Chapter 460: Lu Yin’s Answer

Lu Yin leaped up and walked over to Starsibyl. When the two were less than two meters apart, he spoke. “That’s what anyone would be thinking. Or did you divine that?”

“You are rejecting me,” Starsibyl said with a smile.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, as he had always been doubtful of the idea of divination, and he did not believe in such a thing either. Thus, his disbelief had involuntarily surfaced. “No, I’m just asking.” 

Starsibyl stared deep into Lu Yin’s eyes. “I came here to ask you a question.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed in response. He had indeed heard that the space-exploring Starsibyl roamed the universe with an invitation letter, asking various young elites of the universe a question. He had never expected that today would be the day when Starsibyl came to direct her question towards him. “What question?”

Starsibyl was about to speak, but Lu Yin suddenly interrupted her. “Hold on, isn’t there supposed to be an invitation letter as well?” 

The smile in Starsibyl’s eyes became even more apparent. “Although you dismiss divination, it’s not that you cannot accept it. That makes me very happy.” She then pulled out a very simple invitation letter and handed it to Lu Yin. Graceful letters adorned it, only spelling out “Starsibyl.” The calligraphy was beautiful. It had clearly been written by a female, but it contained a simple and boundless charm to it, revealing an indescribable boldness. 

Lu Yin carefully studied the invitation letter. This was the famous invitation letter from Starsibyl, and it was something that was rumored to only be given to young geniuses who had reached a certain level. In the past, only a few students of the entire Astral Combat Academy had been able to receive this letter, and it was possible that not even all of the student leaders had received one. 

After staring at it for a while, Lu Yin passed the invitation back to Starsibyl.

Starsibyl told him, “Keep it, as you might have a use for it in future. With this, you can receive a certain amount of help from the Starsibyl Sect.”

Lu Yin did not reject the letter. As long as such free items were harmless, he generally did not reject them. Regardless, such a letter did not take up much space, but he was not too expectant towards the Starsibyl Sect’s help either. 

“You can ask your question now,” Lu Yin said.

Starsibyl’s eyes became deep as she gazed at Lu Yin again. He suddenly felt as if an area of the universe had been drawn into her gaze. “How does one become strong?”

Lu Yin was stumped, as he thought that he had misheard her. “What did you say?”

Starsibyl’s face grew serious, and she repeated herself. “How does one become strong?”

Lu Yin blinked. “Why would you ask me that? It seems that you are much stronger than me.”

Starsibyl was a part of the same generation as the Ten Arbiters, but she was not included within the Top 100 Rankings. This was not because her battle prowess was not sufficient, but rather because no one knew Starsibyl’s true battle strength. Thus, her ranking could not be determined. Many believed that her strength was in no way inferior to the top ten, and Lu Yin was confident that he could not compare to her.

“You just have to answer my question. How can one become strong?” Starsibyl spoke serenely, but she looked very serious.

Lu Yin muttered to himself for a bit, and the Ghost Monkey’s voice appeared in his brain, saying, “Seventh Bro, don’t spout something ridiculous! This woman is trying to determine the direction of your cultivation and measure your spirit so that she can use it to calculate your future accomplishments. These sort of divination folks are very scary! Just a word or two from you can be used by them.” 

Lu Yin frowned, because the monkey’s words caused his hair to stand on end. Her question couldn’t possibly be that mystical. After all, his reply would just be a single sentence, and he could even lie if he wanted to. Besides, he truly did not believe in divination.

Of course, disbelief was one thing, but that did not mean that he would fully confide his thoughts to Starsibyl, as only a fool would truly speak their mind. 

He glanced at Starsibyl and thought about her question a bit. Before he answered, Starsibyl suddenly made a suggestion. “Brother Lu, think before you speak. This question is not something that I wish to ask, but rather is something that comes from my Starsibyl Sect’s Sect Master. My Starsibyl Sect will adopt various attitudes towards you based on your answer.” 

Lu Yin’s brows rose up. “So if I answer badly, will the Starsibyl Sect kill me?”

Starsibyl’s face remained calm. “Of course not. However, you are familiar with the Ten Arbiters’ Scholar, Wen Sansi. His answer pleased the Sect Master, and so, the Starsibyl Sect opened up to him, and he can now borrow our divination abilities. You are clever, so you should know what it means for someone to have access to the Starsibyl Sect.” 

Lu Yin’s face grew solemn. The Starsibyl Sect was very mysterious, and no one knew how strong that group was. The sect had existed since ancient times, and everyone always seemed to trust in their divination ability. Even though many assumed that the Astral Combat Academy was the one behind the Top 100 Rankings, there were rumors that the actual people behind it was the Starsibyl Sect. Only that sect had the ability to divine the entire universe, including the hundred strongest youths. 

A sect that everyone trusted. One that could divine the future, but also one whose power was not coveted by other enormous powers such as the Daynight Clan and the Sword Sect. Just this matter alone showed how frightening the sect was. 

If Lu Yin could truly enlist their help, then the resulting influence they could grant him would be even greater than what he would receive from becoming the Sea King’s son-in-law. The Sea King was strong and the master of the Starfall Sea. Neither the Innerverse nor the Outerverse dared to provoke him, but that was merely from apprehension. On the other hand, the Starsibyl Sect had the ability to influence the entire universe. 

It did not matter whether or not Lu Yin believed in their power and their supposed divination; their power existed so long as others did believe in it. 

It had to be said that Starsibyl’s words had moved Lu Yin. He looked at her seriously and contemplated the question. 

“Seventh Bro, if we can truly get the Starsibyl Sect’s backing, you will be very lucky. The Starsibyl Sect is just as famous as the Astral Beast Domain’s Skymender! That sort of existence causes other people to feel practically helpless. However, your reply could also become the key that allows the sect to divine your future, so consider your next words carefully,” the monkey said. 

