Chapter 528: Upper Three Gates

Things had recently become very busy in the Starfall Sea. First, Pirate King Highsage Leon had come by and kicked up a fuss. And now, even more powerhouses had come. However, for the residents of the Sea King's Dome, this all meant nothing because the Sea King wasn’t even at the Sea King's Dome. He resided somewhere nearby in the Starfall Sea, beneath the waterfall whose top was rumored to be impossible to even see. 

There were rumors that the source of all the water within the Starfall Sea was precisely this gigantic waterfall that no one could climb. The theory also went that the Starfall Sea ended at another fountain, whose end could not be seen either. The Starfall Sea was essentially a small, concave region along a huge river. There was a start and end for sure, but nobody knew where they lay. 

As the water fell, there were riptides that would break off, and each one carried the power to destroy anything and everything in its path, including planets. Similarly, there were many strange things that appeared within the Starfall Sea. Nobody knew where such things came from, but the appearance of these oddities caused a lot of people to search the sea for them. This was one of the reasons why the Starfall Sea attracted so much attention from powerhouses from both the Outerverse and the Innerverse. 

The Undying Manual had first shown up in the Starfall Sea, and there were many, many similar items that had shown up throughout the years.

The Sea King stood beneath the waterfall and was greeted by a group who appeared. “Stop. This is an order from the Hall of Honor. Nobody is to go close without permission.” 

The Sea King completely ignored the people there as he immediately leaped up and charged towards the top of the waterfall.

The people from the Hall of Honor were infuriated, and they all took action. There were twelve of them here, and each one of them was an Enlighter. Above everyone, there was a pair of eyes that opened, and they looked at the Sea King in shock. “Why are you forcing your way through, Sea King?” 

The Sea King waved his hand, causing all twelve of the Enlighters to cough up blood and fall into the waterfall. The Sea King’s Trident then appeared in his hands as he attacked.

“Have you forgotten your agreement with the Hall of Honor, Sea King? You are not to go near this place!” A middle-aged man walked out of the waterfall and blocked the path forward with both of his arms before charging at the Sea King. 

The Sea King’s eyes turned icy. “Move aside. You can’t stop me!”

With a boom, a huge gap appeared in the waterfall. However, compared to the entire waterfall, this gap was just a tiny hole.

The Sea King, who possessed a power level of over 500,000, had attacked a powerhouse with a similar power level, but such a momentous collision had only created a tiny gap in the waterfall.

Soon, the middle-aged man coughed out blood, and he stumbled into the waterfall. He bellowed, “Are you going to betray this place, Sea King?” 

The Sea King looked grim. “If the other choice is to keep living under this facade forever, then I’d rather die with honor. I don’t care how my descendants remember me! You people from the Hall of Honor are way too conservative.”

He shot forward like a fish, clearly intending to charge through the waterfall. 

The middle-aged man hastily contacted the Hall of Honor. He had a feeling that something big was about to happen. Given the Sea King’s personality, the man wouldn’t take such actions unless he’d already made ample preparations. 

“Quick! Get Arch-Elder Zen over here right away! The Sea King is about to open the Upper Three Gates!” he screamed into his gadget. 

High in the sky, the Sea King moved faster and faster as he flew higher and higher. The look in his eyes became increasingly determined.

There were no records of the waterfall’s height; however, this was the water source of the entire Starfall Sea, which had drowned out a portion of the universe. Even planets were nothing more than gravel in comparison to it.

The higher the Sea King climbed, the more powerful the current became. However, he could still endure the force. 

Five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes… Even with his speed as an Envoy, the Sea King had still been flying for a long time with no change in sight. When he finally stopped, what he saw was still just a waterfall. The Sea King took a deep breath and clenched his trident tightly. With a mighty roar, he used his trident to tear through the cascade. Behind the waterfall, there was a gigantic stone gate. 

The sheer size of this stone gate was indescribable. The moment it appeared, the entire Starfall Sea jolted. Everyone glanced in the direction of the waterfall, feeling like their very souls were trembling. 

Meanwhile, within the Starfall Sea, two elders froze at the same time and glanced at each other in shock and confusion. One of them was from the Daynight clan while the other was from the Sword Sect. They were both Envoys whose power levels exceeded 500,000. They had initially planned on interrogating the Sea King, but at that moment, they suddenly froze in place. 

They weren’t the only ones. All of the powerhouses from the major powers of the Innerverse stopped moving. They all felt themselves instinctively tremble as a mighty pressure, as well as terror, swept over them. It was as if they’d encountered their natural predator. 

Somewhere below the waterfall, the middle-aged man had a defeated look. “It’s too late. Far too late.” 

In one small area of the Starfall Sea, the Sea King’s eldest son looked sorrowful. “Farewell, Father.” 

Far above, on the waterfall, the Sea King panted as he looked at the gigantic stone wall in awe and despair. There were only a few people in the entire universe who knew what lay behind that gate. On this day, he was going to break through it. 

The Sea King struck out with his trident and smashed it against the stone gate. However, the gate did not even budge.

The Sea King narrowed his eyes. This was what he had expected. With this in mind, he reverently took out a bag. It looked very ordinary, but then he pulled out a blood-stained cloak from the bag. 

The moment the cloak appeared, the void seemed to tremble. Above the Sea King, countless cracks extended out as if space was unable to withstand the pressure of the stained cloak. 

