Chapter 533: Karthika’s Death

Karthika sneered. “So what? You’re just a Limiteer. Even if you can borrow a powerhouse’s strength, the amount of power will still be limited. Do you really think that I can be duped that easily? Today, I’m going to massacre everyone on Zenyu Star to make you pay for what you’ve done.”

Lu Yin leaned forward. “What if I told you a secret?”

Karthika shook his head. “Young one, I’ve lived a long life. Do you really think that you can lie to me? Apart from secret techniques, I’m not interested in anything else.”

“It’s about a secret technique!” Lu Yin yelled. 

Wendy Yushan was stunned, and she turned to look at Lu Yin in shock. Secret techniques were different from normal battle techniques, as they could only be inherited in a specific manner and couldn’t be recorded down like a normal battle technique. For example, Undying Yushan had only managed to create two inheritance chips of the Yu Secret Art, and he hadn’t been able to make any more. 

As a different example, the Yōu Secret Art was something that could only be passed on to one person at a time. 

Wendy Yushan looked at Lu Yin in confusion; could he have another chip with the Yu Secret Art inheritance? Could her father have left not two, but three chips behind?

Karthika’s eyes gleamed, and he kept his focus on Lu Yin. The astral beast beneath him was merely some ten thousand meters away from Lu Yin, which was just a few steps for such an enormous beast. To Karthika, Lu Yin and the other two were nothing more than ants. 

Karthika was a cautious person, and he wouldn’t give even ants like them a chance to defeat him. He thought about Lu Yin’s words for a moment and then said, “If you can surrender the secret technique and all of the Great Yu Empire’s resources, I’ll let you off. In fact, I’ll also guarantee that the Blaze Realm won’t create trouble for you.” 

Lu Yin’s heart sank. So it turned out that this old fart had joined forces with the Blaze Realm. That was problematic since Lu Yin couldn’t defeat Huo Houye even if he could defeat this old fellow that was in front of him. 

This was Karthika’s goal. He intended to make Lu Yin cautious of him even though he didn’t think that Lu Yin could actually threaten him at all. 

“Is that a promise, senior?” Lu Yin asked loudly. 

Karthika laughed. “Senior? So, young man, you’ve finally learned to show some respect to those more powerful than you! It’s still not too late. As long as you give me the secret technique, everything in the past will be forgotten,” 

Lu Yin shouted, “Fine! I’ll give it to you now!”

He then leaped up and rushed over towards Karthika

Karthika’s expression showed his wariness, and he kept his eyes trained on Lu Yin. “Kid, don’t try any tricks. Otherwise, everyone in the Great Yu Empire will die along with you.”

Lu Yin took out a memory chip as he replied, “I wouldn’t dare.”

He drew closer to Karthika and stopped when he was around a thousand meters away from the Enlighter. Then, he threw the chip towards Karthika.  

Karthika let his guard down once he saw that Lu Yin had stopped moving closer. Even if this boy had the Sea King’s power, it was still impossible for Lu Yin to instantly kill him. Enlighters weren’t normal people, and Karthika only believed Lu Yin’s sincerity when Lu Yin finally paused and threw the chip at him.  

Without the protection of the Sea King, the boy was just a Limiteer. At this moment, Karthika even had a feeling that, if he could convince Lu Yin to join the Second Grade Hall, the youth would definitely become an elite powerhouse in the future.  

Karthika raised his hand and caught the chip. He excitedly opened the package and looked at the chip. However, the moment the package was completely opened, his brain was jolted, and he blacked out. Lu Yin suddenly shot forward, and as he rushed towards Karthika, he lifted his hand and aimed the Money Bomb that he had just pulled out at Karthika. A beam of light burst forth from the Money Bomb and sliced right through Karthika’s head before continuing to pierce through the astral beast beneath the Enlighter. 

A loud wail shattered the sky, and Lu Yin couldn’t even stabilize himself. He looked over at Karthika’s headless corpse that was right in front of him. He then grabbed Progenitor Wushang’s skin that had been wrapped around the chip and rushed back towards Huo Qingshan.  