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, and he turned to stare at the waterfall. 

Starsibyl did not rush him. Aside from a select few, most people would think things over carefully before answering this question. Some would even mull it over for a long time, as the Starsibyl Sect’s influence was far too strong. There were even some individuals who fantasized about winning over Starsibyl herself. 

Whoever could woo Starsibyl would obtain the future. Nobody knew who had started this rumor, but many people believed it. Thus, those people were always trying to think of ways to speak in an astounding manner in a desperate attempt to steal her heart. 

The crashing of the waterfall was very noisy, and as the water splashed upon the rocks, it sprayed onto Lu Yin’s face, making for a rather refreshing sensation. 

He looked up and stared at the sky. Strong—it was a word that covered the entire heavens. After all, everyone wanted to become strong. But how? Some people had unlimited resources from birth while others did not but gained them through continuous fortuitous opportunities. Others still cultivated painstakingly, but without exception, countless throughout the universe strove to become strong. 

Lu Yin thought of that Explorer who had knelt to Gu Er on the Astral River Ark. The man had not minded sacrificing his very dignity for the chance to head into the Innerverse and pursue his desire to become strong. 

He thought of the Explorers who had died within the centipede's body, risking their very lives to become strong. 

He also thought of his seniors, Big Pao and Little Pao. They had desired revenge, and so, they had sought to become strong in the Astral Combat Academy. 

Memories of many people flitted through his mind. On Lu Yin’s journey to reach his present strength, although the time that he had cultivated was not very long, he had encountered many people and situations. In conclusion, everyone who he had met had sacrificed something to become strong, and Lu Yin himself was no exception. 

Before cultivating, he had not really valued money. But now, he had thought up all kinds of plots and schemes to earn money. All of these things were different forms of sacrifice, but then, how did that relate to becoming strong? Through sacrifices? Lu Yin himself felt lost. 

The monkey had said that Starsibyl might be able to use the answer to this question to divine someone’s spirit and future. However, one’s spirit was not destined. When ancient dynasties fell and new ones rose, the final victor might not have been someone who was born to inherit the throne, as they might have even been a beggar. It was impossible for just one answer to determine one’s future. 

But if he thought about things another way, if Starsibyl could truly divine Lu Yin’s future based on a single answer, then he was actually feeling some anticipation since his answer was relatively unconventional. 

After thinking for a long time, Lu Yin turned to Starsibyl. “Could you tell me how others have answered?” 

“Whose would you wish to know?” Starsibyl did not decline his request. Answers from different people could be identical, but they could also be different. If one’s answer was modelled on someone else’s, then their future would forever be under the first person’s shadow. 

“Wen Sansi,” Lu Yin answered. 

Starsibyl smiled faintly. “‘One can become strong through studying more.’” 

Lu Yin was not surprised, as this was the answer that he had expected from Wen Sansi. 

“How about Nightking Zhenwu?” Lu Yin asked. 

Starsibyl’s eyes flashed. “He said that he does not need to become strong, because everyone else is destined to be weaker than him.” 

Lu Yin squinted. “Those were his exact words?” 

Starsibyl nodded. 

Lu Yin frowned. What a bold spirit. Should Lu Yin also say that those words were worthy of Arbiter Zhenwu? 

“How about Lan Si?” Lu Yin asked again. 

Starsibyl replied, “‘One step at a time.’” 

It was another typical response, and it was unexceptional as well. However, it also reflected Lan Si’s inner strength since he had never thought about how one could become strong. He just had to walk forward step by step, and he would naturally become the strongest. 

All along, Lu Yin had been asking about the Ten Arbiters, but he only knew the names of these three Arbiters. Finally, he focused his attention on Starsibyl. “I wish to know your answer.” 

Starsibyl smiled faintly, and her deep eyes became unfathomable. “I have no need to answer, as I don’t intend on becoming strong.” 

Lu Yin collected his gaze and looked up at the sky above the Sea King’s Dome. Finally, he solemnly looked at Starsibyl. “Alright, listen up, my answer is…”

At that moment, Hai Dashao appeared nearby and stared at Lu Yin. The Sea King was also watching from an unknown area in the void to witness Lu Yin’s response. Starsibyl had asked this question to too many people, but it had to be said that one’s answer truly could embody their spirit, and their spirit could determine their future, and their circumstances. 

“My answer is… one can become strong by earning more money,” Lu Yin answered seriously and thoughtfully. His answer evidently caused Starsibyl to be taken aback. Were strength and money intertwined? One was related to cultivation and the ideal peak of the universe while the other was just materialistic wealth. 

Cultivation required resources, but no one would admit that they cultivated for resources. Such a person would be seen as vulgar. 

Hai Dashao casually waved his hand. “Peasant.” He then left with an ugly expression. 

The Sea King recollected his gaze, but he did not express his opinion. 

Starsibyl smiled. “Brother Lu’s answer is indeed unexpected. Is your answer serious?” 

“Extremely,” Lu Yin answered. He had never been as serious as this moment, and he had actually shown his dedication to money to Starsibyl. His words were actually his truth, as the more money Lu Yin possessed, the stronger he would become. To him, such a statement was the truth. If he was given the Mavis family’s wealth, Lu Yin dared to say that, with his die’s Enhance ability, he could upgrade certain things to such an extreme that it would cause even the Sea King himself to doubt his existence. That was true strength. 

With enough money, Lu Yin could even upgrade his formcast model. With enough money, he could create all sorts of natural treasures. With enough money, Lu Yin could even consider whether or not he could throw himself on the light screen and upgrade himself.

In short, money provided Lu Yin with endless possibilities. He was serious, and this was his true answer.

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