The Sea King had a look of ridicule in his eyes. “The facade clearly can’t handle the power of my predecessors! Please help me, sir, and destroy this fake sky. Return the Fifth Mainland to what it once was.” He then pulled out all of the pyrolyte he possessed, wrapped it within the cloak, and smashed it against the stone gate. 

Within the Starfall Sea, an old man suddenly appeared. He only took one step, but that one step brought him next to the various powerhouses of the Innerverse. This included the two Envoys. When they saw the old man, their faces immediately revealed their shock as they both paled. On his third step, the old man arrived at the Sea King's Dome, but he merely glanced at it for a second. On his fourth step, he appeared high up in the waterfall. 

He appeared just in time to see the stained cloak move towards the stone gate. He had intended to stop the Sea King, but he seemed to be afraid of something. Although he had an opportunity to do something, his moment of hesitation allowed the stained cloak to hit the gate.

In that moment, the heavens crashed down—literally. The heavens had cracked open. The Starfall Sea had cracked apart, and the same was true of the stone gate. Behind it was an old woman with a very stern face. As soon as she saw the cloak, her expression quickly changed. “Th-th- That’s!” But before she could even finish her sentence, the cloak brushed past her, and most of her body was destroyed. She had died that fast. Even while dead, there was a look of terror on her face. 

Behind her stood a second stone gate. The stained cloak did not slow down, and it struck the second gate as well. When that gate cracked open, the same incident occurred. However, this time, it wasn’t only just the Starfall Sea that shook; the entire Chaos Flowzone and even the Astral River that divided the Innerverse and the Outerverse began trembling as space collapsed 

Behind the second stone gate was another person. This time, it was an old man, and when he blinked, everything he saw disintegrated into nothingness. The Sea King felt a cold chill; this power was not something that he could face. 

However, the old man’s aura of strength lasted for no more than a moment. The instant the old man saw the blood-stained cloak, his expression changed just like the old woman’s. “Pro- Progenitor Chen’s cloak! How dare you!”

The old man struck out, trying to stop the cloak in vain. At that moment, the pyrolyte inside the cloth exploded. The Sea King had personally moved to seize most of the pyrolyte mined from Planet Pyrolyte and all of it exploded at once. The cloak’s blood contaminated the explosion, raising its power to another level. Although the old man was very powerful, his strength still was not enough to stop such an explosive force. In terms of power levels, this explosion was well over a million. 

The stained cloak was shredded by the power of the explosion as it then struck the third gate that lay behind the old man. 

The old man roared, “Our ancestor gave you a way out of this from the kindness of his heart! How dare you trample upon it!” 

The Sea King stared intently at the third gate behind the old man, all the while internally screaming, Open, open, open!

The old man turned around and also looked at the third gate.


With a quiet sound, the cloak finally disintegrated due to the power of the pyrolyte explosion. The third gate opened, and though it was only the tiniest bit, the Sea King could sense an aura that was completely different from that of where he was currently standing. This aura changed the very nature of space.

The Sea King burst into laughter. “This is it! This is the true universe! This is the fifth! This is the fifth!!!” 

The old man was enraged. “You’re looking to die!” He then aimed his hand at the Sea King.

The Sea King continues to laugh crazily. He had no plans to fight back anymore. The old man’s power was terrifying, and he was not somebody that the Sea King could compare to. Just as the old man’s attack was about to land on the Sea King, the old man from the Starfall Sea pulled the Sea King backwards, raised his fist, and attacked. 

The shocking attack blew the Sea King’s mind as the old man raced back while dragging the Sea King along with him. “Arch-Elder Zen ?” 

Arch-Elder Zen appeared to be serious. In front of him, the old man protecting the stone gate lifted a hand once again. “Child, although we might have similar power levels, you will not be able to stop me that easily. You will die!” 

The Sea King looked grim. “Please leave, Arch-Elder Zen. I’ll stop him.”

Arch-Elder Zen did not answer. Instead, he stared at a certain place. To be more precise, he stared behind the old man and through the third stone gate. His pupils shrank when he saw a finger—a pretty, jade-like finger—smash through the stone gate that had opened by a tiny crack. The finger was aimed right at the old man protecting the stone gate.

The old man felt a chill go down his spine, and he turned back, startled. “Who are you?”

The finger tapped the old man’s head, and it nearly forced his head into his chest as he was smashed downwards. After that, the finger pulled back. Arch-Elder Zen and the Sea King stared on in shock. Through the destroyed gate, they could see an unfamiliar space and a pair of bright eyes. They were beautiful, but so, so arrogant. 

The third gate had finally been destroyed, and the shockwaves spread out in all directions. At an indescribable speed, they swept across the Starfall Sea, then the Innerverse, Astral River, Cosmic Sea, Outerverse, and on and on.

In the Starfall Sea, numerous people looked up, confused. Why did it seem like the sky was growing brighter?

The powerhouses from the Daynight clan, the Sword Sect, and all the other powerful forces looked up. Something seemed to have changed. Space itself seemed to have changed.

Shortly after, space fragmented apart. Everybody gaped, staring at the sky in disbelief. It had split open and then vanished. After that, a completely different sky appeared.

Meanwhile, a huge change occurred in the Astral River. The liquid energy that formed the river suddenly surged upwards, causing the Astral River Ark to lose control. The huge vessel shot towards the Outerverse as if somebody had flung it away. The tributaries of the Astral River spread throughout the Innerverse behaved the same. Everything suddenly rose up and sealed off each of the flowzones. 

The Astral River had just completely separated the Innerverse and the Outerverse.

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