status also appeared. 

“Greetings, Your Highness,” the crowd greeted respectfully.

Lu Yin raised a hand for them to dispense with their bowing. Then, he had only Xueshan Auna stay behind, dismissing all the others.

“Your Highness, if you have any instructions, then you can just send over your orders. Why have you troubled yourself by coming personally?” Xueshan Auna spoke carefully and was a hundredfold more respectful than he had been during their last meeting. 

In the past, it had been Lu Yin’s status that demanded respect, but at the present moment, it was his strength. This was because Lu Yin had instantly killed an Enlighter.

As an experienced Hunter, Xueshan Auna knew exactly how terrifying an Enlighter was, but despite that, this youth in front of him had actually killed one. This left Xueshan Auna a bit scared of Lu Yin, and he didn’t dare to act impudently. He even silently rejoiced that he had made the right decision back then. 

“You sound just like Uncle Huo. What? Am I not welcome?” Lu Yin asked with a smile.

Xueshan Auna quickly replied, “Of course you are! The Great Yu Empire belongs to Your Highness, and naturally, so does this tiny Auna family.”

Lu Yin was truly experiencing the advantages and influence that came with a high position. Every time he saw Xueshan Auna, this old man’s attitude changed, and this was one of the fundamental reasons why people chased after power and strength; it was just too easy to become addicted to such pleasure. 

“How is she?” Lu Yin enquired.

Xueshan Auna knew exactly who Lu Yin was referring to, and his expression changed. “She’s alright, but she does not take even a single step out.” 

Lu Yin unleashed his domain and observed Jenny Auna. Compared to the illuminating figure she had struck at East San Dios, the current Jenny Auna had mellowed out tremendously, and she seemed to have aged a decade. “There’s no need to restrict her. Let her go wherever she wishes. The sky has changed, and we don’t have to care about those others.” 

Xueshan Auna nodded. “I understand. Thank you, Your Highness.”

Lu Yin looked at the Auna patriarch again. “Where’s that person from Royal Frost Continent?”

“Still sealed in ice. Your Highness, please rest assured. As soon as he wakes up, this subject will inform Your Highness at once.”

When they had attacked Firesmelt Planet in the past, one of Firesmelt Planet’s experts had sealed themselves in ice as the planet collapsed, and the ice that sealed him had a design with a wreath of five interlocking plum blossoms, which Xueshan Auna had confirmed to represent th Royal Frost Continent. It was precisely because of that matter and the design that Lu Yin had been able to recognize Che Han as a member of the same Royal Frost Continent during the Sea King’s son-in-law selection. 

Lu Yin nodded, and left the estate soon afterwards.

Xueshan Auna was only able to finally relax after Lu Yin disappeared, as the Auna family had shown indecisiveness in the past. He had been afraid that Lu Yin would settle scores with them after some time passed, but fortunately, he had not. 

In space, there was a large spacecraft that was headed towards the north of Frostwave Weave, carrying within it Lu Yin and a group of cultivators from Earth. Hai Qiqi had not joined them and had instead decided to stay on Zenyu Star.

To these cultivators, this trip was like returning to their hometown in glory.

Lu Yin concealed his identity as they drew closer to Earth, as his primary goal this time was to investigate matters on Jupiter. He felt that this Hidden Earth Society might have some information that he wanted and that he might even be able to uncover some of the secrets behind the primeval surnames through investigating this group. 

After a certain time of traveling through the stars, Earth became visible before them.

It looked the same as ever: a familiar, azure planet. Lu Yin reminisced about old times, as he had experienced many beautiful moments here. During those times, he had no worries and was nothing more than a commoner. He had lived on this planet for two years, which was actually longer than the time that he had spent with Big Sis and the others. He had grown accustomed to life on this planet, and that meant everything to someone without any memories. However, the path of cultivation had completely changed everything. 

A space station had been built above Earth, and there was the occasional spacecraft that streaked by. To the Great Yu Empire, Earth held a special status since this was the Royal Regent’s home planet. 

It wasn’t just the Great Yu Empire, as even people from other areas in Frostwave Weave occasionally visited Earth. Even some from nearby weaves like Grandtop Weave would make a trip every once in a while. 

Lu Yin was just too famous in the Outerverse, and it had reached the point where it was too much for the Outerverse. Lu Yin was the strongest Limiteer in the universe, which was an unprecedented honor for the Outerverse. 

Within the spacecraft, Fu Xiaoshu, Song Shi, and the others emotionally looked at Earth. They had left their home for a period of time, and although it had not been too long, the distance had been vast, and they felt like they had been gone for a very long time. Now that they were finally back with a glorious return, they could not wait to reunite with their families and friends. 

Lu Yin looked beyond Earth and saw the yellow planet, Jupiter. It was a gaseous planet, but that was where the Hidden Earth Society was concealed.

Lu Yin’s eyes filled with star energy as he stared at Jupiter. To his surprise, he saw an enormous number of rune lines. Lu Yin was stunned, as this amount surpassed what he had seen even on Huo Qingshan and Xueshan Auna. Although there was a great quantity, the rune lines did not congeal together, but this simply proved that there was more than one Hunter on Jupiter, though none of them approached the strength of an Enlighter. 

Lu Yin relaxed. As long as there was no Enlighter, there was room for negotiations.

He scanned the other planets within Earth’s solar system, but he found that, aside from Jupiter, all of the rest appeared to be normal. There were no rune lines indicating the existence of any powerhouses. 

Within the spacecraft, Zhao Yu walked over and looked at Lu Yin. In the next moment, he had already donned his universal armor and stepped out. He quickly exited the vessel and headed for Jupiter. 

Zhao Yu was envious, as even with a set of universal armor, she still would not be able to freely soar through the universe. 

Jupiter was enormous, and it was composed of gas. Earth had tried to research the interior of the planet for many years, but Earth had never managed to fully study even its own core, let alone Jupiter’s. 

The Great Yu Empire had sufficient technology to conduct such a study, but no interest in doing so.

Lu Yin was wearing his universal armor as he appeared above Jupiter. He stared at it silently and saw that the enormous number of rune lines were moving towards him from the other areas of the planet. Someone from the Hidden Earth Society had discovered him. 

“Lu Yin requests to enter,” Lu Yin spoke from space, and his voice spread through the void towards Jupiter. 

There was no reaction. The rune lines that were approaching him should belong to a Hunter, and that Hunter must be watching Lu Yin at this moment. However, that person was not bothering to even reply to him.

Lu Yin shouted out a few more times, but things remained the same. There were absolutely no movements from the other party.

Lu Yin frowned, as Huo Qingshan had already mentioned even the Hunter himself could not enter Jupiter. There were remnants of ancient defenses left on it, but Lu Yin could not find them. Thus, he decided to barge in forcefully and pulled out his gun.

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