The wailing of the astral beast released an indescribable shockwave that shattered hundreds of nearby planets. 

Huo Qingshan and Wendy Yushan immediately tried to block the shockwaves. But despite their best efforts, shockwaves released by an Enlighter level astral beast couldn’t be blocked that easily. Huo Qingshan spat out a mouthful of blood, and Wendy Yushan was forced to use the secret technique to divert the shockwaves back towards the astral beast itself. 

However, there was nothing in front of them as the enormous astral beast had suddenly disappeared. 

Everything had taken place instantaneously, and Huo Qingshan hadn’t even been able to react. Karthika was dead, and since the astral beast was that powerhouse’s tamed beast, it had disappeared as soon as Karthika died. 

The sky turned quiet, and Huo Qingshan turned to look at Lu Yin in shock. This youth was only a Limiteer, but he had just managed to kill an Enlighter. 

Wendy Yushan was astonished as well.

Meanwhile, on Zenyu Star, Ban Jie, Xueshan Auna, and the others were all stunned. How could an Enlighter be killed that easily?

Lu Yin panted heavily as his eyes filled with excitement. He had managed to kill Karthika, but it had mainly been because of Progenitor Wushang’s hide. Lu Yin had thrown Karthika a chip wrapped in Progenitor Wushang’s hide, and no matter who it was, anyone would be stunned if they looked directly at Progenitor Wushang’s hide, even if only for a short moment. However, since they had only been a thousand meters apart, that short moment had been enough to allow Lu Yin to kill Karthika. The Money Bomb that he had used had almost as many rune lines as Huo Houye, so it had been able to easily kill Karthika since most of his strength was in his tamed beast. 

That was the effect of Progenitor Wushang’s skin; everyone would be stunned by Progenitor Wushang’s hide, and if one piece wasn’t enough, then Lu Yin could always just use two pieces. 

In the distance, Karthika’s headless corpse floated through space. Lu Yin anxiously rushed over to it. He quickly retrieved Karthika’s cosmic ring and opened it using the Enlighter’s blood before excitedly taking everything out. 

Karthika’s cosmic ring was massive and had much more space than the one that Lu Yin was currently using. The ring was filled with numerous items, but the most important thing to Lu Yin was the star essence; Karthika had 30,000! Lu Yin had landed a jackpot. 

To safely overcome their period of exhaustion, an Enlighter would need at least 60,000 star essence per cycle, and that was just the bare minimum. To support an Enlighter like Karthika, the Second Grade Hall had to spend an astronomical amount of resources on him. These resources were based on Karthika’s cycle, but a normal Explorer’s cycle took a hundred years. For Karthika to become an Enlighter, it was clear that he had to be extraordinarily talented, and thus, his cycle would have been less than a hundred years. 

Thus, even if Karthika had a cycle that lasted for a hundred years, the Second Grade Hall still would have had to provide him with at least 60,000 star essence on him. 

Now that the Second Grade Hall was out of reach, it would be very difficult for the Innerverse powerhouses to get enough star essence from the Outerverse. 

That was also the reason why he had been plundering Outerverse organizations for resources.

The Outerverse couldn’t compare to the Innerverse, and star essence were a rare commodity in the Outerverse. 

Lu Yin quickly stored the star essence that was floating about in outer space away. The other few items from the cosmic ring included some medicine from Shamrock Enterprises as well as a few items that Lu Yin couldn’t recognize. As an Enlighter, Karthika didn’t travel often and so he hadn’t brought too much out with him. 

Lu Yin asked Huo Qingshan to have some people look through the items, and then he then returned to Zenyu Star. 

Huo Qingshan was frozen with shock throughout the entire ordeal.

To the Outerverse, it was very rare to even find an Enlighter, and not even Frostwave Weave had one. It was unbelievable to see an Enlighter be killed so easily. 

When they returned to Zenyu Star, Lu Yin told Wendy Yushan, “I know that you have many questions, and I will eventually answer all of them. But for now, you just have to believe in me.” 

Wendy Yushan looked at Lu Yin. “Who exactly are you?” 

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, but he didn’t answer her question. 

“That isn’t a weapon from the Outerverse. The Outerverse definitely doesn’t have any weapons that can instantly kill an Enlighter, so there must be someone supporting you, right?” Wendy Yushan asked. She had been thinking about this for a long time, ever since she had first met Lu Yin in Saint Dios in fact. 

Lu Yin answered, “This is a Money Bomb. It’s a weapon that I bought from one of Astral-10’s mentors.”

Wendy Yushan looked deep into Lu Yin’s eyes before turning around and leaving. “You didn’t answer me,” she said as she walked away.

Lu Yin watched her figure disappear, and he fell into deep thought. How was he supposed to answer? Could he actually tell her that he wasn’t a descendant of King Zishan? He decided to think about this matter later, as for the moment, she was only suspicious that he might have someone supporting him. She hadn’t questioned the authenticity of his lineage since he had already gone through a blood test in the past. 

Lu Yin didn’t plan on hiding the news of Karthika’s death. He instead asked people to widely spread the news of Karthika’s death to serve as a warning to the rest of the Enlighters trapped in the Outerverse. He publicized the cause of Karthika’s death as the power of the Sea King. 

Huo Houye was the first Enlighter to receive the news, and his initial reaction was that of disbelief. However, he quickly found that he couldn’t contact Karthika, and when he recalled the power that he had sensed from Hai Qiqi, he felt relieved. Fortunately, he hadn’t gone looking for Lu Yin again, as otherwise, he would have been the one who died. 

The Sea King’s power was truly immense, and even an Enlighter might be instantly killed by it. However, Lu Yin had probably run out of it by now. 

But Huo Houye couldn’t confirm that, and he didn’t want to take the risk. However, he could still send a Hunter to investigate. 

Not many people had left the Outerverse before it was sealed off, as quite a number of powerhouses from the various major powers had stayed in the Astral Wilderness. They soon all learned of Karthika’s death, and they were all stunned at the Great Yu Empire’s power. 

Lu Yin had achieved his goal; he had become a wolf and could now plunder resources from other people instead of being targeted by other wolves. 

The Great Yu Empire had also received information concerning the current situation of the nearby weaves. Thus, Lu Yin was planning on using his die again and hopefully roll Enhance. Then, he would be able to upgrade his gun to the level where it could threaten Enlighters. Twenty shots meant that he would have twenty attacks that could kill Enlighters, and at that moment, he would be fearless. 

However, Lu Yin first had to use his die, and he had been completely broke a few months ago just from rolling the die a single time. He could finally use it again now, and he was hoping to roll Enhance again. 

The longer he waited between uses, the greater his chances of rolling a rare ability were. Enhance and Possession were the two rarest rolls. 

Lu Yin ended up being quite lucky, and he managed to roll Enhance on his fourth attempt. During his first three tries, he had gotten Pilfer and Blackhole Disassembly twice. The strange thing was that he usually managed to roll Timestop quite often, but he hadn’t rolled it a single time this round. 

This die seemed to be purely dependent on luck.

The two light screens appeared. Lu Yin had initially planned to upgrade the gun in one go, but after thinking about it some more, he decided to play it safe. Thus, he first upgraded a Money Bomb instead. 

To upgrade a Money Bomb to the point where it could kill an Enlighter required 3,300 star essence. Lu Yin had three unupgraded Money Bombs remaining, and after upgrading one, he was left with 29,000 star essence, which he felt should be enough to finish upgrading the gun. 

He threw 5,000 star essence onto the screen to get started, and that upgraded the gun twice with it getting stuck halfway through the third upgrade. Lu Yin tossed out another 2,000 star essence, and the third upgrade finished.

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